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Taken and Pissed On

Pissing Phone Sex

I was taken from an alley while walking home from work. A very strong man threw me into a van and tied up my hands and feet. He even gagged me to make sure I wouldn’t try to scream. A bag was placed over my head as I was taken somewhere I’d never been. He dragged me inside somewhere, pulling me down the stairs with him. When the bag came off, all I could tell was that I was in a basement somewhere. He tore off my clothes and left me naked on the cold floor. When he came back, he was holding a leather whip, which he lashed me with repeatedly. He kicked me before grabbing my face and snarling, saying I was going to do anything and everything he told me to do. If I didn’t, he would kill me.

Scared, I nodded yes. He whipped me a few more times for good measure before unzipping his pants. Warm liquid trickled down my body as he pissed on me, telling me I’m a worthless whore. His cock now hard, he freed just my hands and jammed his cock down my throat. Gagging on his huge boner, I gasped for air in between thrusts. Pressing a knife to my neck, he told me to milk his prostate while I sucked him. I slid my fingers inside him and massaged his prostate until he was shooting his load in my mouth. He kept me locked in the basement, forcing me to suck him every night for a week before leaving me to find my way home from the woods.

Fuck Me Like You Hate Me

Submissive slutI need you to control me. I need to be used and abused. Pleasure without pain is so boring. Keep me on my knees with a mouth full of cock. Grab the back of my head a brutally fuck my face. Ignore my gagging and choking noises, don’t stop until you’re in my throat. I’m your sex slave, my body belongs to you. If I misbehave or don’t follow your instructions correctly you should punish me. Make me lay across your lap, pull my panties down and spank my ass red. Don’t be gentle, be ruthless. Hit me hard, I deserve it. I’m a submissive slut, I need you to be my master. Treat me like a pet, put a leash and collar around my neck. Walk me around your home like I’m a dog. And when you’re ready, Master, make me put my face on the floor and my ass in the air and fuck me doggy style in my ass. Pound my asshole and ignore my cries. Fuck me like you hate me, and I’ll love you forever.

Extreme Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. Ever since that first time daddy tossed me over his knees and pulled my panties down to punish me, I have loved the feel of a firm hand on my bare ass. My master enjoys spanking me. He has been obsessed with my ass and tits for over 20 years now. He is an old school master. We have long participated in bondage and spanking games. When I go to underground BDSM clubs, I discover quickly that the kind of old school relationship I have with my master is antiquated. Men are harsher, even sadistic these days. I am a pain slut by nature, but I get scared when I encounter new men. I am not prepared for the modern submissive whore world. I was at a spanking club over the weekend. It just opened. It is a bar and a fetish club. Great name too. It is called Bottoms Up. When you walk in, it has the feel of an upscale metro bar. The private rooms have the same modern feel, however, inside lurks a darkness. I discovered that the hard way when I went in with Charles. What he did to my ass was not spanking. It was pure torture. I am a pain slut, but he used a variety of instruments on my ass that resulted in broken skin, blisters and the need for medical attention. He strapped me to a device that restrained me with my ass up in the air. I couldn’t escape. That was my first clue that I was about to get a whipping like none before. Belts, leather switches, wooden paddles, and a Cat o Nine tails were all used at rapid speed on my bare ass. When he was done, I was bleeding, crying and struggling to walk. I am not prepared for the new world of master and servant.

Submissive Sex Video Viewing Fun

You need some company with a naughty submissive sex whore that loves BDSM porn videos. We can discuss the things you wish to try on me and get ideas on how your new little subby can please her big bad Master.

Submissive Sex

I’ve had Masters bind my breasts with rope and hogtie me, gag me, and forcefully use toys on my cunt and ass. I’ve have electric tens units used on my cunt as I was force face fucked. These ideas my Master’s have gotten from the videos and this little subby loves being bound and rape phone sex fantasies acted out on me. The last Master I had was so into watching these videos with me that he had the room wired with a multitude of screens playing video of our sessions. Those really seem to fuel him hardness towards me and it makes my cunt drip.

Abducted and Tortured

bondage phone sex

Some people chose the bondage phone sex life and others are forced into it. I was never given a choice. It certainly wasn’t a lifestyle that I chose, but one that I’ve come to accept. I miss my family and If I ever want to see them again, I must comply with my Master’s wishes.

I always thought human trafficking or flesh peddling was a joke. Just an excuse to account for the runaways. But now that I am personally living this nightmare, I finally understand the evil truth.

