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Bondage Phone Sex: All Tied Up

bondage phone sexDo you like bondage phone sex? I love being restrained and gagged. I was at a bondage club with some girlfriends the other night and I picked up this college boy. I love younger men, especially alpha ones. He was over 6 foot tall, big and burly. And, if he was at the club, he was a dominant man. I was bold. Invited him back to my place to pretty much do whatever he wanted to me. Being that tall, I knew he had to have a huge cock to shred my fuck holes. As soon as we entered my place, he went into alpha mode. Slammed me against the wall in a choke hold. Instructed me to listen to his every command. He made me call him Daddy. I tried not to laugh. Seemed odd calling a man younger than my oldest son, Daddy. But, I am a good submissive whore so I do what I am told. I fell to my knees to worship his cock. As he was skull fucking me, he pissed down my throat. His cock was every inch as big as I thought it would be. My throat was raw from the size of his shaft so his piss burned my esophagus. I started to choke and gag. I was about to puke up his piss when he grabbed my nose, and shoved his cock further down my throat, forcing me to swallow my own vomit. I was not expecting him to be quite that aggressive at his age. He said I reminded him of his whore mother as he spun me around, pinned my arms behind my back and beat my ass with his cock. He left me on the floor in fetal position. Cum running out my ass. I started to get up in an attempt to clean myself up when he tied me up, marked me with his piss and walked out the door. I was left bound, covered in his urine and cum for my son to discover. I guess he had some unresolved mommy issues.

Txt Me For My Daily Prostate Milking

Prostate Milking

I am in need of my daily prostate milking. One of three I am forced to do daily. You as my master can text me at impregnatemeripley and make sure I am doing just that. Check in that your submissive whore is doing what I have been ordered to do. Don’t worry master I am getting on my hands and knees where I belong now. My tits are being milked by my little brats, they get as turned on as mommy does milking my tits right into the metal bowl hearing it squirt off the sides – just like a fat cow. I am nothing but a breeding whore, a whore who stays clean shaven and spotless as my master will check me all over. I need a butt plug in my ass to get it stretched out for my masters waiting cock. And for now I will be milked, milked hard for 3 times a day and once my ass is stretched out I will be fucked like a naughty subby whore I am, just begging to be fucked. And you can’t wait any longer, you just want to slide that horny throbbing cock deep into my ass, make me beg for it and milk my tits while you fuck me master…Please!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

submissive whore tied upI knew when Master took me to the football game that there was more to it then him just being nice. he is never nice without an ulterior motive.
I had no idea what it was but the entire game my cunt was throbbing as I waited for the shoe to drop. The anticipation was killing me.
After the game master took my hand and led me to the locker room. I just knew that he had given me to the team as a reward for winning and I braced myself for the gang bang I was about to get. A team of hot and sweaty football players had my panties soaking wet.
What happened next surprised me more then anything. It seems master has a male submissive on the team. He was tied up in the shower and we were all alone. laying next to him was more rope and I knew it was for me.
In came the team, they snatched me up and strung me up just like Masters male submissive.
My cunt wouldn’t stop flowing, it was dripping down the inside of my legs. I knew we were both in for the time of our submissive lives.

Nasty waitress

Submissive slutDaddy called his friends over to watch a baseball game with him. I was their slutty little waitress, in lingerie and heels and servicing their every need. Since my daddy told me to be a submissive slutty waitress I had to fill whatever they ordered. Whether it was a blowjob, lap dance, a dp, or just cock riding I was to fill any and all request just as my daddy told me, and my master gets what he wants. I spent two and one half hours doing any and all cock tricks requested and when they left daddy rewarded me by fucking me like I love. He pulled my hair and pounded me from the back all while finger fucking my asshole. I begged for more but my daddy master would just spank me, tell me to be silent, and then slam his cock into my cunt deeper and harder. He pounded me until I was way past swollen and he left me handcuffed in the bed. I hope it is to come back and fuck me later.

Bondage and submission

bondage and submission

I did something stupid the other day! My father said something to me and I went ahead and opened my dumb ass pie hole of a mouth and talked back.

Next think I know he grabs me by my hair and takes me to his room. He throws me on the ground and I start begging and pleading him to forgive me. He takes all of our ropes out and tells me to lay on the bed. I try and negotiate,- and that maybe was not the smartest idea.

