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fatal attraction

submissive slut

I was working at a bar part-time, and the bar owner grew a sick obsession with me. My boss wanted me to herself and when I resisted and told her I had a boyfriend she didn’t take it lightly. I needed the job, and she knew I would do anything to keep it. My boss felt humiliated that I turned her advances down. My boss decided I needed to learn a lesson. I was going to be her submissive whore If I wanted to keep my position. I ended up in her office after a heated debate she told me it was time to for me to spread my ass she was going to fist me hard and rough. I had no choice I listened, and I was her amusement for the night. I was going to be taught a lesson, and I was going to be her slut like it or not. I had never been so dominated by a female ever in my life. I was such a strong gal I never would of pictured this. 

Sleep with me

Spanking chat


Todd is a shy guy he likes to take his time I understand I guess. But really I don’t understand that shit at all so I am going to get Todd to sleep with me and we are going to have unadulterated sloppy wet cum guzzling sex. I want Todd to eat my fucking ass out yeah that’s right I want him to dig that pretty little tongue into my asshole and twirl it around until I See Stars. If you didn’t know you should get the idea I am a nasty fucking whore who loves to be treated like a slut don’t hold back with me for what. I’m not the girl who says no often and I’m not the girl who wants you to wait in fact I don’t want to wait I like to fuck first night first hour first 30 minutes let’s get this shit going. Anyway, Todd like I said for some reason thinks that my horny ass wants respect and for him to take his time, big mistake Todd you’re going to have to fucking get that cock bulked up and ready to fucking stab me in the fucking cunt. Hot and horny horns like me we need the abusive big fat hard dick and every one of our holes. Todd can spank me too it’s one of my great lusts.

Cocksucking in public

Submissive slutI have really taken the time lately to reflect on what a submissive slut I truly am. As a form of punishment from my Master, I agreed to sucking my date’s cock while we are out in public together. I have never been on a date before where just minutes prior I wast fucking a throbbing cock deep inside of my asshole. Master slapped a micro-chipped bracelet on my wrist so that he could make sure I followed his orders and completed my duties. Whenever I looked down at my bracelet, I was vividly reminded that he is in fact the one who is in control. He always have been and he always will be. The truth of the matter is, he can show up whenever the hell he wants while I am out on my date. Whatever he want to do is what is going to happen and I have come to terms with that. To have my ass fucked all over again while I am on my date is not only pathetic and embarrassing but it also proves what a filthy and extremely submissive cunt I continue to be. I held up my end of the agreement, I promise. I got underneath the table and gagged on his pulsating cock right there as we ate our dinner. I knew in that moment that this was my purpose, to be a real-life cocksucking skank and to give all control over to Master like how he deserves. Thankfully there was a tablecloth to conceal my body as I slipped down his torso and gagged on his boner. He was huge too, he had to of been at least nine or ten inches and had the girth of a soda can. It must have been quite a sight for him to look down and see me deepthroating his horny python. I tenderly used my lips and tongue on the head of his cock as well, he loved that shit and was moaning loud as he took big grips of my hair with his hands & pulled hard. Seeing as how well our date went las night, I would love to see him again and so would he. I am looking forward to it and I know that he definitely expects me to suck his cock yet again while we are in public together. I really hope that Master will continue to make me wear my bracelet on my next date with him. Maybe we can even install a body camera on my outfit so that he can watch me deepthroat him while we are in public. I know what I need to do to keep Master happy and I think that this would be a good addition to our submissive fun.

Bdsm phone sex fun

BDSM phone sex

I love doing BDSM phone sex. Knowing my place has always been something I am well trained in. I love to make my master happy and I go to extreme lengths to ensure this. I do not cry out when bound and whipped unless previously given permission. I love the alligator clips that you snap onto my hard nipples. Linking them together with a chain so you can tug them both at the same time. You spank my ass with your paddle as well as the inside if my thighs. You know my pussy is soaked by now. You bend me at waist and clasp my ankles and wrists together. Then you fuck me fast and hard until you cant take it anymore and cum all over my beautiful tits.

