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I Love Being a Bondage Whore

bondage whore

I love being a bondage whore, but it does get me into some predicaments. Tony answered my ad on a fetish site. I was looking to get tied up and I did. The problem was once he had me bound and gagged, he brought over some friends. Not what I was planning nor what was agreed on. He didn’t give a fuck. He had me in such a position that my hands were tied behind my back with strong rope and my ass was in the air. I watched as he collected money from these guys to fuck me. He was pimping me out to strangers. They fucked my ass for hours. No lube, no condoms. Just hours of hard core ass fucking. Cum was running out of my ass like the river Styx. More guys came in, laid their money down and started fucking my ass. Some just nutted on my face and laughed at what a cum dumpster I was. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time. After all the guys were done fucking this submissive slut, Tony took his turn. He seemed to enjoy my dirty cum drenched fuck holes. I can’t wait to see him again.

Cock worshiping slave

Cock worshipingIt’s so hot outside and I want to help you relax while I serve you as your submissive little cunt. It’s my place right here on my knees so that I can kiss your feet and suck on your toes while I tell you how delicious they smell and taste. I love helping you to decompress as you bask in erotic pleasure with me. Massaging your ass feels so great, I love being your cock worshiping subby. I spread those booty cheeks open for you and I notice that they’re super red and covered in a bumpy rash. Don’t worry, there’s no need for lotion or any sort of medications or creams, I will use my tongue to make it all better instead! I can tell your bum is irritated from not wiping properly earlier when you used the restroom. Your asshole is your sweet spot and I love to make you squirm. Yes it smells bad but that’s not a problem, I enjoy the stench. I prefer for there to be a strong odor, it just means that I have to work that much harder to clean you up. Kissing & cleaning your ass is my purpose!

Naughty Submissive

Submissive WhoreI have been such a naughty submissive to my Master. I have been testing my limits and being such a little brat. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I get so frustrated at times and I lash out by not complying with his rules. Master will only let me take it so far before he gives me a spanking I will not forget for a while. This morning he told me that when he returned home from work I was to be dressed sexy with high heels on. With makeup and my hair in a nice tight bun with collar and leash on. And he said it better be done. I know that tone I heard in his voice it is the tone of he is close to snapping and whipping me hard if I don’t behave. It is still pretty early and I haven’t decided what I am going to do yet. Part of me is craving to be put into my place and part of me does not want the pain that comes with his discipline.

No Top Court Judge

Let’s get ready to keep a selfish judge from his well deserved new seat. We will call him the naughty judge who knows how to make all the girls cringe. He’s got habits where he will lock you up if you don’t give him some pussy. I can’t stand him, but I can’t stay out of trouble, so I need this motherfucker to set me free I need him now to save my ass. And since I understand that I need him to save my ass I’ve got to give him a great incentive. The naughty judge is going to be really happy when I get through with him I will make sure I go free. If I don’t suck his dick like this old bastard requires he’s going to have me locked up and he said they will throw away the key, that motherfucker is such a bastard but I’ve got to deal with him he is judging me. He’s getting a promotion that’s what he thinks, but I will take pictures and expose him because I’m tired of being his sex slave. The whores I know said this loser is going to be on the fucking Top Court in the country. I will make sure he doesn’t make it I will show everybody this motherfucker he is terrible. You can’t take me through all of this bullshit and then get a hot promotion. You are mistaken if you think I’m not going to get mad in fact I am furious. I’ll get you back you’re going to see you’ll never get that job I promise you-you won’t. Judge my ass you stupid motherfucker I’m not going to let you get that job. I will ruin all your chances I promise I will, and I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Slow down these days, take your time you’re going to get it now. Yeah remember in court when you were treating me like a motherfucking whore, remember you called me back in chambers and made me give you a wet-back BJ as you call it? Well, I got you now you’re never going to get that job you fucking son-of-a-bitch. You think your daughter is going to have a reason to be proud of you. I think not I’m going to make sure that cunt whore never sees her father get any fucking promotion. I want your daughter to know that you’re a motherfucking lousy man A really really horrible guy who doesn’t deserve anything useful after all the shit you put women through in your court. Now if you want that job you better do some shit for me you got to suck my toes, and then you got to suck my ass I need it right now, and you’re my mother fucking slave white boy. I have the cards in my hand so is the wet back now, Judge?!

Bare bottom spankings


Bondage Submission Due to Bad Decisions

Bondage submission

I haven’t been making the best decisions lately and my master thinks that some bondage submission might help. My master no longer trusts that I will behave if left home alone. So you made me come to the office with you today. I felt so embarrassed when you told one of your employees that I was too naughty to be left home alone. Little did I know how much worse things were going to get for me. You took me into the office that connects to yours but is used for storage. You made me sit in an office chair and then you tied me up.

You told me that you would not gag me as long as I remained quiet. You told me to use this time to reflect back on the past few days and my bad choices. Then you just walked out and shut the door. I could hear you next door talking to clients and employees. After a few hours I was tired of sitting in this same position. I was also starting to get hungry and needed to go to the potty. I couldn’t help but to try and wiggle myself free. As I started moving the chair was rocking on the floor. I didn’t think you would hear me. I thought he had already left for lunch. I swear it felt like had had been tied up for most of the day, but I was wrong.

