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Submissive Whore Office Party

submissive whoreMy boss held a submissive whore holiday office party this week for his high-end clients. I had to wear a Santa’s helper outfit, a sexy one. My boobs were exposed, and the skirt was so short that with no panties, you could see everything. I served the drinks and I served as the entertainment. Master was sharing his bitch with his most exclusive clients. They could do whatever they wanted to me. I was their gift. Men were grabbing my ass, slapping my tits and pulling my hair as foreplay. One client slapped my ass so hard, I spilled my tray of drinks. That didn’t go over well with Master. I was ordered on my knees to lick up all that I spilled. It was a form of forced intoxication punishment. I was super drunk once I cleaned up all the spilled booze. I was teetering around in my high heals trying not to spill again when one guy knocked me over on purpose. Down on my knees again licking up spilt booze, my ass was exposed for the taking. Master’s clients lined up to gang bang my fuck holes. Cock after cock fucked me doggy style. I was so drunk, I feared I may puke. Once they were done gangbanging me, they made me suck their cocks clean. I was drunk and full of cum. Not to mention sore and tired. Master said next week is another party for another set of clients. I need to learn how to get better at not spilling the drinks.

Drunk Young Little Slut

Bondage chat Master brought home a drunk young little slut tonight. He said she was being a tease all fucking night getting free drinks and not giving up the pussy. Master bought her a drink with a special powder mixed in it. And now she is lying on the floor a slobbering passed out mess. I got that bitch fucking naked and spread her legs really wide letting master get a good view of that young cunt. He took his bullwhip and gave her one good whip across her wet cunt her body jerked but she was still passed out. Her cunt started to swell and it looked so fucking good that I shoved my face right in between those cunt lips. Master says she is ours to keep and to torture and she will be our little whore.

Punish Me, Sir

bdsm phone sex

I love being bound and helpless! I have been a naughty, naughty whore and I deserve a good lashing! I love writhing on the floor beneath you with my arms and legs chained up like the filthy animal I am! I want to be your helpless, worthless toy. The tight chains digging into my skin remind me of the filthy piggy whore I am for you, sir.

         The repeated lashings to my pitiful cunt and tied up breasts remind me that my body is yours to abuse, sir. The fuck machine going full force in my dribbling cunt is a reminder that I only live to cum for you and squirm in pain and pleasure! So, punish me, sir. I deserve it so bad!

His New Fuck Doll

BDSM phone sex

From the moment W/we stepped into His house He took control.  I met Him at a gathering for the Charity that I do work for.  He was very handsome, you could tell from just the way He carried Himself that He possessed power.  He caught me looking at Him a few times, I was mesmerized by Him. He pulled me to the side to simply say, “You want to fuck Me. Don’t you?”  I was taken aback by His forwardness.  I managed a meager nod of my head.  He smiled and told me I would have to earn that then He walked away.  I wasn’t sure what He had meant by that, however, I was soon to find out.

After the gathering I was heading to my car when I heard His voice call me over to Him.  He took my phone to put His address in my GPS then told me to be there no later than 11:00 p.m.  He left.  I wasn’t sure if I would actually go, but He did.  I only had forty-five minutes to get there.  I got into my car and drove.  I kept having doubts about just going to a stranger’s house like this.

The door was open, I cautiously walked in to find Him sitting in a chair drinking a night cap.  He just looked at me, I felt rather awkward just standing there.  I felt somehow exposed.  His silence was unsettling.  He told me to put my clutch down and strip.  I am not sure why but I did just that.  He instructed me in detail how to take each item off, I had to listen very carefully.  Once I was down to my lingerie He had me stop.

He got up to walk around me.  His hand was on my ass, He slapped it hard, so hard in fact that I almost lost my footing.  I had to hold onto the chaise that was there to remain standing.  He placed His hand between my shoulder blades, pushing softly to indicate that He wanted me to bend over.  I did so.  He leaned over me, His hand went to my throat.  He applied pressure, squeezing slightly.  He kicked my feet apart, His other hand went up between my legs.  He then asked me if I wanted this.  I softly said, “Yes.”  He said, “Yes what?” I said, “yes please!”  He brought His hand down hard on my left ass cheek.  He said, “Yes. What.”  I said, “Yes please … Sir.”  He told me I was going to be a good fuck doll.

Leah’s Bondage S&M Relationship

Bondage S&M

I am in a bondage S&M relationship with Sir. So I am fully aware of the rules and expectations, but sometimes my pussy takes over. Sir came home early last night. I wasn’t expecting him home for at least another five hours. So he caught me totally by surprise. I was suppose to be cleaning the house, but instead I was watching porn and playing with myself. I know that Sir does not allow me to touch my cunt with out his permission, but I just get so hot and tingly down there that I can’t help it.

So there I was in the bedroom with a dildo in my pussy when Sir walked in. Saying Sir was not happy is an understatement. He yanked me up and had me turned over his knee so fast that I didn’t even know what had happened. After he finished spanking my ass a hot red. He made me lay back down on the bed with my legs apart. Sir had told me the last time that he caught me finger fucking myself without his permission that if it ever happened again it wouldn’t just be my ass getting spanked. Sir had promised me that he would take the riding crop to my naughty bald pussy.