MILF Phone Sex Rape Fantasies

milf phone sexMilf phone sex with me is not the typical milf experience. I am a submissive milf. Your mommy rape fantasies are what you can explore with me.  I was raised submissive. I have tried to raise my son to be the man of the house, which in my world means he owns me and my daughter. He has never wanted to be a master. The older he gets, however, the meaner he has become. He is a sadist. Not the kind of man who would understand or follow the principles of a master and servant relationship. My son hates me and idolizes his sister. He thinks I am the reason he is not successful. He is ungrateful for the nice house we have and his college education fund which he refuses to use. Earlier in the week, he spent the night in jail for driving on a suspended license. I bailed him out, but not until the next morning. I was tied up, literally tied up being a bondage whore for a man I met at a club. My cell phone was turned off. When I got the message, I bailed him out. He bitched and yelled at me on the car ride home for living him in jail overnight. He knows he is to use Uber when he wants to go somewhere. When we got home, he beat the shit out of me. This was as angry as he has ever been at me. I think something happened to him in jail that he wouldn’t admit to me. He ripped all my clothes off, tied me up and sodomized me like he was living out some revenge prison rape fantasy. My ass was bloody and prolapsed by the time he was done. I lied there motionless on the kitchen floor as he pissed on my body as a final insult. You get the submissive whore mommy experience with me.

Daddies home-welcoming

Bare bottom spankings


submissive slut

Daddy had a long work trip and I wanted to thank him for being the best master ever. I wanted to surprise him with a friend. Macey  was the perfect submissive slut to snuff out.

I knew Daddy was going to love his special home welcoming gift. A little slut like Macey deserves to be put in her place. I had rehearsed and practiced on the bitch while I was

awaiting Daddies return home. Macey got plenty of bare bottom spankings from me. I know Daddy loves to see his favorite slut Shiloh dominate a whore like Macey.

Daddy loves knowing that he will end the night with cum and piss ready to shoot in our eyes. The meaner I get the harder Daddies dick grows. We both know our place is to keep

Daddy satisfied and happy at all times. Macey has had a few hiccups but that is  why Daddy trained me so well. I am able to put her in her place. I love making Daddy happy.


Our erotic bondage stories

erotic bondage stories

I love it when you call me and tell me about your erotic bondage stories. We share lots of the juicy details from both of our lives. You found a new cord that doesn’t give me the burn like the others do when I am writhing underneath them. This new tickling torture is almost as bad as the whips and floggers. Maybe even more so because I get pissed the fuck off when you won’t stop. I am still breathless when you grab the vibrating wand and hold it against my clit. You bring me right to the edge of cumming then move it. I think this is complete torture but as long as you, my master are happy then so am I.


Your Submissive Whore

Cum slut phone sex I love being a submissive whore for all men. Yes, I do have my master who I love dearly. And I will always be his special little whore. But I do love taking orders from all men. Being on my knees in front of you as you take what you want from my worthless body. Grab me by the hair and drag me around the room. Throw me here and there. Take a hold of my tits and use them as reins as you pound your dick in and out of my slutty holes. Use me like your personal fuck toy. And no matter where you spew your cum. I will make sure to get a taste. If you cum inside one of my holes I will take my fingers and scoop out a bit for taste. If you cum on the floor I will lick just a little bit up and roll my nasty body in the rest of your cum.

Grits and Submission

Submissive slutEveryday I clean Master’s house from top to bottom. I dust, vacuum, and mop all day long until every surface is spotless. But today I forgot to clean underneath the sofa and Master was not happy. He put grits on the floor and made kneel on them. The grits were so painful to my knees. He pulled his cock out and I knew what he wanted, I put it in my mouth and started sucking. I thought if I sucked him off really good he would let me get up. But even after he came in my mouth he made me stay on those grits for another hour. When he finally allowed me to stand my knees were bloody and tears were running down my face. He taught me a lesson that I would never forget and from now on he won’t find a speck of dust anywhere. A clean house makes Master happy and I want to keep him happy.

I woke up like this

cock worshiping

I must have drunk too much at the bar last night. I woke up tied and used when I awoke. I panicked and started to scream. I had no idea where the fuck I was. I just wanted some familiarity. I didn’t know how long I was like this and who did this to me. When I started to scream, I realized the person who was getting closer to me. It was one of my old clients. I had noticed he had an obsession with me and I put a restraining order on him. He would show up at my job and harass me. I guess he was seeking revenge on me and my body of course. I spend the whole weekend being his subby slut. I had to be his cock worshiping cunt. I was there for all his pleasure and was suppose to take all the pain I was being subjected to and not make a single sound. It was torture and hell.

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