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bdsm phone sex

bdsm phone sex

I am a whore that is told what to do and how to do it. If my master says to bend over I must do so and reply yes master I am a dumb bitch, thank you master! When I am bent over I must take any punishment master gives me since I am a nasty fucken whore that deserves to be fucked in the ass hole. He likes to torture my nasty ass cunt hole. He loves shoving things inside of me. He loves seeing how deep he can cram things inside of me. As I begin to scream in pain as he stretches my loose ass cunt hole open- my master hits me in the face with a belt.” You stupid fucken whore why do you cry, you were made to be a little fuck whore you stupid ass cunt!” He makes my ass hole and cunt bleed from forcing objects in me as deep as he can. When my holes are gaping open he then pulls down his pants and says to suck his cock since I’m just a stupid fucken slut that just eats dick to survive! So I begin to suck his cock as he forces his hands down my head. He chokes me as I gasp for air. Smacking me across my face- he tells me that I am a great whore. He holds my head as his cock penetrates my throat making me throw up all over his dick. He punches me in the face making me wish I hadn’t thrown up! He yells ” you stupid fucken slut how dare you vomit on me! Eat your vomit as punishment!” He then grabs my head forcing it to the ground as he forces me to eat all my puke. As I try eating what I threw up I am quickly reminded that whores are made to be fucked and to get their holes stretched and gapped open. I worship his cock and ask for forgiveness. He laughs as he chains my hands and ankles down.

My Introduction To BDSM

submissive whore LeahMost people in the lifestyle choose to enter into it.
Safe words are put in place, limits are established, boundaries are respected.
My first taste of the lifestyle wasn’t exactly that, a taste.
It was more like a force feeding…
Shortly after the spanking incident I was walking home from the bar. I stupidly declined my friend’s offer to go with me, so that’s exactly why the men in the black van were able to grab me off of the street.
One minute I’m getting jump tackled and knocked out, then I wake up in a creepy warehouse with the lights off.
I’m tied up, but still in my dress. My panties are missing, but I feel fine. My arms and legs are trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey and I have no hope of moving by myself.
The lights go on, and to my left I see a group of women wearing latex body suits all tied to support beams. Various parts are naked and on display, so vulnerable looking..
A large group of men walk in, carrying an array of whips, paddles, knives, and…. candles?
They walk past me to the bound women, untying each one and throwing them to the floor.
They unzip their pants and piss all over the women, jeering at them and letting them know that this is all they’re good for.
Then they drag the women to a set of metal tables I hadn’t noticed before, shackling them to the tables and cutting open the suits in certain places.
One of them grabbed me and threw me onto a chair, leaving the gag on my mouth but taping my eyelids open.
They start on the women with the riding crops, slowly whipping their tits until their nipples begin to swell and bleed before moving south to their pussy lips.
Surprisingly, the screams aren’t really screams…
They use the thin twine to string up their breasts, pulling until the skin begins to go near blue.
The candles are lit and the wax is used to burn trails of pain down already abused flesh.
So that’s what they were for…
moans and sighs fill the air, confusing the hell out of me, but even I can’t deny how fucking turned on I am by the show.
The knives carve pretty patterns into creamy skin, slicing through latex. Red on black set on a pale canvas, such beautiful artwork.
The men all look at me, apparently it’s my turn….

Submissive Whore

submissive whore robyn2Master was at work when the phone rang.
“Are you being a good little submissive whore today?” His deep voice reverberated through the line.
Instantly I became wet, my throat dry and my hands began to shake.
“Yes Master”
“Go get the dried beans out of the cupboard and pour the bag on the floor in a pile.”
“Yes Master”
“Now go get your nipple claps and the cat o nine tails”
“Yes Master”
“Take off all your clothes except your panties and kneel on the dry beans”
“Yes Master”
“Put your nipple clamps on and tighten them down”
“Yes Master”
“Now whip your tits with the cat o nine tails”
“Yes Master”
“Harder I want to see the whelps when I get home. No touching that wet pussy”
“Yes Master”
“Now your back. Harder”
“Yes Master”
“Now your wet pussy. Harder. Harder”
I could hear him cumming on his end of the phone but I dared not let him hear me. His lunch is over. He will check me for whelps when he gets home.

Bad Mommy

slave training

We keep warm in this cold weather in more than one way; he likes his bad Mommy tied up ‘forced to watch’. He likes when she is ‘forced’ to help as he fucks her little ones, and forced her to take all that cock in her holes while those lil brats watch too. I know this is all part of his slave training. He needs his slut to be a very bad Mommy and that’s exactly what I am. I have no problem pimping out my lil boy and lil girl’s cunt and dicks. Then acting like I don’t want you to and begging you to fuck me. We both know that all you are going to do is fuck my lil ones and me almost at the same time. Mommy is going to suck her lil boys cock while you get a taste and a fuck of the girl. I know you’ve been dying to slide your cock into a tiny tight lil puffy pussy like hers and there she is waiting and ready for your cock – as ready as she will ever be. That thing is so huge compared to her little body and her cries and screams as she takes it makes me soaking wet which they soon will both taste.

