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Erotic Submissive

submissive whore robyn1

When he said he wanted to role play and was looking through my closet for outfits and ideas he came across an old Halloween costume of mine. It is a very seductive leopard print cat out fit, complete with an impressive butt plug that doubles as a fluffy black tail.

“Now this is interesting” he said “But what can we do with this?”

I know better then to answer, it is not my place to give input as a submissive. I waited as my heart was pounding with anticipation. He always had the most innovative ideas when it came to our time together and I knew this time would be no different.

Circling me he fingered the butt plug and I could see the wheels turning in his head. Finally he put the costume on the chair in my room and said “Sleep well my pet, tomorrow is going to be a long day for you.” With that he flicked off the light and left the room and I was effectively dismissed for the evening.

It was a long night of tossing and turning wondering what he would do to me in the morning.

Finally the light of day was here and he was at the foot of my bed holding the costume. “Put this on and get on all fours. Today you are my pet and you are not to stand on two feet at all.”

He stood and watched as I got ready without looking at him. Everything was on except the tail and as I got on all fours he took it and placed it nicely in my ass. “This will not come off all day, unless it is removed by me.”

Completely in my role I meowed and rubbed against his leg. I followed him on all fours out of the room and into the living room where he had a blanket on the floor for me and a bowl of food and water waiting. He even had a litter box set up just for me. My pussy was getting wet knowing that today I was his kitty cat.

I went straight to the food and water and ate my breakfast and then felt the urge to pee. He was watching and I knew what I had to do. Going to the big box I spread my legs and squatted as low as I could before urinating in the litter and then kicking litter over my piss.  His eyes never left me and it was very erotic.

I laid on my blanket while he ate. When he was done he clipped a leash on me and said we were going out. He took me to the park and walked me for all to see. The more attention we got the more aroused he became and in turn so did I.

I was his to show off all day. At the end of the day he told me what a good kitty I had been and patted the bed next to him for me to hop up. I curled up next to him and he pulled the butt plug out before replacing it with his hard dick fucking the kitty out of me all night long.

A Submissive Whore and a Bondage Whore Wrestle for Money

submissive whoreA submissive whore often has to step out of her comfort zone to please her Master. A few years ago I traveled to Sin City with my boss, my primary master. I accompanied him to some meetings, one in a seedy little strip club.The conversation turned to me and big tits. I was forced to expose them in the bar. Men just came up and started punching and grabbing them. One guy told my Master about an underground fight club that he could make top dollar off my tits. The catch was I had to wrestle another chick in the nude, in front of horny men making bets on which big breasted babe would emerge victorious. I didn’t think Master would go for something so crass, but when the dude told him he made thousands off his bitch and I had better tits and was a ginger, well he just saw dollar signs.

Next thing I knew, I was being oiled up stripped naked and thrown in the ring with a bondage whore who was equally clueless about how to wrestle. I tried to channel my inner Hulk Hogan for some moves to make Master proud, but I ended up just using my big tits to smack her down. Guys were chanting “Ginger Ginger,” so I knew they were rooting for me since she was a blonde bitch. My tits are natural, so they had a lot of bounce. Seeing Master beam, and adjust his trousers because of his hard on made me smile. It also made me fight harder and nastier. I grabbed her tits and gave her a painful titty twist while punching her repeatedly in the belly. I don’t think there were any rules, so I fought dirty to win. She had a tuff of pussy hair that I grabbed and twisted until I pulled it out. The bitch actually bleached her snatch fur. She wasn’t a natural blonde. I shoved her beaver pelt in her mouth as I punched her titties.

bondage whoreMoney was being thrown in the ring, the crowd of men were screaming for me to take the bitch out. My pussy was pumped, my adrenaline flowing, and I was enjoying myself more than I thought. I cornered the bitch. I saw punching bags instead of tits. I could feel the Hulk inside me. I drop kicked her, then put her in a Nelson hold, and slammed her down so hard I busted a saline bag in her left tit. I got labeled the The Boob Buster. I won that match, and many more over that weekend. Master was proud of me, which was all that mattered

I still wrestle on my Master’s whim, just often now it is men. I never win. It is more for humiliation than sport, for me at least. My humiliation is sport for men.

submissive phone sex slut

Bondage whore

Bondage whoreI am such a Bondage whore. I woke up still tied and bound. I could feel the spreader bar forcing my legs open. The dried cum covering my clit all the way to my asshole. I am pulsating all over. My nipples are tender and bruised from the pinching. My pussy is throbbing from the pounding. I can barely move. That is when I hear a strange voice from the other room. He is laughing and talking about me. I can hear him say its time for me to wake up. And then a bunch of guys start laughing. I know what is about to happen. They are about to use me. Gang bang me and treat me like the whore I am. And my pussy is already creaming just waiting for them to cum get me! I love being a cum whore!

