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Punish Me Master: I Need Slave Bondage

slave trainingMy boss was out of the office for a few hours. I know the rules. But, I thought it would be fun to play around in his office for a bit. He would never know. I sat in his big comfy office chair and masturbated. He never lets me cum, so I played naughty secretary at his desk. I should have known better. He had a hidden camera in his office because he cannot trust me. He texted, “Someone needs more slave training.” I knew I was in trouble. I went back to my office, scared, awaiting my punishment.

There was no apologizing to master. I violated the trust. I needed punished. I needed slave bondage. He made me disrobe. I received 32 lashes with his whip. A lash for each minute I sat in his office chair. He put nipple clamps on my worthless tits and attached a chain to my clit so when he yanked it, he hurt all three of my sensitive spots at once. He was just warming up. I had to put on the sensory deprivation suit. I hate it. It restricts my movement and breathing. Plus it is so tight on my curvy body, I sweat like a pig. Master suspended me in his office, above his desk. I was hanging like a bug trapped in a spider web. Sweating, struggling to breathe, unable to move, receiving electric shocks to my breasts in 32 second intervals. Master loves to punish me.

I hung above his desk not for 32 minutes, but 32 hours. When he released me, I was close to passing out. “Next time you violate the rules of the office, I will leave you hanging for 32 days, whore,” he seethed as he spit in my face. I cleaned up and completed my work duties. I am both scared and aroused by my master. I’m such a punishment whore.

slave bondage

Lesson Learned

torture phone sex sookieI made Master mad again so he took me to another master to teach me a lesson.­­ I hope this he will do more than humiliate and torture me; while I do somewhat like it; I want to learn and become the best whore. “Ahh, you again.” He answered the door with. “Well, good then I suppose. You are just in time to see my new bitch get humiliated.” “Yes sir” I quickly reply; I know better than a reply more than that. We walked down to his basement were he keeps all his most extreme toys, and there was not one, but two men down there. One was tied to the bed the other was standing with a ball gag in his mouth, drooling. Both of their small dicks hard with anticipation. “Now Sookie, always remember it is their job to please me… but today are you going to be a better whore than them?” I nodded like a good slut. “Now, I want you simply start with a little slap or two, don’t worry you’re a little bitch that fucking loves it.”  He slapped my ass hard and I could tell everyone was satisfied. “What now?” I asked timidly. He then stopped talking and went straight to business. You thought you  were going to fucking get to pick and choose your punishment whore? He tight me tight and put the biggest most painful clamps I had ever felt on my tits squeezing them hard. I started to cry which I saw only made his cock harder. He was going to torture me… I knew it when I saw the boob squashing device… the nipple piercing rods. I took the pain like a good slut, even though it hurt like hell. “Now lick my cock clean, you little bitch.” Master ordered me; and right away I was on my knees. Lesson learned.

Spanking Phone Sex Submissive Bo

Spanking phone sex is a great way to get this submissive whore excited. Followed by a good forced face fucking and a facial leaves me in your complete control. A submissive slut for you Master is what I am and I will take whatever you dish out.

That afternoon you visited and spanked me there was no denying how wet my cunt got for you. I begged for your cock but what you gave me was just the thing I deserved. I was a groveling pathetic subby slut and you had to let me know how pathetic I was. Your golden showers all over my face just had me whimpering for your fuck rod. I wanted more from you Master I wanted you to take me good and hard. 

You pulled me up by my hair and pushed me into the shower turning on the water as it poured over my face leaving me gasping. You took me from behind with such force I screamed out, your cock throbbing inside my quivering cunt. 

spanking phone sex

Submissive Whore Loves Bare Bottom Spankings

submissive whoreSubmissive whore. That is my name. When you tell me to do something, I do it. I don’t ask why. I don’t argue with you. I just do it. So when Master instructed me to dress pretty for him, I did. I went into my closest and found a beautiful frilly pink dress. I put on a matching pink garter belt, pink panties and white stockings. Slipped on a pair of nice high heels; did my make up soft and romantic, and made sure my naturally long red hair looked it’s best. I looked like a living doll. I would not stay looking pretty I was sure, but I followed Master’s orders. I get so much joy pleasing men.

