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Bondage Whore Bernie

bondage whoreBondage whore Bernie is my name on the circuit. I go into any BDSM club in my state and that is how I am addressed. I have quite the reputation for BDSM games. I hate that these Fifty Shades of Grey movies trivialize the lifestyle. BDSM is not a fad for me. It is my way of life. When my Master was younger, he really enjoyed tying me up. We used everything from heavy duty climbing rope to his silk ties. Sometimes we even used my pantyhose. It just depended on if he wanted to leave a mark or not. Once I was tied up a slew of sensual games ensued. Sometimes we played with hot candle wax. Sometimes ice cubes. Sometimes bare bottom spankings. Other times more hardcore like a belt strap or a Cat o Nine tails. Master was not into disfiguring me. He was not into leaving marks that lingered for days. It was about trust. It was about submission. No one believes in that kind of old school S&M relationship anymore. It’s a new  world for a subby whore like me. Trying to find a master like the one I have is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have been testing the waters for new Masters, using phone sex as a way to see what the modern dominant man is like. I’ve  discovered that my Master is from a bygone world that likely doesn’t exist anymore. I’m trying to prepare myself for what is coming. In my quest for a suitable replacement I have been tied up and left for days with no food or water sitting in my own waste. I have had my tits punched so hard a saline bag ruptured. I have had my face shoved in a toilet filled with shit and piss. I have been forced to eat puke. I have been ordered to service men with 4 legs. I have been gangbanged by men  half my age. I’m dreading the day my Master surrenders me because I cannot live in a world where I am not owned, but the men of this new age terrify me.

Submissive slut the First Mate

Submissive slutI love role play and being Master’s sweet little sailor. That white and blue uniform is so cute and makes me feel so sexy. Master is of course the Captain of our ship and it’s my duty as first mate to ensure that Captain is taken care of in every way. Even if that means spending the night in his quarters. Riding Master’s cock, wearing nothing but my sailor’s cap as Master gives me his full mast. Letting me ride his waves and gifts me with his own seamen to help us along our perilous journey on the high seas. We have to make sure that Master can focus so even as he sits at the couch, legs spread, cock hard, controller in his hand as he plays his pirate games this first mate knows her place. On her knees with Master’s cock in her mouth. Licking, worshiping, and showing just how much she loves to be at his feet. My fingers wrapping around his shaft, sucking up and down his hard length, wearing my uniform again. Slow and steady to not ruin his focus until he’s ready to cum, even if that takes hours I’m a good first mate and will lick, suck, tease until Master is ready to gift me with his amazing cum and let me taste it and feel it on my skin. I love my Captain Master and want to make sure he’s the best he can be even if it means I am always on my knees.

Bondage Whore Bo Lives to Serve Her Son

Master likes to keep his bondage whore Milf in check and has trusted my son to such while he is away. As a submissive mommy I am enslaved to the likes of my sons whims when Master is not around. So this morning I awoke with my son standing over me stroking his cock along with two of his friends. 

Barely able to focus I was pulled out of bed and forced to my knees in front of my son as the other two gathered on either side of him. They took turns force fucking my face and slapping my face and breasts. I was getting so fucking wet as my son and the two other young men were feeding me their ramrods I wanted to beg them to fuck my pussy and ass. Only, I know if I do that is the last thing I’ll get. They would fuck my ass and cunt all right, but not with their flesh rods. I’m a total whore for young cock.

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive stories

Master always liked to watch guys fuck me, especially the young ones. I think it made him think back to all the pussy he’d get back when he was that age, how much he slept around. He had this young man tie my hands up behind my back, chain my ankles to the side of the bed and spread my legs wide open. He admired my pussy before shoving his face in it. He really must’ve liked the taste of my wet little pussy because he must’ve been eating it for over a half hour. Masters cock was so hard watching him eat my yummy little pussy. He excuses the young man and bends my ass over and starts slapping it then sticks that huge hard cock inside of it, pounding that huge cock in and out of my tight little asshole. It feels so fucking good! He barely fucks me for 2 minutes before he shot his load deep inside my ass, as he pulls his dick out, I feel it dripping out of my little hole.

Cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sex

My master brought my best friend over today and I was really excited to see her! She was wearing a mini skirt and had a look of guilt plastered on her face.

I looked at my master for answers, since I know that he is the king and knows everything. My alpha looked at me and spread my friends thighs right in front of me.

She was wearing no panties and I could see her prefect little bald pussy mound. Just like my Alpha likes. He told her to sit down and ordered me to get on my knees in front of her.

As she spread her thighs further apart, cum juice from alpha started pouring out of her. There was so much cum buried inside her pussy, it made my cunt tingle.

My master demanded that I clean, suck, and eat every little of drop of sperm out of her. I will do anything for my master and I am so grateful that I am lucky enough to clean her pussy out.

After I sucked out every drop of sticky goodness out of her tight wet little cunt, I looked at my master and thanked him.

My face is covered in not only my spit from going forehead deep in between her pussy lips, but I also have her pussy juice all over my face. I will walk around with it drying on my face, till master says other wise.

