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Spanking Chat with A Spanking Phone Sex Whore

spanking chatI love spanking chat. My ass is so round and jiggly. Perfect for spanking. My Master loves to spank me. He was in a rare mood over the holiday weekend. I was ordered to dress in a school girl outfit with no panties so he could spank my bare ass with his hands. About the only thing that gets his old dick hard these days is spanking my bottom. That day my ass was not enough for him. He ordered me to get my daughter and some of her friends together for a spanking party. My daughter is not a spanking phone sex whore like her mother. She dabbles in bondage, but she is not a lifestyle submissive like her mother.  And her friends are clueless about my lifestyle. I knew, however, if I did not get Master what he wanted, I would be punished severely. So, I bribed my daughter with money. Young girls love money. I explained that a dirty old man just wanted to spank their asses in school girl uniforms for an hour or so. In return they would be rewarded with a shopping spree. I would pay off his credit card before he ever saw the charges. It was the only thing I could think of to get the girls to comply with my order.

spanking phone sex Master was quite pleased. Turns out he didn’t want to spank their bare bottoms after all. He wanted me to do it. He just needed the visual of young tight firm butts to get his old cock at attention. I whispered into each girl’s ear, “just think about the money you get,” as my hand smacked their firm asses. I was getting wet. A little jealous too. My ass has not been that firm since the 80s. As I doled out some bare bottom spankings, I could smell ripe young pussies. So could Master. His dick was as hard as it has been in a decade. He started fucking the girls. I was scared that they would fight him seeing as they were not true submissives like me, but they liked it.  Of course he has sugar daddy written all over him to a young cunt. I was jealous. Was I being replaced? Would you prefer the ass of my teen daughter over mine?

Submissive whore

submissive whore

I got home really late last night. I was past curfew and since my dad left town, he put my brothers in charge of me to crack the whip. As I walked through the front door, I was greeted by two of my brothers standing with their arms crossed and demanding answers. I was a bit of a sleazy whore, I had some guy bust his load in my pussy and I’m sure my brothers could smell it on my cum filled panties. They came behind me and tied my arms behind my back. They put a nice big gag in my mouth. They pushed me to the floor and tied up my ankles. They were bad mouthing me the whole time. I didn’t say anything because I knew it would enrage them, little did I know the less I said would enrage then even more. “What you dumb cunt? You are too good to answer my questions? Have you lost your dumb fucking mind? The brains all gone from your head?” They took the gag out of my mouth and begin to stuff their cocks in my mouth. I was chocking and gagging and definitely couldn’t speak now. “We are going to fuck your brains out now then.”

Golden showers phone sex

golden showers phone sex

When I bathe I like to bathe in piss. I know my master loves to treat his stupid piss whore with a nice hot steamy golden shower from time to time. A normal day for me and my master has a specific course events that make me into the dumb stupid little whore that I am. He gets a throbbing hard dick and needs for his dumb skank to get on her knees and throat fuck his cock. I know that I am a good cock sucker because he always get wild when I suck his cock with my full lips wrapped tightly around his shaft while he shoves it deep in my throat, thrusting away. If I do really good he takes his cock out and beats it across my face, reminding me that I’m just a dumb fucking cock whore. Finally, he lets out a nice golden shower for his piss stained dumb whore. It is so warm and wet!

Always a P Mommy

Submissive Whore

It was suggested to me that I write about something else, that I not be a submissive P Mommy who likes to share her lil brats with all my friends and callers. I thought about it for a minute, but then realized that it all goes together. Being a breeding, Mommy whore and being a submissive whore too all goes together for me. I need to talk about my daughter in my blogs because I know if it’s making my pussy wet it’s making someone’s cock hard out there. And soon one of those hard cocks are going to come take advantage one of these tight bald holes. From my youngest barely out of my womb little one to my one that is ready to be a breeding whore herself. All these tight holes need to be fucked, and I will be happy to help, then you can tie me up and turn that cock to me because I know you have lots and lots of cum for me and my little brats.

Bondage from A-Z

erotic bondage stories

Master had the idea of going to a bondage party, so we did. It was amazing and I loved it. We are always looking to try new experiences. They had every form of bondage and submission displayed imaginable. From the most extreme acts like pussy sewing and stapling, and cock torture to the more vanilla bondage play. I noticed Master really intrigued with the torture side of bondage more than anything and the thought of having my pussy stapled I am not going to lie had me quivering and made me cringe. But to be honest I am the sub who will give into her Master at anything he desires. I know eventually our playtime will become more involved in the whole extreme direction. It is just what Master seems to like best. And he is slowly working his way there. Before long he will have daggers fucking my pussy and who knows what else. But as long as he is happy so am I. Hell there was one girl who had a cactus shoved in her cunt. Not sure if that can even be pleasurable but if Master wanted that I certainly would do my best to give him exactly what he wished for.

