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Submissive whore April Fools day

submissive whore

Submissive whore is what I am, and I love it. Let me tell you about last years April Fools day! I was going to lay out by the pool On April fools and get a nice tan, of course I don’t like any tan lines so you better bet your ass I will be naked. As I start to let the sun soak into my skin I hear a noise. I look up and I see my friend standing right infront of me. He is more then a friend, he is my boyfriend, my master but I will call him that because I like to watch him get mad. It’s wrong of me to provoke my master. He asked me what the fuck I was doing laying out so everyone could see me. I start to apologize, so he will forgive me.

I know he gets annoyed of me asking for forgiveness when I know I fuck up. He gets me by my hair and takes me inside. He throws me on the ground and places a gag over my mouth. He puts my hands tied above my head. He takes a whip and starts smacking my dumb whore tits. He takes the gag out of my mouth and tells me to beg for his cock to penetrate my cunt. He never penetrates my dumb cunt. He tells me it would make me even more stupid then I am.

spanking phone sex

Then to my surprise he calls me a bitch and tells me he is going to stick his dick in my squirting wet cunt. I get so excited thinking about his dick sliding in and out of my cunt hole. I open my legs wide, ready to take that big hard cock. Then he says “wow you are more dumb then I thought, April fools! I would never penetrate that fuck hole of yours.” He turns me over on my tummy and spreads my ass cheeks wide, he puts his dick in my ass, and the gag back over my mouth.

He fucks my shit hole and starts to piss right inside my ass hole. He tells me to hold it in my ass or else. He pulls out of me and takes a piss all over my body. “Your my property you dumb cunt, and you better not flaunt your disgusting body again like today.” I take loads of cum all over my face. I am his dumb cum slut and he played a rather mean April fools joke on me. Well maybe next time I’ll get my masters cock buried inside of my worthless fuck hole. Maybe this April Fools day will be the day!?

His Submissive Slut

submissive slut (4)

He woke me up with nipples clamps on my tits, he was laughing and I knew he was going to enjoy giving me the pain I deserved as his submissive slut. I would have cried and begged but he already had my mouth taken care of…I already felt like I couldn’t breathe. I knew he was enjoying seeing me struggle, and I was wet and turned on myself…knowing he was going to treat me how I really want. I want to be his play toy, his little doll that he can do whatever he wants to. I come alive when he hurts me, the pain is indescribable it’s just pure bliss! I am worthless, my only value at all is as a cock sucking cum eating whore! Clearly he knows I’m just a worthless cunt because he is beating me unmercifully hard and as I gasp for air I wonder if I will live through it this time. Maybe he will kill me, I know he thinks about it because he tells me that every day. I probably deserve to die…I mean, lets be honest. My worthless fucking thoughts mean nothing, the only meaning I have is my cunt. My holes. That is why he keeps me around…his submissive whore. He’ll make sure I am swollen all around tonight, I’ll be lucky if I am able to walk later. It doesn’t matter though, he likes it when I suffer, when my body aches and helpless tears fall from my eyes and if he likes it then that is how it must be. I am his worthless little cum dumpster slave and I exist only to please him. I can only hope that when he finally does kill me, that he will sometimes look back and remember me fondly…his favorite little submissive whore.

submissive whore (9)

Bondage Whore Needs Extreme Bondage

bondage whore berniceBeing a bondage whore may be hereditary. My dad tied my mother up daily all during my school girl days. Not a day goes by that one of my masters doesn’t tie me up for some kinky fun. I came home early from work yesterday. I couldn’t find my daughter, but I heard muffled screams. I followed the sounds, which led me to the basement. I discovered my teen daughter contorted like a squashed bug against the wall in some sort of extreme bondage device. My son was stroking his cock, shooting cum all over his sister who was clearly in pain from the sounds she was making. As I got closer, I realized that he had a fuck machine penetrating her tight holes. It was going back and forth from her ass and her cunt. In the position she was in, her ass was above her head, clearly exposed for her brother’s pleasure. I tried to intervene, but my daughter insisted she wanted to be her brother’s pet. I clearly passed my submissive gene to my daughter. I didn’t realize young girls today even thought about the submissive life.

extreme bondage Her pussy was squirting all over her and the wall as that fuck machine penetrated her tight bald cunt over and over. I was impressed, and a bit jealous. She is younger, certainly more flexible, but I wanted to be contorted like that. I wanted my son to dominate me the way he did his sister. When I asked if I could play, he laughed at me. Informed me I was a fat old whore not worth the effort. I started to play with my pussy watching my son and daughter engaged in some S and M games, but he yelled at me to stop touching my worthless whore pussy. When I didn’t remove my hands from my panties fast enough, he slapped me. When I fell back from the impact, he pissed on my face and reminded me that the women in this house answer to him. I may not get treated the same as my nubile young daughter, but I am going to enjoy being my son’s submissive whore.

