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Tied and Waiting

submissive phone sex

Standing there tied to a pole and gagged, I could only wait for what was to come next. Two masked men came in and cut my new dress off with long scissors then took the gag out of my mouth. Naked in front of them, their eyes bore down on me through the masks.

They left the room and when they returned they were naked and carrying a whip, more rope, and several vibrators. Wanting to be a good girl for them, I got down on my knees and waited. One of the masked men came over and whipped me, while the other stood in front of me with his huge cock in my face. They were going to whip me until I begged them to put his cock in my mouth. I begged, I pleaded like a good little submissive whore. When he finally began to face fuck me, the other one fucked my ass while holding a vibrator to my pussy.

This is the kind of torture that I like.

how to spank a woman

Slave training

I have very strict rules to live my life by. My master wants me dressed in very reveling clothes, full make up and hair done every single day. Our stupid fucktard paper boy came to collect money, I was taking one of my days off. My master doesn’t know that I don’t always dress up but the fucking paper boy mentioned something to him about how sick I looked. When master came home he was oddly quiet. I was waiting for him, but he just walked past me. I followed him down to the basement. In a very cold tone he told me to take everything off but my 5 inch heels. He pulled out his wooden triangle sawhorse table and told me to straddle the table. He raised the legs so high that the sharp unsealed edge of the table was split in-between my pussy lips. He attached my arms to the cuffs hanging down and put a spreader bar on my ankles.

how to spank a woman

He pulled each of my heels off and I was standing on the very tips of my toes supporting my uneven body weight on the table. He walked behind me and opened the door. In walked in the pimpled face fucktard paper boy with a smile on his face. My master handed him a whip and told me the rules. I had to answer his questions honestly as he taught the paper boy how to spank a woman. “Did you pay the paper boy his fee this month.” I responded with a head nod, the paper boy whipped me. I screamed out a “YES MASTER!” He laughed to himself as the boy was itching to whip me again. “When you paid the paper boy, where you wearing your permitted outfit, dressed sexy all of the things you are supposed to do?” I put my head down, my legs where burning from holding all of my weight, I quietly said no. The crack of the whip hit me so hard I crumbled. My thighs were burning and I slammed my pussy onto the sharp wooden edge of the table. “For now on the paper boy get’s to use you in ANY way he see’s fit.” He grabbed a chair and watched that pimple faced prick as he said ” spank her bottom” He whipped me then throat fuck me till he blew his load all over my face. 

spank her bottom

Submissive Whore Club

submissive whoreSubmissive whore club. Ever heard of such a thing?  I found myself indoctrinated to one over the weekend. Since my current long term master is getting too old to really play our BDSM games anymore, I have been hitting the underground club scene looking for a new master. Finding an old school master and servant relationship is hard I have discovered. Most of the young dominant men I encounter have very different views of a submissive whore like me than older men do. This young guy who took me home Friday night made sure I understood I was his property for however long he desired. There were no safe words. I was his bitch. I would do as I was told. When he pulled his cock out, I was prepared to blow him, but he pissed in my face and laughed. When I grimaced, he pulled my red mane and dragged me to his bathroom. His toilet was disgusting. I don’t think he had flushed it in a week. I could smell the stale piss and shit. “I’ve been saving this for the perfect whore,” he laughed as he shoved my face in his filthy toilet water. He held my head under so I was forced to swallow shit and piss. He would bring me up for air, then submerge me again. I have never been a scat phone sex submissive, because toilet play was never a part of my submissive duties. I tried to tell this young guy that I don’t do this sort of thing, but he didn’t care about what I wanted at all. He pulled me up, tossed me on the floor of his bathroom, dropped his trousers and shit on my face. He used me like a port a potty. I felt so degraded and humiliated. Never have I been treated like that. “Welcome to the modern world whore. You are now a part of my submissive whore club,” he seethed as  he forced me to eat his shit. I am not ready for a modern day submissive relationship. Perhaps I need some training.

