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Bondage Whore Mishap

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. It seems an antiquated fetish in the modern world of hardcore BDSM. My Master and I have always had a rather old school relationship. I enjoy being tied up and gagged. It makes me feel vulnerable and helpless. I enjoy giving up power and control. Sometimes, however, our bondage games go awry like this last time. Master had me work the day after Thanksgiving. I was not happy, but I am his office bitch, so I cannot say no. He didn’t have any real work for me to do. He just wanted to tie me up and abuse my ample breasts. The problem was that after he tied me up and came on my bound breasts, he left the office for a quick errand. He was just going to get Starbucks. He never came back to untie me. I was bound to that chair in my work clothes with my breasts exposed for days.  I tried hard to get myself lose, but all I did was cut my wrists on the rope and tip the chair over. I was forced to piss and shit myself. I had nothing to eat. I was saved when two days later the cleaning team for the building came by. They only clean our office twice a week since it is small, just the  two of us normally.  When I heard them come in, I screamed for help. I felt a sense of relief that I had been rescued.  The couple who discovered me, saw an opportunity. An opportunity to abuse me. I was a helpless submissive whore to use in their eyes. The male of the duo fucked my mouth, slapped my tits, spit on me, kicked me in the gut and sodomized my ass while his female partner pissed on my face and kicked me in my “whore cunt.” They left me tied up, covered in piss, shit, cum and spit. Master came in yesterday and found me. He had a senior moment and forgot that he had left me tied up. He forgot he left his office whore bound to a chair for three days? I need a new, younger, master.

submissive whore

Torture to Death

torture phone sex

He was here to get me pregnant, but my holes could never compare to my daughters holes. He needed her to work the cum up for my cunt, that baby batter for my pussy would be drained out from my baby girl’s little tiny holes. We both get off on the same thing…pain, torture… fucking bloody snuff rape fantasies. He was there for two of my precious angels, both so young and bald and innocent. Sky was who I gave him first; she is so young tiny little body with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. This is the one he wanted me to kill as he filled me with his babybatter but first we started with me fisting her ass and her little pussy. Her blonde hair was bloody and I made her taste her own blood off of my fingers. She cried and begged Mommy to stop hurting her! He loved watching, he knew his cock would soon go into an even younger hole. I left Sky covered in blood and ruined in the corner while I got her little sister Scarlett. That girl, one of the youngest…still in diapers and not talking. Puffy little bald cunt to cave in, well rather I planned to force her to make her ass and pussy one hole by using my friend’s cock to force all the way in. I bounced her body up and down while she cried and struggled and screamed. She was bloody and helpless. It wasn’t long before her tight cunt made his cock ready for my pussy; he pushed past my cervix while I laid lil Sky on his chest. Ready to snuff her out for him with my fist stuffed way past the elbow! He looked right in her eyes as she died, and I was given the warmest babybatter I needed to make another little one for him to destroy.

Gangbang phone sex

gangbang phone sex

My brother is over for the holidays and he ran to the store for a quick beer run and when he came back he had a lot of his old friends with him. He told me that they were horny so I was going to be a little fuck puppet for them to sink their cocks into me.

I never disagree, a dumb slut like myself does whatever she is told. I bent over and immediately offered up my holes for their pleasure. His five friends all took turns opening up a beer and unzipped their pants. They took turns pushing their cocks into my holes.

They were stretching my holes out and pounding them deep and hard. I kept letting them stuff me. My brother bragged to his friends that I was just a little cum slut, and to give me all the cum they could stuff in me. I was just like a little pinnate for them to stuff full of cum into and beat it out of me later.

 I will do anything to satisfy my master brother though. I am too stupid to think for myself, he knows what is best for me! I am grateful.

Master sold me

submissive whoreMaster decided he needed money, and knowing I would do anything for him, he sold me to this guy Mark for $50,00.00! He puts me on a plane to Mexico. I’ve never been this far from home, I am so lost and scared when he arrives to pick me up. I was under orders not to speak whatsoever. When we get to his place I strip down into my slutty lingerie, and put my collar on and stay on all fours like the dog I was supposed to be. I still have my shiny silver butt plug in, just like Master ordered. I was to shit and piss in a bucket until I earn being able to use the toilet. Every day he invites friends over to take my holes over and over again. But he got bored quick, and decided to stir things up a bit. He took me down to this tiny, nasty little bar to a back room and told me to sit and wait. There were several other younger girls in there with me.

12 guys enter the room, naked and massive fucking dicks swinging and ready to hurt us all. One girl starts crying and gets a slap to the face hard enough to land her on the floor. She just lays there whimpering quietly on the floor. Our heads are shaved to add to the degradation. They start with the younger ones, making me watch as they gape their holes. One by one they place them over my face to eat the cum out of their freshly gaped holes before they use me in the same way.

I’m laying there, completely used, they all piss all over me.

I’ll do anything for Master!