Just as I had managed to untie my hands, you walked in and ask me what I thought I was doing. You told me that it had been less than two hours since you had left me alone. Yet, I had managed to get myself into trouble again. You walked over and finished untying me. I started trying to apologize but you told me to save it. I started crying as soon as you started unbuckling your belt. Not only did I not want to be spanked with your belt but I did not want to be punished at your office.

The thought of someone hearing me getting spanked was so embarrassing. You told me I should of thought about that before I decided to try and wiggle lose. You made me pull up my skirt and bend over your desk. You told me to pull down my panties. The leather bit into my skin causing me to scream out in pain. You continued to strap my ass with your leather belt until I was sobbing. My ass was left in angry red welts. You then made me stand in the corner in front of you with my spanked ass on display. I stood there crying and praying that no one walked in and saw me like this.

I like rough

When I am riding your dick reverse cowgirl and your wrap your arm around my neck choking me. Fuck that is what I am craving so badly right now. Your dick is so massive I can feel my cunt stretching as you slide in and out of it harder and faster with every thrust. I start circling my clit with two fingers. This makes me squirt my cum all over your dick and balls I start rubbing my cum into your balls giving them a gentle massage. You pull my hair tighter with your fist. Damn baby you know I like when you are rough with me. After a few more pumps I feel you start your cock start to pulse. I slam myself down harder and harder on you until every bit of that thick cum is released deep in my cunt.


Sidekicks submissive slut for the day

submissive slut

I went out to my friends bachelorette party in Vegas without giving you a notice. I keep making the same mistake and every time I get a more tortures punishment. This time you weren’t going to be the one inflicting pain on me and my body. You had your accomplice ready for me at the airport. I knew I was fucked the moment I saw her. I was going to be used and fucked up so badly. We got back to the dungeon and thats when she went crazy on me. She had me strip down and put a few devices on me that would remind me not to lie or cheat my master ever again. My master was brutal but his unhinged sidekick was the worst. She had resentment and hated all of his slave pets. She hated me the most because he would let me slide and let me be a lousy submissive slut at times. You can say master has a weak spot for me. Lana however doesn’t she whipped me and strangled me. My body was shaking and she fucked me till my asshole bled. It was all for my benefit. Next time I will remember who is in charge of my body. I was hers for the day and she sure took advantage of me. She pissed all over my mouth and made me lick her twat she had me do everything in between.

My new trick

slave training

As part of my slave training master wanted me to squirt. I told him that I was a gusher I had never squirted before. This was like a challenge to him. He strapped me to his massage chair and brought out so many different vibrators I was shocked that he had such a spread. My clit was sore by the time he finally made me squirt. I really felt like i was pissing the stream was strong. This was my homework from him to learn how to control the stream. Many men have let me squirt all over their face in preparation for my date with master. When the day finally arrived and I could show him the stream went so far that I owe him a new pair of shoes now.

I Need Slave Training

slave training

I need slave training. I am without a master and I have gotten a bit snarky. I was at this club last night. A tall dark handsome man approached me. He grabbed my arm trying to pull me off to a dark corner. I told him to fuck off. I don’t know why I did that. I always do what men want. I think being without a master has set me back. I told him he had to buy me drinks first, but he said no. He looked me in the eyes like he owned me. “You are a bitch. You get cock, not drinks,” he seethed at me. He scared me, but I loved it. I am a submissive whore at my core. I went with him into the darkened corner and sucked is cock. He skull fucked me so hard, I almost puked. I could feel my eyes roiling in the back of my head. I was slobbering all over his dick. My makeup smeared on my face. We got busted by the security dude. I thought he might call the cops, but he pulled out his cock and got in on the action. They both rammed their cocks in my mouth. I am surprised my cheeks aren’t sagging because they stretched the fuck out of my mouth. Next thing I knew I was getting tag teamed in the bar. On my knees like a dirty old bitch with two cocks in me. I am going back to that club tonight!

Best Day Ever


Submissive phone sex

You need a Spicy fucking whore in the morning time. I need a hot pulsating cock inside of me when the day starts. I just woke up hungry for dick but that’s no big secret, I’m a nymphomaniac. Bitches like me need dick 24/7 it’s good that I do sell my ass for cash. I would do it all for free but I’m so good I’m worth the money. Let me suck your cock this morning I want to take care of that morning wood that you have. I will suck your dick so good that you will be creaming my face. Don’t you want to spray some of your cock cream on a pretty little face today? It’s a great way to start out a productive day, I wonder do you agree? I need to lick your ass correctly like a good lot lizard tramp should. Please let me satisfy you this morning I can give you everything you’ve been yearning for I’ll make that cock of yours go off the rails don’t forget I need for you to bang my cont hard and fast just like Rover does with his rocket. You don’t know how nasty I can get, but you better believe that your cock will thank you every time we exchange. I’m the truck stop streetwalker that can give you everything you want you haven’t met at just junkie like me until you’ve met me. I should teach classes on how to give a guy the greatest of all time load busting experience. I know you want to drain your cock inside of a sweet hot wet pussy and I know that my pussy is more than amazing. You really should give yourself a chance to get off good. Tell me your fantasy close your eyes grab your dick and let me make you seal like you’ve never felt before. Good morning sweetheart I want you to have a great day, no I want you to have your best day ever.

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