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Rape phone sex fantasies: Without a trace

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you and they are just waiting til the right moment to grab you? Well, this afternoon while shopping and running errands I came out of the store and walked to my car. I think I was being a little paranoid because I had this intense feeling that I was being watched. I kept imagining that I was going to be grabbed from behind by a man in a black ski mask. I pictured him grabbing me and my groceries falling allover as I disappeared without  trace and the only thing left was my car, with the door left open, my oranges laying on the ground rolling by the door and broken eggs and spilled milk. I imagined of being thrown into the back of an old van where an accomplice waited to duct tape my hands behind my back and hog tie me as they cut off my clothes and fantasy raped all of my holes, while slapping me around leaving me bruised and bloody until I was unconscious.


Rape phone sex fantasies

Submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sex Master I’m your little cum dumpster slut. I’ll do what ever you want me to Master! I love it when you and all your nigger big dick friends use me and abuse me! The best part is when all you guys feel my asshole with cum, then I squat down on your face and make a cream pie into your fucking mouth! While two of your friends face fuck me double penetrating my pretty little cum slut mouth. Making me gag on those huge 12 inch cocks. While the others take turns fucking my asshole again and again loading me up with fucking cum. Oh yes Master I’ll get fucked by who ever you want, so I could get my asshole full of cum, then you have me squat on your face so I could squirt all this man hot juice all over your face and mouth. Fuck my brains out master!

Spanking Phone Sex: I Need Punished

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex anyone? I need some strong, swift discipline. I have been a very bad woman. I have done a few things that my master doesn’t know about. I can go to BDSM and spanking clubs if he grants me prior permission, however, he denied me permission to this new underground club I wanted to visit over the weekend. He said I had not been a good office slave for him that week, therefore anything fun I wanted to do, I was denied.  He doesn’t live with me. He lives with his wife, who thinks I am just his paralegal. For 25 years, she has never suspected that I am his slave or his mistress. There was no way for him to know I snuck out without permission. The club was wicked fun. I got spanked by hot strangers. I got tied up by a few too. I met several men who wanted to hook up outside of the club, so there would be no rules. I should have known I would get spotted leaving by someone I knew. A lawyer that sometimes works on cases with my Master was there. I played it off that my “boss” had no idea about my lifestyle. I agreed to keep his secret if he agreed to keep mine. Monday morning, Master was not happy. The lawyer I ran into, knew about my arrangement with my boss. He knew I was being a disobedient submissive slut. Master tied me naked to my desk. The other lawyer was there. Master whipped me 100 times for being a bad whore. He granted his colleague access to my holes. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years, Bernie,” he seethed to me as he rammed his cock up my ass. I was tied up and bound by rope while another lawyer fucked me like a dirty whore. My Master’s dick may not work well, but he sure as fuck can still punish me.

My Son Sells His Submissive Whore Mommy


submissive whore

My son loves abusing his submissive whore mommy. I still remember the time he came home from school and he had brought all his friends home to play with me. He had called and gave me instructions to be completely naked except for a pair of heels and a blindfold. I was to be on my knees, wet, and waiting for his arrival. When I heard the door open I heard three different voices. The conversation I overheard let me know that my son had promised to sell my fuck hole to his friends. He told them that for a price they could do anything to his submissive whore of a mother. There was nothing that was off limits. They paid up and I heard my son leave the room. The boys took their turns forcefully fucking my mouth and making me gag on them. They each gave me a golden shower and said I was their fuck toy pig slut. When they picked me up and threw me over the bed I felt hands spreading my ass apart. Then two of the boys took their cocks and shoved them into my ass at the same time, ripping me wide open. When they had finished and dispensed their cum into my now gaping asshole, the last boy push me to my knees and gave me a cum shower. I could feel the blood and cum dripping from ass. When all the boys left, my son walked back in the room. He stood over me and pissed on me and told me at least his submissive whore mommy was good for making him some money.

Still no Master to use me

Submissive phone sex

At home alone, no calls. My tits are aching so bad for a Master to use them, use me. Desperation probably isn’t all that attractive but ya know what, I don’t give a fuck. I want someone to worship, to give my whole body too. My pussy aches to be used for His pleasure. A Master who doles me out to His friends whenever he feels the desire to see me fucked, humiliated, and covered in cum. Today though, I couldn’t take the need to have my tits used. So I tied them up and went online to a chat and let men watch me play with my titties. I loved the compliments and attention it got me. They all wanted to make me so wet, putting clamps on me and pulling and even weighted clamps. Wow did those feel so good! They were making me swing them while I got fucked with a huge 9-inch dildo. It felt good to be used for their pleasure and I came, gushed and collapsed at the end. Fuck yes that was what I needed. However, that was yesterday. Today I have to start all over with I need a Master.

