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Slave trainingMy master will be home soon, so everything needs to be perfect. The bed needs to be made so tight that a quarter will bounce off the mattress. The floors need to be so shiny that you can see your reflection. Dinner better be hot and ready. And I better be naked with only heels on. He likes to eat his dinner first with me under the table sucking his cock. I have to eat real food before he comes home, because when he’s home cum is the only thing on menu. After dinner he likes a hot bath followed by a massage. Usually the massage leads to him brutally fucking me. He fucks me like he hates me. Pounding my pussy, and pulling my hair. His favorite position is doggy style, he likes to slap my ass hard over and over again. After sex my body is black and blue. The whole time I’m doing this daily routine I’m not allowed to speak, he likes silence. I obey his rules because he looks for reasons to punish me. I’m his slave and slaves have no opinions or rights. I only do what he allows me to do.

Long Hard Work Day

submissive slut

I love being head bitch at work.
Bossing people around all day is super easy for me.
All my employees do what they’re asked, when I ask it.
All except the new guy I hired this past Monday.
He refuses to listen to me, and disagrees with me often.
Although usually I would be pissed when someone back talks me at work, there was something oddly pleasing about this man not listening to me.
I know I always have to listen to master, but he’s gone still out of town.
So while master is away, a girl can play, right?
This new hire has been giving me shit since Monday, and for some reason is turning me on. He’s extremely dominant like master, but in a dark mysterious kind of way.
I can’t tell if he wants to fuck me, or if he wants me to fuck him!
He constantly stares at my tits all day long. They’re covered for the most part since I do dress very professionally, but always with a little bad girl underneath!
I’ve been so busy that today during lunch, I leaned back in my office chair, and just started fingering my pussy.
I was so turned on, but had no time to leave.
I heard a knock at the door, my shirt still off, but he couldn’t see underneath the desk. My new hire had just walked into my office, and I wasn’t wearing my shirt!
One tit was pulled out of my bra so I could play with it while I finger fucked myself, and he just kept staring. I quickly put my shirt back on, as he closed the door.
It’s been 2 hours now since that happened, and I can feel his eyes following me around the office. What do I do? What do I say? I didn’t even get to cum! I’m still fucking soaking wet, and so turned on.

Submissive sex

submissive sex

My master today tied me to the bed and decided to have his way with me! It was a treat to be used by him. He tied me up with rope and put his hands around my neck and thrusted his big cock into my mouth. I sucked him past my tonsils and took him as deep as I could into my throat.

I was getting my spit all down my chin and chest. He tasted so good as he was precumming in my mouth. Once he was satisfied with how good I was sucking him, he decided to move lower into my pussy hole. He spread my legs wide and shoved himself into me.

He pounded my pussy as he smacked my face over and over. He spit in my eyes and told me what a little filthy whore that I am. I was so happy when he decided to blow his load all over my face, making me sticky wet in his cum.

Bondage and Submission at Work

bondage and submissionBondage and submission is my life. I am always giving in and getting tied up, especially at work. My boss and Master is old, but he does love tying me up at work. He was feeling extra frisky yesterday. I only go to the office a couple days a week now. My work schedule just depends on what kind of case he is working. He is a lawyer close to full retirement, which is why I have been supplementing my income being a phone sex submissive. I messed up some legal briefs. I filed them incorrectly. I am not allowed to make mistakes. For a simple fixable clerical error, I got some soft bondage of my tits. Well soft only in the way he tied up my boobs. The torture my whore tits, as he likes to call them, received was something very different from soft. He pinched the nipples so hard they bled. That was not enough pain for the mood he was in. He got out his lighter so he could burn them too. Have you ever smelled burning flesh? It is awful. When it is your own flesh, it is worse. The pain and smell combined is nauseating. I knew not to vomit or complain or cry. It was tough to do, but if I had, the torture would have been far worse. Master has never been big into torture sex except when it comes to my tits. The way he views it, he bought me my tits, so he can do whatever he wants to them. I will take nipple and breast torture any day over being used as a punching bag. Some of the more modern Masters, whom I have encountered, on and off the phone, enjoy going Mike Tyson on me. In their eyes, I’m not a woman, just a worthless submissive whore.

