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Foot Fetish

submissive sex (6)

I have a vast array of fetishes…as any good whore. Not as if I am allowed to pick what happens to me, as you can see. My master shares what gets me wet though, as his submissive whore, my slave training requires my entire body to submit – feet in particular this time. I was first forced to jerk his cock with my feet, then he put his dick in my mouth to lube it all up. He went back to the feet, occasionally using a cane to make me submit even more to his will. I love being used like this, and I love the pain he forces me to have. I wouldn’t have it any other way….not as if I have a choice. I am to be used as he wishes, whenever he wishes. Nothing beats my master treating me like a whore, and jerking his cock with my feet. He even has me wear whore shoes and stockings so everyone can know what a skank I am. Exactly as it should be…

Late Night Abduction

submissive whore robynIt was a dark black night and I was curled up in my cage sleeping peacefully. Suddenly the sensation of being lost between being asleep and being awake over took me. I could feel myself being lifted up and my heat beat faster in my chest. I couldn’t wake up and I couldn’t fight. The odd sensation was a new and erotic form of bondage in my foggy mind. It felt so real and yet it also felt like a dream. I could feel my nipples hardening and my cunt was twitching with the familiar desire to be fucked. Out of the darkness a speck of light appeared and began to grow in size and brightness. And then i saw him and felt the cold clammy hands on my body. I could feel the cold metal around my wrists and ankles as I was shackled and spread wide. I don’t know when my clothes came off but I knew I was naked because the cold air was covering my body in goose flesh. Somewhere between fear and excitement I felt the invasion between my legs and knew I was having an extraterrestrial sexual encounter. It felt so real and yet I couldn’t tell if it was or if I was dreaming. My body began to tremble with an intense orgasm. When i woke in the morning I was naked in my cage and the unmistakable smell of sex covered me and filled the air. No one is ever going to believe this.

Mercy For His Submissive Whore

submissive sexHe told me because I have been a good submissive cunt, he would take an easy on my torn and tattered body. This is the side of my Master that I am use to. This hardcore bondage with pins and torches have had me in severe pain. But it is my wish to please my Master and if his will is to lace my cunt shut with stitches than so be it. But for this moment in time I shall endure the pleasure of yet another one of his master pieces. I literally have not an inch of wiggle room as I am contorted in his contraption. A massive steel cock shoved stomach deep into my cunt as I am held down by my throat. Master knows what he wants. Master gets what he wants.

Bondage Whore Troubles

bondage whoreAs a bondage whore, I get myself all tied up sometimes. My daughter wanted to practice her rope skills this weekend, or so I thought. She is not a dedicated submissive like me. She is more of a switch. She has dabbled on both sides. If I had my druthers, she would be a full time submissive like her mother. I’m aging out for many of my masters, but they all seem to like my teen daughter once they meet her.  Gravity is still her friend. Plus, she has tight holes unlike me. I raised her alone with my son. Perhaps if I had a dominant man as a husband, she would have grown up differently. Guys ask me all the time why didn’t I force her to be a submissive whore like me. A true submissive, even  a subby mommy, can’t force anyone to do anything. A dominant male influence is required to break a girl. Trust me, she needs broken too. She tied me up and left me on the living room floor all weekend. She thought it was funny. While I was bound and gagged, she took my debit card and my car and had herself one hell of a fun weekend. She crawled back home last night reeking of sex and booze laughing at the fact that I was tied up laying in my own urine. So I have decided to sell her to anyone who wants a teen whore to abuse. This little twat waffle of mine needs a stern master, a very cruel one to break her. At this point, I wouldn’t care if you wanted to snuff her out. She is nothing but a pain in my ass. Any dominant men want to break a stubborn teen whore in a very painful and deadly manner?

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

My master was feeling really sad for his furry friend so he asked me to please him. In another words he wanted me to be a pathetic piece of shit whore who eats furry shit holes. So I got on my knees ass naked and crawled over to spike.

He was excited to see me, so I reach over and began licking his tiny shit hole. The more I licked it the more happy he became. I began shoving my two fingers up in his ass to see if I could express his shit hole. I wanted that fishy juice all in my mouth.

Spike just looked at me with huge eyes begging for me to give him more. He loved when I started to suck on those hairy tight balls. My master demanded that I please Spike as best as I can.

I started sucking his big red rocket letting all of his green juice squirt all over my mouth. I bent over infront of him letting him see my wet bald pussy, I whistled at him and told him to come over.

I helped Spike mount me and let him fuck my wet tight pussy. His rocket slid in and out of me as I continued to move my hips with his making sure I made spike really happy.

Spike couldn’t help it any more and he came all inside of me leaving his juicy delicious cum all up inside of me.

Can You Guess How Old My Little Ones Are?

rape phone sex fantasies (23)

Everyone wants to know the truth…how old are your little ones? Well I can’t tell you exact ages here, but I can give you hints that will drive you wild. My oldest is old enough to get pregnant. She JUST started her period. She dresses like a whore, wears whore makeup and begs to be just like her Mommy. My middle baby is almost that double digit number, but not quite! She’s a curious little one, but quite whiny! She definitely needs to be all used up…and my youngest is…so young. Diapers included. You can’t even expect this one to sit up by herself…but why does she need to stand up if she’s getting fucked? She’s getting treated like a slut like her whole family. They all have bald cunts. Puffy, pink and shiny. I love to kiss those pussies knowing they are all mine to use anyway I want. I can’t wait to use bondage on them, so they can learn to get turned on by being a submissive whore just like their P Mommy.

