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That’ll do, slave. That’ll do.

Submissive slutMaster has been so very pleased with me lately. He’s a new master to me, and has been enjoying how well I fill my position as his submissive slut! He called me one day and claimed me. He was so in love with how well I commanded my offspring. Finally, I didn’t have to stay the dominant one! BDSM phone sex with him really lets me be the submissive whore I was meant to be.

Master has me tie my huge, lactating tits, making them dribble and leak. They’re so rock hard and ready to be milked! After filling up a set of big bottles, master orders me to remove the pump, and place it on my clit. I come almost immediately, leaving a large wet spot under my cunt in the bed. But that’s not wet enough for him, he has me stand, squat and take a nice, long, hot piss just for him.

Like a good girl, I clean up every drop with my tongue. This whole time, master’s had me hold my biggest, fattest butt plug in my tight little ass. I’m only allowed to remove it if I must shit. But otherwise, it would bring dire consequences.

My little ones and myself are only allowed to run around the house if we are in nothing save our underwear and a top. A bra in my case. They do so very good licking my horny MILF pussy! Master says I need to hurry up and get pregnant again, so I can make him even more milk, and breed more cunt lickers to take care of me!

He’s such a kind master. I have to confess, sometimes I let him catch me calling him “Sir” instead of “master” just s I get extra spankings!

After all, anything master wants, master gets!

Bad Mommy

milf phone sex

I took my oldest daughter to a Halloween party this past weekend…she really wanted to go! She wanted to go because she knew it was an adult party, but I never mentioned that this party was all about hot sex toys that we would use on each other. I made her promise that if she went she would dress and act like a big girl even given her age. She agreed quickly but when we got there her tune started to change. She realized that there were way more guys than girls, they all had toys, ropes, and a hard cock. She started to act restless so I suggested she be the first one we all tried toys out on. She tried to protect but I promptly shoved a ball gag in her mouth and tied her up to shut her up. We started shocking her all over her body, using a vibrator on her cunt to get her moist. Soon she was soaking and a hand was stuffed inside her extremely hard pussy and she was screaming thru the gag in her mouth! Doesn’t she know that Halloween is all about the darkest desires? She sure did know soon enough!


Submissive whoreI’m never happier than when I’m all tied up and completely at master’s mercy. I am his, totally claimed, totally submissive. Completely his submissive whore. To use, to abuse, and to keep as his own. I’ll not forget easily my first time being claimed. I was so very young. So very ready to be somebody’s. My father, who had trained me so well, was driving me to the meeting place. I had very strict instructions. We arrived, it was high in the mountains, very secluded. The new master’s car was already there. I kept my eyes to the floorboards. Father stepped out and met with him. My heart was pounding, I was so scared I would forget something, embarrass myself. A few moments, which seemed as hours, later, father sat back down. I immediately exited the vehicle, walked around to kneel at my new owner’s feet, and waited silently as the gravel dug into the flesh of my knees. I hear father’s car leave. My heart was fully in my throat now. This was it. Focus, Jessica.

He dropped his pants, and I immediately began deepthroating his cock, just as I was taught. I kept my eyes down, as I had not been given permission to look up yet. As soon as he came down my throat in surging waves, he pulled his impressive cock from my mouth and pissed his hot musk all over me. I was moved. I was claimed. He marked me exactly as his own. He cupped my chin in his hand and gently turned my face up to his, permitting me see him. He was tall, and powerful looking. Still we did not speak. He drove me to his home, and led me upstairs, to a big bathroom with a large stone tub. I stood perfectly still as he disrobed me, inspecting my flesh, my teeth, my hair, every curve and crease to my body. He took time running a bath, bathing me, and re dressing me in an outfit of his choosing.

I followed him to his bedchambers, where I was tied and laid on the bed.

The things he taught me that night changed me forever. I know where I belong.

Will you be my master?

Whatever Master Says, I’ll Do…

submissive whore

Master had a new playtime activity he wanted to try and as usual, I am always up for pleasing him. Per his instruction, I handcuffed myself to a table and awaited his arrival. When he came in, I knew he was pleased as he smiled and said, “Good Whore.”  He informed me that we would be trying something new that night and had me spread my legs wide. With only my thigh highs on and high heels, I left my legs as far apart as I could stand. He began to tease my pussy with his tongue, getting me very wet. A finger fucking followed, and finally, he looked up and told me that he was going to force his fist inside of my pussy. I was intimidated. That sounded painful and uncomfortable. But, once he was in and his fist was fucking me, I got so into it and felt overwhelmed with pleasure as my pussy had never felt so tight and so full. I was gushing in no time and made my Master so happy.

Submissive slut gets forced fisted!

submissive slut

My master daddy has been very critical of me lately I have to make sure I am on my best behavior or else he will punish me. He knows that he can smack my ass and leave it wilted and red with his hand prints embedded in my skin and I will usually learn my lesson as I am squirting down my thighs. He came home early today, and I was not expecting him.

I was cleaning the house, but I was not dressed like a little fuck toy with a leash and collar in my special outfit. He was livid! He belted out with his manly mean voice, asking why I was being such a pathetic worthless little whore. He demanded answers as to why I was not following his orders when he was not home. He told me that I was such a pathetic useless sac of shit.

He decided that he needed to leave more of a lasting impact on me. He grabbed me by my hair and through me down to the ground. He spit in my face and got on his knees in front of me. He pulled my panties off. He ripped them right in half off of my stupid body. I squirmed as he pried my legs apart. His fist slammed into my fuck hole.