Come fuck me

Cheap phone sexI love being a dumb fucking whore. Ever since I was a little one I knew what I had between my legs could make me lots of money. I started being a whore at a young age, and I would get a hotel room so my men can come and go. I make sure I have my lube, whips, collars, and my leashes. All my clients like for me to be a dirty submissive whore who rides there cocks for as long as they need. I love hoping right on that cock and feeling it swell as I slide down that big fucking cock. I can take your cock all the way down to those balls makings sure my pussy juices squirt to get it nice and wet.

Cock worshiping my Master

Cock worshipingI felt that surge of pleasure running through me at your words. The way your hard yet silky smooth cock head felt against my nose as you teased me into using my mouth on you. My eyes looking up at you as I run my tongue over my lips. “Yes Master. I… this girl wants to be a good kitten for her Master.” I said as I tilted my head to lift my lips to your cock head giving you a little lick on the underside of your shaft. Not yet touching the head as I move, letting myself shift from my kneeling position to on all fours as I licks up the shaft. Treating it very much as if I was a kitten and licking it clean with long slow licks and little appreciative moans escaping from my throat. I was being mean to my Master, my tongue in teasing and careful worship of your cock but never once touching the head. I didn’t let you feel that wet warmth of my cheeks around you that silky smooth tongue wrapping around and massaging your shaft as I sucked you. I nuzzled against the spit slickened base of your shaft before running my nose tip along the length getting back to the head just as you had originally poked against my nose. My tongue finally licking and give a long slow drag of warm wet flesh to the base of the head before I kissed the tip. Giving it a hard and teasing suck before I open my mouth, leaning forward on my hands and knees to take in your length. my tongue rubbing against the base of the shaft as I sucked, rocking back and forth slowly each time letting you go just that much deeper with the next rock forward. Taking you inch by inch until that head touched the back of my throat. I stopped, eyes looking up to watch my Master as I rocked back rather than pushing down past that point and into my throat. my cheeks sucking in hard as the power of my lips tugs at your cock. My tongue never leaving the base. My sucking doesn’t go easier as I gets to the head. Purposely letting that suction be so intense around the most sensitive of places. I loved watching my Master as I torture you with my body and wanted to learn just how to drive you crazy. Even as you took your hands, tangling your fingers in my hair and thrusting hard and deep into my throat. Using me like the slave I am for your own pleasure.

The Tutor’s Discipline

Bare Bottom Spanking

I hadn’t been focusing in school as much as I should, so my dad hired a tutor to make sure I really was disciplined in my studies. The tutor’s office was private- just a room with his desk and table for him and students to work together. Despite his best efforts, I still wasn’t understanding the lesson. Frustrated, he grabbed me and bent me over the desk. He told me he would have to teach me a different lesson today. He bound my hands behind my back with his belt and pulled up my skirt. My skin stung with each smack of his hand. I cried out and apologized for being a bad girl, but he only spanked me harder. Then he pushed me to the floor and grabbed me by the hair to pull me up to my knees. He took out his big cock and squeezed my jaw until it opened. Gagging me with his thick rod, he pushed his dick all the way down my throat so I couldn’t breathe. He pulled back so I could get some air but kept throat fucking me as I gasped in between thrusts. Just as he was cumming, he exited my mouth to shoot all of his hot cum down my face, which dripped down to my bare titties. I have learned my lesson for sure, this time!

Ouch My Ass Hurts!

