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Putting On A Show

Submissive WhoreMaster has me putting on a show for his business. There is a big deal on the table and Master is sure I will persuade them to go with my Master’s business. Master had them over the house for dinner, drinks, and a show. My submissive whore show was an interactive one, I danced around them putting my boobs in their faces. Bending over with my legs spread my cunt lips open for all the men to see. I strip down to nothing and get on my knees. I crawl around the room like a wild bitch dog in heat. The men take out their cock and can see them whacking themselves and the make a circle around me. I can’t see Master but I can hear him say “She has no limits men take her and use her for your pleasure.”

Submissive Sex Holidays are No Fun for Me

submissive sexI had a submissive sex Christmas, and nothing is different for the New Year. My boss made me work Christmas for him. He had a party with a Santa Claus and everything. I can’t tell him no. He dressed me in a slutty Mrs. Claus outfit and let all his friends and colleagues do what they wanted to me. From sucking cock, to getting fucked in the ass, I did it. It was more than just fucking too. His pals wanted to humiliate me. I drank piss directly from cocks and from wine glasses. I licked assholes like I was human tissue paper. I prefer cock worshiping over anything bathroom related, but I never have a choice.  The hired Santa got super drunk and wanted to get nasty with Mrs. Claus. He fucked my ass and pissed inside me as well as shot his wad. When he was done, he made me shit it out in a wine glass and drink it down. He did say, “Cheers,” before I had to chug a mixture of piss, cum and shit out of glass. One of the most humiliating holidays ever for me. As I type this, I am in fear of what is in store for me tomorrow. I was ordered to be at my place of work tomorrow for a New Year’s football party. Sometimes, I hate my life.

cock worshiping


Slave training


My Master loves to see me used and fucked by other people, but only when he says so. When he’s away, I’m not allowed to fuck anyone or even play with my pussy. He pierced my pussy with a special piercing that keeps my pussy lips closed shut and my clit completely covered so that I can’t have sex or masturbate. Being a devious man like my Master though, he also takes and loops a strand of pearls through my pussy lips before securing the piercing. As I walk or move, the pearls slide around inside my labia and rub on my clit and sends me into ecstasy. Even just walking around the house doing my chores has my pussy dripping wet from the pearls. I know this is his way of torturing me and also testing me to see if I am a loyal pet to him. As soon as he’s back home I practically beg him to take off my chastity device and fuck me!


Bondage and submissionWhen I woke up, I was face down, tied up and still wearing my pantyhose. I don’t know what made you kidnap me today in my work parking garage. I felt some sense of relief that my pantyhose were still on because only then did I feel safe from being force fucked. That was, until I hear you come in and you wouldn’t take your hands off of me. Then I heard a loud rip and my pantyhose were completely ruined at the top. The legs stayed on secure, but the whole pussy and ass portion was wide open and exposed. I suddenly felt very very scared. You ran your hands up and down slowly at first, building up my anticipation. Then without warning, when I was least expecting it you buried your hard throbbing cock in my asshole. You pounded and force fucked my tight little whole while I tried to scream, nearly suffocating myself with the duct tape. When you finally were done using me, you pulled out and came all over my pantyhose. The next morning, you dressed me, and put me back out in front of my work. My pantyhose nearly glued to my legs from your cum. You told me to work all day like that, or you’d come back for more…

You do what the fuck I say do or else


Erotic submissive stories

Andrew came to my house drunk, banging at my door. I didn’t want to let him in because every time I do he does vile things to me. He begged me from outside of my door promising that it would be different and that he wouldn’t behave the same as other times before. I had my ear to the door, I was emotional I know I shouldn’t have let him in, but I couldn’t help myself I was weak. As soon as I let Andrew in, he grabbed the back of my head pulling my hair and started shoving his tongue down my throat passionately. At least he wasn’t slapping me around, so I felt weirdly safe. Right at the moment when I let my guards down, he asked me slurring why didn’t you let me in? I didn’t know what to say to Andrew I was terrified that anything could tick him off I make him start losing his temper. I didn’t give an excuse I only apologize profusely because I knew that excuses would just get me hurt. Andrew’s grip of passion turned into a grip of possession he led me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I cried and begged him not to get so upset he grabbed my throat and told me that I was a fucking slut whore. I reminded Andrew that he promised not to hit me which only made him grab me forcefully and start going wild. He told me he had seen me with another man he let me know that he owned my cunt and that he couldn’t stand the sight of another man Even being in my presence let alone touching me the way that heat scene The Stranger he didn’t know touching me. I tried to tell him Andrew that was just my friend I wanted to explain I had nothing to do with him sexually and that we had just gone to school together. Only then he became ferociously angry I saw his eyes huge cock getting harder and harder. He called me a lying bitch and forced my legs open I didn’t fight much because I knew it came with repercussions. I was turned on by the whole ordeal because he wasn’t beating me he was only about to fuck me unconscious. Andrew started pounding my pussy fucking me like there was no tomorrow. My body began to cum over and over it felt like complete passion for being taken over and treated like a fuck toy for my mad crazy boyfriend. Andrew made a night that could have been horrible for me not so bad because we made rough love. I know you want to hear more about how forceful Andrew was with me and I would love to tell you so, call me.