How Can I Please You?

bdsm phone sex

Being a submissive bondage phone sex whore is such fun. I spend my days eager to please you, willing to talk about any subject and hot and horny waiting for you. Just like when I am with my master, your orgasm, your pleasure, is my ultimate goal. I’ll do anything to send you over that edge and make you cum so fucking hard, you won’t soon forget it and you’ll be cumming back for more. At just 2.00 per minute, that’s one hell of a cheap price for spending time with a girl like me. One who is willing, ready and able to phone fuck you and do just as you say. Following your instruction gets me off, so tell me what you want me to do. Mmm, I can’t wait to get off with you on the phone, I’m already here playing with my perfectly wet, tight pussy and on the edge of a strong orgasm. Call me tonight and let’s get off together.

Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

I worship my master, I know that without him I am nothing but scum on the ground. He owns all the rights to my holes and my body. He takes all of his frustration and stress out on me. When he gets home, I already know to get on my hands and knees and cater to him.

Tonight he is in a mood to teach me a lesson and I of course will do whatever he tells me to. He pulls my panties beneath my butt cheeks. He starts cracking his bare hands across my bubbly rump. I bit down on my lip and squeal as quietly as I can as I take him shooting the nerves up in my butt to my back.

I lay there, telling him how I will be a good girl and I will do whatever he says. He cracks his hand harder against my ass and I feel it burn, and get hot. I will take spankings whenever my master sees that I should.

Master’s new toy

submissive whoreI wanted to do something extra special for Master’s Thanksgiving, so I went out shopping. Not for food, or presents, but for a new kind of surprise. And I found her, of all places at my old church! She was just right, a little smaller than me, pretty brunette hair, and so very innocent looking. But, at night I knew her to be quite a freak, and she knew exactly what I wanted.

I brought her home while Master was still out, bound and gagged her, and hooked her up to the chain and pipe restraint system.

I went to finishing my daily chores before his arrival, but with my absence, I fell terribly behind, and did not have dinner finished. When he walked in, he did not need to speak, I knew what to do. I dropped my panties and grabbed my knees while he spanked my bare bottom. My ass cheeks and pussy were throbbing and stinging, and I was so very wet already. Master was as well, and he went to lead me to our room. My heart pounded with excitement, and when he opened the door and saw what was awaiting him, his reaction was so very worth it. He gasped, and his cock strained hard to be freed. I went to work removing his clothes, and preparing things for play time. While he tortured her pussy with powerful vibrations, and teasing her nipples with rubber coated clamps, I sucked and licked Master’s beautiful dick.

She came over and over before he was done with her, and I was richly rewarded with a huge serving of Master’s thick, salty cum.

Happy Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to see what we all get for Christmas!

Submissive Whore Bound and Restrained

Bound and restrained are the predicaments this submissive whore finds herself in regularly and the tortuous and compelling followings are indicative in how aroused I become. The slapping of my bound breasts until they are representative of their burning with the stark red contrast aglow upon my flesh. The immeasurable stimulation of every sensory point of pleasure inducing endorphins to come alive.

Under the opiate like trance of the awakened flesh Master will force me into climax using an Hitachi wand, or sometimes even a tens unit applied to my clitorous and not letting up. The level of ecstasy is high and with the very same level of control Master holds over me he can take that very pleasure away.

Would you deny me the pleasure of female ejaculatio, or would you simply draw it out adding in intervals of slaps, clamping, or other such sensations? I would be greatly interested in just how you would use and exploit me and my body for your own personal playground. I Promise you can cum wherever you want when your finished.

Submissive Whore


in training

Bare bottom spankings

I had no self control. Master was always punishing me for being a greedy whore. His latest punishment was so brutal.. I almost lost it. I got dressed and he had me bend over. “Pull your skirt up.” He rubbed my thong, teased my holes and told me to slowly take them off. I did as I was told and put my hands back flat against his desk. He started spanking me. Harder and harder. When he was done my ass was purple. He started rubbing his cock. Jacking off on my ass. After he came all over my ass, he slid a vibrater in my pussy and turned it on full blast. He pulled my panties up and my skirt down. He said I needed self control. He wanted me to think about his cum on my ass as we went shopping. By the end of the day my legs were weak, my pussy was dripping wet and my master ended my punishment by fucking my swollen pussy.

Submissive Slut

submissive slut

My poor pussy is still aching from this weekend. He forced me into an uncomfortable position and then restrained me that way just to let me sit there for two hours completely naked.  By the time he got to me my knees were bruised and indented with deep craters from the gravel I was kneeling on. I was also kind of nodding off too but he roused me out of that by painfully slapping my bare pussy lips that had grown cold and numb after two hours of sitting like that. He then punched my pussy a couple times to “warm it up” and then slid his fat cock into my pussy so deeply that it jabbed roughly against my cervix! I screamed out against my ball gag stuffed between my lips and he just pushed harder! His thick fingers fisted in my hair at the base of my skull and yanked my head back so that he could the tears roll down my cheeks. He enjoyed my pain and it only made him fill my cunt with cum quicker. I’m nothing but a submissive slut, I’ll only be good for brutal bondage and getting my holes beaten until they’re gaping open and draining cum.

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