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Bondage Chat: Kinky Shit is on Twitter

bondage chat

Bondage chat ties me up. Literally, ties me up. I met Marcus in bondage chat room. Actually, I discovered the chat room on Twitter. Even kinky fetish places have a social media presence. We agreed to meet up. I am always leery of meeting strangers. They aren’t always who they say they are, but since I have no official master anymore, I miss being tied up. Bondage makes me feel so vulnerable and helpless. I need that. I need to have control taken away from me. I am a piece of shit and anything that reinforces what I already know makes me wet. Marcus was great at tying knots. He did a stint in the Navy and learned how to make knots no one could get untied. As a bondage whore, I was thrilled to be tied up by someone who knew what the fuck he was doing. The problem was he didn’t want to untie me. I was in his place, which I almost never do. I usually meet someplace neutral or at my place, but I was jonesing to be some one’s slave. I thought he was a normal man who liked to tie up chicks. He loves to tie up women and leave them on his bed for a few days. I pissed his bed, even shit on his sheets. Two days tied up with no water and no food, no bathroom. I did get a few cum feedings, but that was it. He finally released me and was like we should do it again soon sometime. Hell no. I love being tied up, but I don’t like the humiliation of soiling myself. I miss my master. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a new owner.

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bondage whore

Women’s Equality Day with a submissive slut

submissive sex

My master grew so angry with me when he saw what I had in my purse. We have meet up sessions, and he like’s to review my belongings. My master goes thru my phone and my purse and everything I have on. It’s a way he get some power. He likes to feel like he can control me and has a toll on me. This past Monday he was livid that I had a Women’s Equality Day flyer and his face turned beet red. I didn’t know a flyer would end up pissing him off and make him so hostile. I was going to learn my lesson he said to himself.
He made a quick call, and within minutes someone showed up to our meeting. Mona was her name she was a blond in her late twenties. She had on a leather outfit and was an associate of my master.

It was time I learned that woman aren’t equal. I knew that was true. Master wanted me to be reassured. My master sat back and relaxed and watched as Mona took over. Mona was like a warden. Mona was tall, and she meant business. I was told to strip and spread. I was intimidated, so I didn’t put two and two together. I was in shock, and I kept asking for her to repeat her demands. Mona made sure I stay in line and didn’t make her job harder than what it needed to be, I was going to be a submissive slut to her whether I liked it our not. I stripped and spread my ass and twat. I got twenty strikes, and Mona fucked me till I was yelling bloody murder. I learned my lesson women will never be equal its mans world and women are to serve and be used.

submissive slut

Three Tortured Submissive Whores

Submissive WhoreMaster had been ready to go out for a while I watched him get ready, he seemed in such a happy mood. This sent chills down my spine as I watched from my cage. He looked about ready and that is when he walked over with a box and brought it to my cage. The box was covered in a red velvet casing, he opened it slowly and I saw a beautiful black collar with some decorative jewels covering part of it. In the middle was engraved Little Whore. My heart jumped I truly did not deserve something so nice. Master laughed at my hesitation as he opened my cage “Come on, we have a party to attend”. I got out and he tore off my old collar and put on the new fancy one. The car ride was silent but Master stayed in a good mood. We arrived to a big house with a few cars parked around out front. We got out of the car and  I followed Master inside.

Submissive phone sexAt the door we were greeted by a naked blonde. “I’m whore Brittany, Master request all sluts to be naked before entering the dungeon”. My master motioned for her to remove my clothes as he watched. I noticed she was always wearing a collar around her neck that said Obedient Bitch. We followed her down into a dark room we began to her screams mixed in with moans. A group of men surrounded a big tittied blonde and were tugged on her nipple clamps. One had just slapped her across the face as we entered the room. “The other has arrived” Brittany reported to one of the man. “You two come here next to Geneva it’s time we hear some screaming!”.

Torture phone sexI pass by and saw Geneva’s collar labeled her Pain Slut. Judging by a few faded bruises across her body it was a title she was well suited for. We lined up as a few of the men chained up our hands the other’s had whips and started lashing our bodies. Calling us every name they could possible think of to let us know how low on the food chain we where. My master watch as another man came behind me and fucked me deep in my ass. As I was being fucked I watched as Brittany and Geneva continued to receive lashing until Brittany was let go and told to get on her knees. Men throat fucked her hard have her choking and gagging on their cocks until she was drowning in their cum. Geneva was released from her chains to be double penetrated in the ass while her tits were pulled and twisted. We are served as the Submissive Whores that we are. By the end of the night we were all covered in scrapes, bruises, piss and cum even myself who loves to serve was grateful to see the end.

Twisted neighbor

submissive whore

I moved in to a new apartment complex and instantly I realized my new neighbor was an oddball. The way he would stare at me gave me chills in the worst way. I also noticed he would happen to always be outside waiting for me. My neighbor knew my schedule like clock work. It was bizarre to me but became the norm to have him around trying to help out with my bags and try to invite himself into my apartment.

I had also seen my panties and nylons would go missing and he would be outside just staring at my place. I had a funny feeling I was dealing with a lunatic. I sent in an email to the landlord and was ready to move out by the end of the first month. All the things that were unfolding were happening rapidly. Had I known that the landlord had given my neighbor access to emails, keys of all the units I would of never been in this torture room.

The next day I was greeted by my twisted neighbor. He used chloroform on me and trapped me in his apartment. I was his submissive whore from now on. He was angered that I was trying to leave and wasn’t going to let me go. He erased the messages and decided to inflict so much fear in me that I wouldn’t leave. I was his fisting slut and I was only allowed to go out when he deemed it possible. I must of had a wicked attraction to being a slave because I followed all his commands. I made sure to pleasure him and take all the pain he was giving me.

