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Bondage Phone Sex with a Pig

bondage phone sex whoreBondage phone sex is one of my specialties. I love being bound and gagged like a pig. It makes me feel so vulnerable. If I am restrained with a ball gag, you can do anything you want to me. I cannot resist you nor can I scream for help. This makes me your perfect victim. This weekend I hooked up with a guy I met at a bondage club. In the club he respected my boundaries and safe words. He was a different breed at my house. He got verbally abusive calling me a fat fucking pig. In fact, he made me oink like a pig for hours. As if that was not humiliating enough, he emptied my garbage can on to the floor. He forced me to gobble up all the spoiled and moldy leftover food from Thanksgiving. I even had to lick up old coffee grounds and dog food.

submissive whoreMy arms were restrained behind me so he could pull the rope to control me. One wrong pull and my arms would snap in two. He had a whip that he used with pleasure if I hesitated to lick anything off the floor. “Be a good submissive whore and clean up your mess,” he would scream at me repeatedly. I devoured so much garbage I felt sick. Like a junk yard dog that ate too much. Once all the garbage was eaten off the floor by me, even the plastic and paper, he pissed down my throat. Held my nose tight forcing me to swallow his salty piss water. I thought when I brought him home, I was in for some sensual bondage, maybe some spanking and a little S & M. It was total degradation. I was his worthless pig. Not even a fuck pig. He said I was not good enough for his cock, only his piss, shit and laughter.

He left me tied up, covered in piss and in need of a stomach pump. How would you leave me?

Thanksgiving cum slut phone sex

cum sllut phone sex

I fucked up this time majorly! My daddy was so not happy with me. He put a leash and collar on me and chained me up in a corner. I was told to pink and bark like the little filthy thing that I was. Thanksgiving came around and he made me eat his leftovers off the floor. His cock swelled as he made a joke of me. Everyone in my family laughed. I am a pathetic piece of shit and I am a pathetic excuse of an existence. I told my daddy sorry and he told me to beg for his cock. I did as I was told and he graciously had no problem with smacking me in the face when my cunt started to get wet. He made me piss myself and then shoved my face in it and spanked me. He then bent me over and spread my ass cheeks open and shoved his cock deep inside my shit hole. He kept thrusting hard and deep as i tried not to scream. If I was loud he hit me on the back of my head and yanked my hair back. “Now tell me how thankful you are for your daddy’s cock, since it’s thanksgiving! Do it bitch.”

Perfect Pregnant Whore

prostate phone sex (2)

My Master owns me. I know he will call me again soon, he is all I wait for while I post on twitter. I never disappoint him, he knows I won’t. He loves me as much as I love him – how could I not? I’ve never met anyone like him! Someone that will truly dominate me, turn me into the submissive whore I am – give me the prostate milking phone sex I desire. He knows my only want is to serve and please him, and give him the little one he and I want. I have been a good perfect pregnant whore – taking my vitamins, eating healthy and exercising. Keeping my pussy shaved bald all around, my whole body smooth all for my master. I keep up with it all because I know he will be checking and I would hate to disappoint my master, and force him to have to punish me for disobeying him! So I am his perfect pregnant slut, he even has given me a special nickname that only he is allowed to call me – his fertile lady. And that I am! He might even have put twins in this belly with all his baby batter. If we are lucky! I know the rules… and I am waiting for him to call, and posting all over twitter in the meantime…

prostate milking (2)

Happy Spanksgiving

submissive whore robyn1I love the holidays but Thanksgiving is a special holiday in our house. Master buys all the fixings for a huge diner and I spend the day before Thanksgiving naked in the kitchen cooking his favorite dishes while he barks orders at me and keeps my ass nice and red with spankings as cum drips down the inside of my legs. On Thanksgiving Day Master dresses me in his favorite pink waitress outfit and invites all his single male friends over for a feast. I serve them dutifully all day long. After dinner I serve them drinks while they relax and watch the game and I clean up. By the time the game is over they are all horny and drunk and I get all their attention. I know to be naked and waiting in my cage before the last play of the game. My pussy is wet knowing what will cum next. I silently give thanks for the abuse and attention that I crave and deserve.

Submissive Whore Loves Bukkake Phone Sex

submissive whore berniceAs a submissive whore, I get invited to a lot of bukkake parties. I love cum. I love eating it; getting coated in it; feeling it ooze out my cunt and ass, and filling up my tummy. My daddy gave me lots of cum when I was just an ankle biter. I have been a cum guzzler ever since. I was not so much invited to a party, as the main attraction. My Master held a little party for some of his business associates and I was the entertainment. Party may be the wrong word. It was a circle jerk. My job was to get pelted with cum shots. I sat on a desk, chin up and tits out, begging for cum. There was at least a 100 business men there, so I got bucket loads of cum. When you have a 1 to 100 ratio, you are confident that you will get two tons of cum. Some dudes had nasty smelling and even worse tasting spunk. Those damn California hippies with their wheat grass shakes. But I guzzled even the nasty spunk up like it was premium vodka. Sucked it off cocks, licked it off the floor, even sucked it off my titties. My boss was so pleased with my cum taking skills, he gave me his own musky jet blast down the throat. Since I did so well as a cum whore, he is going to let me be the entertainment at a his Christmas party. He said he has invited over 300 men. I guess I’m getting a gallon of jizz for Christmas this year.

