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Submissive Whore Garden; Water Them In

submissive whore

“This is the way we wash out whores

wash our whores 

wash our whores

This is the way we wash our whores

even though their undeserving!”

This is what Master sings to us as he plants the submissive whore garden. He wants to plant us and break us so that we can sprout out into good little BDSM phone sex sluts. I have no problem with this. I am an undeserving cunt, so any affection show to me from Master I am grateful of. First he cleans us, watering out body away from every impurity. He uses the hose on out naked bodies. The stream is sharp and pain full. He also has his Mistress whip us every time we wince, whimper or try to turn our head from the water. 

Once the ground is nice and moist we dig our own holes to be planted. If we take to long, we get lashed, so we must hurry and not make a mess. This is hard since it is muddy and Mistress gives me lots of spankings on my naked ass. Then Master takes rope, not nylon but twine, and ties me up nice and tight. He does not want me to wiggle free. After he pushes me to the ground he buries all the mud around me compacting me in.

It is a tight fit and very hard to breathe. Every time I breath too heavy the mud fills in the space that the mud has now made.  As I gag and cough Master continues to water me singing his song over and over. Then he whips out his cock and feeds me my whore food for the night. Between his giant rod force fucking my throat and the pounds of mud pushing on my chest I would up passing out. 

After a few days of this continues cycle of growth in the hole Mistress helps me emerge from the ground. Ready to start a new cycle of training!

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I Wanted It

Rape phone sex fantasies

“Shhh,” he said. “You’re all right, just be a good girl and this will all be over soon.”I have to admit I was incredibly turned on. Of course I was, I was having my fantasy come true. He held me down and gagged me on his dick for a few more thrusts before I started raising my head to suck it more.“Oh my god you want to suck it, you’re so fucking hot you little whore. Keep sucking my big dick, slut.” He grunted the words through gritted teeth. He fucked my mouth with such enthusiasm that it popped out and I gasped the only word that came to mind…“Please.” “Please more or please stop?” He moved so that he was stretched out on top of me, his cock pushed into my belly “Please Don’t.” I tried to make my eyes looks wide and innocent and pleading. He kissed me hard, sucking my tongue into his mouth and stabbing my mouth with his. He tasted of toothpaste and coffee. Maybe I was the only woman he’d ever kissed besides his wife. Maybe his wife wouldn’t blow him or even have boring vanilla sex with him…I brought my mind abruptly back to the present…“You wanted this, whore; you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging for it.” He reached between us and pulled my panties down enough for him to rub his cock between my labia, which were quite slick already from my arousal.He groaned and closed his eyes “So fucking wet already, you’re a bad girl who likes being fucked by strangers, aren’t you?” I shook my head. “Aren’t you, whore?” I shook my head again. He reached behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back. He bit along my throat and kept asking me if I was a bad girl who liked being fucked by strangers. I said nothing, I couldn’t move my head because of his grip on my hair. “Admit it, whore.” I said nothing. Until he got to my breasts. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and bit it hard, rolling his tongue over the sensitive tip. I moaned with pleasure, wanting him to spend hours, days just torturing my nipples like that. He did the same to my other nipple and then stopped and looked at me.“Say it. Say it or I’ll stop.”“I’m a bad girl who likes being fucked by strangers.” I finally said, in a small, little girl voice. That must have really turned him on because he went back to licking sucking and biting my nipples and thrust his hard, bare member deep into me…

Bondage Whore Tied Up for The Weekend

bondage whoreAs a bondage whore, I love to be restrained. For hours or for days. My son loves to tie me up, force fuck me and let me guess how long he is going to leave me bound and gagged. This weekend he was in a particularly nasty mood. Not sure what I did to piss him off, but he was not happy with his mommy. He stormed into my bedroom Friday morning, dragged me naked out of bed and slapped a ball gag in my mouth. He preceded to restrain my limbs. My hands were secured behind me, my feet tied together.

BDSM phone sexI could only hobble. He tossed me on the ground and began to force fuck his mommy. I was like his punching doll. He took all his aggression out on me. He rabbit fucked me for about an hour before dumping a load of cum all over my face. I thought for sure he would release me since he got his anger out. He pissed on me and left me there on the floor, tied up and smelling like a toilet. I begged him to let me go, but he left the house. I didn’t see him again until late Sunday night. I spent the weekend in my own home tied up and gagged. I got resourceful. I drank out of the toilet for water, just like a dog. I even ate the dog’s food to satisfy the hunger pains.

submissive whoreJust what my son wanted. A human pet. When he came home to untie me, he slapped a collar and leash on me and told me what a good bitch I was going to make. I will be a good bitch for you too.