Snowed IN fun with Submissive Whore Naomi

 Submissive Whore
My master has me right where he wanted me. We’ve been stuck in his home after this crazy blizzard and he has had me tied up the entire time. My master has been exploring with different ways of spanking me. He’s used to riding crop, flogger and a belt. my Master’s cock gets harder with each spank. My master loves making me with his bare hand. Each time he brings his hand down hard on my ass cheek he grabs and digs his nails into my cheek. My ass is red and swollen. My body is drained of energy and fluids. He has spent days spanking me and fucking me until I squirt a river of cum. I am after all my master’s submissive whore. I spend my time stuck in the house during the snowstorm being his slave. I loved being tied up and fucked while the snow piled up around us. His spanks became nothing. My master pushed me outside in the snow naked to get feeling back into my raw ass and pussy. 

Submissive Whore: Bo is Here to Serve

In response to my online ad I found a new Master to play with and it certainly was a promising encounter. I was lured into an back alley hidden club beneath a bunch of shops in China Town. It was exciting and frightening at the same time and that really turned me on.

Disclosing the code word for that night I was led into a labyrinth of halls that finally led into a lusciously decorated Fetish club. My new Master eagerly greeted me as he and his female partner checked me out both visually and physically. They continued to share their approval and then led me to a private table with a cocktail already awaiting me.

submissive whore

I’m not sure what happened after that point until I came to in this small apartment bound to a bed. I was gagged and stripped and could tell I had been used hard. I felt sticky and the bed around me was wet. I could smell the urine and cum and realized I was drugged up and they used me as they wished. I must have taken a lot of cock from how sore my ass and cunt were.  It takes some hard core use and abuse to make me that fucking wet, and I was gushing in anticipation for more. Only, I want to be awake!

Submissve Whore for Your Extreme Fetish Phone Sex Needs

submissive whoreSubmissive whore. Dumb stupid cunt. Fucking retarded bitch. Used up old slut. Fuck pig. Trailer park trash. Cum guzzling slut. Worthless twat. Human toilet. All pet names from various phone masters. I live to be humiliated. I know I am not young, shiny and new like many of the other submissive fuck sluts on my site, but I am a seasoned submissive. I don’t require training. You don’t need to break me unless you want to. When you ask me to oink like the fat pig I am, I do not say oink. I snort like the pig that I am. When you call me a dump stupid cunt, I don’t cry or resist. I repeat it over and over again and thank you for the honor of humiliating myself in your presence.

You see, I am old fashioned. Raised in an era where women loved being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Women served their men a home cooked meal nightly. Had their slippers and a beer ready for them when they came home from work. Were available to fuck 24/7 and do anything in the bedroom her man wanted. I’m from a bygone time when women didn’t nag their husbands or spend their hard earned money on frivolous things like shoes. I understand my place. It is beneath ALL men. I am here to service, serve and entertain the male population. Unlike younger girls, I know my shit stinks and I am happy to have my face forced into the toilet to remind me of that fact often. Even though I am an obedient slave, I am still a dumb stupid cunt who needs reminded daily of what piece of shit I am.

extreme fetish phone sexWhatever your extreme fetish phone sex needs may be, I assure you master, I am the perfect whore for you. I never say no and I always say thank you no matter how painful or degrading a task may be.

Stupid Whore

submissive sex (2)

My master is upset about my cold nipples still and has been on a rampage, waiting for me to fuck up so he can punish me again. I didn’t think about it and wore an all-white dress with no bra again and it stormed super hard. I got soaked and everyone could see my body and my pierced nipples. My master was livid and ready to tie me up for more torture and less pleasure. He told me that a breeding whore such as my self needs to keep my body to myself and master and only master’s friends. He called me a slut and a whore and smacked my face with his hand and then his cock. I was suddenly gagging on his dick and he was holding my head down all the way to the base. He pushed me into the bathroom and ordered me to take off my clothes as he set the water to boiling. I was tied up under the steaming water as he was ready to do all types of punishing things to me.

I Needed To Be Punished

submissive whore robyn1When Joel came home he knew with out asking that I had been a bad whore.
When I gave him the package the UPS driver had brought for him he REALLY knew. I couldn’t lie when he asked me if I had been a bad slut. I had to tell him that I sucked the balls off the sexy UPS driver. I couldn’t help it he was so fucking sexy in his brown uniform.
Joel told me I would have to be punished. I knew that was cumming and my cunt was already wet with anticipation.
First he made me go get the smallest vibrator i had. He knows I like the big one but I had been a bad whore and needed to be punished so all I got was the little tiny one.
He made me put on nothing but my nylons and lay on the bed. Pulling them down a little bit he had me put just the tip of the vibrator in my ass and turn it on.
He knew that would just tease me and make me want more. But that was part of the punishment.
When I couldn’t stand it any more he made me shove it all the way in and pull my nylons up before he spanked my ass till I was crying and begging for mercy.
All while having to admit what a bad little slut I had been and how I deserved to be punished.
My punishment wasn’t slow and included nipple clamps and pain and more begging.
Eventually I can convince Joel that I will be a good girl and he lets me cum. But we both know that I will fuck up again and have to be punished like the submissive whore that I am

BDSM phone sex with Naomi

BDSM phone sex

I am yours. You own me. You own all of my holes. You can do what ever you fucking want to do my fuck holes. You make me feel so good daddy. Tie me up and torture me. Make me cum over and over again until I pass the fuck out. I am your dirty cum dumpster. Fist my pussy hole and make it so no one will ever want me again. I am your dirty nasty toilet. I want you to cum inside of me. Breed one of our own so you can fuck and torture us both. The look you get in your eyes as you torture me makes me so happy. I love seeing the evil in your eyes as you do what you want to me. I love being your worthless pet pig. Snorting for you as I suck your cock. Make me take your arm up my cunt. Fist fuck my holes daddy. Make me yours and only yours. 

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