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I’m the Christmas tree

xxx bondage

xxx bondage for Christmas this year and it all has to do with me. My master wanted to make a Christmas tree out of me. He brought plenty of shiny things and all sorts of gadgets that would be hung on me and thru me. He was going to paint me red and white for Christmas. He hung all his torturous fun objects on me. My nipples were in great pain my tits were swollen and ready to be black blue for life. He loved hog tying me. Cum shot after cum shot all over me. I was practically a glazed donut by the end of the session. My swollen lips and clit were agonizing. I was the slave pet like no other on my knees getting a Christmas to remember. Gagged up tied up and covered and cum!


Fun from Our Fame

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Drake is a dangerous motherfucker he’s always taking crazy risks like going into public places and making scenes. Drake continually talks about how he likes to make women feel uncomfortable and horny at the same time. I have got to admit pussies get soaking wet when his fully erect massive 12-inch cock calls those hot whore cat mamas. One Saturday evening while Drake and I were jogging in the park he noticed a hot young red head peering at us. This freak was a hot piece of work with her piercing green eyes, slim frame, and tight puckered bubble ass. I noticed Drake eyeing those perfect 40 or bigger double D titties. The woman who looked to be between 20 and 22 years old kept looking at us each time that cute ass ran by. I said to Drake, that it was like she couldn’t take her eyes off us. All of a sudden the redhead started running right at us. The sweet tit freak introduced herself, she said her name was Jessica as she smiled directly at Drake. Jessica said she knew who we were from the videos she had seen online of our crazy sexy antics. Drake gave Jessica direct eye contact as he told her she was sexy as fuck. I knew right then what Drake wanted to do with and to miss hot little Jessica. Drake wanted to fuck Jessica in every position. I asked her if she would like to come to our house and have a good time, of course, she responded, so we all took off. Drake, Jessica and I had the hottest fucking most cum-guzzling threesome you could ever imagine. I ate her juicy cum-filled cunt until she was begging me to stop and we both got fucked to exhaustion.

Public Humiliation

Submissive slut

Master bought me a new butt plug recently. It was much larger than any of the others I’ve ever had. It’s so uncomfortable and painful when he slips it inside of my tight ass. I can barely walk and can’t sit down at all while it’s inside of me. He told me that this is all part of my slave training and that if I’m a good girl, I’ll wear it without any fuss. Pleasing him is all I want, so I agreed. It took a little bit of work and a lot of lube, but he got the huge plug inserted securely into my asshole. Then he told me he was going to take me out to the mall and do a little shopping and get lunch. I couldn’t imagine walking around in public with this monster in my bottom! We browsed the stores and did a little shopping while I wore the huge plug. My ass was on fire from the discomfort, but my pussy was also tingling and wet. The plug hurt and felt good at the same time. I was wearing a short little sundress and no panties underneath. If I bent over or the wind blew, anyone would be able to see the base of the plug poking out of my bottom. Master told me he had a little chore for me to do. There was a group of men standing by the fountain in the mall talking and people watching. He told me he wanted me to walk in front of them, turn around, drop something on the ground, and then pick it up so the men could see my plug. I agreed to do it even though I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I did just as he asked and when I bent over the men began to whistle and cat call me. My cheeks were flushed and burning with embarrassment. Master was very pleased though and took me home and gave me a special treat. He put me in a new pair of leg chains and manacles and gave me a nice hard fucking. I squirted and came over and over while he praised me for being such a good little submissive slut.

College Humiliation BDSM

Submissive Phone Sex

Master decided to pay me a visit while I started my third semester at college. He heard I was being a very naughty slut and decided that the best course of action was to humiliate and punish me for all to see! After stripping me naked in my dorm room, Master dragged my naked body through the campus on a leash, leading me to the outdoor auditorium where a great big table and straps were waiting.

After securing me on all fours with my naked ass and cunt exposed for all my fellow classmates to see, he placed tight binder clips on my clit and nipples and announced to all that I was a dirty whore and everyone can have a turn at punishing me. Master dealt out the initial punishment of whips and rulers to my ass and pinned opened cunt. Despite my humiliation, I knew that a piggy whore like me deserved the punishment!

One by one, my classmates came on stage and took to abusing and degrading my body. The girls that hated me spat, pissed and threw things at me, while the guys violently force fucked my holes- all at my master’s command. He would not let them stop until my body was violently shaking and dripping with cum. Master ordered me to be strapped there all night for everyone to have a chance at degrading my exposed body. What would you do to me?

Losing Consciousness

BDSM phone sexYou tightened the rope around my tits and then you slapped my face hard, which is a hard limit of mine. I yelped out, as much as I could, behind a ball gag. My face immediately felt hot and tears started going down my cheeks, which only seemed to make you more aggressive. You began slapping my tits and i saw blood start coming to the surface of the skin. Bruised already. You pushed my face down on to the bed, exposing my ass and pussy to you. My arms tied behind my back too tight. I didn’t even get a breath before my nose and mouth were covered by the mattress. I felt your hand push my face further and further, burying it deeper and making it impossible for me to breathe. You lost all control this time. Are you going to go too far? Is this the end? I’ve never seen you like this. You thrust your cock in my asshole without so much as spitting on it. I tried to scream, but couldn’t, and knew if I did, it would just make things worse for me. I started to feel my pulse in my head and began to drift out of consciousness.

