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Master Thinks He Is Funny

submissive whore robynThe last time Master went shopping he took me with him on my leash. I had to crawl along the sidewalk next to him being very careful not to get ahead of him. I always have to stay next to him or behind him like a good submissive. As we got to the bar he was headed for we passed a dress shop. Master stopped and was looking at the things in the window. He pointed to a particular dress. Short and black and very sexy and asked me if I liked it. I responded that I did very much. He smiled and continued on to the bar.
When we got there I was a good little pet, never getting up off the floor. Licking his friend’s shoes clean and lapping up the drinks that were spilled on the floor.
Today Master went out by himself. The phone rang and it was him. I answered it after the proper number of rings.
His voice came over the line, “Do you remember that little black dress that we saw my pet? The one that you liked so much?”
I licked my lips, and replied in a faint voice, “Yes Master”
My heart skipped a beat thinking he was buying it for me to wear for him.
“I am here at the store where we saw it”
“Oh Thank you Master! I don’t deserve it I am a slut after all.”
He laughed and said, “I am not there anymore. I didn’t even stop. I am in the bar now getting drunk and laughing at your stupidity”

Submissive Whore Bernice’s New Year’s Anal Torture

submissive whoreA submissive whore knows how to ring in the New Year. Last year, my son threw a party at the house. I was the entertainment. At first, I thought I was just serving drinks and food, but right before midnight, as I was serving the champagne to ring in the new year with, my son shoved me down on the dining room table and stripped me naked. His friends all gathered around us like it was planned. My son took one of the unopened bottles of champagne and shoved it up my ass. I let out a huge scream, so some of his friends put their cocks in my mouth so the noise would not alarm the neighbors. My son kept anally torturing my asshole as his pals counted down the ball. As they counted he thrust that bottle deep into my ass. When the ball struck midnight, he yanked the bloody bottle out of my ass, uncorked it, then let the champagne explode on my ass. After that, every male guest fucked my champagne covered asshole. And what I got to drink to celebrate 2015 was piss. At the time, I felt so degraded and abused. But, now I often masturbate with a bottle thinking about how hot the whole thing was. I am hoping for an equally hot New Years Eve this year too. Just hoping they use the bigger end of the bottle this time.

Submissive Whore

submissive whore (3)

Let me be honest… I am constantly craving for any big hard dick I can get ahold of, waiting for my next orgasm, playing out endless role-play fantasies in my head… I’m almost always at least a little wet! I take great pleasure in walking around every day in my sexy clothes that shows just a little too much, just enough to make you stare at me, making you hard quicker than you thought possible. I love having that effect on men, it makes me so wet! Mmm, I know I’ve got the ultimate body, perfect tits, perfect round ass, and a nice tight wet pussy for you to shove your dick into! You know another place you can shove your dick into… that’s right I absolutely love to give blowjobs!!! There isn’t a dick I won’t suck, I can be your submissive little slut and suck your dick till you cum in my mouth and all over my face or I can tease your cock and balls and have you begging me to cum, I just want your big hard dick throbbing in my mouth and your hot cum all over my sexy body! Oh look, I’m wet again just thinking about your dick filling me up in all the right places. When I’m not looking for my next playmate, I’m sitting by the phone waiting for you to call and help me get my pussy soaking wet again and again…

milf phone sex (2)

Phone sex specials

Phone sex specials

I am your dirty submissive whore! I will do what ever you tell me to because I want to see that look in your eyes. That deviant look with the sparkle in your eyes as you spank me. When your cock twitches as I call my self a stupid dirty cum whore. I want to beg you for your cock and balls! I want to worship your big sexy cock. Let me lick your feet! Make me your stupid whore!

BDSM chat

Break me down and train me to be your worthless slave. I want to please you and be your sub. I want to make you happy master. I will degrade myself for you. I will be your good slave. I will worship the ground you walk on. Please master make me be your worthless slave! Make me your personal portable toilet slave. I will do anything and every you tell me. If I don’t do it the way you want me to, then punish me! 

Take It All Away

submissive whore leahYou can take my pretty clothes away, you can throw away my make-up.
You can toss my jewelry and shoes in the trash.
Other guys still look at me because I’m a pretty girl, and you don’t like that.
You can cut off all of my long, blond hair.
You can rip off my painted fingernails.
You can punch my luscious lips till they split open and my teeth fall out.
You can scar my smooth skin; brand it, slice it, burn it.
You can smash my flawless feet, toes to heels.
You can destroy my body until I am nothing more than three wet holes for you to use, to fuck, to violate.
You can do all of this, and I’ll love you for it.
You can do all of this, just because you can.

Submissive Whore Loves Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake, such a strange and beautiful thing to experience. I’m a submissive whore and I especially love bukkake phone sex sessions. I’m a cum slut goddess and a cuckolding Queen (yes, I share). My night was made on Christmas eve!

Post Christmas party I was in a Limo with six attractive basketball players and not a care. We were partying it up and ended up at an upper class Hotel presidential suite. Once in that suite these tall black men all started taking off their clothes and man the length of those schlongs! 