I waited at the bottom of the stairs for him. When he arrived, he instructed me to bend over and show him my ass. Master is very fond of bare bottom spankings. And, he is very fond of large round asses like mine. I bent over for him like a good pet. I felt the sting of his hand smack me hard across my bottom. I held my ankles tight while he gave me 50 whacks. My bottom was sore; as pink as my dress, but I never said ouch. I never begged for him to stop. Why? Because my body belongs to my master. My body is for men to use. Master gets pleasure from hurting me. His pleasure is my pain. Therefore my pain is my pleasure too. I secretly hoped he would take me out somewhere and show me off. But, Master just wanted to use my ass with his hands then his cock. I know I am just a fuck pig, but maybe one day he will take me out in public.

bare bottom spankings

I want you to use me…

Cock WorshipingAllow me to worship your cock, to become your one and only submissive whore that you can use over and over again. Share me with your friends, share me with everyone. Humiliate me. Fuck me raw. Make me share my little ones precious holes with you. So young and sweet they are, they need to see mommy forced to fuck. Forced to do so many horrific things that’s clear I want from my dripping cunt. I know you want to tie me up while I watch you fuck my little one’s precious holes. I will cry and scream and struggle as I watch them cry and try to get away. But all the while watching this is turning me on more and more. They need to be used like Mommy, they will soon learn their lack of worth… that they are only good for fucking and making more babywhores like I do… fill my cunt up with cum. Make me your personal breeder whore. The only attention I get are from you beating my ass, and of course filling my pussy up with all your hot and sticky cum. Making me beg for it throat my gag in my mouth. And what kind of fun would it be if the little ones weren’t forced to watch? Oh they really lose it watching me get pounded harder than ever, being spit on and smacked upon my head. All my holes are being violated; make sure your friends aren’t gentle in the least. Make my holes bleed with your massive cocks – then make sure you move along to my little ones because they deserve to be used just as much as I do.

slave bondage

Slave training

Do you want slave bondage? I am your slave. I will do as you say to make you happy. Spank me, fuck me and punish me some more. I am your dirty whore and I want you to make me your slave! Tie me up and do things to me you only dream of. I am here for you to do anything to. The feeling of rope tied tightly around my arms and giving me rope burn makes my pussy wet. Pleasing you is my only mission in life.

Hardcore bondage

I am your slave whore who needs to be tied up and punished. Tie my tits up and make them turn purple. Force me to do what ever you want. You will never hear the safe word come out of my mouth. I need you to make me yours. I will beg to be your slave. I want you to cum all over me and use me as a toilet! Please master!

Beach Bum Tease

submissive whore sookie (1)

I LOVE going to the beach!! The sun the sand the waves, it really is the absolute full package. But my favorite part of going to the beach is watching all of the boys struggle not to get a woody from watching me prance around and play in the waves in my little string bikini. One day though, I think I may have taken it a little too far. I saw a group of guys, a few of them were sexy, watching me play in the waves. Since it was almost sundown and time to leave I decided to give them a little show. I cupped the water and ran it over my dirty little tits. I ran my fingers under my bottoms. I saw them whispering among their group. I figured they liked their show. I reached into my top and gave my nipples a little pinch. I figured that I had given them enough by then and that it was about time to go. I walked up to my things and they all approached me. I knew they totally wanted my number. When they got to me I did not get to say a word before they were all holding an arm or leg. And one covering my mouth. Their leader decided to take first hit and forced his dick into me, I could feel the sand dragging through me. I opened my mouth to scream but was unable to because as soon as I did I had two sweaty cocks being rammed down my throat. There was another guy that was shoving his whole fist in and out of my ass. I could hear them all moaning when all I could do was look and see the beautiful sunset before my vision was blurred with cum.

