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Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

My daddy picked me up from my house where he then ordered me to put a gag on until, he ordered me to take it off. I obeyed him since I am his little fuck whore who does anything and everything to please him. once we arrived at his house I ran into his room to get ready to have my holes stretched and filled. My daddy went ahead and had my hands cuffed and my feet chained to the bed while he prepared him self to fuck me like the piece of shit whore that I am. My master had me on all fours and began sticking his fingers inside of me like a bowling ball. His tongue pretty much made it way inside of every nook and crevice. Then I felt his huge fat daddy cock enter my ass hole. His thick mushroom head slammed into my ass hole stretching it out as he thrusted in and out. I began to scream since there was no lube it was completely dry and my master had my ass hole suction cupped to his cock. I cried out loud trying the best I could to tell him to stop but it was no use since I had this fucken gag in my mouth. I felt him grabbing my hips and just fucking my ass hole open with his cock. His cock slid in and out until i felt something rip and this pain rushed all over my body. I began to weep since the pain was unbearable. I could not get my self to stop crying. My daddy on the other hand kept fucking my shit hole until blood ran down his legs. I finally felt him cum inside of me. I was then told that he fucked me so hard that he prolapsed my ass hole. He kept trying to push my ass hole back into place but each time I moved just a little it would either pop out or slide under. I daddy still was not finished with me. His finger made its way into my pussy then slowly two. I was relived since this was the most gentle he had been with me all night until his whole hand was forced inside of me! He began fisting my pussy . He kept punching my pussy open with his hand until it slid in with out a problem. I left that night and was dropped off at the hospital with some rather serious sexual related injuries. I guess I deserved it since I am such of piece of shit whore.

Control Me

Submissive WhoreI’m very submissive. I need to be controlled. I want you to be my master. If you want me to crawl around naked on my hands and knees, I’ll do it. If you want me at your beck and call, I’ll be there. Let me suck your cock while you watch sports or your favorite TV show. This pussy will belong to you. You can fuck me in any position whenever you get ready. “No” is not in my vocabulary. If you want to pass me around to your friends, you can. I’ll fuck your friends so good, I’ll make you proud. Master, you control me. Be rude and disrespectful it makes my pussy wet. You can have any hole you want. Fuck me in my tight ass, make it hurt. I won’t complain. I need a Master that will punish me when I upset him. Bend me over and spank my ass red, I deserve it. Let me be your submissive whore.

Slave training with my master

slave training

I need to be a good submissive for my master. It is so important that I do whatever I can to please him, that is how I get my worth. He had to taught me not to eagerly grab his cock and start sucking on it if he did not offer it up to me first. He would punish me if I did that.

Now I know my duties. I have a gag in my mouth, tied up hands and feet once I get done catering to him, and a collar around my neck. I will do anything to make him happy. I put my face to the floor and my holes up in the air exposed, waiting for him wanting to acknowledge my existence.

He loves spanking me telling me how much of a dumb slut I am. I am. My holes and life is all yours master, do with what you want with me and let me make you happy.

Hogtied and Abducted

BDSM Phone Sex

I woke up hogtied with a ball gag in my mouth. No amount of struggling seemed to loosen the ropes. I looked around at my surroundings, but I didn’t recognize anything. I had no clue where I was or who had taken me. I didn’t even know if anyone knew I had been taken! The bedroom door opened and the man who had abducted me walked in. He stared at me with hungry eyes and a crazy smile. Holding a video camera and tripod, he set it up in the corner of the room. My shirt was then pulled up so he could squeeze my perky tit. He started out massaging it, but his grip gradually became firmer until he was squeezing it so hard, I thought my boob would pop! Twisting my nipple, he smiled at my pain. I groaned in agony as he twisted harder and harder. He spanked me repeatedly until my ass felt like it was on fire. After what seemed like an eternity of torture, he said if I didn’t scream or run, and that I agreed to love him, he would untie me so I could be his good whore. I shook my head, unable to say anything with the gag still in my mouth. As promised, my restraints and ball gag were removed. Now, he said, as long as I behave and love him, I could stay loose. I let him use my body for his pleasure. I was his perfect little whore, bending into any position he desired. He fucked me until I was too sore to sit up straight and I was oozing cum from every hole. He was my owner now.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang phone sexI love having multiple cocks at one time, so when Master said he wanted to watch me get gang banged by 3 big cocks- honestly, I was a little excited. Thinking about all that cock just made my pussy so damn wet, Master couldn’t know how wet I was.. not yet, I had to play it off. It was 9 o’clock and our guests had arrived. There were 2 younger ones and one middle aged man and I could see the bulges already showing in their pants. Master probably gave them a little show of our private movies in the theater downstairs. I didn’t mind Master having these videos of me, I looked sexy as hell sucking and fucking his big cock. But, they finally all pulled down their pants and surrounded me with their huge cocks! I took two in my hands, then the other in my mouth. I was already gagging on his rock hard dick, but what could I say? I like getting to the point. My head was bent backwards as I was sucking, so he could get his cock all the way down my throat. I could taste the precum that covered his cock, and it was delish! I loved being a submissive whore and letting all these man have their way with me while I pleased their cocks. The guy I was sucking on switched out once he started getting two close, then his friend was face fucking me and shoving his cock down my throat. I loved all the fun I was getting to have, I loved all of their nice big cocks and master watching as I got them off. But, to hear how the fucked my little whore cunt, you’ll have to tune in for part two.