Putty in your hands

sexy phone chat

Many things can happen during a sexy phone chat. I am suddenly so submissive under your touch. There is nothing I won’t let you do to me when your fingers are rubbing the inside of my juicy warm pussy. Thumb circling my clit while your balls are jingling from my chin. I love sucking and licking on your pretty penis. You put my pink nipple in your mouth as you slide me onto my back on the floor. Your dick has precum leaking from the tip and I lean up to lick it off but you push me back down. Your wrap one hand around my throat as you guide your pretty cock slowly inside of my tight wet snatch. You go so fucking deep and I squirt my cum all over you. As it drips from your cock to your balls you throb within me and cum all over my slutty cunt.

Submissive whore sex slave

Submissive WhoreSlap me around and force me to do anything that you want me to do, I am your submissive whore sex slave. I know that as soon as we start to play, I have to strip down butt ass naked. No questions asked. If I disobey then I will be punished even harder. Force me to be your sex slave fuck slut. You do whatever you want with me, these submissive fuck holes are yours to own. I am your property and you are my Master always and forever. I can’t believe I have amounted to this in my life. I’m a filthy cunt whore and I deserve to be fucked up. My anal cavity is so sore and tender, I can only take so much of a beating yet you continue to fuck me up. Those anal beads and ass plugs have my name written all over them. It’s so hard to listen and to obey Master sometimes but the consequences are far worse and makes me not even want to think about not being a good girl. His favorite thing to do is to spank and whip my ass cheeks with his leather crop, it hurts so bad yet feels so good at the same time!

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

extreme fetish phone sex

He had an extreme fetish phone sex fetish he wanted to explore with me. Until last night, he had only explored his fetish with phone whores like me. I wanted to impress him, so I told him I would be his test dummy. I was a dummy because I never asked what his fetish was and that was a big mistake. I figured whatever it was, I likely had done it before as a submissive bitch to many men. I was wrong.  He wanted to fuck my urethra. He called it my fourth mommy fuck hole. Master never considered my pee hole a place for his cock. No other man had either, so this submissive whore was about to get the pain of a lifetime. He was a kinky man too. Before he fucked my pee hole, he squirted Ben-Gay into that tiny opening. It felt like I was pissing out glass. It burned badly. I was fighting back the tears and he had not even fucked the tiniest hole on my body yet. When he pulled out his cock, I almost fainted because he had a fat cock too. How the hell was that going in that hole, I wondered?  I started to have second thoughts. I went to leave, but he grabbed me and tied me down spread eagle. He had this sound device thing he said was for my fourth fuck hole. He was planning on taking my pee hole regardless of what I had to say. He shoved this metal device down my urethra first and I screamed bloody murder, but that was nothing compared to his fat cock down that same tiny hole. As he was fucking me, I could feel the blood and piss filling up my bladder. He pissed down my pee hole making it burn even more. It was sheer torture. I know I am a submissive sex whore, but I will never agree to that again.

Slave Rental

Submissive WhoreMaster is going out of town for a while and he doesn’t want to have me spoiled by being to long without a master. So he is allowing his buddies to rent me while he is gone. I must do whatever they say no matter what as per his orders. I have no idea how much Master rented me off for, it probably wasn’t much I’m pretty worthless. My cage has been moved to his close friends house, I’m under Master’s orders to be there every night for bed while he is gone. Whether or not any of them have a turn with me. The first night wasn’t so bad except from being awoken when he came down to ass fuck me, he threw me back in my cage without anything to clean up with saying he would be back. I didn’t see him again until he handed me off to the next guy the following morning. And this one sent shivers down my spine with his cold eyes I feared what he would do to me alone if he ever got the chance. I guess now I’m going to find out…

I’m The One

Bare bottom spankings

I’m going to make that fucking money, and I’m going to shake my fucking ass I don’t give a fuck about another bitch. I’m about to make that fucking cash I extend my legs out wide and do it like a fucking whore. I’m a cum guzzling slut bitch I love it the shit is good. I take it in my asshole I take it in my cunt too, I like it in my mouth you can spray your fucking juice in my nostrils. I love being nasty as long as you pay me to make sure you keep my money always fucking ready for me. I can’t wait to get your different lust filled sex. I just want to make you so nasty with me. I want your delicious cum load, and I cannot wait for it. I need your big dick now com, and fucking give it to me. Yes I’m a bad bitch I keep myself looking real good cuz I want you to want me, and I know you don’t like ugly bitches. Well, you’re such a good guy you know how to do everything right you fuck me like an animal that really turns me on. I want to be your whore forever your nasty little fucking cunt. I love it when you treat me bad I love it when you clean me up. You really know how to work you’re fucking cock monster it makes me so happy I can’t wait till you take me. Rape fantasy with me let’s fucking enjoy and explore that fantasy I want to roleplay with you. I want to be a nasty fucking whore I just can’t wait to suck your cock and put it in my mouth. Feed me your cock you know I really need it my cunt is soaking wet right now.

Finger Blasting

Cum slut phone sex Master caught me finger blasting myself again without permission. I know I should not do it when I do not have Master’s permission but I just couldn’t help myself. I was thinking of Master’s thick cock and my cunt was just dripping with my thick creamy juices. I was imagining his cock sliding so smoothy in and out of my cunt. Slamming right into my G-spot and making me howl like the submissive bitch whore I am for Master. I was imagining him spanking my ass and fucking my asshole into it was completely raw and bleeding. I was imagining it so well I could almost feel him doing these kinky things to my nasty body. I never heard Master coming through the door and when he was standing over me watching me and I looked up. I knew I was in trouble.

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