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Happy Birthday Master!

BDSM phone sex

It was one of my favorite days of the year, Masters’ Birthday. Every year I try my best to please him to the full extent of my ability. This year I had an idea! I told Master that I would need his help with my gift. I requested that Master put me in a bondage rack with my asshole sticking straight up in the air and then stick a birthday candle in and blow it out. Master sure had a lot of fun with his candle before blowing it out. Feeling the hot wax dripping on to the super sensitive skin of my asshole is exhilarating. To further my pleasure Master took a cane and whipped me. The combination of the sensation of heat with the sting of the cane was so close to sending me over the edge. I begged Master to let me cum. Please let me cum Master! He told me I had to wait just a little bit longer. I tried so hard to hold off. I didn’t want to disappoint Master on his birthday! As soon as I couldn’t take it anymore, Master plunged his fingers into my pussy and forced me to explode! My pussy juices squirted all over my face. Master smiled at me and blew his candle out. I’m so happy that he liked my gift to him!

Bondage whore

bondage whore

I am out by the pool trying to work on my tan. My master already told me that I cant lay naked by the pool unless he is home to watch. I was just being a dumb impatient whore. My master came home early and got some rope from the garage.

He saw me laying on my tummy, my ass in the air. Before I could react he tied me up like a hog. My ankles and wrist were connected and the toped cut in to my skin. He took off his belt and started slapping my ass. He was not happy at all. My ass was getting wilts on it as he made my stupid worthless whore ass jiggle.

He finally flipped me over on the front so that I could beg for his cock in my mouth and to say sorry. He finally caved in and stuffed it down my throat. He didn’t let any time go by to where his belt wasn’t hitting my tits or my pussy. He was breaking my skin. I will be a better dumb whore next time.

Bondage Whore on Tinder

bondage whoreAs a bondage whore, I get myself tied up often. I am looking to supplement my current master / servant relationship. My Master, owner and boss has given me permission to play with others. I just cannot be fully owned yet as he still has some life in his old body. I have been his for decades, but his age has complicated our relationship. He granted me permission to look for some S and M fun on Tinder. I actually am not very computer savvy. I had to get my daughter’s help in creating a profile. We used a picture of me all tied up as my profile pic. My daughter said no one uses a face shot on Tinder. She was like, “Mom, it’s a hook up site, not a dating site.” She elaborated that no one cared what I looked like because they were just fucking me. In my case, just abusing me. I was surprised how many responses I received to my “Just an Old Whore” post. My daughter helped me respond and set up “dates.” None of the ones I responded to got me worked up like my long-term master, until Charles. He was date #8 on day 3. Tall, dark, handsome and cruel. It was love at first smack. Instead of shaking my hand, he smacked me across the face and ordered me to my knees.  I started worshiping his cock. There was no small talk, no attempt to get to know me or find out what I liked sexually. Clearly what I wanted didn’t matter. As a submissive whore, that is just what I was looking for in a man. He used my mouth, then my pussy and finally my ass.  My ass got used well too. First some hard spankings, then some flogging and finally a hardcore ass fucking that left me gaping open and sore. He left without a word. His cum was leaking out of my ass. I was in love. Perhaps I found my replacement Master?

Watch the Attitude

Bare bottom spankingsSo, I did a stupid thing. I talked back to my Master with a cock and sarcastic tone. So, as I got hog tied with my bright blue Christmas present and my mouth held open with an O ring. All of this in front of our party guests. I could feel my cheeks flush brightly and couldn’t seem to meet the eyes of anyone around me as I was told to wiggle and squirm onto my knees, my weight rested against my chest. I gurgled and moaned, unable to hold the drool in around my mouth being forced open creating a pool of spit under my cheek. I was trying to figure out how to keep my face out of that wet puddle I felt the hard, sharp, and hot sting of a reed cane across my cold ass. I screamed and wiggled before feeling another quick smack across the fleshy cheeks again. Another person coming and taking a fist full of my hair making me look up towards the stranger, unable to recognize them with the tears of pain in my eyes running down my cheek, ruining my makeup. A cock making its way between the O ring and running over my tongue as another hard whack against my ass as the cock begin to make its way in and out of my throat.

Will he?

Submissive slutI am going to tell you a wonderful fantasy of one of my favorite callers (we shall refer to him as Teri. See, he has a half sister, also named Jessica. He’s wanted to get his dick into her since they were young. The only thing their mother asked was for him to wait for her to be of legal age. Well, many years later, she’s of age, fixed, and he’s been very patient. He’s not made it any secret of his intentions, as much as she tends to brush it off as all joking and fun. Even Teri’s fiance, who is very bisexual, and very talented, has been trying to get them together, just one time.

Both Teri and his woman knew Jessica was bored with being so ignored by her bf of a year, always busy with kids, always stressed. They also knew she liked to be dominated.