Spanking phone sexMy boyfriend runs our home like a drill sergeant. He even has a chore list for me to do everyday. If something is out of place or not done to his satisfaction I get punished. Yesterday I forgot to dust our coffee table and he lost it. He made me pull my panties down and lay over his lap. He raised his hand high and brought it down hard on my ass. He spanked my ass over and over again. He enjoys causing me pain, I felt his hard erection against my stomach. He kept slapping my ass and tears fell from my eyes.
“No, please stop!”, I pleaded
But he ignored my cries and kept hitting me. My ass felt so bad and tender. Next, he pushed me off of his lap and pulled his cock out. I knew what he wanted and I started sucking. He likes me to bob my head back and forth really fast. If I don’t do it fast enough he’ll grab the back of my head and brutally fuck my face. I sucked and licked his big cock like a porn star. I wanted his cum in my mouth, I didn’t want him to be mad at me anymore. He shot his warm load into my mouth and relief flooded my body. I have to keep my man happy. I can’t lose him.

Submissive Spanking

submissive whore

Last week during a meeting we had a new man step in as one of my co-workers is sick. He was very polite, and did exactly as I demanded.
He had originally asked to see me privately to talk about a permanent position, as he enjoyed how I ran things. We spoke briefly, I watched as he traced the outline of my body with his eyes, and couldn’t help but imagining him bending me right over my desk, and fucking my sweet little pussy.
Of course that wasn’t going to happen, so now I’m off work and my pussy is throbbing. I need to please someone, I need to be told what exactly you want, and how you want me to do it. I need you to tie my hands up, bind me together, and tell me just how you want me to deep throat your fat cock.
I need you to fuck my throat until I can’t breath as you shove your rock hard cock deeper. Pulling out of my mouth all my spit covering your cock and my big tits. I want you to throw me down, hands still tied and fuck my tits… I need you right now, I’m ready to submit to you fully and give you my body… cum find me!

Rape phone sex fantasies the Fuck Pig

Rape phone sex fantasiesI had become the office fuck pig. I’m not sure how I agreed to it other than through blackmail and my boss using my submissive nature against me. He had kidnapped me and taken out all his rape fantasies out on me while telling me my cunt belonged to the office now. That I was to make sure everyone was satisfied and came or he’d tell my Master… Who he doesn’t know is my Master. That I went and fucked him willingly. I didn’t know what to do. I knew Master would give him permission and tell me to be the office fuck pig if my boss had asked but I felt like I would get in trouble for not telling him. So, I just didn’t say anything and it’s how I found myself bent over my Boss’ desk this morning. Him lifting up my skirt and pumping my pussy with his cock as if it’d been  years since he’d last gotten to enjoy it. Reminding me of my place. “Fucking pig, it’s all your good for isn’t it? Being a fucking cum dump?” he was getting off hard on the abuse and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was enjoying it too. Maybe I’m just a bad slave? Maybe I like it when I’m forced to do something like this against my will. I am a bad slut, enjoying being the office fuck pig already. My mind was so full of thoughts and confusion that I missed when he pumped my pussy with it’s first load of cum for the day and smacked my ass hard enough for it to mark. “Go fuck off.” he said gruffly wanting me out of his site now that he was done with me. I pulled down my skirt as I walked away, closing the door behind me I saw Brian. He grinned at me as if he knew exactly what I had done. Which he probably did as he came up to me and without a word pushed me up against the glass pane that connected the lobby to the bosses office. I could see our boss grin at me pressed up against the glass even as Brian lifted my skirt and I could feel his cock press against my ass. “You always act like you’re to good for us lowly surfs. Fucking entitled slut.” he growled, angry at me as he shoved his cock into my ass making me cry out with the pain of the muscles stretching. He showed no mercy though, pumping hard and deep with each thrust groaning as if my ass was the best hole he’d ever fucked. “You fucking cum dump. I’m going to use you every fucking day. Make sure your ass is ready for me.” he growled. His hand going around my throat, squeezing as he fucked me harder and faster. Leaving me gasping for breath until he exploded in my ass filling me with cum.

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