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Erotic Bondage Stories

erotic bondage storiesErotic bondage stories are almost as fun to create as they are to share. I have a few callers who enjoy hearing my bondage stories. I tend to get all tied up frequently. But, that is to be expected with me because I have always been a bondage girl. It started when I was a little girl. My mom was more my father’s bitch than she was his wife. I discovered her one day all tied up and contorted in a very painful position. My immediate instinct was to help my mother, so I untied her. She actually scolded me for helping her because she said daddy would be very upset with me for intervening. He was too. I got punished, but not like a father traditionally punishes his offspring. I did not get spanked or put in a corner. I got tied up. Bound and gagged like a pig about to be roasted and shoved in a dark closest over night. I was alone and scared. I had no access to a bathroom or warm bed. No food or water. Not even love and affection from my parents. My mom let me out the next day to get me ready for school. I had rope burns on my body. That incident broke me. I was forever scared of my father after that, but the incident also brought about a morbid fascination with bondage for me. As I got older, I asked boys to tie me up. I discovered that I was quite the bondage whore thanks to daddy. Daddy and mommy are long gone, but here I am still enjoying being bound and gagged. Last night my own son tied me up. He secured the ropes so tightly that I couldn’t move, forcing me to sleep in a painful position until he released me this morning. I have ropes and a wide variety of submissive devices. I am ready for you to tell me what to do sir.

Cock worshiping my daddy’s cock

cock worshiping

My daddy loves for me to get on my hands and knees like the desperate dumb whore that I am and worship his cock.

He takes it out and lets it dangle right in my face, just so that I can give it the praise that his king daddy cock deserves.

I start by worshiping it, telling him how lucky I am to even look at it, and have amazing it is.

I crave my daddy’s amazing cock and would do anything for it. I kiss the ground that he walks on. He has the most

amazing, magnificent huge cock.

His cum filled nuts are the most dangly amazing cum filled balls I have ever seen. I love to worship his cock with my

dumb whore mouth if he lets me. I praise his dick with my mouth, slurping and sucking ever inch of him. I make sure

to get his cock sloppy wet in my spit, just the way he likes. I take his cock so far down my throat that I choke on it, and

I do not come up for air for even a second.

Oh thank you daddy, for letting me worship you big cock. Thank you for letting me milk the juicy cum that you have

overflowing your nuts.

XXX Bondage Like No Other!

I have never been “mummified” before. They took this gauze that reminds me of that sticky stuff they use when you give blood, and they wrapped my entire upper body, save for my breasts, up. My arms were essentially glued to my sides. Then, they wrapped my head, leaving just my face open to see what was going on, and to breathe. Once I was laid, gently, on the bed, they started to pinch and torture my nipples, rub and flick my clit, and ram fingers into my cunt. I thought I was good to go, until they all stopped what they were doing and backed up a step from the bed. That’s when I saw the hand coming down at me from alongside my head. XXX bondage

They’d brought in a violet wand. I felt the first shock on my exposed breast, just away from the nipple. I groaned and quivered. The next shock came directly on my nipple, and I tried to pull away, which only brought laughter. The wand touched the other nipple, and I shuddered, still trying to pull away from the shocks. Then, they moved the wand lower, and lower….to my wet and waiting cunny. They touched that wand to each of the inner thighs, then the lips, then directly on my clit, my vag, and my ass hole. Each new shock brought another groan, even as my body continued to tremble. By the time they finished with the wand, I was a mass of nerves; and when they fucked me, I came so hard and so many times that it hurt.

Gangbang phone sex

gangbang phone sex

My master was not satisfied with the way I had been fucking his cock, so he decided to teach me a lesson. He placed a add on craigslist asking for men to come over to his house to fuck me. He wanted me covered in cum and piss. He wanted all the men to laugh at me while they all took turns fucking me and telling me what a stupid piece of shit whore I was.

My master also said that he found someone one prettier and tighter then me, and he wanted me to watch him fuck her after I was taught my lesson since this was whore training day .The door bell rang and in walked seven guys. Ten minutes later the door bell rang again and another four guys came in. They were all smiling since they knew they were going to fuck my holes.

My master explained the rules of how and what needed to be done to me and made each man form a line and each awaited there turn to have a shot in my holes .My master laughed watching every single guy fuck me in the ass and in the pussy. My master kept telling me to enjoy every moment since he was only going to get worse.

One by one each of the men slid there cocks deep into my holes fucking them hard and fast not caring how long they lasted as long as they came deep into my pussy or shit hole. My daddy kept saying that they weren’ there to please me they were there to fuck me like raget blow up doll whore that I was.

Once all the men had there turn with me, I had to get on my knees and stay still while all of them urinated all over my face. I was told to keep my eyes and mouth open since I was there piss whore. Once every drowned me in there piss I had to lay on my back with my legs spread open with my fingers opening my pussy so every one could see how loose I was.

Each man had to cum in my pussy trying to shoot there load from a standing position while my master, told me how nasty I was for fucking so many men. I just hope my whore class day that my master made will pay off since I really want to please him.