Finally, they convinced her to come over. She stood before Teri whom was sitting on the end of his bed, while his woman stood behind Jessica. As soon as he got confirmation that he could do whatever he wanted, and as soon as he made it clear to her that she was just as safe and cared for in this bedroom as she was in any of the rest of their lives, they went to work.

Teri’s woman slowly undressed Jessica from behind, gently brushing her flesh, getting every nerve on end.

Once she was gently bound, Teri’s woman left the room. She didn’t want to intrude on something that meant so much to him. He took his time, getting her to orgasm over, and over again. With his mouth, with his impossibly gentle hands. The whole wile, she was unable to move, powerless to do anything but come.

By the time he slid his eager member into her, they both came in screaming orgasms.

Teri’s woman came back in while they laid there, spent,

“Coffee, anyone?”

Submissive whore

A Special Treat for Master

submissive whore

I wanted to give my Master something special for Christmas, so when he came by at the scheduled time this week I had a friend there with me. She tied me up in a swing which had me suspended from the ceiling. When he came in and saw me hanging there, right at cock level, he came over and unzipped. Without a word, he shoved his cock in my mouth and really fucked my face hard. Suddenly, he stopped and swung me around forcing my face into my friend’s pussy. He wanted to fuck me while I licked her pussy and made her scream. He pulled my hair and told me to make her cum. I finger fucked her and licked her like my fucking life depended on it. Soon, she was squirming and moaning and he was really plunging into my ass hard. He stopped again and ordered her on all fours where he began to fuck her from behind while all I could do was hang there and watch. I had been so close to cumming! He kept looking at me and telling me to beg him to fuck me. I pleaded, and was finally given what I wanted.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex – Sensory

Extreme fetish phone sexThere were clamps pinching my nipples, bruising the flesh, making me cringe with the pain. They were tugged on every so often, and I couldn’t help but groan with the sensations flowing back from those sensitive little nubbins. I was face-down, suspended from the ceiling by various ropes, which were cutting into my skin, leaving what I knew would be rope burns across my chest, arms, belly, legs and ankles. My mouth was gagged, my eyes blindfolded. I felt a hum fill the air, and I knew that someone had started a violet wand, and dread and anticipation filled me. I had no idea where it was going, if it was even going to touch skin. And suddenly, it did: it touched the outside of my pussy lips, sending a jolt through me, before being removed again. I feel fingers spread my pussy lips, and air kiss my cunt. Then, I feel that electric jolt touch down so close to the clit that I scream through my gag. I don’t know how much more of this I can take, but damn me is it exciting!

Submissive Whore is forced to watch!

My master has been searching for the perfect submissive nigger slut.

One who will moan as he whips her.

He wants to make her say “Yes Massa, Thank you Massa.”

He wants his own black slave that he can torture whenever he wanted to.

I bore him now. That makes me sick.

Makes me churn thinking about him fucking this nigger whore instead of me.

I beg to be punished. I crave his anger, his humiliation and his torture.

Now this stupid fucking nigger whore has it all. She can’t fuck him like I can.

She can’t take his torture the way I can. At least I don’t think she can.

The way she screams, fuck it makes my pussy drip! I can hear my master slamming

his cock deep inside of her dirty nigger cunt. I wish he was brutally fucking my holes.

Submissive phone sex

Submissive Sex Whore For Master’s Use

Do with me how you wish as I am your new submissive sex whore and subservient cunt. Let me take care of your needs Master. I want to be your submissive whore that licks your asshole and drains your balls. I want your forceful and strong hands on my warm naked flesh.

submissive sex

Tease the fuck out of me and then hand me a toy and tell me to masturbate for you, and all I want is YOUR cock pounding my cunt. Nothing disappoints me more and causes me to beg you like a pathetic bondage whore for your cock to fuck me.

I am a filthy, perverted fucking whore for submissive use. I can be a switch as most good submissives play both rolls well. I’m wet thinking about my next Master.

Scat phone sex

scat phone sex

I always pictured myself having a white Christmas bathing in cum shower. However, this year my master proclaimed I have been nothing but naughty and that I was going to only get coal. Well, I assumed he meant coal. He didn’t exactly mean that.

My master grabbed me by my hair and demanded that I get on the floor. I obeyed of course. We turned around and asked if I was ready for me present. He spread his cheeks and let out a big turd. “Eat it you dumb bitch.” I opened my mouth and starting inhaling in his shit.

All of his shit was getting all over my face. I tried my best to get my mouth full of his turds. I was licking and sucking his ass making sure I cleaned him up like the little piece of shit toilet paper that I am. Being naughty all year isn’t so bad after all.

What dumb submissive bitch doesn’t want a mouth full of shit? This girl right here craves for any and all shit. My mouth and face is wide open to be your toilet whore.

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