Submissive Whore Figging Training

Submissive whore

Submissive whore desires pain and there is nothing I can do about it! Many submissives are also masochist and I like to think I fit in that category. Life as a submissive led me to experience a lot of pain. I learned to accept it as part of being a whore. To really enjoy fucking I must have pain inflicted on me. There are certain men that enjoy hurting women when they fuck. I like to think I find some joy in being hurt. A slap across the face to the floor is what I need!
The more BDMS toys there are the better! Pull me across your lap and expose my bare ass! Take the cane I have handed you and bring it down across my cheeks! I am sure your cock will get hard from the smack and my pussy will start to cum! I especially have learned to like figging!

Master please spread my cheeks and begin to play with my asshole, the warmth of your tongue feels so good!Spread my cheeks and begin to insert the ginger root into my tight little hole. The coldness causes me to gasp out loud. My ass expands painfully to accommodate the ginger. Little by little you work the ginger almost forcing it in! Finally the ginger is inside my tight ass and then you begin to spank me! I feel a warmth spread through me! I am trying hard to take it but the ginger root is painful in my ass. The pain from the spanking and the rising heat from the ginger are too much for me. I start whimpering like a wounded canine. The root has been in my ass for 20 minutes! My legs shake as I try to hold on! Finally you take it out of my ass and ram it into my pussy hole! Spreading my ass cheeks I feel the girth of your cock slam into my ass with such force that the ginger root drives itself harder into my pussy lips! I feel you cum on my ass!

BDSM Phone Sex
I am always drawn to the dominant powerful men. They know they could easily tear me apart. I’ve been beat up, pushed round and forced fuck! I am so broken Master that you must abuse me! I want to be tied to a bed and whipped! The nuns here have certainly taught me well in a few short weeks and now it is your turn!

Submissive Whore for Spanking Phone Sex

submissive whoreAs a submissive whore, I do what I am told. Sometimes Master pimps me out to others. Maybe he charges a fee or gives me outright as a token of appreciation for something. Last week, I accompanied him to NYC for some business. He gave me for the evening to a business associate. I wanted to ask why and what for, but that is not what a good bitch does. I accepted my uncertain fate.

I was told to be ready at 6 PM sharp and be wearing pink. I was escorted to SCONY, the Spanking Club of New York. The only one of its kind. Apparently, only couples are allowed in, no singletons allowed. My master for the night needed a bare ass to spank. The club was very old school. Based on the principles: Old-fashioned, Platonic, Traditional, Institutional, Loving And Parental discipline. Code words were used and there was even a notice about keeping out creepy behaviors. This place was going to be tame from what I was used to, almost boring. I was wrong.

spanking phone sexThey had special VIP rooms for privacy. My master for the night had nothing but pink BDSM and spanking gear for me. Told me I was “pretty in pink.” I would soon have a bright pink ass to match the gear. This master is particularly fond of bare bottom spankings, so for two hours straight, I laid across his knees while restrained and gagged so I could not squirm or cry. I wanted to though. That was a lot of spanking. That was nothing to what came next. He had a pink Cat O Nine Tails that wrecked havoc on my ass. So much so, I bled and could not sit. I felt like an American slave, instead of an S and M slave. Large gashes decorated my back side. They will take weeks to heal.

On the airplane trip home, I had to sit on a little tushy cushion, pink of course. And of course, despite my injuries, I was expected to provide my Master with membership in the mile high club. He joked that my ass looked like I tried to fuck Freddy Krueger. It certainly felt that way. Have you ever whipped a woman’s ass raw?

bare bottom spankings

Submissive Whore with Rape Fantasies? Yes Please!

submissive whore

I like to be punished. Like I am actually into it. I trust my dominant to respect my limits, although I have none. I stated on one of my submissive whore forums that I wanted someone to force fuck all of my pretty little holes. Not only did I want to be against it, I wanted it to be a complete surprise, to be real, to be a little bad slut and be punished for fighting back. One of the BDSM phone sex guys responded right away letting me know that my rape fantasy would be met, and I would not know when it was coming. Three days later when I was grabbed and thrown into the back of an RV my Brain was terrified, heart excited and my cunt was wet.
He tied me up and threw me into the under seat storage. I could feel the RV driving. When he pulled me out I was immediately bagged and pulled from the RV. I could hear what sounded like a heavy metal door, and a lot of male voices. That was it, my brain could not take anymore and my feet decided they were out of there! Right as I went to run I felt my legs swept out from under me and I hit the floor hard onto my belly. My legs were pulled apart and lifted into the air. A dick shoved its way into my mouth through the bag. He thrusted a few times before the friction of the cotton forced him to remove it completely.

bdsm phone sex
I felt a sudden sting in my rectum as my ass hole was forcefully intruded. The fucker was not even nice enough to use lube. I could not really see anything, someone was poorly holding a flashlight but other than that it was really fucking dark. The cock was removed from my mouth long enough for me to let out a scream. My face was then covered and then slapped hard. A cock was shoved into my mouth again. This one was different, bigger, I gagged and puked up that morning’s smoothie. I gagged again at the taste of my own vomit as my face was ponded like they had no cares for my breathing. He held my nostrils shut and slapped me across the face with his dick still in my mouth.
My concentration on him was interrupted when I was flipped over to ride my anal intruder. I could not see but a second dick pushed its way into my pussy. I whimpered and tried to push him off. My shirt was ripped down the front and then I could feel hot clamps on my nipples. They used them to dictate how hard I plopped onto their rods. The other two dicks alternated moth violations until they all four edged to the point of cumming. It was then that I felt bucket loads of cum cover my face. The lights came on and it was him, the guy met his promises and then some. Holy Fucking Fun!