He gets angry and grabs my arms. He starts to tie my arms and wrist, then my legs and ankles, then my tits, and lastly puts tape over my mouth so I can not even utter a cry out for help or to redeem my stupidity. He is going to punish my stupid ass, I guess it is time for my daily beating anyways. I promise to obey my daddy.

spanking phone sex

spanking phone sex
Okay, so I know I am a stupid fucking whore, who needs to listen better so I am not too surprised that this guy thought he needed to discipline me. He grabbed me by my wrist and took me to the bathroom. He bent me over the toilet. He told me to gag on his cock and throw up all over it. I did as I was told and he then proceeded to piss all over my face. He told me to now drink his piss. I opened my mouth and I didn’t swallow every bit he told me to on accident. “Bend over the toilet seat you stupid ass cunt bitch.” I bent over the toilet. He pulled down my pants and took off his belt. He started spanking my ass, making my ass red and wilted. I tried not to scream as I took my punishment for fucking up and disappointing him. He does not stop spanking my ass over and over again. I can not believe I am such a stupid pathetic little bitch. Maybe if I wasn’t I wouldn’t need to be put in my place so much.


submissive whore robynHe came home from work and told me he was throwing a party. I had two hours to get everything arranged an I best not fuck anything up…
I did as I was told with a wet pussy knowing that he was already well on his way to being drunk and he would share me with all his friends.
Just before the first guest arrived he pulled out a rubber suit ordering me to put it on. It covered me from head to toe with only three holes in the entire thing, one for each fuck hole. I couldn’t see, it was hot and sticky and not very comfortable but the anticipation of what this meant for me had my cunt gushing before I knew it.
He made me the Rubber Maid, the Latex Fuck Doll, the center of attention at the party.
I lost count of how many dicks came in which holes that night. I can’t wait for him to take it out and put it on me again!bdsm phone sex twitter


cheap phone sex

If I am nothing it’s a cheap whore. A cheap phone sex submissive whore ready to worship your cock just as you deserve. Just as I deserve to be humiliated, to be branded for all to know what a nasty fucking whore I am. We have a special twitter account where all the whore’s post – whores of all kinds. Bitches that do snuff, bitches that do incest, and bitches like me who will do anything you want. Anything at all because we are yours, you own us. You own me and I will do whatever it takes to please you. Let you use my special little brats. Fuck their little  brains out while I watch. Such a nasty whore of a Mommy I am. Everyone should know what a disgrace I am. Put me in the corner like I am young again and write whore on my ass. Shove my face into the floor and make me lick your feet… make me spread my ass cheeks for that massive cock of yours to dominate it. Make me cry and beg for it, you know you don’t have to try hard with me. I will obey your ever command. I am a good sex slave, I never disappoint my masters. I am your whore, your cheap whore forever.
submissive phone sex (3)


Thank You

Submissive phone sex

Thank You so much for treating me like the gutter trash that I am Sir.  I know I am useless, worthless and nothing without You. I am only here because You allow it.  I know You are free to find another woman who is more worthy of Your generous cock.  I am in awe of it’s magnificence, and take honor in receiving it’s Golden Blessing.

There are days where You are kind enough to shower me over and over again.  Reminding me that I am Your urinal.  I take every gift from Your body without hesitation.  I take it to mean that You are anointing me. Saying to Others that I am solely Yours to do with whatever You desire.

I beg for it, I need it, and I crave it.  Every single drop of piss is welcomed.  You Baptize Your slut in it as much as possible.  The saltiness of it, the pungent smells permeate the air around me. Fore I am not allowed to change nor wash away Your Blessing.  It bothers me not.  I know many a women who would find this disgusting.  I do not, because it is what I deserve and You desire.  Submissive whore


Submissive Whore for Extreme Female Bondage and Pain

submissive whoreAccording to my Master, the only thing better than a submissive whore, is two submissive whores. I was ordered to find him another subby MILF to play with that day. I know his type. He likes his MILFS to have a little meat on their bones and nice big natural tits. Loves a screamer. My friend Helen was perfect. She is not a full time subby like me, but she likes extreme play with the right man. Not sure my Master is the right man, but if I did not bring him a sexy MILF to play with, I would have been a black and blue MILF.

I told Helen I had a friend for her to meet; asked her to come by my office for lunch. The moment Master saw her big beautiful breasts, I no longer existed. She seemed smitten with him too. She wouldn’t be for long. Master is into extreme female bondage and pain. She was flirting with him, giving me a look of appreciation. I felt bad. But, I would sell my own daughter if Master told me to do it. When Master invited Helen into his private office, I knew she would soon regret being my friend. Didn’t take long before I heard her screaming. After an hour, Master ordered me into his sanctum. There was my friend, bound and gagged.

female bondage 2 girlHer breasts were tied so tightly they were turning colors. It was clear Master had used them as punching bags. He is obsessed with boobs, but not in a good way. Not only had he turned Helen’s boobs black and blue with restraints and his fists, he had stuck hat pins through her nipples. There was my friend with mutilated breasts, a dog collar around her neck, strung up by the throat and her hands and feet restrained. She had been crying. I felt like a bad friend. My first emotion was not guilt, not even remorse for handing her over to a sadist. It was jealously. I was envious of the attention Master lavished on Helen while I was shut out of the office. I use to be his favorite girl, but he has grown bored of me.

Helen screamed, fought, showed pain. I’m more seasoned. I smile and beg for more. Master wants to hurt a bitch, but he doesn’t want her to like it. I need to learn to not show my pleasure in my pain like Helen does. I have lost a friend, but hopefully I can renew my relationship with my Master. In the meantime, maybe you can use me. Make it really hurt. Make me cry. Make me scream. Just like Master likes.

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