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Spanking Phone Sex: Punish Me Please

Master really needed to punish me this time! I needed that spanking phone sex session that was dealt me and I thanked Master for every blow. You see I was a bad submissive whore for going out and picking up guys at the club.

It was one of those nights out with my best friend Kayla and we got tipsy and a little out of hand. Master was out of town on a business trip and I failed to get permission to go out. So you see I was extremely naughty! It never fails when I get with Kayla we get into mischief and that night was full of it!

spanking phone sex

The two of us were at the club and hitting on the bartender, hard! You would think the two of us had been trapped on a secluded Island alone far too long and needed cock bad. Well in a way we did need cock bad, and well we were fixated on the bartender and none of the other guys there would do it for us. We had our mission and success was inevitable.  

Time For My Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex CaseyI am ashamed. I have displeased my new Master, so much so that he has threatened to leave me to find another submissive whore. Apparently, I am not listening well enough. I hasten to do everything he says! I stay bound up when he tells me to, and I don’t speak when he instructs me not to. But sometimes, I cannot help needing to pee, and when I can’t hold it in after a day and piddle on the floor, he punishes me fiercely. It’s so hard! I try to be good, but I’m just so bad! I deserve his punishment.

submissive whore CaseyHe says what I need is some good spanking phone sex, and maybe that will teach me a lesson. He says he will not come and see me until I have been thoroughly chastised, and HE will not be the one to do it. He doesn’t think I can learn, he doesn’t think I can be trained. I would think he’d be incorrect, if that wouldn’t be wrong of me to think him wrong. Oh, I’m so bad!

bdsm phone sex Casey

Submissive Whore Cydney Is Your Bare Bottom Punishment Slut!

Submissive Whore

Bad, bad girl this little submissive whore brat has been. I did not listen to Master when he asked me to bring him a beer on my hands and knees. Then when I took my swats and Master asked me to take my place at his feet in silence so he could read his paper I spoke out of place. That means a bigger punishment for me. Master put me in a bind, making me his bare bottom spanking phone sex slut for his punishment needs. To silence me he made sure to gag me with an o-ring so that he could still piss in my bad little mouth. 

spanking phone sex

I whimper as Master spanks the back of my exposed nude ass hole. Ouch! That results in a quick slap across the face. I know Master deserves his peace and quiet, so I try to take the rest of my punishment in silence. Of course when he slaps the wooden paddle across my bare skin I can not help but let out the faintest sigh. Master does not like that either and I am quickly silenced as he force fucks my face hole, really shutting me up. Master pulls out and cums in my eye balls making me sit there for the rest of the day coated in his thick load.

bdsm phone sex

How To Spank A Woman 101

submissive whore robyn

Being a submissive, I have always been turned on by being spanked. As soon as a man puts me over his knee, I feel the tingling start to build between my legs. A good firm swat on the ass with a paddle or a big strong hand and my pussy is wet instantly. I have always thought I knew just how erotic spanking could be. But your never to old to learn something new. Last night I learned how to spank a woman in the most hypnotic of ways by an expert. He took me into the room where he had several implements to administer my spankings laid out on the bed. There were several different leather whips and several varieties of paddles. Laying on the pillow was a blind fold and a pair of handcuffs that were lined in some type of fur. Without saying a word he handcuffed my hands over my head and to a rope that was hanging from the ceiling. He spread my legs and secured them to a spreader bar. Then came the blind fold. Walking around me he gently touched me with the tips of his fingers, running them over every inch of my body. I was covered in goose bumps and every inch of me was alive with desire. I felt his hard cock rub against my ass and he left a trail of pre-cum on my skin. I felt his finger tips circling my nipple and then the crack of a paddle on my cunt lifted me off the ground. The sensation was so hot. For hours he touched me alternately spanking me on every inch of my skin. Not one piece of me was left untouched. He brought me to the brink of orgasm several times but did not let me cum. My knees were weak and the only thing holding me up were the handcuffs. Finally I felt him enter me, hard and throbbing he rammed his dick inside my wet pussy. He took me with the force of a crazed man, he released the handcuffs as we both exploded and the force of my fall caused his dick to impale me while he shot his load inside me. Now that is how you spank your submissive!how to spank a woman

how to spank a woman with Naomi

Submissive whore

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right things in bed? 

Do you try to spank the whore you are fucking but it just does not feel right? 

This is how to spank a woman the RIGHT way. 

As a Submissive Whore I get spanked often and I fucking love it. 

The way my very first master got me to love spanking was very simple but amazing.

Start out by tying her up

Then pull her panties down, kissing her exposed skin. 

how to spank a woman

Rub her ass cheeks softly.

Pull your hand back as if you were going to spank her then place it back on her ass and rub lightly.

Teasing her getting her ready for that spank is what excites her. 

The sharp pain of that spanking send shivers down her spine. 

She will push her ass back for more. 

Tease her lightly again sliding your hands up and down her ass cheeks over her pussy lips. 

Pull your hand back now this is where she thinks you are going to tease her again but let your anger out on her ass! 


