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He Forced Me Over & Over…

Rape phone sex fantasies (9)

My master has no problem passing me around, letting his friends use and abuse myself and my little bratty ones. They are willing little cunts, like it or not at least. I think he likes to sit back and watch us be abused and forced, to hear us cry and plead and beg for mercy. Even though that’s sometimes hard with a cock, ball gag or even pair of panties in my mouth. He likes to see my baby girls, tiny unsuspecting and completely unwilling cunt forced open. Those bald pink pussy lips so tiny and small and helpless. Mommy is tied up so tight and all I can see is her legs being pried apart as she tries to squeeze them together. I see the mushroom head of a cock trying to force it’s way into her pussy, I hear her cry and say no but I know there is nothing I can do and my pussy starts to drip. They know it makes me horny, but they want me little girl to know that. They put my cunt right on her face, I am sitting on her pussy as she screams and cries into my cunt while she gets fucked. I watch his bloody cock slide in and out of my little girl and wish I could suck it. I almost get what I want as he puts his cock down her throat and then forces me to kiss her little lips. I am soaking wet the whole time…and finally there is something being done about that as my ass and pussy are violated too…and my master? He just sits and watches…

spanking phone sex

 spanking phone sex

My master is really upset with me since he caught me doing something really nasty. While he was inside the store buying lube I was left in the parking lot touching my self in the car since I was so horny. Unable to wait for my master I decided to fuck his shift knob to his Porsche. When he opened the door to his surprise he saw me sliding up and down the shift knob moaning and groaning with pleasure. My master is livid yelling “what the fuck are you doing , you stupid bitch?!” I turned red as I hopped off the shifter leaving his center counsel covered in my wet cum! He quickly drove us to his home and had me get on my knees.

He told me to repeat ” I’m a stupid  fucken whore who is only good at being a fuck pig , and I am only good for getting my holes fucked and filled!” He had me continuously repeat that as he whipped out his cock making me suck and swallow as I tried my best to repeat that sentence. He forced his giant head down my throat until I gagged gasping for air. He slapped me In the face with his hand yelling at me to keep saying the sentence as he continued to shove his cock deep inside my throat until i eventually through up all over his cock. He grabbed me by the hair and forced me  to lick up all my puke I obeyed my master while replying  ” I’m a stupid  fucken whore who is only good at being a fuck pig , and I am only good for getting my holes fucked and filled!” My master smiling told me to get on my stomach so he can fuck my nasty cunt.

He began to fuck my pussy with his wet dick thrusting hard and deep until my dirty nasty cunt was filled with his cum. My master still very upset , he told me to spread my cheeks as I got my shit hole fucked. My ass hole gripping his cock like a glove  was fucked until it stretched out oozing his juicy cum as he came inside of me. Master now pleased rewarded me with a facial, never will I upset my master again.

Submissive Whore Phone Sex with Breanne

Submissive Whore

He loves to tantalize me with his soft touch at first. Dragging his finger nails up and down my back. His breath hovering on my neck making all the little hairs rise all over my body. It is the anticipation of his forceful grip that has my body trembling. I know it’s soon to follow. Alas I feel the burn of rope mating with my bare skin as he lace my entire body within in. Tugging it tightly so that you can see my flesh bulging in between the ropes as it chocked my body.

He called me to my knees, which wasn’t the easiest of positions considering my knees were wrapped tightly. Eager to please my Master I force my knees to bend bringing myself to a begging position. A leather belt soon served as a blindfold. Now my sense of sight has been robbed and the sexual hunger raged within me. I wanted him even more than before. Ready and willing to serve until his full climax has been reached.

The room grew quiet. It had felt like minutes turned into hours. Surely an easy 6 hours had passed. I could hear noises in the distance, the noises of whips being cracked, doors being slammed, rough loud noises. Suddenly it grew dead silent again. My body was numb at this point from being bound so tight. If I could see my breast I know they were as purple as a plum.

Out of no where I finally felt something across my cold numb flesh. The sting of a firm strong lash of the whip I’d earlier heard has now kissed my body. I heard no sign of entrance utterly shocked at the whipping I cried out. This only cost me to be gagged with my ball. Continually being beat to my Masters content with his whip at his command.

Finally after my stinging bare flesh was welted I was laid directly onto my back still enthralled in this rope. By this point nearly half a day has gone by. I heard the door open and close. And again the door opened and close. Both times foot steps following behind. If I could see I would say there are now two more people who have joined the room. After several had passed I finally heard some words leave my Masters mouth. Take the ball out he instructed. Releasing my mouth of the ball I immediately felt my Masters rough hard fingers prying my mouth open as a big cock entered into it. I knew if I was to please my Master I was to submit to this cock, which I knew was not his. It was not nearly as thick as my Masters cock but that was not of concern. I just continued to let this unknown dick fuck my mouth gagging me with every pump he gave.