Make me your submissive whore, Please?

submissive whore JessicaI crave to be your submissive whore! I’m just so fucking horny, and I need a big, strong, horny man to be my master! Punish me, bind me, gag me, use me as you will, and I’ll beg for more! I’ll be your very own sex doll, just like Barbie! I’ll dress as you order me to, fuck how you need me to. I so love it when you ram your beautiful dick down my throat over and over again until I puke all over your man meat. Use that slimy hammer to destroy me puckered little asshole! And I so dearly love you grabbing my throat, choking me while you ram into my body over, and over again! Take me right to the edge of blacking out, for when you release me, my whole body surges, going right to my sensitive, hardened clit. Deny me my orgasm, make me beg and plead for release!

And when my body is laying there, bloody, bruised, and broken, use me again! I crave being ravaged by you, oh please, please!


Bondage whore

Cheap phone sexI love being a nasty submissive slut and I want us to have a kinky night. I want pussy to be spanked with a riding crop and first I want you to make my cunt sloppy wet because the spankings will hurt more. I fucking love pain it makes my pussy dripping wet. You have never met a bondage whore like me baby. I want you to strap my hands behind my back and pull me as you thrust your cock deeper in my pussy. I don’t want you to tell me, I just want you to shove a cock deep in  my ass. I want it as hard as you can give it to me baby. Strap me up baby and just make me quiver baby.

Sexy phone chat not Always Rough

Sexy phone chatEveryone always assumes that being in a D/s relationship that it’s always about you. That I never get to have my way, that I don’t to be a person. That being a slave means I don’t get to be an individual. While I think that’s true for some girls but for me. I love being the tool that you use for your own pleasure and mental well being. I would much rather be at your feet and be there for you than alone or in an emotionally abusive relationship. I know exactly what I am to you, why I am, and what my place is and that brings me comfort. Even if it’s a soft night like tonight. You just need the warmth of a human body, the love and loyalty that only a slave can give. It’s why rather than being tied and commanded, I ride your cock. Let you watch my breast bounce and jiggle with the movement. Slow, careful, unhurried rocks of my hips. Giving you just what you need and letting you relax and let go. I love you Master. I love it when you’re cruel to me and I love it when you’re just you. It’s why my favorite feeling in the world is your cock twitching in my cunt, pumping me full of your cum, and you stopping me when I try to move. Wanting to keep us locked together for just a little longer.

Scat phone sex with Naomi

Master asked me if I had been doing my anal training like I was told too. I lied and said told him yes. He could read right through my lie. He told me to pulled my panties down and spread my self open for him. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. Master was already mad, I didn’t want to make him madder! I pulled my panties down and spread my ass cheeks open, just as I was told to do so. Master took his cock and slapped it against my puckered asshole! He asked me again “Have you been fucking your asshole like I want you too?” I started to cry “No master, I am so sorry master! I have been so constipated, it just hurts so much master!” He slammed his cock in my backed up and tight asshole! He started fucking me so hard and then I smelled it! I smelled the shit that he was fucking out of me! He was punishing my dirty asshole like the worthless stupid fucking whore that I was. I didn’t do as my master told me and now he is brutally fucking the shit out of my asshole! 

Scat phone sex

Submissive Phone Sex on the Subway

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is the only kind I am allowed to have per my Master. When I told him I needed some extra money and suggested phone sex as a way to supplement his stipend, he said only if I was being a phone submissive. Of course that is what I would be. I don’t think I know how to be dominant. I only know to do what I am told. The world of the phone sex submissive, however, is not as dark as the real world. My car is in the shop getting repaired, so I had to take the subway to and from work this week. On Wednesday, I encountered some young thugs who knew I was a worthless piece of trash. In front of my entire cab car, they ripped my clothes off and force fucked me. They laughed and ridiculed the fat old whore as they thrust their cocks in and out of my worthless holes. The encouraged the other males on the subway to fuck me too. “She’s just a submissive whore, don’t feel sorry for her,” they joked. Random strangers violated my ass and pussy. Some spit on me; others pissed on me. Still others just jacked off on me like I was some bukkake whore. I would have screamed for help, but I know I am worthless piece of shit who didn’t deserve rescuing. I let men violate me for over an hour. New guys would get on the subway and join the fun. Even when the original attackers reached their stop, other guys took their place as the ring leaders. All the women on the train in full few of my public humiliation, enjoyed watching me get violated. One woman even fisted my whore cunt as she called me names. When I arrived to work my clothes were dirty, torn and smelling of piss. I was covered in cum and walking funny. My master greeted me with, “I see someone primed you for me today whore.”

Spanking Phone Sex

Spanking Phone SexSpanking phone sex is so fucking hot. Really anything dealing with spanking turns me on. Daddy loves to flip me over and spank me while he is fucking me. I am not sure if he knows how much I love it! I mean I really fucking love it! Everytime I feel his warm hand smack my ass I just want to cum all over him! And if he is deep inside me I really do cum all over him. I just spasm all over his hot throbbing cock deep inside me. The hard he spanks me the more I cum!  I am so lucky to have a daddy who is willing to give me a good hard spanking just because I am such a good little whore!

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