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Torture Phone Sex at a Club

Torture phone sex

I was invited out to a strip club tonight. As I’ve never been to one before, I thought i’d give it a go. When we got there, I noticed a theme going on. Every table had at least 2 people, and one of those people was tied to their chair with varying degrees of intricate bondage going on. Every single person who was bound to a chair was bound quite naked. My 2 friends and I sat at a table near the front, and enjoyed the show happening on the stage. I was unprepared when the set ended and my friends hauled me up, and physically carried me onto the stage. A table was being brought out, and my friends were stripping me down. They bound me to that table, and they proceeded to smack and torture me. After 2 full songs of torture and beatings, they started unbinding me. When I stood back up on my own 2 feet on that table, with their loving support, they began to point out each and every one of the marks they had left. We received cheers and cat calls. People LOVED IT!! I felt embarrassed, but 100% pleased with the praise. I hope to do that again soon!

Fresh Little One Ready For Fucking

submissive sex

I just got out of the hospital recently from the birth of my newest little slut. Every time I have another one I know two things need to happen, as soon as possible. The first thing, my cunt needs to be filled with cum… I don’t care who’s as long as they knock my cunt up so in 9 months I have another fresh pussy to pimp out. That leads me to my next point, this precious angel is as fresh and innocent as they come! I think it’s clear and I think everyone knows what that means…her holes are open for business! Every man loves a sweet unknowing little one bouncing on his dick, the tears never phase a real man that takes what he wants! I get slippery and wet when I see a throbbing cock get even harder when they see my little one. We both know those tight virgin holes will be no more, we both know that she is going to learn her place in life now. Sooner rather than later! That is the best way…and how I was raised too. Mmm, here I go just writing about these things, breastfeeding my darling knowing soon she’ll be latched to a cock and not my tit.

girls who like to be spanked

Spanking phone sex

I am one of those girls who like to be spanked. My master picked up on that right away. He knows my body, what I hate and what I love. He mind fucks with me. Tied up and unable to move my master starts. I am on my hands and knees with my legs spread wide open. He starts rubbing my pussy, spreading me open and inspecting my pussy. My master licked his fingers and starts rubbing my clit. He spreads me open again and spits on my asshole.

girls who like to be spanked

He starts rubbing my ass and suddenly leaves me. I can not look, I can only feel his presences near me. Suddenly the spankings start. He starts pounding my ass with his hands. Pounding me, slapping me making me scream out. Begging him for more and more then he stops. I had no idea what was next. I could feel him behind me. He spread me open and spit on my asshole again. He grabbed is cock and spanked my asshole with the head of his dick and then fucked my asshole till he came inside of me.

Spank me, Master!

bare bottom spankings

When master gives me my daily bare bottom spankings it’s always so intimate and sensual. Like a good little submissive slut I kneel down and bend over his knee completely naked. He always takes his time and rubs my silky round ass cheeks slowly to build up the anticipation for whats to come. My wrists have already been tied and bound behind my back at the base of my spine, just out of the way of his target. Swiftly his opened palm slaps hard against my bare ass cheek making a sharp sting emanate across the surface of my skin, when he pulls away I can already feel the tingling outline of his red hand print branded upon my ass cheek. He chuckles and gives me another whack making me jolt in surprise as he lands it perfectly in the same spot as before. The pain radiated and seeped deeply into my ass muscle. This one made me wince in pain. After a while I lost count of how many blistering welts covered my bright red cheeks, tears slid down my face as he slipped his index finger deep into my clenched asshole to signify that the torment was over and that he was ready to give me a little sugar on top of all that spice.


Bondage submission




Spanking Phone Sex Whore

spanking phone sexDo you enjoy spanking phone sex? I have a confession. I am a spanking whore. When I was a little girl, I would purposefully get in trouble just to feel my daddy’s hand on my bare bottom. Before long, however, a bare bottom spanking was not enough for me. I had to be a really bad girl to get daddy to use the paddle. Mommy was daddy’s bitch, so I thought I could easily be his whore too. Turned out daddy loved spanking me. It made his dick really hard. Once he just gave in and accepted the fact that he enjoyed abusing my firm little bottom, it was not long before he was fucking that firm little bottom daily. The submissive world today is so different from what I am use to that it scares me. I have been my master’s submissive whore for decades now, but he won’t spank my ass anymore.  He is just too old. So, I have been exploring fetish clubs and online communities for a few months now looking for a man to make me his ass slave. I was at this spanking club over the weekend hoping to get spanked like my father use to spank me. Panties down around my ankles, bare bottom across his la with a hand and a simple paddle. I think that must be old fashioned for most men. I hooked up with a guy who expressed love for my round bubble butt. The room we entered was set up not with paddles. There were whips, chains and a spanking machine. I had to bend over a little table with my ass exposed. The first whacks were with his hands, but that was just to feel the firmness of my ass. Next came a whip that left gashes in my butt. My ass was a bloody pulp when he turned on the spanking machine. It was warp speed turning out about 100 paddles a minute. It sprayed the blood on the walls. My spanking master just jacked off in my face laughing at my misery. I love to get off from  bare bottom spankings, but this was just ass torture. Doesn’t any guy enjoy a slap and a tickle anymore?