There’s a party tonight. High society in the bondage kingdom and I know Master plans to take me. It reminds me of the Kennel Club show where the dog gets named best in show. He’ll dress me all up and flaunt his property. I will be expected to tend to the needs of anyone who asks. Basically, I get to be a punching bag and fuck doll to any man who wishes to inflict pain upon me. I’m a good little poochie though. I’ll be the perfect slave. Tonight I will still be forced to listen to the tortured screams of the others who failed to please the Masters. For some it will be the End. For others the torment just goes on forever.

Be My Master

Submissive sex VanessaI need you to take control. Be the boss and give me commands. I’ll always obey, because I’m the slave and you’re my master. You say jump and I say how high. I belong to you, like a piece of property. Tell me to drop to my knees and suck your cock, I’ll do it anytime and anywhere. Show off in front of your friends, let them see how much control of me you have. I’ll suck their cocks, just give me permission. I want to make you make happy. All I want is to be fucked hard and brutally. Fuck me like you hate me. Put your cock in throat and fuck my face. Use and abuse me. I love pain with my pleasure. I’m wired wrong, it’s not good if pain isn’t involved. Put me over your lap, spank my bare bottom red and watch me cum so hard that I squirt everywhere. Be my master.

Submissive Phone Sex Mommy

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is all you get with me. In fact, I don’t really know how to be dominant. Guys call me expecting that I have dominated my daughter, but that goes against my nature. I just don’t know how to take the lead. I don’t know how to be in charge. I have been submissive since I was in utero. My master has never shown interest in jail bait pussy, so I never had to make that choice. I know, however, from my phone masters that my daughter needs to be used because she is tighter and younger than her mother. She needs slave training. She is nothing like her mother. She thinks I am a joke. She thinks I let men use me because I am a doormat. She doesn’t understand that I let men use me because I like being submissive. I am submissive because I think men are superior in every way. My daughter and son rule me. They could get away with murder, maybe even get away with my murder. My daughter is an unruly twat. I recognize that, but I am powerless as her submissive mother to correct her behavior. My master is uninterested in pussy more than 50 years younger than him. He is uninterested in jail bait pussy because of his law career. My son only wants to fuck his sister; he has no desire to turn her into his little bitch. He says that is what he has me for. That leaves you. You can break her young bald pussy in the proper way. She is no virgin, but she needs broken. It is going to require a certain kind of man, a very dominant kind of man. I won’t lie to you. I hope it hurts. I don’t understand girls these days thinking men owe them. Women are on this earth to take of you, nothing more, nothing less. Please help me slave train my teen whore properly?

Submissive whore

submissive whore

Whatever my master says I will do. Today he demanded that I lick his ass and tongue fuck it. I love licking his ass. Sometimes, he does not even bother to clean it really well. I flicked my tongue back and forth around his puckered ass and tongue fucked it.

I licked from his ass hole to his taint. I sucked on those nuts and juggled them in my mouth, feeling his creamy cum build up. I am a little ass lick cock sucking fuck whore. I slapped myself with his cock across my face. His cock and balls where so heavy.

When it came time for me to suck his cock he told me I couldn’t breathe or come up for air until he gave me permission. I took his cock all the way down my throat and started to pump him in and out. He forced himself balls deep inside my mouth and pushed down on my head.

I was chocking on his cock not coming up for air. When he was ready to nut he just shot it strait into my tummy. I inhaled his yummy sticky cum.

Cum Eating Phone Sex!

Cum eating phone sexI love eating cum, it just tastes so damn delicious I can’t help myself. I love when my master lets me swallow his big load, and it’s not often he lets me. It’s only when I’ve been a good little slut. After all the gang bangs master has been watching, he decided his little whore deserved a little treat. He came into my room and began undressing me, then took off all of his clothes. He must’ve been watching some porn, because his cock was already hard – not as hard as I can get it though. Master then told me to open my whore mouth and he shoved his cock deep inside of it. I nearly gagged on his first thrust. Master’s cock was covered in precum and tasted so damn delicious, I just couldn’t wait for the real thing. I kept sucking on his cock, deepthroating it as much as I could. Master loved to face fuck his little whore. I could tell by his facial expressions he was getting close, and just as he thrusted I felt his load shoot inside of my mouth and good! I love being master’s cum eating slut. It’s so yummy.

Submissive sex chat

submissive sex chat

My Alpha Daddy is always demanding that I obey him even out in public. He says that I never should act like a dumb submissive skank only behind closed doors. So when we go out in public he makes sure to humiliate me and treat me like the dumb cunt that I am.

I cater to him getting him whatever he needs while he scolds me in front of strangers. I never look at anyone in the eyes and when his cock gets hard, I make myself somewhat useful and service him. We go into a secluded place where I unleash his beast.

I take him cock into my throat and I let him pound that fuck out of my tonsils. My spit drips down my cheeks and chin. I will do anything to make my master and his cock satisfied.

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