Submissive Phone Sex MILF Needs Spanked

submissive phone sex milfSubmissive phone sex MILFs like me love to be spanked. I have a beautiful round, full, ripe ass that needs a strong hand. I don’t know what it is about a strong slap on the ass that gets me so turned on. But I do love to have my ass blistering from your firm touch. Sometimes, however, I get more than I bargained for when I beg to be spanked. You would think I would learn to never underestimate a man.

spanking phone sexThis weekend, I met a sexy stranger who commented that I had an ass for tapping. I told him that I loved spanking phone sex and all things involving a man owning my ass. His house was a shrine to ass play. From all sorts of whips, paddles and chains to pony tails and cattle prods, this man clearly was prepared for any type of spanking conceivable. But was I? I always think so until I meet a man who beats my ass raw.

submissive whoreIt started off sensual. Bare bottom spankings, a paddle, even a pony tail in my ass. But when he saw my pleasure, he made it his goal to make me cry. I’m a seasoned submissive whore, it takes a lot to make me cry, but he succeeded. He had a paddle lined with thumb tacks. OMG. I cannot begin to describe the pain of 50 whacks with tacks. My ass was bleeding, blistered and so swollen I couldn’t sit to piss. Never has my ass been spanked like that. Think you can do better?

Force Me

bdsm phone sex sookie

I’ve been holding this in for a while now, but a man called me the other day and I was finally able to admit how horny rape fantasy phone sex gets me. I think every woman has a secret desire to be forced and completely dominated by a man. Any woman who tells you any different is lying to you. There is something that just gets me so wet thinking about a man who will see me walking around in my slutty clothing and decides to teach me a lesson. He will follow me, watching the way my ass looks so good in that super short mini skirt. What a dirty slut I am; I am definitely begging to be fucked. You will come up behind me, pinning me against a wall, making sure I stay quiet. And of course I will struggle, but I will already begin to get wet with excitement … You will shove your hand into my panties, feeling how wet they are you will whisper to me what a naughty little whore I am, and how I’m about to take all of your dick and fucking love it. Then you will force me down on my knees, giving me a slap or two of encouragement, making me scream in pleasure and pain. You will shove your hard cock in my face, ordering me to suck it. I will try and say no, and resist but you will hit me hard, making me scream and you are able to shove your huge dick into my mouth. You begin to fuck my mouth, telling me what a little slut I am, and all the while I am getting more and more wet. You see this and you are ready to finally fuck me, you look at me, covered in spit, dirt and blood. “Are you ready to be forced fucked you fucking whore?” I won’t admit it, but I am.

Bondage Whore Dukes it Out at Work

bondage whoreWhen I arrived to work yesterday, I had a surprise waiting for me. Master had another bondage whore named Bo tied up at my desk chair. Apparently, she was sent as a temp to help me out with a big law case pending. She arrived early and fucked something up so he restrained her at my chair. He wanted my help in teaching her a lesson. I’m a submissive whore. I don’t know how to be a dominant bitch. Master was not happy that I questioned his order and smacked me hard across the face. The look on Bo’s face told me she was not hired as a paralegal temp.

submissive whoreShe was a MILF whore just like me. Only difference being she was the hourly kind. Master just wanted two bitches to play with today. Two hot MILF bitches. I hesitated on smacking her again and this time Master tied me to the chair and freed Bo. She wasted no time using me as a punching bag. She went at my big fucking tits like she was Mike Tyson. Master was stoking his dick watching her use my boobs as punching bags. I struggled to get loose; I understood the game now and wanted to play, but snooze you lose.

MILF phone sexBo wailed on my titties for what seemed like an eternity. They were black and blue by the time Master freed me so I could fight back. He watched as we wrestled each other in his office. I had no clue what I was doing. Bo, however, clearly was the Ronda Rousey out of us because one punch to my face and I was out cold. Woke up tied to the desk with cum all over my face and loser written in my own blood on my forehead. Master apparently likes seeing two sluts fight each other. He said next time he would toss us in a cage naked and see who comes out alive.

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