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Office Submissive Sex

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I am good at. I don’t just lay there like a dead fish. That is bored, not submissive. I like rough sex. I almost never complain when I am getting a hardcore fucking. I complained today, however, and was punished. My new boss hired me part time as an office sex doll. The only reason he hired me was because he knew I was a dirty slut. The kind of woman he could fuck whenever and however he wanted. Although that is true, I was not prepared to be anally fisted today. He made me bend over his desk. I must wear garter belts to frame my ass for him. No underwear. Just black garter belt and stockings. I was bent over waiting or his cock when I felt something much larger go inside my ass. I felt his rings. He didn’t start with one finger and work from there. He just put his entire fist, rings and all, right up my ass. My old master never fisted me. He didn’t want to ruin my holes. He didn’t want me to bleed or shit on him. This new boss wanted to hurt me until I cried. He told me there is no fun if I like what he is doing. I tried to pull away from him. I was screaming in pain. My ass has been fucked over the years, but not like that. When I managed to get away, he was livid. I saw the hatred in his eyes. He lunged at me and tried to choke me. “Bitch, you don’t pull away from me ever again or you will end up in the ER,” he screamed at me while his hands crushed my throat. He fucked my ass while choking me. I passed at one point, but he slapped me back awake. It was a violent fuck that left me bleeding and bruised up. I am still recuperating. I think I am in over my head with my new boss.

Masters treat

submissive whore

Riding a big black dick is just my life as a submissive whore. My master will deny me any sexual release for weeks then shows up with this guy. I have to climb on his dick using only my spit for lube. This massive dick is so thick and long I feel my pussy walls screaming to release the stretch. That is until I finally cum. That sweet juicy lube making his cock slide in easier and it looks great dripping down his chocolate balls. He flips me onto all fours and drives his dick even deeper than before. My cunt feels like it is ripping apart. With a hard smack to my ass he finally lets his cum flow all over my backside.


I like it rough

BDSM chat

I can’t help but smile when I think about bdsm. I love bdsm chat! Knowing you are going to put me in my place and do all the nasty things you want to my body turns me on. it really shouldn’t but it does. You wanted to make me a coke whore and that is exactly what happened. I ended up being a high whore in front of your friends. Letting them make me all their personal urinals. It was a high I can’t explain. I loved being on my knees getting streams of piss on my face and mouth. I would of never guessed I would be such a great toilet whore. I like how rough you guys are with me. Tie me up and grab me. I have painful rug burns all over my body. My poor asshole and twat may never go back to normal. I have been stretched out by dozens of horny men wanting a slave like me.

Training A Whore

Cum slut phone sexMaster loves when I become a domme on another bitch. It turns him on so fucking much. He likes to watch as I make her my bitch. There was this one whore who wanted to be a submissive but had a fucking mouth on her and refused to listen. So her master gave her to my master to teach her some fucking discipline before he took her skanky ass back. Master put the task in my hand and for days I beat that bitch and fucked her with dildoes and object. Tearing her flesh up inside and out. Master had is way and fun with her too. But I was the one who got to have the most fun with her. She is a stubborn bitch but she is breaking.

Submissive Slut all My Life

submissive slut

I am a submissive slut born and raised. It is funny when men ask me about my younger days. Daddy wasn’t a master. He was just a woman hating mean son of a bitch. He scared me. When I turned 18, I left home and never saw him again. I ran right to the arms of a man just like daddy. I know I have daddy issues. Why else would I always get involved with dominant men who want to own and control me? I have never had an equal relationship with a man. Not even my own son. He is an adult now, but he has that same mean streak that daddy did and that his own father had too. He came over last night to borrow money. I knew he just wanted to get high. I never keep cash on hand because of him. When he was still living with me, he would steal it right from my wallet. He is a huge disappointment. He was not happy that I wouldn’t give him money last night. He punished me. It began with some bare bottom spankings. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I have been spanked harder in my life. I acted like it hurt something terrible. That was the wrong move for me, because he liked my crying so much, he wanted to hurt me more. He pulled my pantyhose completely off and rammed his fist up my ass. Now, I wasn’t faking the crying. His big hand up my ass raw hurt like hell. The longer he did it, the worst it got, but something is wrong with me. I never fought him off. I never even threatened to call the cops. I know I am a submissive whore, but my pussy was wet from the anal abuse. I don’t know if it was the pain I enjoyed or the fact that my son was my abuser. Who am I kidding? It was both factors that made me wet.