Submissive Whore Gets Her Pussy Spanked

Submissive Whore

This kinky little submissive whore was suppose to be home cleaning and making your dinner. But a girlfriend stopped by and talked me into going to the mall for some holiday shopping. She assured me that we would only be gone a couple of hours and you would be none the wiser. However, we started sampling wine and cheese and lost track of time. The next thing I knew it was almost 5pm.

I thought we might be able to beat you home, but I knew that hadn’t happened when we pulled up and I saw your car. I knew I would be in trouble. I just didn’t know how much. You were holding a wooden spoon in your hand. You told me to please explain why there was no dinner and the house was still a mess. I really had no explanation. Then you wanted to see what was in my shopping bag. Oh, how I had planned on hiding my newly bought adult sex toys before you arrived home.

Since I am not allowed to play with myself with out your permission, I knew you seeing them would not go over well. You took one look at the vibrating rabbit dildo and said oh so you think your pussy needs some attention. Before I could even answer you had me pulled over your knee with my skirt pulled up. I thought I was going to get a bare bottom spanking. So I was not prepared when you took that wooden spoon and slapped my pussy with it. You spanked my bald sensitive pussy and at first it really stung. But the longer you spanked my smooth bald pussy the more the burning sensation made my hot wet pussy tingle and I ended up cuming all over your lap. Being naughty always feels so good.

Piss and Cage Play

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Master Decided I was a bad whore. He said it was time for the cage. I begged and begged no! But I was bound and unable to move at all in the cage. He said I was supposed to be obedient and not beg him. But I know my begging is what he loves. Please please as he unbuttoned his fly. I knew that he was going to piss on me. He said open your whore mouth! I did as I was told and gurgled and swallowed is huge piss load. I am a good whore and I love being at his command. I tried to wiggle free when he left me all alone in a dark room. I heard footsteps and was met with the warm wet stream of piss again. All night I sat in piss in my cage. I cried and whimpered when he let me out in the morning. He said get cleaned up and I will gift you a hefty load of spunk for your breakfast whore! All I would eat that day would be his cum. I live for being his whore.


reBondage phone sex Master often hogties me and suspends me from the ceiling. Lowering me just enough to stick his cock in any one of my three wet fuckable holes. He twirls me around slapping at my body as I am suspended in the air. I feel like a piece of meat ready for slaughter hanging there. My pussy gushes past my thighs and makes a puddle on the floor. Master sees my pussy acting like a faucet and he shoves his dick pounding in and out as hard as he can. I am squirting with every stroke of his dick but I am still craving more. Dick in my pussy is just not enough and I begin to beg for his dick in my tight asshole.

xxx bondage in winter

xxx bondage

Holy shit! My master has taken xxx bondage torture to all new heights. I am surprised I didn’t get hypothermia from all the shit he has put me thru this week. Temperatures have dipped low, and it was a perfect time to have a good laugh. He wanted to see his slave pet on ice. Literally! One thing about my master is once he gets an evil thought in his head it won’t come out till he fulfills it fully. When he said he wanted to freeze my tits off, he meant it, I wasn’t ready for the pain he was going to subject me too, but that didn’t mean a thing. It was the middle of winter, but he wanted to have a full-on photo shoot. He wanted July in Christmas. First things first my ass was going to get a nice beating. He had me spread my ass cheeks, and inside he stuffed torture anal beads nice and spikey making my ass bleed. I knew it was going to be over for me as soon as the chlorine hit my asshole. Not only was the pool practically frozen but the pool had extra chlorine solution since it was supposed to be at a standstill till spring. I could feel the pain as soon as I went in and dipped inside. My ass was burning, but my body was numbing. I had to look pretty, but I was in so much pain I would of much instead he put me thru a nonstop gangbang and nipple clamp session. 

Submissive Locker Room Whore

Submissive Phone Sex

I’m at Master’s beck and call no matter what. Today he called me from the gym and ordered me to rush there immediately. Like the subservient slut I am, I showed up in record time and immediately got on my knees in the men’s locker room to serve Master’s needs. He was feeling particularly horny and abusive and needed my submissive whore mouth for relief.

After binding my arms tightly like a good bondage slave whore, Master gripped my hair tightly and forced his thick cock down my throat. He fucked my mouth so deeply and roughly while I gagged. He thrusted so hard down my throat, I vomited on his cock! My knees scraped on the filthy locker room floor while he violently abused my throat. Master thrusted my head to the floor and made me lick up the floor. I begged for him to fucked and destroy my throat once more like the cock slave I am! He fucked my throat raw and fed me a full shot of his warm thick cum.


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