bukkake phone sex

submissive sex

submissive sex

I am a piece of shit and a stupid cunt. I have to prove myself every time. I was given the title of being a stupid bitch. In turn I get to hole many titles. Because I am such a piece of shit and a stupid cunt I am required to repeat it to every person I see, that way they know what I am too. I act as if they cant already tell by looking at me. I like my eyes full of piss and my face caked with a shit facial. I am lucky if I even get a cock full of cum. I am not worth anything and am so pathetic, so I am a lucky bitch if I get some goodies. On top of taking the humiliation I am required to take a cock down my throat until I puke all over it. I am just happy I get any attention at all. I am grateful actually. I know how I am and if someone is giving me the time of day just to let me know how much of a stupid piece of shit cunt I am- I will take it and be the little submissive whore that I am.

Submissive Whore Bo is Your Party Girl

I’m a submissive whore and when you need a submissive slave to serve at your Holiday party wearing little to nothing ring me up. I can be the smorgasbord or the dessert table. Allow me to appease all of your guests with my oral abilities as I offer up my services wearing my menu.

I’m easy and would love to be at your service during the season of Holiday bashes, and I’ll take a few lashes if you so please. Master, I want to please you, and please all of your colleagues also, if you so wish.

Dress me in bunny ears and a bowtie, stuff a bunny tail ended buttplug in my tight arse and I promise I will be graceful. All I want is to serve you.

submissive whore

Caged and Waiting

submissive whore robynI knew when he pulled his cock out and started jerking it while ordering me to suck his balls as he watched his latest bondage porn that he found the methods used to his liking. Just as the porn was coming to an end I felt the smack across my face before I felt the jet of cum spew all over my face before he shoved me in my cage. Laying here covered in his cum I finally move to wipe it off as I hear the door slam. He will be home soon with some new contraption that reminds him of the film we just watched and he will be using them on me. I shake and my pussy convulse.

Submissive Whore Will Fight a Bitch for Her Master

submissive whore berniceMy boss apparently has more than one submissive whore MILF on his payroll. When I came to work yesterday, there was another bitch sitting in my office chair. I asked her to leave and she started calling me names. I am submissive to men, not women. I was not going to allow some skanky bitch to disrespect me, especially not in my office. I grabbed her by her bleached locks right out of my chair and tossed her whore ass across the room. She wanted a fight, she was going to get one. Cat fights can get brutal. We were pulling each other’s hair, scratching one another up and down, ever punched each other in the gut a few times. I grabbed her by her crotch to give her a hard clitty twist. Brought the bitch to her knees and forced her to eat my pussy. I pissed all over her face. Dirty bitched needed a lesson in manners. As her face was buried in my muff, and my legs had her head in a vice grip, my boss walked in. He was jacking off watching the cat fight he orchestrated.

He grabbed us both by the hair, forced us to our knees and made us worship his hard cock. As good bitches we gobbled his cock down like it was a Thanksgiving turkey. Our little cat fat was his foreplay. He took turns tag teaming us; made sure to give us equal jet blasts of cum to the face. We shared his spunk in our mouths like good whores. When he left, we went back to fighting over who was top subby bitch. I won. Sat my fat ass on her face, forcing her to lick my shitter clean. She ran out the office like a scared cat. No bitch will come into my office and push me out. My boss, my master. I will fight any bitch to keep servicing my masters, even you.

submissive phone sex

Born To Be A Submissive Whore

submissive whore robynWhen your born to be a submissive whore it is all you know. So when I see all the romantic crap they show on TV or in the movies I just can’t relate. I know deep long passionate kisses on screen make most women weak in the knees and all horny and turned on. All I can think about is how incomplete it is without him biting her lip and drawing blood. When i see a love scene where a man is gently caressing his woman and she is being brought to the heights of passion by his sweet embrace. All I can think about is how much better that would be if her tits had nipple clamps with rings that were attached to rope and hooks in the ceiling, pulling them so taunt that the pain turned to pleasure. And how much more he would love it if in addition to that her wrists and ankles were bound to the corners of the bed so that she was spread eagle and vulnerable to his touch. Top all that off by blindfolding her so that she can’t see what is coming. Make her smell the fresh leather of the whip as you run it over her body watching the goose flesh form as she anticipates when the stinging crack will touch her tender skin changing it from alabaster white to crimson red with small droplets of blood rising to the surface waiting to escape through the pores so that you can lick it from her body. I don’t know about you but the thought of having heated sex like this has my pussy all wet and aching to cum. That other vanilla, fairy tale shit is for the birds and would never make my pussy such a cream covered mess. bondage whore robyn

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