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His Whore

Submissive Whore

Master’s friends came over to watch the game. I was the entertainment. Master made me wear only a bra and panties with 6-inch heels. I served snacks and drinks until Master asked me to do more. He loves showing his buddies that he a full control over me. He charged his friends $200 each to fuck me. When he wants me to be a whore, I obey. One by one I took them into the bedroom and let them fuck my tight pussy. I fuck so many guys that my cunt swelled from the heavy pounding. But I never stopped, I sucked and fucked like a porn star, I wanted to make Master proud, I’d do anything to please him. When he says “jump,” I say “how high?”. Plus, fucking Master’s friends felt really good. All of those dicks fucking my tight holes felt amazing.

Don’t speak

I have always been strong willed and have always spoken my mind. I have had issues with learning how to stay quiet. My master gets furious whenever I tend to over express myself. One day he got so angry that I had to go to a place where I would learn the value of shutting the fuck up and staying in my place. I learned that I was going to get fucked by strangers if that is my masters will. I was a slave training slut and I was going to be used by guys who would pay a pretty penny to my master. I would have to be exposed to all sorts of mistreatment. One of those things who be getting fucked by mutts and getting painful toys used on my holes. My twat was going to be public just so I can learn to shut up.



slave training


Submissive Slut 24/7

submissive slutHe knew I was a submissive slut with one look. Guys just know. They do. I make eye contact, them my eyes drop because I am afraid. Afraid he will own me, afraid he won’t own me. I know that is contradictory, but what I want often gets me in trouble and I am rational enough to know that, but powerless to stop it. I wasn’t at a fetish club. It was 80s night at a local club. I went with some girlfriends. It was not supposed to be a submissive night. I was just having fun with my friends. But when you are a submissive whore, you can’t put your lifestyle on hold. He signaled me too him and I couldn’t resist. He had beautiful mistake written all over his face. I knew he was trouble, but I like bad boys. We danced for about 20 minutes, before he took me into the men’s room. There is only one reason a woman goes into a public men’s restroom.  I went willingly. I might as well have been wearing a t-shirt that said, “Down to Fuck.”  No woman gets treated well in a men’s room either. I was on all fours in a dirty bathroom. There was piss and water and bits of toilet paper sticking to my knees as I got sodomized in a stall. He tried to flush my face in the toilet, but I resisted. I didn’t want to go back to my friends looking like my head had been flushed in the toilet. I was trying to save face, but a subby bitch has no face to save. He made it clear that what I wanted didn’t matter. I knew it all along. I submitted to the humiliation he wanted to inflict on me.  I went back to my friends smelling like a toilet with cum running out of my ass down my legs. They just gave me the face palm and acted like they didn’t know me. That is why I rarely go out with friends. They are ashamed of me.

Chilly Submission

Submissive WhoreIt was very hot today, a comment I made to my master when I arrived as scheduled. He nodded and told me to not speak unless directed. He lead me to the living room and had me strip down and lay on the floor. He put my hands above my head and tied them tightly together then moved down to my ankles. He left the room and I felt it growing colder as if he had turned down the temperature. I laid there waiting for a while when he finally came back he had a metal bucket he sat down near my head. He said he was going to make sure I never complained about the heat again. He reached into the bucket and pulling out a chunk of ice and begin to rub it around my neck the sudden cold made me gasp. He took it away and moved down to my breast and rub the rough edges of the ice chunk against my nipples it hurt enough to make me whimper a little, he moved down and set the chunk of ice on my belly and instructed it would remain until it melts. He reached until the bucket and pulled out a long icicle and chuckled to himself. He rubbed the tip over my pussy lips making me tremble. He used his finger which in comparison felt hot like fire as he parted my pussy. He slowly inserted the icicle into my cunt, I couldn’t control my body arching upwards from the sensations of being fucked by something so cold. He went faster and faster, as it melted slowly he would lean down and lick some of the water leaking from my cunt. When it completely melted he took off his pants, while I shivered from the cold I felt him enter me slowly. He seemed to be enjoying the cool sensation of my cold but pulsing pussy around his cock.  When he came in me it I felt it a lot more than usually it was hot and powerful I never wanted it to stop. He left me there on floor when he was finished, as the ice on my stomach had not completely melted. I spent the rest of the afternoon shivering, feeling used and dirty before I was released.

Cock Teaser

Bondage chat My Master Kidnapped a stupid young barely 21 drunk whore last night. He said she was acting like such a slut teasing all the guys at the bar. But when it was time to put out the bitch wouldn’t. so now Master says its time for some torture play on her cock teasing little ass. Lol, master says its time to teach a bitch a lesson. Master gave me permission to be a little sadistic domme over and get her nice a warmed up for his cock. Surely I am happy as a pig in shit to do such a thing for Master. And when he went a step further and gave me full permission to do whatever I want to do to her I could feel my cunt start to drip down my thigh. Right off the bat I stripped the little bitch down and started licking and biting at her nipples and sloppy cunt. This drunk ass bitch gave me some fight at first but as drunk as she was I few good punches to her cunt and tits turned her into a whining cooperative little slut. Watching her cry on the floor begging for me to not hurt her only made me want to hurt her more. I kicked opened her legs forcing my fingers deep in her into I could make a fist. Without mercy, I started fisting this bitch I wanted to put my arm in there elbow deep and I fucking tried with all my might. But before I could my arm in elbow deep the bitch started to bleed as I ripped her insides opened. She was screaming which only made me fist fuck her harder. I looked up and noticed how hard Master’s cock was as he stroked it in his hands. It was time for Master’s fun. I dragged her over to the post and tied her up tightly stepping away to let Master have his fun.