I was Santa’s favorite hoe

Sexy phone chatSanta sure did have his way with my stupid submissive cunt while we had sexy phone chat together this holiday season. I was stripped down naked and forced on to the bed face down so that my pretty face was stuffed into a pillow as it smothered me. I was gasping for air but Santa would just put his hands on the back of my head and shove me deeper into the pillow so that you could hardly even hear me squirming around. Santa spread my legs open wide and shoved his rock hard horny cock into my slutty hole. It hurt so bad but it felt so good at the same time. I was nice and stretched out, so much so that there was even a little bit of blood gushing out of me. Santa spanked my juicy booty until my cheeks were bright red color, that’s exactly what I deserved! You can always find me on the naughty list!

Ruin me


2 girl phone sex is fun when you have it with to submissive whores. I like to compete and don’t mind having a competition with another slave pet. I will always prefer to be on top. I will claw my way there if I have to quite honestly. I have dreams of being my masters accomplice. I would love to ruin sluts for him and make him ridiculously happy. My holes were made to be used by him. I know what get him off and what will make him pop. I’m on my knees begging for his cock to fuck my mouth till it starts to bruise. I like whips across my clit and back. Make me cry and beg for you to stop. Tears running down my face. I will do it all and do it with grace. I will ruin a slave pets holes right in front of you for your entertainment. My asshole if your playground. You own my body and can do what you please.2 girl phone sex

Great Lengths

Bondage S&M

He told me to be careful.  He wants me to have a good time while I am out with my friends but to pay attention to my surroundings, keep my head about me.  I told him I would before I hung up the phone.  I got dressed, then drove to the club.  I was meeting friends, and since I had to get up early in the morning I drove there myself.  I made sure that I only had one glass of Champagne, so I could leave early and get home in time.  The rest of the evening I drank sparkling water. 

I am not sure what happened, but when I left I was just about to my car when I started to feel incredibly dizzy.  I had to hold onto the car so that I could stay on my feet, I had just opened up my door and then everything changed. When I woke up I was in the back of a mini-van, there were two men driving.  I had  no clue where we were, it was very dark out so I knew we weren’t near any big towns, or a city.  I started to panic and I felt like I was going to get sick.

Eventually we pulled over and I was shaking because I was terrified. My legs and wrists were secured and I had no way to get the duct tape off.  I was yanked from the back of the mini-van, and placed in between the two men so I could hop my way to the front of the vehicle.  One of them secured a piece of duct tape over my mouth.  The passenger door was still open and I was bent over the seat.  My legs and ass were outside the vehicle while my tits were pressed up against the actual seat.

The first sting happened suddenly.  It cut through the skin on my ass cheek as if it was made of butter.  I cried out, the second was hard but I could tell it wasn’t as sharp as the first, but it still hurt more than I could bare.  Sweat covered my body, I was trying to wiggle around, to get away, but that was not possible.  A third, fourth, and fifth lash came down just as hard.  I was sobbing.  Then I felt something thick and wet squirted between my ass cheeks.  I had no idea of what it was but then I felt the first four fingers burst their way into my asshole.  The whipping was bad enough but this brought on a whole new level of pain.

I tried to beg through the duct tape, it came out as just a muffled whimper.  I felt the last knuckle of the thumb penetrate my ass, then I felt a fist form.  I was being fisted and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I kept praying, pleading, crying, and anything else I could think of to make it stop.  I felt the fist slip from my ass and there was an overwhelming sense of relief.  I could tell my asshole was gaping open.  Then I felt his cock, ramming at full speed into me.  At that point I had given up, I told myself that if perhaps I tried to enjoy what was happening that maybe I would.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath through my nose and pushed back against the eager cock.  His hand slipped between my legs and my clit was pinched hard.  I yelped again, but I liked it, I liked the pain.  His fingers started to softly stroke my clit, then it would be pinched again.  This went on until He came deep inside of me. 

I was turned around roughly while the man took his Balaclava off.  It was Him, my Sir whom I had spoken to before I left to spend time with my friends.  He looked at me and said, “Next time do as you are told instead of ignoring your surroundings.  This could of been really bad for you, I hoped you learned your lesson.” 

Flogging Casey

BDSM chatI was bound and gagged and so vulnerable when you began to hit my cunt with the flogger. First little slaps, they actually felt good. This isn’t too bad. Then you went harder. Stings got stronger. Then harder. Harder. Harder. I was screaming, the best I could, in pain. I could feel the heat coming off my ass and cunt. Blood coming to the surface. Fuck that hurt so bad. When the straps would hit my pussy lips it felt like someone was slicing me open. You like seeing me in pain. Bound and nothing I can do. Completely submissive to you, master. I like being your slave, but damn. I’m not going to be able to sit down for weeks.

Marionette Fuck Puppet

Submissive phone sex

Master took me to the theatre yesterday, I was wondering what we’d watch and when I asked, Master told me that I’m the show today! I was so confused until he took me onto the stage and stripped me down naked. All eyes were on me. I gasped at the sight of the ropes that were dangling from the rafters. Master called in his assistants who helped him lift me up and tie to the ropes like a marionette.

Master stepped back to admire his submissive whore and dubbed me the crowd’s fuck puppet. He used my throat and stuffed my cunt like a useless marionette. Master called up the audience to use and abuse my naked fuck puppet body and one by one they all clamored up for a shot at my cunt. The women climbed up on the ropes and sat their pussies and asses on my open mouth. And rode my face while the men shoved their rock-hard cocks in my holes. They manipulated the ropes to have me pose for them.

I was left dripping cum from all my holes and master left me dangling from the ceiling all night.

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