Spanking phone sex, I will listen better I swear!

spanking phone sex

My brother was not pleased with me. I am suppose to worship his cock the moment he gets home, however I was too busy playing with my pussy in my room that I did not hear him cum home so early. When I saw him standing at my doorway, watching him with a thick swollen hard cock- I knew I was in big trouble.

I immediately hopped off my bed and crawled quickly to him. He grabbed me by my hard and dragged me back over to my bed. He sat down and bent my over his lap. He cracked his hand over my bare ass. “What the fuck do you think you are doing.”

I whimpered and told him how sorry I was. “I worship your cock I am so sorry, I love your big dangly balls that are full of cum, I will do anything for them.”

I tried to make up for my stupidity, but my brother was not having it. He wanted to make my ass pure red and wilted. My ass tingled and I felt it shooting up my spine. He was making my ass numb. He finally beat the shit out of me enough to make me completely sorry. I learned my lesson.

I got on my hands and knees and begged for forgiveness. He blew his load right in my eyes. I will remember to not fuck up next time.

Submissive Slut Druggy

submissive slut

All I want is to be a submissive slut. The thing about being a submissive slut is you have to be born into that life! My parents made me submit to them, so now that is all I know. When guys actually are nice to me and treat me right I am confused. This is not how it is supposed to be! I am a stupid fucking whore. I don’t deserve to be treated like a human even.  I mean that’s how everyone has always made me feel so at this point I’ve gotten used to it. Accustomed to it, to say the least. It helps though, if I stay fucked up. I must admit I do have a little bit of an addiction. I greatly enjoy any drug I can get my hands on – it helps me get myself ‘loosened up’ so I don’t fight those cocks. Coke and weed together are perfect for me because I can get a perfect buzz when I do them together…and then I am helplessly theirs.

Submissive Whore

submissive whore You said you wanted a submissive whore, but do you know how to be a Dom? Have you thought about what it takes to train a submissive whore and mold her into the perfect subby for you? There is more to this relationship them just bondage or punishment. What kind of Sub do you need to make you happy and what kind of Dom do you need to be to achieve that?

I know just what my Master wants and needs from me and I make sure that he is pleased with me at all times. He is moody and can go from being a kind and loving Master to showing no mercy at all if he is not happy.

He opens the door to find me with my back towards him, on my knees, hands on my thighs palms up, my hair down around my shoulders, totally naked and my eyes lowered. His drink is made and waiting for him and sitting on the table by the door. He can smell dinner cooking in the kitchen.

I do not move until he tells me to and I still don’t know if tonight i will dine with him at the table or at his feet under the table.  This is the kind of submissive whore he needs me to be.

BDSM Dance Class

submissive phone sex

I went to my Wednesday night dance class dressed a little better than usual, because the dance instructor had been catching my eye and last night was the night that I made my move. Throughout the class, I caught Bob the instructor checking me out. This was nothing new. I had been noticing him watching me for weeks now, and I wanted some of that action last night.

After class, I stuck behind and told Bob I’ve seen him watching me, “Let’s just fuck and get it over with, ” I said. He did not reply, only took me by the hand and led me to a dark room in the back which did not have any windows. On the walls, there was all kinds of Mr. Grey bondage type shit. He tied my hands behind my back and then tied that to the dance barre. He blindfolded me next and removed all of my clothes. Next came the clamps on my nipples, which he tugged on as he told me to get on my knees in a gruff voice.

I felt his hard throbbing cock press against my lips and I opened up, licking and sucking like a good little submissive. Still on my knees, he got behind me and began to fuck my ass with a fierce intensity. He pulled my hair and fucked me hard, just like I knew he would. We played for hours, and I took his load wherever he wanted to put it. When I left, I had cum in every possible place and I am sure that he was pleased.

I can’t wait until next weeks class.