Rape phone sex fantasies

Submissive Phone Sex with Rubber and Bondage

Submissive Phone Sex

I love being a good little submissive phone sex servant to my Dominate. To be able to fully submit to him it is more than him being able to control me. It is about us having a connection, me submitting total trust that he will know and respect my limits. It takes time to get to that point with someone. Sir Brando loves and I have been together for a while. He loves my total submission to him and decided it was time for some rubber body bag play. This can be very dangerous and extremely erotic. The way the rubber feel against the skin, and the way the bag hold and squeezes every section of my body tight, the restrains makes me so aroused.

He sucks the bag around me. Sometimes I get a mouth hole, which he plugs with his cock. Sometime he leaves me a straw to breathe through. I have to concentrate in order to control my breath through the narrow passage. He likes to make it hard to. He will take his vibrating want and place it on my clit. It feels good as he gives me intense amount of pleasure. He likes to be in control, waiting for me to beg him for permission to cum. Sometimes I pass out from the lack of oxygen to my brain as I orgasm. Luckily like my knight in shining armor he is there to save me with his oxygen tank.

BDSM Phone Sex

Submissive Whore Bernice’s Worst Nightmare

submissive whore bondageI have always been a submissive whore. I have had many masters over the years, some rather twisted, but I never complained. It is not my place to question what you do to me, only to serve you. Master Ted was an old school BDSM man. He had a fetish for old mental hospital restraints. Strait jackets, crib cages, facial jackets made of leather, and a slew of now illegal restraints. He had a special room that scared me to death. The old medical devices he collected were pretty much torture tools in modern society; archaic devices deemed cruel and illegal in the medicine world. He always threatened me with “the room” if I ever disobeyed him, but I never did.

One night however, he was drunk and feeling extra cruel, so he put me in “the room” for his own amusement. Not to break me. Not to punish me. Just to scare me. Just to get off at my torment. It was about fucking my mind, not breaking my spirit. I was and still am horribly afraid of being trapped in small places. Master Ted tossed me in his chamber of horrors. I was put in a straight jacket, tossed in the Utica Crib, where he bound my legs with old leather restraints and put a Texas Chainsaw Massacre looking facial restraint over my face. The face mask had chains on the inside that pulled my cheeks back forcing my mouth open. It was designed to prevent asylum patients from biting their tongues. But for me, it was meant for torture.

bdsm phone sexI was left bound, trapped and deprived of light for 48 hours. What I didn’t realize was that Master Ted was sitting in an old wheelchair most of the time with glee beating his cock as he listened to me whimper and cry, and watched me pee and shit myself. When he freed me, I was completely broken. I thought I was broke in before, but I never had been restrained that long in such a small space with no light and my mouth forced open an extended time like that. It was torture. I was dehydrated and confused. It really messed with me psychologically. The worst mind fuck a master has ever implemented on me before or since.

I guess my first mistake was letting that Master know my fears. Now that you know I am scared of being restrained in small dark areas, what would you do to me?

torture phone sex


Bare bottom spankings with Naomi

Bondage S&M

Bondage and S&M has made me reborn. I have a new father and since today is Father’s Day he has me tied up special. He wanted his nasty whore daughter to be punished. Punished for what reason I asked. He smiled as he put the ball gag in my mouth and tied it tightly. “You are going to be punished for my enjoyment. You are nothing but a dirty whore. Someone I hurt, so I can blow my load.” I nodded as to say “Yes Sir” The ball gag was tight, so tight that I could not move my jaw at all. I started drooling almost immediately.  He hates it when I drool, Every drop on the floor is 5 spanks. He left me here. With paper under neath me as I hang. He is going to count all the drips. ALL of them.  When he comes back My ass is going to be raw. With each drip I hear hit the paper my anxiety sets in. I know he is going to spank me. He is going to take his time. Teasing my ass with his crop. Rubbing it lightly against my skin. The anticipation is what kills me. Sitting here, waiting. 

Happy Daddies Day!

Bare Bottom spankingsIt is fathers day today! And I know just what daddy wants! He wants to tie me up and spank me till my bottom is cherry red with sprinkles of blueberry’s! I am daddies Subby little teen slut and I will do ANYTHING for him! BUT today is special! It is Fathers day! And I want daddy to know how much I love him! How much I need to be his trampy whore! I am going to beg to be used. And thank daddy over and over for treating me like the nasty slut I am! I am sure Daddy has something wickedly fun in store for me today! I know how much daddy likes to watch me being used. I can hear all the men showing up! They are laughing and talking about how they are going to use me! I cant wait!

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