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The Smell Of Leather

submissive whore robynMaster loves the smell of leather. Sweaty, old, used leather. He loves to put the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and leave me in them for days. Then they have that certain smell that drives him wild. He takes them off and inhales the scent and i watch as his dick gets hard instantly. He rubs the smelly leather on my body covering me in the special smell that he loves so much. Then he grabs me and throws me to the floor taking me, owning me, shoving his cock into me so hard and rough that it feels like he is ripping my pussy opened. I try not to let it show that I love his abuse. But my pussy always gives me away and serves to inflame his rage to the breaking point. It is a strange fetish I know but it is also very erotic.

Partying Subby Mommy

BDSM phone sex (3)

Do you party? Do you like to get high? Do you have any limits? UM…What kind of questions are these?! You know I’m a wild kinky bitch! Don’t let this submissive face and pussy fool you. I am the kind of girl that know and loves to get down and dirty. I wasn’t always the pretty girl…and now I am not only the pretty girl but the sexy no limits subby whore of your dreams. I want to get nasty with you. Party fucking hard with you…do a line or two with you…and once you’re ready for me baby I want to fuck you. I’ll give you all the nasty kinda fuckin you’ve been fantasizing about but never could work up the nerve to ask for, you don’t have to be shy with me. You want me to deepthroat that cock and choke till I puke? Consider it done! You want to go straight from fucking my ass to fucking this pretty mouth? I’m down for that shit too! I like it rough, I like it nasty and I am never afraid to try something new… How about you baby?

A Thin Line Between Pleasure And Pain

hardcore bondageBound to a chair flipped upside down. Leather straps securing me to the chair with my hands behind my back. He didn’t say much to me, my Master was on a mission. I seen a hose wound up in the corner so I knew water of some sort was going to be involved. I heard the door open but hand no way of seeing who also came in to join us. Once again Master seated himself in a position next to me where he had the advantage of seeing both my face and my rear end. I heard the hose unraveling and the anticipation sat in. Whenever I get nervous and anxious my pussy gets so wet. Part of what makes me such a great sub. My pussy is always inviting no matter what the anguish. Suddenly I heard a clicking and then the sound of water spraying the ground followed right behind. It was as if this person was trying to find a setting on the hose nozzle. I started to feel the misting coming off the water that was now spraying the ground. Then I felt it. I sharp steady stream of water nailed me from behind right between my pussy lips. Instantly spreading them apart with the force of the water. I felt the sensation of being filled up. My pussy hole began to gurgle and bubble as I could feel the water run back out just as quickly as it was being pumped in. I can see this is exciting Master because he is stroking his cock. He scoots his chair right in front of me and makes me start sucking his cock as the water stream sways up and down with each movement it gets closer to my clit. Then it hits. The force of the stream hitting my sensitive clit sent a spine chilling sensation up my body but at the same time felt pleasurable. The whole time Master has his cock balls deep in my throat. He is thoroughly enjoying my helpless moans and cries on his dick. While watching me walking a thin line between water pleasure and pain.

Submissive slut

submissive slut

I am such a submissive slut! You may ask where did I learn this job? Well it was and is continued to be taught to me by my daddy, and my brothers. I always am getting on my hands and knees and following them around. I am a cock sucking submissive slut and I am ready to please them at any moment or time they tell me to open my mouth.

I deep throat their cocks until I can not stop gagging, even puking. They fill my tummy up with all of their yummy juices. I even re-eat my own vomit after it comes off. Daddy does not like a mess!

Part of being a super good submissive slut is knowing how to cater to every want and need they could possibly want. I am super eager to please them. Any hole they want me to lick and fuck with my tongue, I will do it in a heart beat.

My holes are at their disposal too. If they want to tie me up and beat my fucking ass to a bloody pulp, I will just admit to them that I am the nastiest whore known to man. I know that I deserve every bash in the brain. I mean come on, it is not like I can loose any more brain cells?

I love doing anything for them, I will beg them every day to use me as their stupid little fuck toy that is a piece of shit. I beg them to gape my open and to spit on me and make me gag on their dicks. I love being the family whore and I will do anything for them! I love my family so much!

Submissive Slut For Real

submissive slut

I am such a submissive slut, like for real, in all aspects of my life. I just love it too, I am a worthless little whore so it’s natural for me to be a submissive slut, after all your needs are far more important than mine! I want to bleed for you, suffer for you, even die for you if that’s what you need, I will do absolutely anything to make you happy, I swear! You are my Master, my owner, the person that I worship with everything I have in me and nothing will ever change that I swear. You can tie me up, beat me, whip me, pimp me out to all of your friends, nothing is too demeaning or degrading for me… no matter what it is! I will be whatever kind of submissive slut you want me to be… just please, please use me, make me your whore! I’ll be right here waiting for you… even if it takes all night!