A Submissive Whore Tells You How to Spank a Woman

submissive whore big titsIf you like a submissive whore, then you should know how to spank a woman. You can spank for pleasure or pain, but usually it is both for a spanking bitch like me. You see your pleasure is my pain, which makes my pain my pleasure too. I don’t care what Cosmopolitan or Maxim magazines say, you want spanking to hurt. You want it to leave a mark. The best way to spank a bitch is with force, speed and restraint. Remember, it is not about her pleasure. It is about yours. Don’t be afraid to hurt a bitch. Spanking is not for wusses, well it shouldn’t be at least.

how to spank a womanYou can use your hand if you have a strong touch. My ass has been bloodied by bare bottom spankings with a hand before. You can also use a wide variety of spanking implements including wood paddles, switches, canes, spanking machines, chains and whips. The best way to really leave your mark is combining tools of the trades. I was once spanked for over an hour with a cane and Cat O’ Nine tails. My ass had gashes and I had to sit in an inner tube for a week. I begged for more. You can spank the pussy too. You should make a worthless cunt hurt. And, regardless of which side you spank, go so fast she can’t even tell what you are using on her. Faster equals more pain.

bare bottom spankings  nylon fetishRestraining a whore is key to a good spanking. Not every bitch is a spanking phone sex slut, so you want to make sure she doesn’t put up a struggle, unless of course you like a fighter. Hand cuffs, rope, silk ties, a ball gag and shackles are key tools to have on hand. But, what also works well is pantyhose. Many of the men who enjoy making my ass hurt will take the hose right off my body and tie my hands behind my back so I can’t wiggle away. Not that I would anyway, I’m a good whore. You should never spank to be playful or erotic. You should spank to break a bitch. Spank to own a bitch. And my favorite, spank to hurt a bitch. My ass is waiting. Do you have the right touch?

spanking phone sex whore

Just Like the First Time

Its the first time I have seen your face since you kidnapped me that night. My original clothes are back on me, even though I know you have already played out rape phone sex fantasies with me several times when I was blindfolded. Is it because you made me cum that you trust me enough to see you now? I let you see that dark part of me that liked being taken against my will? Or do you have darker more evil plans for me so it just doesn’t matter if I see you or not?

bondage phone sex caitlin
The thought sends chills through me as you grab my tit hard. This is exactly how it went the first time you took my body, except I was blindfolded. I was in the same position, same clothes, and I could even taste and feel that I had lipstick and makeup on. You had dressed me back up to take me all over again. But this time you wanted me to be able to see it. I watched in silence as your hands groped every part of my body. My nipples got pinched and you ran your fingers between my legs and up inside me.

I couldn’t help but be turned on. All the fear from that first night, feeling totally blind, came rushing back and my heart was pounding. I knew everything you were going to do before you did it. I knew what your cock would look like before I even saw it. I had felt it before. In my mouth and in my cunt and ass. Then there it was, ready to fuck my holes again. You recreated our first time, and while still terrified, at least this time I could see…

Submissive slut

submissive slutMy new daddy spoils me so, every time I am a good girl he spanks my ass cheek. Whenever I am a bad girl, he spanks my as cheek. And as you can guess I love getting spanked. Sometimes I tell him what a dirty little whore I have been so he will put me across his knee, shove his thumb in my ass and spank me like the bad little girl that I am. Just thinking about his strong thick hands against my ass cheeks is making me so wet. I know after he spanks me he will let me eat his cum like a nasty little submissive whore should. I love when he makes me crawl to him and beg to suck his cock, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Yesterday he left me tied up so he could play with my ass whenever he wanted. I hope he does it again but leaves the toys in my ass and cunt this time. I’ve been a good slut, I hope he spoils me again.

Submissive slut

Submissive slutI just love being a Submissive slut for my new master. Since my son doesn’t use me like he used to I went and found a master who was fresh out of college to give me what I missed. Every day I wait for him at the door on my knees like a good submissive slut. The first thing he does is slap me with his cock right when he walks in. I love when he puts me on my leash and walks me around the house. Tying me to different pieces of furniture, fucking me, and leaving me there tied up. My favorite is when he gags my mouth, ties me bent over the card table in the living room and blindfolds me. He then invites his friends over, I don’t know how many exactly because there are so many voices, and they take turns making me their cum bucket. They often stick random objects in my ass just to see how far they can stretch it, the pain is so sensational that I squirt all over myself every time. I just loved being used by my new master.

Submissive Whore Cydney Is a Good Pet

Submissive whore

Master had a party this weekend. That meant that even a bratty play pet like me needed to be on her best behavior. Master like to have his friend over and to put me into all kinds of bondage and submission positions so that I can be his submissive whore art for the night. The gentleman that are lucky enough to have an invitation to my Master’s party must ask him for permission before touching the live art. 

Those who get permission from Master get to do as they will. Master allows them to spank and punish me, the catch is I must be in absolute silence. That is the biggest punishment. Oh how i love spanking phone sex and to know that I must bite my tongue and hold all of the pleasures deep inside makes my cunt squirt sweet juices in exchange. 

After the party Master rewards me by allowing me to serve him further. He leaves me hanging in suspension upside down. Presenting me with him cock he face fucks me till he allows me to have all of his sweet juices onto my tongue and down my throat. Master even kisses my cunt, giving me permission to cum all over his mouth. I was a good girl for him and all of his guest and made him look good. It pleases me that I have pleased him so! 

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