Spanking Phone Sex with Gretchen

Spanking phone sexI’ve been talking to a guy for a few weeks now, and I decided to let it get sexual. I invited him over for dinner the other night. After dinner, I seduced him into my bedroom with passionate kisses. He was surprised to see the bindings tied onto the bed, but the lust in his eyes once he looked at me was unmistakable. He said that the bindings had better be for me, because he didn’t do the sub thing. When I agreed that they were for me, he promptly picked me up and carried me to the bed. He sat on the edge of it and turned me over his knee. He smacked my ass once and told me that was for not doing this before now. He smacked again in the same spot, telling me that one was for setting it up without discussing it with him beforehand. He smacked my ass a third time and ran it down my ass crack and slit. He did that again, and once more. Then, his hand snaked inside my panties. Before I knew what was happening, he had flipped me around and tied me up. I know we’ll wind up having to draw up a contract, but for the moment, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Following orders

Bare bottom spankingsI stayed bent over his lap, bare ass in the air as I was ordered. Blindfolded. Nothing but my garter and stockings on. He was petting and smoothing the flesh of my ass cheeks, making my body react so violently. I heard a door open, and many sets of footfalls entering. My pussy was quivering with anticipation. Silence for a moment, one heartbeat, two, three.. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! One hand after another walking past, spanking my ass and my tiny pussy lips. Harder and harder, and on the procession went. My flesh stung, my cunt surged, and my nipples threatened to tear themselves apart from their hardness.

The next lineup brought all sorts of foreign objects invading my fuck holes. I don’t know what most of them were, but at one point I’m sure I felt a stapler, besides fingers and fists.

Then began the cocks. filling each of my holes while I laid across master’s lap. Pounding into my now gaping, cum dripped holes. Some of them shoving in two, or three at a time. Impossibly stretching my poor twat and asshole. Never was my mouth with out a penis in it for more than a heartbeat.

Who knew the PTA could be so much fun?

Submissive slut

submissive slut

Me and my master went for a drive today. It was all fun, he had the radio on and he grabbed my hand and put it in his lap. He called me a stupid bitch and told me “You know what to fucking do.” So I looked up at him and I took his dick out. He told me he didn’t want to stop the car and needs to piss. He also mentioned that if I make a mess, he will make a mess out of my face.

I put my lips tightly around his cock, getting ready to drink his piss that was going to spray into the back of my throat. I tried to seal my lips shut around his cock so I did not anger him. Once I was finished drinking his piss, he shoved my mouth all the way down on his cock and demanded that I give him road head.

I chocked on his cock the harder he forced me down on it. I am going to milk his cock and make him proud!

Sexy Phone Sex Sookie

sexy phone sex

You know what’s sexier than anything baby? Banana Split Sundaes. Not only do they fucking taste amazing but they’re just so seductive in a sense. Like when I’m eating a big fat sundae in front of you and I decide to start putting some whip cream on my nipples for you. You’d like that wouldn’t you, baby? Are you starting to think of all the endless possibilities now sexy? I take that cherry and place it on top of my clit between my smooth lips between my smooth fucking thighs for you to bend over and eat that cherry right out of my pussy. After you’re finished with your cherry, you can move on to the main dessert. Mmm, you guessed it! You’ll lick and suck all over my pussy until you’ve got me begging for more and moaning out your sexy name baby. Feeling hungry yet? I know I always am! Whenever you’re ready, I am. I’ve got a sexy body just for you baby.

Bondage Whore Caitlin

Bondage Whore

Come over right now and tie me up baby, make me your bondage whore. I love to be completely tied down with a gag in my mouth to muffle every whimper that seeps from my throat as you’re teasing and fucking me into oblivion. I have everything you could possibly want to use for binding me up like the sexy little submissive whore that I am. I absolutely it when a man inflicts pain while hes teasing me, it’s the best of both worlds that gets me o my peak so quickly every time. A little bit of pleasure mixed in with a whole lot of pain for me! I have all kinds of whips, flogs, and paddles just for inflicting pain baby. I’ll be your little sex slave if you know how to tie me down just write. Do you think you have what it takes to truly tame me into a submissive little cunt? I believe you do because your dick is already getting hard just thinking about hitting me and telling me to shut the fuck up when I cry out in pain.

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