I was busy concentrating on sucking this rod that now filled my mouth when I had felt a tug at the rope which was places directly over my pussy. One arm hoisted up my left leg and another arm hoisted up my right leg. My legs are now being tied in an upward position exposing my little pleasure hole. Sprawled out and tied up I am totally vulnerable to whatever may enter inside me. All the while I am sucking this cock off that is filling my face fuck hole.

Without any hesitation at all I felt a jarring of a huge fucking cock ramming my pussy. I’ve had my fair share of dicks and I knew this was a big black cock. I began to hear the lashing of the whip yet I had yet to feel it across my skin. That is when I realized whoever was fucking me was taking the whipping. With every thrash it sent his enormous rod deeper into my cunt. It wasn’t long until I felt his cum fill me up.

Master was not at all happy with his quick cumming and he was summons to pay for it.

As quickly as my gaps were filled they were unfilled. I was unravelled and the blindfold taken off. And just as I had imagined it was a big black cock. If I had to guess nearly 14 inches and he was now going soft. Because the other servant had not came he was released.

Now just the three of us in the dungeon I was instructed to tie down this man onto the punishment chair. Restraining his arms and legs. Next I was given some small gauge leather rope and was told to tie his cock off. I wrapped it tying a knot just under his cock head and firmly swirling the rope around his cock all the way to the bottom of his shaft having just enough rope left to tie a nice firm knot around his nuts. His package was throbbing I could just tell he was in pain. I was then led by Master out of the room.

I was left on the outside of the dungeon door as Master re-entered. I could hear this poor man bellowing out in pleasure and in pain. As I sat on the other side of the door playing with my pussy enjoying the cries of his tortured cock. My master has his ways of turning pain into pleasure.

Submissive Slut

submissive slut

So I was at work and we have a new guy that got hired. He is a complete stranger that is why I thought it would be okay to maybe get to know him by asking him for some help. He was hesitant but did not refuse. I thought we were bonding but it turned out to be a blackmail of a kind of deal. So there I was filing papers in the filing room and he was assisting me. I thanked him and he responded with a puzzled look “that’s it bitch? that is all I get is a thank you?” I look at him and wait for him to continue. He grabs me by my pony tale and throws me unto the ground. He tells me to get on my knees. He grabs some rope and begins to rap my wrist tight behind my back. He does the same things to my ankles.

He then slams me down on my tummy and ties me up like the little fuck pig that I am. He sits me back up to my knees, throwing my body around. He pisses in my face making me his stupid little piss whore. I accidentally spitted some piss out and he bashed my face in with his knuckles. He shoves his ass hole in my face as he farts and makes me tongue fuck his shit hole. I am his nasty toilet paper. I take his cock deep down my throat to the point where I vomit up all of my lunch. He makes me eat it up and then shoves his cock back down my throat. I try my hardest to let him fuck my throat as he cuts my air supply off. I am his cum greedy eating cum whore. I guess you never know what you will get when you ask a stranger for some help.

Nothing More Erotic Than Being Bound

Female bondage

How did I become a bondage whore you ask? It all started innocently enough. I was in a high-powered executive in a company. I was overwhelmed by responsibility and burdens. One night I told my husband “I wish just once I was not in control, that all decisions did not rest on me, that someone else would take over for a while”. The next night I came home from my work mentally exhausted as usual. He greeted me with a beginner’s BDSM kit. He told me my wish was his command and that he was now in control. He would make each and every decision for me and my job was simply to obey. I was fascinated by his new attitude. When he tied the first knot, I was hooked! My mind became free. Suddenly, there was no worry, no concern, no over analyzing, or questioning. I simply had to obey and let him direct me. It was then that I discovered my true calling. I find that there is nothing more erotic or intense than the moment when I give myself over to my master – mind, body, and soul.

Bondage whore

Being bound makes me feel wanted. There is a certain symbolism in a man wanting a woman so much he literally shackles her. I live for the moments I am used to satiate your lust and desire. I love being proclaimed as your property. I am a mere fucktoy meant to be used, fucked, and taken. It is these times that you can and will do anything with me or to me in order to take care of your own lust and primal needs. Its completely animalistic when a man takes a woman so forcefully. It pleases me greatly knowing that you derive pleasure from my body. I’m focused totally on you and your movements. I am trying to figure out which toy you’re using next and where you’re going to use it. I live only to please you and be your human fucktoy. I submit to your every desire. I am your. Use me to satiate your lust. Fuck me and make me your possession.

Extreme fetish phone sex with Naomi

Extreme fetish phone sex

My master told me he had a new fetish he wanted to try. I was nervous, he has a sick and twisted mind. He stripped me naked and looked me up and down. He is going to hurt me, and I am going to fucking love it. I love it when he makes me his dirty fucking whore. The way he uses my body for his needs. It turns him on to hear a woman scream in pain, begging for mercy. Telling him she will do anything for him as long as he stops the pain. He knows he will never stop. There is no safe word in our world. He shoves his fingers into me. One by one getting more into my pussy. Stretching me open and making me scream as he pushes more fingers getting his entire hand inside of me. He is fisting my cunt as he shoves his cock in my ass. Fucking both of my holes he makes me beg for him to stop. The more I beg the harder he fucks and the more I want him. 