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Punished For Losing

Bondage whoreI could not believe I had lost to a much younger, less experienced slut! My master was so confident in my cock sucking abilities, he pitted me against a friends submissive whore in a deep throat competition. As the circles of masters watched on with their cocks out, we made our way around the circle deep throating each and every one. There were twelve in all. Both of us had each taken their cocks completely down our throats. We were tied fr best cock sucker. The masters announced a tie breaker. From the other room, the hosts butler entered and opened his pants. He pulled out a huge cock, like I had never seen before. Surely neither of us could take that monster all the way down. As long as I could take him deeper than the younger slut, I would win. I struggled to take as much of that monster down my throat as possible. I gagged and choked, tears running down my face, yet I pushed on, until my mouth and throat was as full as possible. Still over an inch of this horse sized cock remained unswallowed. My competitor approached. She struggled much as I had. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she struggled to choke down his massive organ. I stated in disbelief as she managed to take the whole thing. All the masters praised her abilities. It hurt to see my master praise her. I had let him down.

Of course, I must be punished for embarrassing my master. That is how I have come to find myself in my current situation. I was bound at the ankles and wrists in the center of the room, with a mask over my face. My ass is high in the air. All 12 master will approach and assist my master in my discipline. I feel flogs, canes, and other weapons striking me. I know that I deserve each and every lick that I get. The pain is horrid. I am humiliated. Yet, for some reason, I can feel my pussy juices begin to leak a little more with each strike. I only hope that once my beating is complete, my master will show me mercy and use something to relieve this ache inside me.

Spanking phone sex

Old School Submissive Whore

submissive whoreLooking for a submissive whore? I’m an old school kind of woman. My mom was June Clever. She was a stay at home mother who doted on me and my brother and worshiped my daddy. On the outside it was all very Mad Men. Wife cooked, cleaned, birthed the brats and had her husband’s martini and slippers ready when he came home from work. But behind closed doors it was 50 Shades of Gray. I was pretty young when I found the special room. It had all sorts of strange devices to a young girl. I know  now those devices intimately. Ball gags, hand cuffs, cat of 9 tails, spreader bars, blind folds, whips, riding crop…. all the accoutrements  of a bondage whore. My mother was my dad’s submissive in and out of the bedroom.

bondage whoreWhen I reached a certain age, I too became my father’s submissive little whore. He taught me how to be a good sex slave. He taught me the art of bondage and BDSM games. But the difference between then and now is that few men are into soft core bondage. The days of master and servant are over. There are no safe words. I need a new master. Mine is just too old for our bondage games.  I enjoy bondage, BDSM and spanking , however they seem so vanilla in comparison to the extreme submissive phone sex things you want me to do. I drink piss; I swallow puke and gallons of cum. I even eat shit. I burn myself with cigarettes; cut myself with razor blades. I put pins through my nipples and sodomize my ass with beer bottles. All these things are what the modern dominate man seems to enjoy, so I deliver.

submissive phone sexPerhaps you can help school me further in modern domination? I am a willing slave, who will never put up a fight. Well, not much of one at least. Check out other submissive women on our Twitter.

Spanking Phone Sex W/ a Naughty Slut

Sometimes the urges that come over me get me in some hot water and last night was no different than any other night when drinks are involved. My boss tends to try claiming ownership over me and is always trying to administer spanking phone sex. I tend to reject his advances and that leads to more aggressive behavior. Last night while having drinks with my boss I was flirting up a storm with a couple of guys and that did not bode well with boss man.

It was not surprising his ego was bruised as I was not giving him the attention he so desired. My boss is always trying to claim ownership over me and getting me drunk or drugged up to gain my submission. It is true that I am a submissive whore however, I do try and not let this control every part of my life. So, after this display of complete contempt for Mr. man he was not going to let me get off so easily.

Spanking Phone Sex

Returning to the office he requested I come to his office, where he closed and locked the door behind me. He then sat on his sofa and requested me to approach him. As I stopped at his side he grabbed my arm and pulled me over his knee. I felt his hand push my skirt up and he pulled down my panties. I tried to protest only to have my hair pulled and face slapped. Next thing I knew his bare open handed spankings were blistering against my supple pale flesh of my rump.

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