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Prostate Milking With Bo the Switch

Ever get a desire for some prostate milking while your in a role as a Dominant? I bet the need arises at times for a switch where you can enjoy the cock worshiping of a submissive and the milking of a Femdom wielding a strap-on. Well, as you are aware I am a Submissive Whore and greatly enjoy bukkake. What you may not be aware of is that I am a completely capable Switch. 

Prostate Milking

I want to submit to you and worship every inch of that fine cock and get the showering of cum I deserve. Also a cum eating phone sex guide that knows how badly you desire to taste those thick jism loads, and there’s no shame in that! 

You can call me up when you need to take it out on a submissive and turn  around and let this submissive/ Switch take you in turn.

Submissive whore

submissive whore

My master loves when he gets to degrade me like the little piece of shit that I am. I am a brainless little whore with nothing in my head. I am lucky that I am stuffed full of cum though so that is the plus side. He puts me on a leash and yanks me around town telling me how much of a dummy I am.

He even dresses me up and writes “dummy” on my fore head in sharpie. I know that there is nothing I can do to ever be smart. He even beats his dick across my face, as if he is trying to beat the last bit of brain cells that I have in me out.

There is no secret I am a dummy I love when my master gives me the affirmation that I need. I will do anything to please him. I will kiss the ground my master walks on like the dumb littler whore that I am.

Erotic BDSM stories with Naomi

Erotic BDSM stories

I have done a lot of shit or my pussy to get fucked. I have been tied up, whipped, smacked, pissed on and even covered in shit. I love it all. I love having a cock stretching my asshole open while having a vibrator attached to my clit with duct tape. My master wants me to be his cum slut and I am. I have to cum everyday.. I crave it and he knows that. He knows everything about me.. and pushes me to my limits. Blind folded with a tube shoved in my mouth.. As e sucked the air out of this vacuum sealed display for all of his friends he tells me I am not aloud to stop rubbing my pussy until I am given permission. Every time I stop to let my hand rest my mast whips me with a flogger until his arm was tired. I love being his worthless cum slut in-front of everyone. being forced to make myself cum nonstop! 

I Need Milf Phone Sex

milf phone sex

My ovaries are hurting. I need a little itty bitty one in my belly so I can have milf phone sex! I know I’ve already got a good handful of little brats running around, but it doesn’t mean I don’t crave to be that submissive breeding whore you’ve been looking for. You can get me pregnant over and over and I’d be over the moon. I’d be at your mercy, you would own us all. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than have my little ones molested. There is nothing I want more is to make even more little ones to get fucked and violated and used in all the same ways Mommy gets rammed. Fill my holes with cum, impregnate me then move along to my oldest. She’s ready too…then the little ones are last. Those tiny tight holes are for dessert tonight. We’re just a whole submissive family around here, and the only thing that makes us feel whole is that cock…

Sugar Daddy

submissive whore dorthyMy Sugar Daddy visited me tonight. When he arrived, I met him at the door already on my knees which is just the way he likes it. Dressed in thigh highs, crotches panties , my collar and the highest heels that I have. My pussy soaking wet with anticipation. He grabbed me by the collar and dragged me down the hall, leaving scrapes on my knees. He ordered me to unzip his pants with my teeth, and like a good slut, I complied. I was not going fast enough, so he slapped me HARD. Just the way I like it. My face red, he smacked me again making me cry out. Daddy pulled my hair with one hand, while yanking his pants down with the other. He shoved my his dick into my mouth, held the back of my head and face fucked me until I was dripping drool all over his cock and balls. Gagging, I felt my clit tingle and swell and pussy juice began to really make my panties wet. Yanking me by the hair, he dragged me, still on my knees further into the bedroom. He slapped me again and choked me, and I begged him to fuck me. I cried out for his dick and said, “please, Daddy fuck me now.” “You don’t deserve to be fucked you little cum whore, he said.” I knew I had to beg more, so I asked again for his big dick. He flipped me over onto my stomach, and forcefully entered my sweet little ass with his giant cock. The pain and the pleasure were almost too much to bear. I began to cry, and he loved it. “I’ll give you something to cry about,” he said, fucking my tight little ass harder than ever before. He came quickly, quicker than ever and I can’t wait until he visits me again.