Submissive Whore Sookie

Submissive Whore

I awoke dazed and confused, I couldn’t move or see anything and I didn’t know why. I started to scream only to realize the ball gag was blocking my efforts. I couldn’t remember what happened, and I didn’t have time to think before I heard him right next to my ear, “Finally, you’re awake.” I tried to muffle a scream as I felt the smack of a riding crop on my bare tits. “You are mine now, I own you, you will do everything I tell you to or you will bare severe consequence.” He said this with another slap to my tits and a twist to my nipple. As scared as I was I started to feel a warm sensation coming thru my pussy, and I was ashamed that I was turned on by this. He must have noticed me squirming and before I knew it his hand was in my cunt, finger fucking me hard and fast. He was laughing at me, “See you are already such a good submissive slut, say it for me now” he tells me as he removes my ball gag. I try not to moan and repeated what he told me. He knew, he knew that it turned me on being taken advantage of, he knew that I loved being treated like the little whore I know I am. All of a sudden I was being dragged down and hogtied on the edge of what felt like a bed, I still couldn’t see anything. He ordered my to open my mouth and he began violently fucking my mouth, holding my head and forcing his whole cock down my throat. All you could hear was me choking on his cock and him telling me what nasty little whore I am and what a good slut I am for sucking his cock… and you won’t believe what he did next!

Punish your Submissive whore!

BDSM phone sex

I have been a naughty girl. I don’t listen to what you say. I don’t do the things you tell me to do. This Subby whore has changed. I need to be punished. I know I make you angry when I don’t do as you say. Master is your anger rising? Are you tired of your subby whore not doing what you tell her? Do something about it. Do what ever the fuck you want to do to me. I will not do as you say until you punish me.

Cheap phone sex

I want a horrible punishment. I am pushing you to punish me and make me you submissive cunt all over again. Spank me, slap me, shock my pussy. Make me squirt buckets until I am so dehydrated I beg for your piss to drink. Cover my body in clamps and whip me. Do it! I know I have made you so fucking mad. You are about to break and make me your bitch again. 


Submissive Slut Gets More Than She Bargined

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut 24/7. This guy picked me up at the grocery store today and I thought for sure he could tell by my demeanor what a subby whore I was, but I he was clueless, or so he said. We went back to his place and he appeared to want me to dominate him. I didn’t have a clue what to do. I just sat there dumbfounded. He wasn’t picking up on my submissive nature. I explained to him that we were two bottoms. Clearly this wasn’t going to work. As I started to leave, his wife came out. She was clearly a bitch in charge. He brought me home for her, not him. She grabbed me by the red mane and slammed my face against the wall calling me all sorts of names. Then she slapped a ball gag in my mouth and made her hubby tie me up. I wanted to apologize to her.

I am not a man stealer. But clearly I was an offering to his wife. I was just a pawn in some marital spat. She put a strap-on up my ass taunting her husband. I’d never been fucked by a female before, but I was liking it. He begged and pleaded to get his treat in his ass. He even apologized for being a bad bitch. Once my ass was swollen and she had taught her hubby a lesson, she threw me out like garbage. I was naked, partially bound still without my purse. Longest walk of shame I ever had. I was almost home, when a nice man offered me a ride. He thought I had been sexually assaulted . When I explained that I had just been part of some bondage and submission game gone wrong, he saw his chance to force fuck me. At least he drove him home before kicking my naked used body to the curb. Guess I should never go home with strangers.

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I Need To Wake Him

submissive whore robynThe light of day is peeking in the window. Master is still asleep and I know he needs to go to work. We had a late night last night and the handcuffs are still on my wrists because he passed out before he could remove them. I know I need to wake him up, if I don’t and he misses work I will be punished. I can’t make him coffee or breakfast with my hands bound behind me. Torn between what to do I crawl on my hands and knees to the side of his bed. I take the covers in my teeth and begin to gently pull, hoping that removing them will wake him. To my dismay he doesn’t even stir. Crawling to the foot of the bed I softly kiss the bottom of his feet and I am met with a full force kick to the face that knocks me off my knees and blood is my nose. Yet he doesn’t wake up. I have no way to wipe the blood off my lip so I lick and suck it into my mouth as I try to think of a way to wake him without receiving his early morning drunken wrath. Kneeling next to the bed I begin to say “Master”. Softly at first and getting progressively louder until he wakes an I feel the sting of his hand across my face. I cower and wait for him to wake up fully. He is angry that I didn’t wake him sooner. As he hurries to get ready I know I will be punished when he gets home. Especially since he forgot to take off the cuffs and I will not be able to fulfill my duties today.submissive whore twitter