Giving myself bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankingsMaster P has ordered me to give myself the bare bottom spankings that I deserve. I love how my ass cheeks get bright pink and welts all over them from the spanks. My treasure chest full of toys is right here next to me and I have a ton of fun things inside ready to be used for Master’s sexual pleasure. This hard leather crop is perfect for me to whip my clit and my tits with. I’m so swollen and bruised by time I’m done beating my body. I’m whimpering and crying but that doesn’t phase Master whatsoever, he continues to make me self inflict all of this pain on myself. I place my big dildo vibrator on my submissive cunt and let it pulsate until I squirt out lots of juicy cum for Master P. I’m such a good little slave slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings For Leah

Bare bottom spankings

I’m not suppose to touch my pussy without your permission. It is so hard because my pussy is always wet and tingly. I knew you wouldn’t be home for a few more hours and I just couldn’t help myself. I started rubbing on my hot wet pussy paying special attention to my clit. I had even retrieved the pink dildo from your desk drawer and was using it to fuck myself. I was enjoying pleasuring myself so much that I didn’t even notice the sound of the garage door opening.

The next thing I knew you were standing over me clearing your throat. You ask me what I thought I was doing even though you clearly knew. I told you that I was masturbating in a very timid voice. You ask me what happens to young ladies that can’t control their naughty urges as you where taking off your belt. They get bare bottom spankings was my response. You made me bend over the end of the sofa. Your leather belt bit into my soft skin leaving angry red welts all over my ass and legs. I was begging you for mercy. You spanked my ass until I was a sobbing mess.

You then made me lay on the floor with my legs spread. You used that same wicked belt to spank my full pussy lips. It stung even worse on my pussy than it did on my ass. You ask me if I had learned my lesson and I assured you that I had. You unzipped your pants and pulled out your big thick cock. You told me to prove it to you. I crawled over on my hands and knees. I reached up and started stroking your hard throbbing cock while my mouth was sucking on just the head of your cock. My soft wet lips slid all the way down the shaft of your cock deepthroating every last inch of it into my mouth. Just before you came you pulled out of my mouth. You told me that I was not deserving of your warm creamy cum as you blew it all over the room.

Brutal Fucking

Submissive Whore Master came home today ranting and bitching about something that pissed him off at work today. He was getting more and more aggravated as he stormed around the house. That is when he turned to me I was in the cage where he had left me this morning. He opened the cage door and told me to get my fuck holes washed up and ready. I knew by the tone in his voice and the expression on his face I was in for a brutal fucking. When Master is pissed off he takes it out on my three fuck holes. Especially my ass. I did exactly what he said as fast as I could making master wait will only make my fucking more brutal.

Submissive Phone Sex Slut and Human Toilet

submissive phone sex

I am such a submissive phone sex slut at work. I have a new job since my master retired. I could have chosen to never work again. He gave me a nice package. Set me up for life. I have just become used to being degraded and used daily. I love my phone sex masters, but they will never replace the real thing. I am a paralegal now a few times a week for a new lawyer. He is much younger than my original work master. He is far kinkier too. I worked Friday for him. I was his office toilet. My former master rarely engaged in piss play, but my new master loves it. Lucky me. I spent the day under his desk with my mouth open. His dick was out the entire day too. He would snap his fingers once when he had to piss. I would open my mouth as wide as I could, and he would pee straight in my mouth. If he snapped his fingers twice, he wanted head, so I had to suck him off. If I didn’t make him cum in less than ten minutes I got whipped. The first couple times making him cum in that time frame was not hard, but after the first 4 times, I struggled. I mean there is only so many times a man can cum in a day. He said it was my fault if I couldn’t make him cum. So, the 5th time, ten minutes passed, and his dick was still limp. He put me in his torture closet and whipped me for an hour.  I have not yet decided if I like my new job. I have never swallowed so much piss and cum in a day. But, I am a submissive whore, so I do what I am told when I am told.

Whatever it takes

sexy bondage

I love sexy bondage with you. One of the things you demand is my total smoothness for my body. I go and get waxed just to meet your expectations as you rub your huge cock up and down my fat juicy cunt. You have me bend over and do further inspections with your face and tongue. But no matter what I am not allowed to cum. All of the fun stops abruptly if I even so much as utter a sound. Knowing that I never refuse you anything you start slapping my face with your dick before you shove it in my mouth. You love shoving that huge pecker past my tonsils. Apparently, I am one of the only whore you know that can actually do this for you. Well, master what shall we do next?


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