Glory hole slut

Cheap phone sexWant some cheap phone sex? I am a nasty little whore who loves going to random truck stops and checking out the glory holes. There is this really dirty one that I fucking love going to because there is always big fat black cocks. I will kneel in front of the hole with my mouth wide open just waiting for my mouth to be fucked. Feeling random cocks just sliding down my little whore throat. My spit dripping down there balls and gagging on that cock, I felt like a little submissive slut should feel. If you want a bondage whore then you should call me and show me what a worthless slut does. I will listen and obey every command, and I wanna be your little cum whore all night long.

Slave Training for the Workplace

Slave trainingThey walked into the office, and I knew I was in trouble. They were 2 of Master’s friends, and I knew well enough that when they came around, Master wasn’t going to be far behind. I thought about trying to get up and run, but I knew that would only make matters worse. I wasn’t sure what I’d done to deserve punishment, but for Master to send them by my job, even so close to the end of the day, meant it was bad. They bound me to the chair I was seated in, and then proceeded to slowly cut my clothes off, shirt, then bra, then skirt. They left my panties whole, and I wondered if that was at Master’s bidding. When Master walked in, the scowl on his face told me I’d done fucked up. His crop was in his right hand, and I even noticed that it wasn’t his favorite crop – it was the well-worn, well-used crop that he liked to punish his slaves with. He didn’t just walk over to me, either. He walked to my boss’s office, and knocked on the door. After a few minutes of them talking behind that door, they both walked out. The humiliation of my boss seeing me all but naked compounded the situation. Master explained that my boss had called the house and left a voicemail with a complaint about my forgetting something when I had left the day before. It was important, and I’d apologized to my boss when he’d approached me about it this morning. I sat there and looked directly at Master’s feet, knowing anything else was unacceptable. He took that crop and swung it, hitting me across the shoulders. He smacked each breast, the inside and outside of each thigh, and right across my tummy. I was welted everywhere. I knew I’d never do that again…

MILF Phone Sex Domination

milf phone sex

MILF phone sex sluts make great submissives for younger guys. I don’t know why, but I am consumed with thoughts of my next master being half my age. Honestly, I would like my son to take over as my full-time Master. Have you ever had thoughts about dominating a mature woman, maybe even your own mother? It’s extra taboo, right? My son has the mean streak his daddy did, it is just not his dominant personality. I guess my son is a switch. I have been working to make him a dominant son permanently. I know how to trigger his rage. I did it this weekend. I embarrassed him in front of a girl he had over. As soon as she left, he came at me in a fit of rage, which made my cunt wet. He pinned me against the wall with his bare hand around my throat. He had rage filled eyes as he ripped off my blouse. He started smacking my tits with his bare hand. I tried to act scared and apologetic, but this was exactly what I wanted. After he bruised up my tits, he bruised up my ass. He has fucked me a few times, all out of rage. This time, I got a hardcore anal fucking along with some strangulation. He wrapped his belt around my neck as he slammed in and out of his mother’s ass. He used his belt as a reign, pulling me back into his cock. He enjoyed hearing me choke, so he pulled the belt tighter. I almost passed out. When he came in my ass, he seemed to lose some of his rage. I think he was hoping to score with the young girl he had over, but I ruined it and she left. I just need to keep him sexually frustrated.

Master Let Me Please You

Submissive slutMaster let me please you. I want to be your sex slave. I’ll never tell you no. My job is to worship your cock. Your cock belongs in my throat. I not to wear clothing in your home except for high heels and a leash around my neck. The moment you come home from work I’ll drop to my knees and suck your cock. While you recline in your favorite chair my lips will be wrap around your cock while you watch ESPN. When you’re ready to fuck, you can have any hole that want. When your friends come over I’ll please them, too. Master, please I need to obey your commands. My pussy gets so wet when your aggressive. Hold my leash and walk me like I was an animal. Make me stay on my hands and knees. Master what can I do to please you? I belong to you.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sexI love being a cum slut and Master cumming all over me, rather it would be in my mouth, my pussy, all over my tits, or even a nice big cum shot in my face! Would you like me to be your little cum slut? Make me your little fucking whore! I can do anything you want and take your big fat cock anywhere you want it? How about I wrap my lips around it and let you control my head until I’m gagging all over you! Then, keep forcing that big cock down my throat until I can’t take it anymore. Then, I want  you to spread my dripping wet bald cunt open and stick that rock hard cock deep inside my tight little hole. Yeah, this cum slut loves to be fucked! I want you to keep ramming that big cock into me, until I’m begging you to stop. I want to feel that nice big load of cum shoot up inside of me, can you do that? I’d love for you to cream in my tight little cunt. Yeah, just like that..Mmm, a little harder. Fuck, yes! I can’t take it anymore and as my pussy starts to tense up I feel you shoot part of your load inside of me, then you whip your cock out to give me a nice big cum shot in my face! Yes! It tastes so fucking delicious.

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