Submissive Whore Cydney Gets What She Asked For

Submissive Whore

I beg and I plead for someone to take over my submissive whore body and make it their property. I never knew that I would get exactly that, and from a fan no less! He retweeted something that I had put on the company twitter page and it instantly caught my attention. When he said he wanted to do a BDSM phone sex session I did not anticipate his skill level. I met him at his play and sat on his couch. There was nothing in his place that just screamed “I love BDSM.” He was super sweet, I figured he was nervouse and would need me to help him warm up. All of a sudden he came from his room and put his hand over my mouth. My eyes got wide, He added a gag and gave a menacing chuckle. 

BDSM phone sex

I did not think he had it in him, but that just shows you never judge a book by it’s cover. He tied my wrists and ankles tight. I whimpered as he turned me into his own little bondage slut. Slapping me across the face he told me I was him little play pet. He used his hand to push me onto the ground. Since I was all tied up I landed with my ass right in the air. I struggled to moved but stopped as soon as I felt him pull down my pants. SMACK! I whimpered as he smacked my bare ass hard with the palm of his hand. The sting must had got him too, because he yelped and started looking for something to spank me with. 

Hardcore bondage

I could not help but let a little giggle out. He paused right mid stride and took immediate offence to my disrespect. He pushed my face into the pink plush carpet with the bottom of him boot. He pushed it across the carpet causing my face to electrify as the feeling of rug burn pushed against my nerves. He demanded I apologize and lick the bottom of his boot. Of course being the worthless little fuck pig I was I recognized my errors and appreciated he let me anywhere near his superior boot. The rest of our evening continued, and boy was he impressive. To think, he found all this fun on the fuckalicious freaks twitter page!

Can You Pass The Class Bondage For Beginners Taught By A Submissive Whore?

Submissive Whore DorthyBeing a submissive whore I always know my place, at the feet and will of my Domme. One thing that always goes through my mind is how lucky I am that the strong and powerful Domme I serve, knows what the fuck he is doing. I was not always owned and collared, and it was one hell of a road to get where I am now. Too many times bondage and submission is confused, and I could not even count how many times the art of real bondage escaped the men who commanded me. This is why I now teach a little bit of bondage for beginners to D&s couples. There is so much to how you tie up your slut, just learning it along the way will be a huge mess! You will generally find me by telephone or Yahoo Instant Messenger. You can also email me at the same Yahoo ID that is on my main page. Send Bondage for Beginners Dorthyme a message at to set up any beginner S&M class with me. I have over 25 years in the lifestyle and would love to share my knowledge and experiences with you! But I also submit to anyone who would love to make me sit at their feet for a little while. You can say I am the open book of submission you have wanted to read for a very long time. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but if owning a sex slave, submissive, or pet intrigues you, do not hesitate to call. I can tell you so many hot stories you would cum harder than you have ever came before. So make sure you bring a towel, you would not want to leave that cum all over your self, that is what I am for, to have the honor of licking your cum.Bondage and Submission dorthy

BDSM Phone Sex Slut Gets Punished Big Time!

bdsm phone sex

I did not know when he was coming all I knew was he told me it would be really hardcore. I needed to be down to nothing but my panties when he came to pick me up and I was to call him Sir. He was going to be my BDSM phone sex drill Sargent and I was in for a big lesson. For starters, when he came up behind me and wrapped his beg beefy arm around my throat I struggled to breathe. He began telling me that I was a dumb little slut,and he ripped my sunglasses off using my face to break them as he slammed it into the ground too. He knocked me out and as I came to he had me tied to the back of an ATV. I struggled trying to pull against the roped that held me hog tied in place.He pulled me off once we hit his little fuck slut shed. I whimpered. He prepped me as he started to hoist me into place. He tied my arms behind my back, shoulders and tits from rough rope that hung from a beam. Then he began to tie up my legs and ankles till I was left in full suspension. I moaned as he began to torture me while I was stuck in his hardcore bondage trap. He grabbed my hair tight and slapped me across the face throwing it back down again. Clamp were attached to my tits and I was whipped all over my body. As he ended he plowed his cock deep into my ass and used my body for his pleasure. I let out screams as he pinch a clamp to my clit and yanked against it with every thrust. He laughed as he let me know my ass hole was bleeding onto the floor. Leaving me there hanging he left and got onto the ATV. I passed out again, wondering when it would be time for fucking again!

hardcore bondage

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