Riding With Strangers

bare bottom spankings

Just another Thursday night, another job with another john. What could go wrong, right? Usually when I do a job, there are at least a few limits in place, mainly don’t kill me, don’t leave permanent damage, and leave me able to at least WALK AWAY from a job once we’re finished. The night starts off pretty per norm. Leather belts, wooden paddles, whips and chains, and bare bottom spankings. They seemed like a pretty solid group of guys, maybe one or two newbies. Wasn’t really my place to judge them, my place is on the floor, at their mercy.

First things first, me naked on the ground, crawling around with a ball gag in my mouth for their amusement. Pointy nipple clamps are attached to my sensitive nipples and hungry hands are roaming my flesh, pushing me this way and that. Spankings are administered, first with hands, then toys. The newbies are too rough, breaking my skin open too soon into the evening. That ruins the fun for everyone, the whole point is to draw the pain out throughout the entire night, I’m not supposed to be this bloody until morning.

The newbies are also too quick to bruise me, to break bones, which is sort of a rarity. They stomp my hands and ankles, hobbling my crawling to a snail’s pace. There is nothing sexy to me about any of tis and the other guys are put off as well. I’m bleeding heavily and barely able to limp out the door and onto the sidewalk when someone pulls up to me. “Help” is all I can say.

He puts me into his back seat, then drives for about five or so minutes. He pulls over and crawls in back with me, cock already out and leaking. I’m not wearing any panties, so it’s easy enough for him to spread my legs and thrust deep inside my pussy. It actually starts to feel really fucking good as he rocks that rod inside me and I’m enjoying myself as I feel him bust his nut in me. He drives me to the hospital and sets me on the sidewalk in front of the ER covered in blood and jizz. I’ll tell them I got mugged, or something.

Prostate Milking Lessons

prostate milking RobynHe put a pair of cute little black panties on me and a cute little lack laced bra. My black collar with it’s silver spikes locked firmly around my neck, Nipple clamps on and tightened all the way down. Ball gag is in place and leather cuffs locked on my wrists and ankles. Master has a lesson set up for me and I have to be shackled and paying close attention. It seems master has discovered the pleasure of prostate massage and I learn from the best what prostate milking is all about. Of course I can’t be free to speak or move while being taught, thus the shackle and ball gag. My confining state will insure that I am paying close attention and that I don’t miss any of the lesson before me. As soon as she is done showing me I will have a demonstrative quiz to insure that I learned well. If I don’t pass I know that I will be punished so I must pay close attention.

Dreaming OF Ivy

2 girl phone sex Ivy

I’ve been reading up on some other websites and my all-time favorite is The girls there are HARDCORE, more so compared to me. What really threw me for a loop was the number of dominant and dead sexy females on this website.

My personal favorite is Ivy, now THAT is one twisted bitch! I could easily imagine my worthless self on my knees in front of the terrifying Goddess, ready to take whatever she sees fit to give me. I could beg like the pathetic whore that I am just for a scrap of her time, screaming for attention both positive, but mostly negative. I could provoke her into punishing me, eager to feel those perfectly manicured fingernails dig into my flesh as she twists and rips my skin.

BDSM phone sex Ivy

My pussy is dripping wet, just imagining what she could do to me, her perfect stilettos kicking and stomping my useless flesh, breaking bones and bruising organs. Her perfect hands slapping and punching my pretty face, my blonde hair being pulled and yanked as I’m dragged across the floor to a table filled with instruments of torture.

erotic submissive stories

Knives dragged across pale skin, spilling blood in delicate trails, digging down into muscle and hitting bone. The lovely Death enjoys the liberties she takes with my body as she carves and chisels my body into a more pleasing form covered in blood and viscera. I’ll writhe and moan as the blade dances across my left nipple, the pain such a rush. I’d cum so hard as the Goddess slowly chokes the life out of me. Can’t wait to talk to the ladies at and make my punishment dreams cum true!

Gangbang Phone Sex

gangbang phone sex (2)

“No, please don’t!” “Please…please…” I read and imagine this girls voice. I am reading this hot gangbang phone sex story…and it’s making me wish I was her. The men are surrounding her and tying her up and ripping her clothes off. Their calling her a slut and treating her like a nasty little whore too. I can’t help but rub as I read about how rough and brutal they are with her. How she cries and begs as they force her tits out in front of her to put nipples clamps on them… nipple clamps with weights and a leash so she is forced to walk around as their pet slave. My panties are soaked thru. I know that if I keep reading I am going to cum but I can’t stop. They are telling her to open her mouth, slut and she won’t do it. I guess that’s when the guy twists a nipple making that bitch scream and a cock gets forced into her mouth. I love that…force. I love to be forced, made to do all the nasty naughty things, your personal toy and slut. Fucking use me just like her… I read on and see they do just that. They fuck her throat and tie her down doggy style with her tits tightly stretched with the nipples hard and swollen. I want to be her, I crave it… I need it after reading how they fucked her every hole and smothered her in cum.  

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