I started begging Sir for one more chance but he was not having it. Sir gave me 10 hard strokes on my wet bald pussy. I couldn’t help but to scream and cry the whole time. It was the most painful punishment that I have received so far. With tears still streaming down my face and my pussy throbbing in pain, Sir made me get down on my knees and suck his hard throbbing cock. He grabbed the back of my hair and forced his cock all the way down my throat. He roughly face fucked me until his cock exploded in my warm wet mouth. Sir made me lick his big thick cock clean. Before he shoved a ball gag in my mouth, a ginger fig up my ass, and hog tied me. He left this bondage whore on the floor to think about my transgressions.

Bondage whore

Submissive Whore Gets Humiliated

submissive whore

I’ve been a naughty submissive whore. I was supposed to work this weekend for my boss. My old boss and master never made me work weekends. I had plans with my family, so I didn’t show up. I figured he would be mad, but maybe I would get a spanking and docked pay. That didn’t go well. While my entire family was at my house, he stormed in and grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me out. My family was in shock. There were little ones around too. He started smacking my face and kicked me in the stomach repeatedly. He made me tell everyone what a stupid cunt I am and how I belong to him. I was so humiliated. He didn’t care. He had zero respect for me or my family. In fact, he wanted to degrade me in front of them. He told the little girls to watch how a submissive slut is treated because no doubt they would follow in my whore footsteps. Master even encouraged the men to join in on my abuse. My son had no problem fucking me in front of everyone. He hates me anyway, but when my young grandson joined in, that was the most humiliated I have ever felt. My grandson humped my ass and called me names at the encouragement of Master and my son. The girls in the family were afraid to do anything for fear they too would get abused, so the just sat there watching, feeling ashamed for not helping me while Master and the men in the family gangbanged my holes. Today, I showed up to work like ordered. Still sore, I sat on a bag of frozen peas. But I know without a doubt now that I can never disobey him again.


Submissive whore


My Master had a special treat for me last night. He had a little party with some of his friends and I got to be the center of entertainment! I was placed in stocks and held there with my anal hook. My body was on display for them all to see and they could use me however they wanted. With the stocks and my hook firmly in my tight little ass, I was totally vulnerable to them and their desires. They stood around me and used various whips and floggers on me until my ass and pussy were covered in angry red welts. I couldn’t even scream out when I was hit, because I always had a cock in my mouth the whole time. Each of them would use my mouth to fuck my face while the others took turns spanking me or fucking my tight little pussy. Each of them had a turn with me and I wasn’t allowed out of my stocks or hook until all of Master’s friends were satisfied and had deposited their cum in me. Master was very pleased with me that night and rewarded me with a nice yummy load of cum for me to swallow. I just love pleasing him!

Official Slave Slut

Spanking phone sex

Master had me sign a contract to be his official slave slut. From now on, I belong to him and him only. Whenever he wants my slut holes, I must be there to serve him. Just today, I was at my corporate office when I received a call from my Master. He ordered me to meet him at the nearest grimy motel. I dropped everything I was doing and eagerly left to meet him there.

         I stripped down immediately when I got there and waited for my orders. Master came in, turned me around and spanked my ass so hard until it turned bright red. He then strapped me down. The rope dug into my skin and master painfully slapped my tits and made me worship his cock with my tongue. He then shoved his cock down my throat and made me choke and gag on his cock like the filthy slave slut I am. His cock slid down my throat until my face turned blue and purple. I was only permitted to breathe after he came in my throat.

Cuffed and stuffed

submissive slut

Such a perfect submissive slut shiloh. The note reads My master leaves me a compliment after a night of torturous pain and pleasure. My heart skips a beat. My cunt is throbbing and nipples are aching. I ended up being the fuck slut for an army of men. I didn’t get no breaks. My ass was pumped by all his friends. My master doesn’t like sloppy seconds. He is always first and he started off by showing how submissive I am for him and his dick. My hands were tied behind my back with a thick rope that was burning me and making me scream. After he I begged for an alternative he gave me mercy. I ended up having his handcuffs restrict me. Each pound was harder than the next. I was cuffed and stuffed till he creamed all over me. Then he sat back and watch all his friends use me too, He was a happy camper last night.

Punish Your Whore

Submissive whore


I gave in.  It was what I wanted and needed.  I needed to feel the sting of the crop across my bare ass.  Everything I was and am are Yours. I completely understand why You had to punish me.  You had given me a task, one which I was unable to complete due to work.  However, that doesn’t matter.  My work responsibilities are my problem, and not Yours. I could of very well excused myself from my meeting to go into my office for a couple of minutes to do as You requested, but I did not.

I put my work ahead of Your needs and that is unacceptable.   Now you have me tied in the corner of Your apartment where You can easily access me for any reason.  Other than a hard swat across my ass You pay me no mind.  A part of me wants to give in and cry.  I know You told me not too so I am not, but it is so hard.  I have to go to the bathroom so badly but I know better than to ask.

I will just have to endure and complete my punishment to show You how very sorry I am.  I only hope that You can see that I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.  I know You have more punishment planned for me this evening, and I will do anything You require, as a good submissive whore should.

only Yours,


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