Submissive Whore: Like Mother Like Daughter

submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. Born and raised that way. My mother was a submissive whore too. I want my daughter to be a submissive whore, but she fights me on it. She likes to think of herself as a sexy little bitch in charge, but being dominant is not in her DNA. She is a young teen girl and they think their shit doesn’t stink. The young girls of today are vastly different from the teen girls of my generation. I understand that men rule this world; that women are here to serve them. I have very old school, even archaic views of women according to my hot teen slut daughter. My primary master is not interested in young girls. He is quite a bit older than I am, so in my forties, I seem young to him. My daughter is a baby in his eyes. I need someone who can break her. It is going to need to be someone quite dominant, even sadistic because she is not going to break easily. I need a man into extreme bondage and BDSM. My little girl is mouthy, obstinate and full of ego. She thinks men are on this earth to worship her. She is not a virgin, but she has not been fucking long so she has a really tight pussy still. Her anal cherry is still in tack, however, because she refuses to give up her ass. She thinks it is gross to fuck where she shits from. In her mind, her fuck holes are hers and she decides who fucks her when, where and how. She needs taught a lesson, but she needs more than a good hard fuck up the ass. She needs used, abused even turned out and tortured. I am making a plea to all the strong dominant cruel masters out there who like young things to break my daughter. Make her a submissive slut like me. I promise to help.

Submissive slut

submissive slut

I decided to invite my master to my family reunion since I didn’t have a date. It sounded like a good idea at first but I would soon find out later that it was a huge mistake. I say this because everything was perfect I introduced him to my family and everybody was really nice to him but I made the mistake of leaving him alone for thirty minutes. When I came back I could tell that he was furious. He grabbed me and pushed me under the table which had a long table cloth long enough not to see anything underneath it.

He unzipped his pants and forced my head on his cock. I began sucking and licking up his shaft making my way up his cock head. I wanted to please him for my mistake so I began swallowing his cock while he guided my head pushing it up and down to his liking. I would let his cock slam against my cheeks then down my throat until he would let me come back up to breathe, sometimes spending what felt like three minutes swallowing his cock. I was waiting for my master to shower me with his delicious cum but for what ever reason it was taking way longer then usual.

So I continued to work his cock stoking and sucking until I noticed the music was no longer playing and that there was an awkward silence. I noticed that the cloth on the table was now on the floor and that my entire family was watching me please my master. I wanted to stop but my master yelled at me to continue until he finally came all over my face showing my entire family what a nasty ass cum eating , cock sucking whore that I am. I was so embarrassed but I guess I don’t have to worry about my family any more since I got disowned.

Ropes excite me..

Submissive sex chat

Just watching him pull out the ropes makes me wet. Knowing they are going to be digging into my skin, rubbing me raw in some places.. But rubbing me so good in the right places. He knows I will do anything he tells me to. I can feel the blood rushing to my clit as he ties me in a harness at my hips. He told me to lay down and to stay upside down. He hoisted me up slowly and as the rope became tighter and tighter against my pussy.. I was already moan and getting ready to cum swinging back and forth upside down. I can feel myself wanting to flip right side up.. If I twist the wrong way I know I would rip my clit off. Then I felt a list Ice cold mist of crystals. There he stood with the hose in his hand, with his head cocked he turned the powerful hose on full blast right in my face.

Hardcore bondage

I tried to turn upright and felt my clit being pinched just a little bit! I couldn’t take it. I tried to swing back and forth out of the spray of those hose but I couldn’t get away. Finally the water stopped, I tried to catch my breath and he started throat fucking me until I puked on his cock. Then it was time again for the hose… My throat is raw from how many times he throat fucked me!

Twisted Like A Pretzel

bondage phone sexAfter I endured the horrific act of water bondage the last time master played with me. Knowing I have a terrible fear of drowning. Master decided to kick it back a notch for his whore and built yet another masterpiece. By the time I was fastened down and contoured into a pretzel my pussy was beginning to drip. Which was to my full benefit because master had attached a big fucking dildo to the end of a mechanical arm. Set with one speed “really fucking hard”. Master not only loves seeing my body twisted in positions either of us had ever imagined possible but he thoroughly enjoys teasing my cunt to the point of me having to beg for it. Would you like to hear me beg?

Bare Bottom Spankings Make My Pussy Wet

extreme bondageHe was in an exceptionally cruel mood tonight. Using his whip, he gave me a bare bottom spanking before tying me with my pussy in the air and feet over my head. He knew how excited those spankings got me. As I lie here waiting on him to return, my pussy is dripping wet. If I could only touch it, I could relieve myself, but in the position he left me in, I am unable to do anything but live in my fantasies. My ass is on fire from the spanking, but still I crave sex. I hope he comes back soon. I will be a good little submissive whore and take his cock into any of my holes that he wishes to use tonight.

Since he says I have been a bad slut, maybe he will even bring home a co-master and take turns using my slutty body.

bare bottom spankings

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