Fuck you bitch you’re not my boss your husband is


Cum eating phone sex

Mrs. McCartney is a fucking bitch, and she walks around her house like she’s better than everyone. This fucking whore dares to tell me I don’t clean her house thoroughly enough. I listen to the old bat because I need my job And I don’t want to get fired. Her husband, Mr. McCartney is my boss, and I do extra favors for him to make sure I don’t have to deal with her entirely. I’ve been planning for at least seven months now to get Mrs. McCartney out of the picture and be the replacement wife. I thought I was happy being the mistress but I cannot stand the way that woman walks around pretending she’s better than me. If Mrs. McCartney, the fucking stink pussy whore only knew that her husband was fucking me, eating my pussy and eating my ass out like a fucking porn star she would die. What would that old bitch do if she knew that I was better than she could ever be in bed and everywhere else? I look at her sometimes and laugh. I say to myself you are a fucking lucky good-for-nothing bitch. I want to slap her face but like I said I need this job. I usually go into Mr. McCartney’s home office and give him blowjobs. He cums down my throat and turns me into a cum guzzling cum dumpster skank. I like to wear little tiny skirts and little bitty bikini panties. When I get all dressed up it makes Mrs. McCartney so upset she gets so fucking jealous. I don’t care though I’m glad I make that bitch have a bad day I would do it for free if I could. Whenever Mrs. McCartney’s husband’s cock is in my mouth, he tells me she’s a whore. He Twirls his dick head around my lips while I look into his eyes which makes him so fucking horny. Sometimes we even fuck while she’s upstairs he puts his hands over my mouth to keep me from screaming And then he pounds my cunt hard. I am such a slut for Mr. McCartney, and soon we’re going to have his bitch of a wife cleaning my cunt cream off of her sheets. I can’t wait.

Problem slave training

Slave trainingMy slave training started at a very young age and the fact that I was a problem only made the process even more difficult on me! I was constantly misbehaving and testing the waters with my parents to see what I could get away with. Eventually they became sick & tired and way past fed up with me so they decided to pimp me out to their monster big black cock friend. It’s quite obvious that I was a very naughty little girl because that was a pretty fuckin big punishment, to say the least! I was hog-tied with rope and forced to have a throbbing nigger dick shoved deep down my throat. I was squirming as I gagged and gasped for air. I loved being used for my fuck holes and my nasty submissive cunt. It felt so good to be so bad.

Master’s Humiliation

Submissive SlutI arrived and there was a box arranged for me on the table. Inside was a maid outfit and a note that said put on and go upstairs. Obeying my orders I put on and headed up the stairs, when I got to the top I felt a large hand grab the back of my head. He dragged me to the bathroom and throw me until the floor. He pointed to the toilet and lifted up the lid and seat. It was dirty, he explained he hadn’t had it cleaned in months. He demanded I clean it. I nodded and reached for a rag until the sink and he got up and smacked me hard across the face. “No you clean it” he shouted pointing to my mouth. I nodded and crawled over on my hands and knees to the toilet, my face burning from his slap. I began to lick my tongue around the ridge of the toilet, lapping up the old dry piss and hair stuck to it. I spit it out in the bowl and felt a hard hit against my back. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back. Enraged he said he never gave me permission to spit. He forced pushed my head down into the bowl to drink up what I had spit out, and then allowed me to continue cleaning. It took about a hour using just my tongue to clean up just how he liked. I turned to report I was done and attempted to get off my knees to stand, but he stopped me. Unzipping his pants he put his cock against my lips, I went to start to suck but his smacked me hard again. He screamed at me for thinking it was ok to put my potty mouth around his dick, he called me a stupid disgusting whore. He ordered me to open my mouth and drink. I did so and his pissed right into my mouth as I gulped it fast down my throat. I didn’t want to upset him again so I made sure to drink every drop.

submissive whore at the office

submissive whore

I had to learn a lesson. My boss decided to share me with the office this time. I had to wear a butt plug around and a gag ball. My nipples were in so much pain I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Everyone was allowed to have their way with me and I couldn’t make a peep. This was just the ways it was I had to embrace it. I was not prepared to be fucked and used so much but that was the way things were going. My tight holes were stretched to the max. My bare ass got beat with a paddle. They were enjoying my screams and they were loving that it was an all male audience. I was the only girl there and I was the only one who was going to be the cum dump. In other instances I have been lucky enough to have been with other slaves. This was the most I have ever felt like a slave.


slave training

During slave training, my pussy gets an insatiable appetite for cum. The pain from the ropes as they burn into my flesh with each move I make just adds to the moisture growing between my thighs. Good thing I’m not a live-in slave because on my own time I am a cock monster. I will go wherever the smell of cum leads me. I got fucked by these guys last night they were brothers. Have to love the competition of fucking siblings. Watching their black snakes ramming into my hot pink snatch as they made me cum more time than I can count. Hours passed and their phones were ringing non-stop. Finally, like their cocks were connected to the same brain their dicks erupted with that beautiful creamy shit I want.

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