extreme bondage

Subby (& stupid) Party Slut

submissive slut (5)

In order to be a stupid submissive slut you’ve gotta stay fucked up. I mean, half my rape fantasies come from going to a party and getting to high or drunk…or both. That’s just asking to get taken advantage of…but that’s exactly what I want. I want to be so fucked up, coke left over on my nose, booze on my breath, barely able to function, all when I get what I want. What I want, what is that? I want to get fucked. I want to be all bound up and helpless like I belong. I want to be all fucking bound up and used. I want your friends to get their drugs of choice then use me all night and all day. I want the days and nights to blur together, my holes not once getting a break. I want to be sticky with cum and never able to beg for mercy because I always have a cock stuffed down my throat. I wanna be that stupid submissive party girl for you to do whatever in the world you want to…I probably won’t remember this anyway.

Submissive Whore Needs Punished

submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. I don’t want to be dominant. It feels unnatural to me. I believe a woman’s place is on her knees before her man serving him however he desires. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own needs sometimes. I thought the house was mine, so I played with my pussy. I did not have permission from HIM to touch my worthless whore cunt. I knew I did not, however I had a really hot pain slut call last night that left me wanting to cum more. Sometimes I forget how good cumming feels. Some men love to make me cum through my pain; yet others, like HIM, deny me the pleasure of my own pain. When he found me on the bed with my hand in my pantyhose rubbing my clit, he took his belt off and whipped me. Not only did he whip my huge fake tits, he whipped my clit with the belt buckle. He whipped all the pleasure I felt away. My pussy was swollen, even bleeding.  He dragged me to the stairs, slapped a ball gag in my mouth and tied me to the banister while he whipped me some more. He treated  me like a lowly nigger slave. Flesh tore from my back. He told me as he inflicted pain on my dirty body, that I deserved far worse treatment. He made sure to tell me he was giving me mercy this time, but if he caught me playing with my worthless cunt again without permission, I would be a dead whore. You would think I would heed that warning. I will for awhile. I will until my wounds heal, but at my core I am a pain slut. I can never hurt myself as much as he can. As much as you can.

Pissing phone sex with Naomi

Pissing phone sex

Choking on his thick cock as he throat fucks me makes me wet. The rope burn around my wrists make his cock harder. I am tied up to this toilet on the cold hard ground as he is making sure I know what I am. A dirty fucking toilet whore. He slammed me down on the ground. Spread my legs wide open and started fucking my dirty asshole. Shoving his big hard cock in and out of me. I ear footsteps and see two more sets of feet walking in. I was not giving permission to look. Face down with my ass in the air I feel a tube being shoved into my pussy. My master is in front of me throat fucking me again while his friends take turns pissing inside the tube. Making me take all their warm golden piss inside of my pussy. Then my master started to piss in my mouth . He loves making me drink all of his piss!

Tonight Is The Night

submissive whore robynTonight is the night that Master invites all his friends over that love to humiliate me.
The morning started just like it always dose when we are going to have an evening centered around their pleasure and my shame.
Before he left for work he locked me in my cage with no food or water. I will be here until they arrive and long after. I have already pissed all over myself. I couldn’t hold it any longer.
But that is what makes him happy. He wants me to smell of urine when the fun starts.
They will spend the evening pissing all over me in the cage. By the end of the night I will be covered in sticky cum and potent piss. My hair will be matted and I will be totally humiliated as their piss whore.
They love golden showers when they have me to piss on.
Finally they will pull me from the cage and they will fuck me mercilessly, shoving their piss covered cocks in all my holes, making me swallow their cum and piss until they have had enough.
I will be shoved back in my cage at the end of the night and not allowed to shower until in the morning.
is it wrong that my pussy is wet knowing what is cumming?


bondage whoreMaster has me hooked. No literally. Master has me hooked right by my tight asshole. He is always showering me with the latest bondage gadgets. He absolutely loves to try new forms of bondage and cannot get enough of my submission to him. This particular item we tried out most recently was a stainless steel hook that slipped into my asshole in which was also attached to a section of rope. A very short piece of rope to be exact that was fastened to either my arms or my head. We tried both points out. And anytime I would move. Just the slightest movement or squirm. Due to him over stimulating my very sensitive clit that hook that was latched into my ass would hook me even deeper and harder. The more I tried to hold still the more my body quivered and flinched causing my asshole to be hooked like a fish that had just been reeled in. I could tell Master was taking full pleasure in my pain. As that hook would ride deeper and deeper inside of me. His cock was standing tall and just dripping with precum. I thought surly he was going to cum without even having to touch himself. And he did. His cock just started spewing cum out of his dick hole as he had his eyes glued on my hooked ass hole. I see this being a favorite of Masters and plan on being his little fishy whore very often in the near future.

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