Robot Maid

Bondage whore

I am bought and sold. I exist for only one purpose: Your pleasure. My services come highly recommended. I am highly skilled in many areas, my cleaning and cooking skills are beyond match. However, that’s not what most employers seek me out for. I am exceptional in the area of coitus and its related acts. My mouth is hot and ready, perfect for cock-sucking. My asshole is tight and my pussy eager and wet. I come programmable with five different sex settings ranging from soft bed play to wild cat. I am compatible with any type of kink imaginable. My titties are full and luscious, my skin supple, my lips pouty, and my pussy shaved and ready for your superior cock. I am ready to service your Master cock. To climb on top of your cock and ride is a joy. I am perfect for rough bedroom play because I am programmed to express pain to a severe level, I am made to suffer. Grab me and throw me to the ground, rip off my sexy maid uniform. Get me underneath you and shove your cock into my waiting holes, plow into me and fuck me like you’re mad at me. Beat me, punch me in my pretty face, I can take it. It’s what I’m programmed for, after all.

Lesbian Submission Means Extreme Bondage

Extreme bondage

When my master had had a hard day at work, he loves to come home and allow one of his friends to use me so that he may watch and be entertained. One of his favorite things is lesbian submission. When he brings a strong, dominant female into the mix, he knows torture sex will ensue. He lays back stroking his cock and watching the hot show unfold in front of him.

Recently, he brought home a new mistress. She made a night with my master look like a walk in the park. When I was bound by Mistress Layla’s tight knots, you can be sure I could not move and inch of my extremities. She sat over me on the couch, all but smothering me with her ripe pussy, ordering me to suck it and tongue fuck her. I must not have been doing it strong enough for her because she brought out her crop and started giving me bare bottom spankings. She went into the kitchen for a moment and came back with a tray of ice cubes, which she proceeded to shove into my hot pussy. I began shivering instantly. It was so cold it was painful. Mistress Layla told me if I did not get my shivering under control, she would show me true pain. She put a long knife against my nipple and the threat was obvious. I’m not sure how I did it, but my shivering stopped immediately.

Mistress Layla then donned a strap on dildo and began fucking my unprepared ass, showing no mercy. Luckily, part of it was frozen from the spread of the ice in my pussy, so it did not hurt as much as it would have otherwise. I was struggling to hold on to the slipping, melting ice. I knew if they fell before melting, I would get another spanking with the crop. Mistress Layla continued fucking my ass with wild abandon until she came with the double ended stap on deep inside of her. The erotic show was more than my master could stand because he was soon spurting his heavy load into the air, leaving me wanting. The submissive would not have the pleasure of coming on this day because I had not pleased my Mistress. I would try to be a better slave. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I will not again be denied my orgasm due to some infraction on my part.

lesbian submission

Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake phone sex robynHe called me into his room and pointed at the bed. I knew without asking that he was instructing me to put on the clothes he had laid out for me. A black corset, a pair of matching t-backed panties, elbow length black gloves and a pair of silver and black fuck me heels.

I complied without saying a word or looking into his eyes, just like a good submissive. Sliding on the final glove I dropped to my knees, placed my hands on my thighs, palms up and stared at the floor silently.

I saw his feet as he approached and felt the silver spiked black leather collar wrap around my neck before I heard the familiar sound of the the pad lock clicking into place.

Pulling me up by the back of my hair, he led me to the cage that was much to small for me.  Crawling in side and curling up I could feel the metal against my flesh. I heard him laugh as he sensed my discomfort and felt the familiar rush of pussy juice escaping between my cunt lips.

Soon his guests began to arrive and the booze was flowing as they circled my cage spitting on me and calling me a filthy whore, cum slut, etc. I know better then to reply or recoil from their taunts and abuse.

Suddenly the phone rang and I heard him confirm that it was time for the bukkake phone sex to begin. He assured who ever it was on the other end that it would be well worth the money he paid.

The phone was placed on speaker and I heard pants unzipping in preparation for their fun. I lost count at ten and could only guess how many of them were there.

Suddenly I was surrounded and I could see several rows behind the first of men waiting for a turn. The sound of them bukkake phone sex off is a familiar one and I knew that soon I would feel the showers of jizz rain down on me.

How long it would go on, I didn’t know. How many loads would be hot sticky cum  and how many would be warm piss would be a mystery to me forever. All I know is that what serves as my humiliation, is another man’s pleasure. spanking phone sex cumcovered

A Business Mans Retreat

BDSM phone sexMy Master called me over and explained that we had a very important business meeting that we needed to attend. Of course I always submit to him and go along with whatever it is he says. We arrive at our destination and go in to the room. There stood about 20-30 men in suit and ties. All eye on me, I could feel them undressing me the instant I walked through the door. I was demanded by master to submit to my knees as I quickly did I began to see buckles coming undo and zipper being unzipped. Master hand picked the first 5 men and stood them in a single line formation the rest of them followed after. Each of them coming forth to fuck my throat. Being the good submissive slut that I am, I opened wide while I was throat fucked with cock after cock. None of them getting the chance to cum as they too had to play by masters rules. After offering my mouth up to their fuck rods I was then lifted off of my knees and began to be bound to this table that was placed off into the corner. Master fastened a ball gag into my mouth and my wrists were tightly wrapped along with my ankles. Again he hand picks 5 different men to have the first stab at my little wet fuck hole with their throbbing dicks. Pump after pump, thrust after thrust they each took their turn while the others surrounded me. Each one of them given the turn to either fill me with their load or cover my restricted body with nut. By the time this business meeting was over I was filled and saturated with the many loads of cum from uptight loaded business men. Anything to please my master.