In the middle of the King bed I was surrounded by 8 big black cocks all to myself! I was stroking some massive black penis and sucking off others as I was being continually blasted with cum. This was a fucking dream!

Submissive Whore


Christmas With A Submissive Whore

submissive whore robynMaster woke up this morning in a very festive mood. I found him in the living room dressed as Santa with several toys surrounding him including a leash and collar. Being a submissive whore my pussy was dripping wet in an instant. I couldn’t wait for my Christmas present. With my eyes lowered I approached him and dropped to my knees. Even from down here I could smell the whiskey and he was swaying. To my surprise he ordered me to get up. “I have something different in mind for us today, my little whore” he said in very slurred speech, He lifted my chin and said that he wanted to be my submissive Santa this Christmas. His dick was rock hard under his velvety red Santa pants and my body responded in kind. Taking the collar with shaking hands I fastened it around his neck and snapped the leach in place. At first I was timid and scared but he urged me to go for it. I shoved him roughly to the floor and pulled his pants down for a good bare bottom spanking with the whip. As his ass got red and hot I got more and more turned on. His dick was throbbing and jumping and his balls were contracting. I knew he was going to cum all over his Santa suit. I ordered him to stop and not waist that cum of his. I drank it all up before making him my bondage whore for the afternoon. Merry Christmas to me!submissive phone sex specials

Submissive Slut and Stupid Cunt for 2 Girl Phone Sex Abuse

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut, but Adina is a stupid cunt. We share a Master who recognizes that I am slightly further up the evolutionary scale than she is. It has nothing to do with age. Yes, I got 20 years on Adina, but that poor thing needs to guided in everything she does. Luckily, she has me. I am not a dumb stupid retarded cunt. I know how to oink like a pig. Adina is so stupid she just says “oink like a pig” when master tells her to oink like a pig. I have to show her how to snort like a pig and really make animal noises. She is submissive because she is too dumb to be anything else. She is too dumb to question what is being asked of her. Too dumb to understand she is being used like a bitch. She always has a dumb gaze like she cannot comprehend what is being said.

2 girl phone sexOur Master loves to make fun of Adina. I do too. He humiliates her with my assistance, but I always get his cock first. That is my reward for being the brightest bulb between the two of us. I bend over and show that stupid cunt how a real woman takes a man’s cock up her ass. Master pounds my ass, pulls my long red locks and has me tell him what a stupid whore I am. Makes my cunt drip to let Master use me that way. Adina has to sit and watch while I take an anal assault. Too stupid to even get jealous. I love shitting out Master’s hot cum for her to lick off the floor like a stupid dirty animal who knows no better. She snorts like I taught her and gobbles up all that cum from my hot ass.

cheap phone sex berniceMaster and I laugh at what a stupid cunt Adina is right before I sit on her face and Master fucks her dumb cunt and worthless ass. Skinny little bitch too. Probably too stupid to know how to lift the spoon or fork to her mouth. That is okay, Master and I can spoon feed her piss, shit and cum all day and the twat waffle will think it’s caviar. Adina and I work well together for submissive two girl phone sex. Just ask our Master. Find out just how much of a stupid cunt Adina is and good of submissive fuck slut I am.

Nothing But a Submissive Whore…

submissive whore (2)

She left me on the couch surrounded by her men, I was helpless and I knew it. I would have begged for mercy but that was practically impossible with the gag in my mouth. I was bound up tight, I could feel my body going numb. But what did she care? I had heard of her before…my master had warned me about her. Her name was Venus. The most hardcore bitch of all, available for 2 girl phone calls and apparently my master hired her to teach me a lesson too. I should have followed his directions better, I know how much of a perfectionist he is…but I fucked up. And now I am in a mess I don’t know how to get out of! She had a knife and I feared what she would do with it, surly not cut me free. She was whispering in my ear how she was going to have her men gangbang me until I was fucked senseless, she told me she was going to let them beat me…but not before she cut me. I tried to scream but I was paralyzed with pain and fear as she slid the tip of her knife towards my cunt. Starting to make little cuts all over it… I was crying in no time. She wasn’t done though, she ripped off my bra and went for my nipples. I passed out from the pain and when I awoke I was covered in blood and cum…nothing but a submissive whore.

slave training

A Bad Girl needs to be punished

submissive whore LeahOn occasion, I am naughty. I wear clothes that show off my body.
Tiny skirts, flimsy shirts, making all the horny men squirt.
No panties on, I walk with sass. Swinging my hips to shake my ass.
Showing off my little bits, pulling my top to expose my tits.
Behavior that I think is fine, my Master says is out of line.
I strut my stuff by light of day, but when Master finds out, it’s time to pay.
He measures out each indiscretion, weighing them for a painful lesson.
Step by step, just like a dance. I’m over his lap, He pulls down my pants.
My smile shatters just like glass as blow by blow rains down on my ass.
He hits sure and He hits hard, slowly breaking down my guard.
My flesh grows hot, the skin reddens. Sadly, the pain does not deaden.
The lesson is learned, and so it is; I will not show off what is His.

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