I love sucking cock

I am a dirty rotten whore and I loved to suck cock. There is not a dick that I have tried yet that I did not like fucking. I love the taste and texture, I love the way cock in my pie hole slides in and out. I love the way it feels to have some heavy balls slapping against my chin as when I am being skull fucked by the big fat cock. Its so yummy to have a beefy ass fuck stick stuck in your face, stinky and sweaty. I love the wetness and velvety feeling of the man flesh as it sways in front of my face right before it comes all over me and shoots that giant load at me. I always like to look right at the tip at it shoots out and showers me in a goo of eruption of yummy, sweaty goodness. I stick my tongue out and beg for more as it hits its mark.


Submissive whore

I’m Going To Be Your Bondage Whore

Bondage WhoreI want to be a special kind of Bondage Whore for you, and make you feel good all over. The thought of you tying my hands behind my back gets me wet. I’d like to go even further with it. I want you to tie me to a table with ropes. Put me on my stomach and scoot me back to the edge so my pussy is almost hanging over the edge. Then, spread my legs apart as far as you can. Make it hurt and tie each leg out to the side, exposing my cunt and my asshole. Put another rope around my waist and connect it to the ropes that are holding my legs in place. I want to be completely immobilized. Next, I want you to tie my arms behind my back. Once you’ve tied my wrists, tie more of the rope all the way up to my elbows. From the ties at my wrists, bring another rope up and secure it around my neck. Make it tight enough that if I put my head forward to far, I’ll choke myself out. From that rope, extend another one and tie it around each breast as tight as you can. Each rope that you tie, not only to me, but to the other ropes, should somehow cause a feeling of astonishing pain with horrifying pleasure mixed in depending on how I move or how you make my body react when you fuck me. I’ll be totally unable to move or do anything to stop you from doing everything you want to do to me. My cunt will be completely vulnerable and I won’t be able to keep you from using me or hurting me if that’s what you want. You or anyone else can use fingers, toys, tongues, and cocks plus anything you can imagine on me or in me. I’m yours to use up. I know you like this and the way it puts you in absolute control of me. I’m your whore, treat me as such.

Submissive phone sex with Jenn

Submissive phone sex Submissive phone sex is exactly what I was meant for.  I love being treated like a nasty little fucking slut and I sure enough act like one all the time. I love going to the local truck stop or a bath house and sucking all the random cocks that go through the glory holes. I love seeing all the different size cocks that I get to put in my little slutty mouth. I love getting them sloppy wet, so I shove it down my throat till I am balls deep and all fucking spit and slobber run down my mouth. I will make sure to clean up all my spit off the floor like a good little bitch. I will hold my head still and let you face fuck me as hard as you want baby.

Teen phone sex

teen phone sex

I am a slave for my master. I was late coming home after hanging out with friends and my master was not too happy about that. As soon as I got home I got a ball gag in my mouth that tied around my face. He knocked the back of my knees out so that my body would collapse to the ground. He undressed me by cutting my clothes right off my body.

He shoved his cock right into my twat hole from behind. He kept thrusting deep and hard yanking my head back by the face mask. I bounced up and down jerking his dick inside my holes. I am a stupid little cunt that will know better next time. He takes his cock that is soaked inside my pussy juice and smacks it across my face.


Sex Slave For Life

Submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. I fuck anyone my Master tells me to fuck. His friends come to our home and they pass me around like a party favor. I’m on my knees so much that I have calluses. My master stands there watching me take two cocks at a time. It turns him on to see me double penetrated. He likes to see wide gaping holes where tight holes use to be. I can see out the corner of my eye that my Master has a huge erection. I fuck guy after guy until both pairs of lips are swollen and sore. But even then I can’t stop until Master says I can stop. He controls my mind and body. I’m here on this earth to make him happy. If he tells me to fuck 20 men in one night, then I’ll fuck 20 men in one night. I’ll never tell Master “no”. I’m his sex slave and I’ll be his sex slave for the rest of my life.

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