Ice Cold Water Bondage

Hardcore bondage

You had taken me into the world of water bondage once before, but we had not visited again until now. I thought you were being respectful of my fear of water, but I should have known you would not respect a submissive whore. You led me into the dungeon with a blindfold over my eyes. You laid me on what seemed to be a metal table and began to shackle me. You did not remove my blindfold until I was securely restrained. When you did, I could see what I thought was a table was atop some type of water tank. Fear gripped me. Knowing I was completely at your mercy, my pussy began to dampen anyway. The fear was paralyzing, but tell that to my excited cunt. I see you standing by the controls. The table begins to lower and ice cold water surrounded me on all sides. It was so cold, it was numbing my body where it touched. Yet, my pussy stayed hot. It was likely so hot, it was warming the water immediately around it.

bondage whore

Then the table starts to rotate and one half of my body is under water. My whole body is shaking from the cold. My mind is overwhelmed by my water fear. It is the only thing I can concentrate on. My table continues to rotate until I am completely underwater. Thankful, you remembered to plug my nose so I would not have to concentrate on holding my breath. It seems like forever before the rotisserie continued its full turn and I could once again breathe. I begin shaking violently when my ice cold body meets the warm air. Then the table begins rotating again, a little faster this time. With each rotation the speed increases until I am spun so quickly, it makes me dizzy. Around and around I go, trying to time my breathing with my up time. I have to concentrate so much on breathing at the right time, I lose all sense of time and place, forgetting my fear, and even the temperature. Then, the table begins to slow again. It stops and you release my restraints, lift me and move me to the bed.

You start rubbing me all over my body and my numb body begins to warm and respond. You sink your cock into my icy pussy and it suddenly feels like it is on fire. When your hot cum fills me, I loose control and cum so hard. I know I should have asked permission to cum, but my body was so numb and responded as only it knows how. I know I should be more disciplined. I’m sure you will work on correcting that on our next trip to the dungeon basement.

Slave Punishment

submissive slut (9)

You know what’s hot? Hot and steamy and sexy kinda hot? When you get all worked up from being pounded all hard, you’re tied up and helplessly taking a long throbbing shaft and you feel the release from your nipples clamps – only to be followed by a sharp cool pain. That pain is ice, running over my nipples. And then suddenly his cock is outta my cunt and is being replaced with ice. Perhaps this is punishment for having too much fun being submissive slut. A stupid little skank enjoying being treated like a whore. This surprise of ice was followed by a hard pressure in my ass, it was also a sharp pain, but more painful than the ice – some toy that was torturing my asshole from the inside. I was squirming and moaning and begging for mercy, but he only pushed me further. Making me be his slave that deserves every second of punishment and torture.  And you know what? I still love it, even as I beg.

Erotic Submissive Stories with Ice and Hot Wax

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are fun to share on calls. Most of my callers are very dominant men with lots of stories to share about the submissive women in their lives. I had this one caller last night that is fond of ice torture. Actually, he likes to use ice cubes and candle wax on his whores. The mixture of hot and cold sensations back and forth on the female body can cause intense pain and pleasure. He had me fill a glass with ice cubes and get a long candle. I was instructed to light the candle first so the wax had plenty of time to get hot first. While my candle was burning, I had to hold ice cubes on my nipples. This made them erect quickly. Painfully erect actually. But, ice on the nipples is not as painful as ice on the clit. Yet still, the pain of ice on my clit was nothing compared to being ordered to insert ice cubes in my cunt and ass while I poured hot wax all over my body. Ice was melting in my hot fuck holes and dripping down my taint. The sensation was erotic. I was captivated by his voice. I was mesmerized by his orders. I was his submissive slut. He owned my body. I kept shoving ice cubes inside my body at his command. I felt my body cool down from all the ice up my ass and twat. As ice dripped into my taint, he made me drip hot wax there too. It is a strange feeling mixing cold and heat together in the same spot, especially a very sensitive spot like the taint. My clit was so swollen. My pussy juice melted the ice faster the more ice cubes I was forced to insert. In the end, he let me cum and I swear it was the most intense cum I ever had on a call. Maybe you would like to experiment with hot and cold sensations too? My body is YOUR guinea pig.

Submissive Whore Bo Loves Getting Wet and Sticky!

Wet and sticky fun is kind of a dirty secret for this submissive whore. I have grown to love being pissed on and used as a cum receptacle for groups of men at a time. Golden showers phone sex really turns me on almost as though there is some form of pheromone or aphrodisiac in those golden droplets.

This dirty side came out some years ago when I had a lover that wanted me to piss on him. He would be eating me out and begging me to just give him my hot piss. It took a little coaxing but  started to really get off on it and soon he was doing the same to me. I was getting fucking turned on at the thought of his urine and cum being drained from that fuckrod all over me. 

Submissive Whore

I really want my Master to piss on me and bring friends over to use me like a useless slut that is only worthy of being a urinal and cum bucket.


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