Like A Good Slave Should

Bondage whore

My master is throwing a party tonight and I’m expected to be there. It’s a business party for all of his friends and clients so I have to be sure and act extra good. I’m on my hands and knees in a cute little dog collar and leash when the guests start to arrive and I notice a startling trend among the women, they all have very short skirts and dresses on. The reason becomes very apparent when my master leads me up to one of them and asks her to try me out. The woman hikes up her skirt and drops her panties. Master then tells me to lick her clean. I get behind her and push her legs apart as I nose her cheeks apart and tongue fuck her tight little hole until it’s spotless. My tongue works its magic and she begins to moan and shake with her impending orgasm. I grab her cheeks and burrow in further, using my teeth to tease her swirl. I reach around and tweak her clit as I eat her ass. She comes on my mouth, bowels releasing and giving me a taste of her hersheys squirts.  I slurp her clean and move my face back as she readjusts herself. The others are getting ready for their turn, I’m gonna be one busy slave tonight!

Bondage Whore

bondage whoreWhen you are a bondage whore you get tied up sometimes. Literally. I was with a new master over the weekend. A very nice man; so not what I am use too. He did want to tie me up, but in a way that was pleasurable to me.  At least that was what he said. I met him on Fet Life. My hands were behind my back tied tightly. I had a ball gag in my mouth. My feet were bound. A strap went around my big breasts. And, a leather strap was tied tight up my pussy like a g-string. It pretty much split my cunt in to, parting my lips. But, it felt amazing. As my pussy was puffing out from arousal, he spanked my clit. It got all puffy like a cock. Hard too. The more he spanked my clit, the wetter I got. At one point, I was squirting  between the leather straps. Then he got not so nice. He went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde in an instant. What I thought was a big vibrator was a cattle prod of some sort. He electrocuted my clit. Shocks went through my body like lightening. I was convulsing. Pissing myself. I even shit the bed from the current going through my body. What started off as an erotic encounter, went to pure torture quickly. Smoke was permeating off my pussy. He grabbed me by my red hair and said, “You are just a worthless submissive whore. Did you really think I gave a rat’s ass about your pleasure.” Then, he spit in my face and pissed down my throat. He left me bound and gagged on my bed, covered in piss and laying in my shit. Fitting end of the evening for a worthless cunt, don’t you think?

Cock worshiping to get out of trouble

cock worshiping

I am always getting in trouble as you probably have heard by now. I really try my best to cater to my master and please him in every way that I can. I was having fun and playing around when I was suppose to be cleaning. My master came home early and I was naked running around the house and dancing.

When he saw what I was doing and how the house was not clean, he grabbed me by my hair and tossed me to the ground. I begged and pleaded that he let me fuck his cock to get out of trouble. He was silenced and listen to me worship his cock. “Please master let me off the hook if I spread my holes wide for you and let you fuck my whore holes open.”

I want to get out of trouble so badly and please him. I know my naked body on the ground, bowing before his cock is making him hard. “I worship your cock master, please forgive me and let me have that amazing dick buried deep inside my stupid bitch pussy hole.”

He finally grabbed me and stood me up. He bent me over the counter and smacked me hard across the face, leaving his red hand print across my face. He smacked my ass over and over spanking my dumb bubbly stupid cunt ass. Pounding his dick deeper and harder into me, I continued to thank him for letting me have his most glorious dick.

I knew spreading my holes for him would make him happy and I would get off the hook. I love to fuck him, especially to get out of trouble. He teaches me so many lessons. I am going to be more careful next time and I am going to continue worshiping his cock since that is my sole purpose in life.

East meets West in a pissing match

Erotic BDSM stories

He always talked about her. I fucking hated her and I had no idea who she was. He was my master but I snapped one day. He was telling me how Donna would do things to him no other slave he has ever had would do to him. I told him if he wanted her so bad he should get her back. Fuck she is sexy. Asian, black hair, a sexy but terrifying smile. The way she is looking at me as she walks closer to me makes me panic. No wonder why there was a note on the counter. She was going to punish me and Master was going to watch his two favorite piss whores. 

2 girl phone sex

“You are in-trouble. Your punishment is waiting for you. The longer you make me wait the worse it will be for you.” I didn’t even breath as I took my clothes off, and put my hair up just the way he likes it. When I walked into the room  I saw her there. Her latex top and panties made me wet. I knew what I was in for. She was a dirty fucking piss whore just like me. But that big thick fake black cock is going to punish all of my holes before she rewards me with her warm piss! Today East meets West with Piss Mistress Donna. She tied me up. She gagged my mouth and spanked my holes with a riding crop and flogged me till I was red. Making sure I was very tender before she fucked the piss out of me! Master was loving it. 

sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

 I was really horny one night and I decided to call my friend who has a really huge black cock. I told him how bad I wanted him to fuck me, and how I wanted him to stretch all my little holes. I’ll I could hear was him moaning as he stroked his cock telling me that he wanted to fill me up with his cum. He said he wanted his cum too ooze out of my pussy and shit hole. I was turned on but I told him that cum wouldn’t be enough, that I would need piss all over my mouth and face too. After multiple pictures and orgasims from rubbing my tight cunt I decided to hang up and get some something to drink since I was parched. As I walked out of my room I saw my brother spying on me and I knew I was in big trouble.

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