Slave Training With Extra Terrestrial Help

Slave trainingMy master advised me I needed more training. He said I was not the perfect slave yet. He thinks I still have too much of my own will-power. He came from behind me and placed a foul smelling washcloth over my nose and mouth. The room began to spin and my mind became confused. I had enough sense to know I was being drugged but for what purpose I did not know. When I awoke, I was no longer in our home or in my usual dungeon. There were lights surrounding me and weird types of computers. My ankles and wrists were cuffed to a hard surface and I was positioned on all fours. Something huge was invading my pussy. I was stretched past my capacity. I was in pain. I cried for help and stole a glance behind me. What I saw scared me more than I had ever been scared in my life.

Rape phone sex fantasies

My master was nowhere to be found. Replacing him was a huge muscle bound creature with a long snake like extremity coming from his pelvic area. It was bigger than my arm. As I followed that extremity with my eyes, I saw why my pussy was convulsing so painfully. A large part of this beasts protrusion was stuffed deep inside my pussy. The cuffs were made out of something kin to iron and there was no way for me to do anything but accept what this monster was doing to my body. The pain was so great I eventually passed out.

When I awoke, I was no longer cuffed to the table. I decided it was time for me to flee. I ran until I found a door. Once I went through this door, I saw nothing but gray. I continued to run. I heard loud, rapidly approaching footsteps behind me. My fear paralyzed me. It has a huge spider looking creature with a large appendage coming from his center. He quickly caught up with me and my pussy was once again pummeled by a foreign body. His cock like appendage wasn’t as big as the first but because of my fear of spiders, I was frozen in terror. He too, used my body however he chose and I was helpless to do anything other than accept the intrusion. Suddenly I felt a huge explosion deep in my cunt. Apparently the spider had come and his body disintegrated. I knew I should run, but I was unsure where to go. My body was beaten and aching and I bordered on exhaustion. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was transported back to my own dungeon where I was secured with my usual restraints. My will was suitably broken. I would now be the perfect slave.

Extreme bondageExtreme fetish phone sex

Submissive Sex: I’m Such a Worthless Submissive Whore

submissive sexSubmissive sex is the only sex for me. A man’s sexual gratification is all that matters. A stupid worthless cunt like me doesn’t deserve to cum. I am just a vessel for a man’s cum. A cum dumpster. A toilet.  I know that. Of course you know that. Every man I encounter knows that too.  I met a guy Sunday at Easter service. Even a religious man looked me in the eyes and told me I looked like the perfect whore to use. So he did. Followed me back to my place. He ripped my nice church dress off of  me. “You don’t deserve to wear such nice things,” he yelled . My daughter acted scared. She knew him. He was her  youth minister. She didn’t know this side of him. I was not sure if she knew this side of me. He made me fuck my whore cunt with a big dildo while telling my daughter her mommy was just a cum dump stupid whore repeatedly. He made me say all sorts of degrading things about myself to my daughter while he pissed in my face. He kicked me in the pussy while pissing down my throat. I just kept repeating over and over, “I’m a dumb stupid cunt,” while he humiliated me in front of my baby girl. She looked mortified and aroused. My master for the moment made it obvious that he wanted to fuck my daughter. She was a virgin still. I may be a submissive whore, but I am a good mommy. I wanted to fight him when he shoved his dick into her baby cunt, but I couldn’t. She looked at me for help, I looked away in shame as her former youth minister popped her cherry on my beige living room rug. Once he busted his nut into her swollen cunt, he made me lick her cherry juice off his cock. “Guess you are a worthless mother too, Bernie,” he said to me as he pointed to the huge red stain on the carpet. I am such a worthless whore, I let men do what they want to my daughter too.

Submissive slut

submissive slut

 My brother and I have been having incredible sex now for a numerous amount of years,in fact it’s so great we like to share the photos and videos with our friends. My brothers loves to cream pie my wet pussy and then take pictures showing off to his friends on how much he came inside of me. I also get on my knees and fuck his cock with my throat until he shoots his load into my mouth, just because I am a cum sucking whore and I think it’s super delicious.

I personally like to record  my self fucking his cock just because it turns me on so much to see my pussy getting fucked by such a huge dick! Especially since I can’t go all the way down just because it hurts me way to much, my brother loves to fuck my holes and fill me up with his cum since I’m his cum dumpster and that’s what I am best at. My brother loves to share photos of me since he wants other men to get jealous, that’s why he post my photos all over the web and in restrooms in public places, just because he wants every one to know he owns my wet cunt. I love my brother since he has a way of expressing his love for me that is just admirable.

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