Submissive Sex with Gretchen

He had a massive fucking dick, and I was so horny that I just wanted to gobble it up. He wasn’t having any of it, though. Just BECAUSE I wanted that dick in my mouth, he denied me. He started playing with my pussy – fingering my clit, sliding those fingers into my cunt, massaging gently and just driving me batty. When I thought he was finally going to fill my pussy up with that big dick, I was mistaken. Submissive sexHe started to slide that dick into my tight, dry ass. His pussy-juice covered hand came up to wrap around my throat and catch my moans before they could escape me. He worked himself into my sphincter completely dry, forcing the head past the tight muscles. He thrust in and out, shoving that dick further and further up my sphincter. He even sat down with me on his lap and held my legs up and back some so that he could force his big dick even deeper into me. Once he finally got that shaft balls-deep into my cunt, he started working it in and out, over and over, driving that dick into my g-spot from behind. He worked me into a frenzy, so much so that I started doing my best to bounce up and down on him even as he held me prone. When I came, I gushed juices all down my ass and his cock and balls. He made me clean it, too, but I totally didn’t mind!

Erotic Bondage Stories

erotic bondage storiesI love erotic bondage stories. As a little girl, I use to use my allowance money to buy True Detective magazine. It was soft core porn. The guy at 7-11 didn’t care that I was not old enough to buy the magazine yet. It was filled with stories of crimes against women. Many of the pictures were of women tied up in all sorts of positions. I would go in my room and masturbate hoping someone would tie me up like that. I love bondage. Now that I am all grown up, I have lots of men who enjoy spending time with a bondage whore like me.  Saturday night, I checked out a new bondage club about an hour away. I was nervous when I arrived because the place was filled with much younger women. That happens every time one of those Fifty Shades movies comes out. Those books / movies are so amateur compared to my life, but I get it. Young girls are curious about the lifestyle, just like I was when I was reading those true crime magazines. I was afraid guys would prefer young girls to an old cougar. But I had a few things they did not have: experience, big boobs and a true understanding of the BDSM lifestyle. Men were lining up to take me into a private room. I was the Belle of the bondage club. I had my pick of the litter, which is rare. I went with a handsome young man who reminded  me of my son. We went into a room adorned with red velvet walls and a variety of soft bondage equipment. He tied me up seductively and expertly for his age. He was in college he informed me. While I was tied up, he dripped hot wax all over my body. You cannot fuck in the club, but he could jack off on me. As I laid there covered in wax and cum, I thought if only all young dominant men were as sensual as him.

Submissive Slut – Spanked

Master had been gone on vacation for a week and told me I had privileges to do whatever I pleased as he was gone, with one condition: he’d get to punish me once he got home. Of course I agreed, Master can punish me whenever he pleases. I’m his little whore, that’s how it works. It was Saturday night, and master had just gotten home and told me to get to my room immediately.

submissive slutFrom there, he tied me down to the bed and started smacking my ass as hard as he could. He eventually moved up in pain, and got the whip. It felt so good! I love having my ass spanked and whipped. Especially since I was such a bad little girl when Master was gone. Master went at my ass for what seemed like hours, but then he untied me from the bed, bent me over my desk and fucked me so hard in the ass. I screamed out in pain and pleasure, Master’s cock felt so good! I had missed it so much while he was away. Master kept pushing that hard cock even further up my tight little asshole until he couldn’t anymore. It was just then when he pulled it out and behind thrusting into my pussy so hard and fast I could barely take it. I started moaning so loudly, then Master gave me permission to cum. My pussy started orgasming around his huge cock and I felt him shoot a load inside my tight little pussy. Master loved to watch his loads drip out, and after that we continued to fuck as he punished me the rest of the night. 

Erotic Submissive Stories – Slavery

Master came to play. He took me out to dinner, commanding every step I took. He ordered my food for me, and told me what to eat and when. After dinner, he treated me to a walk on the boardwalk. He had me strip down to nothing at the car, and then guided me along the boardwalk from one end to the other, and back again. He knew I was equal parts embarrassed and turned on, and he made sure by sticking his finger inside me once we got back to the car. He let me settle back on his leather seat completely naked, handing me my clothes when I was sorted. Once we got back to my place, I thought he was surely ready to get off, but he proved me wrong. He made me start a load of laundry, including what I’d worn that night. Erotic submissive storiesThen, he led me to my bedroom, commanded me to lie down on the bed, and then stood at the foot of the bed. He wanted me to touch myself. He wanted one hand on my tits, and the other playing with my pussy. I was to rub one out, and so I started. I slid my right hand over my right nipple and then moved it along to my left, as my left hand worked its way to my clit. I started rubbing circles over my clit before plunging 2 of my fingers straight up inside of me. I worked myself up into the heat of just before climax, and I begged him for the chance to cum. He denied me, choosing that moment to strip himself down and stuff his big dick up inside of me. Oh, I fought so hard to control that orgasm, and when he finally told me I could cum, it was such a release!

This submissive slut needs used!!

Submissive slut JessicaMy appetites as a submissive slut have grown recently. I need more than tied up and my holes used and torn. I need more than modeling as furniture, or shitting in a pail or drinking from a doggy dish. I need my limits pushed and fucking shattered! So I reached out to a retired Navy captain I’m so fond of. I told him I needed slut boot camp! And he didn’t let me down!

As soon as I walked in the door I was smacked hard across the face and knocked to the floor. He sat on my back and commanded me to crawl to the next room. I barely made it, knees and hands bleeding from the course wooden, splintery floor.

He tied me to this big, hard wall, lacing ropes around me and up through my cunt, sliding against my sensitive little clit. He attached this huge weight to the other end and stood there holding it. My heart pounded even as my kitty oozed exited juices!

Slowly, bit by bit he lowered the weight. Squeezing my clit, cutting into me.

As soon as He released it, and my pussy held it’s full weight, I almost came right then and there! He walked up, put my nipple between his teeth, and rubbed my pussy over the rope as he clamped down, drawing blood.

Fuck! I squirted all over his hands!

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