My ass juice gushed all over his fist as it rammed in and out of my ass. I did not even get time to relax and let my holes open up or get wet. He didn’t care either, even if it was dry. He rammed his fist harder and faster in me. He was going in and out, tearing my ass hole flesh apart. I cried out and begged him that I would be better. My face was red and I had tears down my face.

My ass hole is so gapped open that It stretches wide open. He told me that now he has made my ass so gapped open I have an actual excuse as to why my head is so far up there so often. My poor forced fisted ass hole. Guess  I will listen better form here on out.

XXX Bondage – How to Spank a Woman

As new as I am to the BDSM lifestyle and local community, one thing I have learned from my experiences is spanking.  Let me tell you how to spank a woman.XXX bondage

I don’t know about OTHER women, but I can tell you what I find erotic. I like being bound on my hands and knees so that I can’t move an inch, no matter how I struggle. Once I am immobile, I love to feel my dom’s hand run over every inch of my bared skin, gently teasing and taunting me. When he runs his hand down my hip and over my ass, I love when he teases my ass and cunt, gently gliding his hand over the slit that runs the length of them. Then, a sudden, hard smack that reverberates through the room, stinging my flesh as it leaves a nice hand print. Another gentle hand stroking over my ass cheeks, massaging the cheeks perhaps, before another harsh smack on the other cheek. Repeat that as many times as you like, until EVERY INCH of my luscious ass is as red as a radish, and welted over nicely. If it bruises, more’s the better!How to Spank a Woman

Submissive Whore Halloween Sex Toy Party

submissive whoreI attended a submissive whore sex toy party. It was a Halloween themed party too. At first I thought that just meant a costume party. I went as a French Maid. Seemed an appropriate costume for a submissive woman. I was actually quite shocked to discover that the sex toys being were Halloween inspired. I fell in love with the Frankenstein collection. You got it. Monster sized dildos with nuts and bolts for added pleasure and really huge green balls. The woman throwing the party was owned too. We drank wine, sampled the products and enjoyed girl time. I felt relieved actually to be away from the watchful eyes of masters for a little bit. That felling didn’t last long, however. All of our masters arrived about an hour into our party. Changed the dynamic drastically. We were no longer women trying out toys for our pleasure. We were submissive pets fucking ourselves for our master’s amusement. I was ordered to use the Frankenstein dildo on my ass. I hesitated too long and got slapped in the face. That was nothing compared to what would happen if I didn’t do as instructed.

rape phone sex fantasiesMy master had a surprise for me. Actually all the master’s had a surprise for us. I was giving a show to a cloaked man. He was in disguise as were several other men. Myself and the other submissive women were shredding our assholes with horrific sex toys for the entertainment of unknown men. I stopped asking questions a long time ago. Whatever my master was up to didn’t matter as long as I complied. I fucked my ass raw, but it was nothing compared to the hardcore ass fucking my maser’s cloaked friend gave me. All of us got the same treatment. My ass was prolapsed by the time he was finished. As if the anal torture was not enough, I discovered that my ass assailant was my teen son. In fact all the cloaked men assembled by our masters were our sons. I still have not decided it that was a trick or a treat. Maybe both? Do you have rape phone sex fantasies about mommy?

Submissive slut

submissive slut

My master has been so upset with me lately, he is tired of me talking back to him, he decided to teach me a little lesson. He smacked me across the face and told me to get on my knees. I obeyed him as I got ready to suck and stoke his cock. My master pulled out his cock and began forcing it down my through telling me to take it deeper and deeper to the point where I was gagging. I begged him to stop which just added to his anger. My master punched me acrooss the face telling me to learn to respect authority. I began bleeding from my nose the more and more he punched me. I begged him asking him to forgive me for being such a bad submissive whore. I was then forced on to the ground and told to keep quiet or else. My master pulled out a needle and thread and began sewing my mouth shut. I screamed and cried in pain as he began threading the needle in and out of my lips. He laughed and smiled at me telling me thats how a whore learns her place and how to be quiet. He then bent me over and began fisting my pussy being as rough and as aweful as he possibly could. I guess I need to just be a submissive whore since that is all that I am good for.

BDSM Phone Sex Fantasies Fulfilled

Let me assist in fulfilling those BDSM phone sex fantasies next time your seeking that need. You know, to humiliate a useless whore? I want to be that submissive whore that you use up, beat up, and tie up. I want to be bound and pleasured to the point of losing it.

Make me your pleasure victim and force face fuck me while my cunt is being invaded by a mechanical cock. Fuck my face while you have my nipples and clit clamped. I am here for you to use and penetrate me however you fill fit.

I want to please my new master and be the best submissive slut I can be! Can you control my perverted needs, and quell that empty hole that needs to be filled?

BDSM Phone Sex

My True Purpose

submissive slut

Look at me! The biggest submissive slut you could ever find. My Daddy raised me right, to enjoy being beaten around, used and fucked like the submissive slut I am. Being treated like shit is my specialty! Cum, piss and shit, bondage, abuse, humiliation, forced rape fantasies, k9 play… I fucking love it all. My cunt is literally dripping writing this because what I crave right now is for more men than I can count will come in and take advantage of this true submissive slut. I want them to pass me around beating me, fucking me, keeping me tied up and completely helpless and at their mercy. Even when I struggle I cum hard because this is how I want and need to be treated. This is how all women should be treated in my opinion…and I only state my opinion because a man is not around to put me in my place. That’s all I crave in life, that is my only true purpose – to be used.

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