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Falling In Love With Latex

Erotic submissive storiesI have found that I love this stuff!  Yes it can be a pain in the ass to get it on.  Once on however, the feeling is exquisite!  There are a couple of things I have to remember though.  I have to make sure I stay very well hydrated, and that I try to stay at a constant temperature, otherwise I could over heat, and I do not want that because I really love to keep it on for a while.  If you have not tried latex yet I implore you to do so.

I think it would make a perfect gift for your submissive.  However, take them with you when you shop.  You do not want to pay a lot of money for something that fits poorly.  Ill fitting garments can cause problems.  If they are too tight, or have a wrinkle somewhere, it can cut off circulation which would cause nerve damage, it could also cause you to dangerously over heat.  I am sure you all already knew that though.

Imagine I’m there with you, wearing a form fitting, soft latex cat suit.  The way it would feel when you run your hands over it would not only feel incredible for you, but for me as well.  Plus seeing your sub in something so erotic looking wouldn’t be a bad thing for your magnificent cock either! I can completely understand why wearing Latex is a fetish in of it’s self. 

The way it feels on your skin, wow, that’s all I can, wow.  One of my friends came over not all that long ago and she saw one of my skirts.  She asked if she could try it on.  I told her sure.  I helped put it on her, but within a few minutes she started to get extremely itchy.  Instead of saying something she endured it for about forty minutes then she said she had to take it off.  It seems that my friend has a little bit of a allergy to latex and she has red bumps in the shape of the skirt on her skin for a bit.  I thought it was funny, but only after I gave her something for the allergy. 

Gagged and gaped

light bondage

Light bondage isn’t where things started with my master and I. I was fully aware he wanted to use me and abuse me. I had no idea it was going to get so extreme, but it did. I would spend days being whipped and utilized. My tight ass was no longer so tight. I had a permanent whip marking slashed across, and my asshole was being gaped to no return. I had no idea I was going to be spit on and cummed on. I had my holes pissed on and used. I was the epitome of an abused cum slut, and he loved it so much. My pussy was raw and red, and he was stabbing it with a glass dildo. Gagged and gaped was how he loved me.

I know My Place

hardcore bondage

It has been said that sluts no longer know their place in this world. This subby Hardcore bondage slut does though. I know that I am supposed to adorn my cuffs and shackles. My collar I wear proudly.  My ball gag is looped to my nipple clamps as I stay in perfect form. I have been in position a while now. My husband and son love to watch me teeter on my heels. One wrong move my nipple and pussy clamps will be pulled off. I am a good sex slave. I am teaching my brat daughters the meaning of being a good mom and slave.

There is no line between me being a mother and a sex slave. I do all my duties extremely well. And if I mess up I will be subject to punishment. I love punishment. I must always be reminded of my place. When I am released and make my men cum I will fold the laundry and make sure our home is in perfect order.  I am that subby Milf that may wear a red handprint on her ass under her skirt at the checkout line. But I know my place as every woman should.

Cum Guzzling Slut


Erotic submissive stories

I want to fuck, and I want you to take my body and control it. Do you like the way I look in this negligee I’m so sexy don’t you think I know you’re hungry when you see me, and I will feed you. I’m a nasty fucking freak cum guzzling slut, and I love to fuck all the time my cunt is so wet I can’t get enough of you I really want you, babe, too. I have been dreaming of your hot, warm, strong hands grabbing me around my waist doggy style and you put your big fat hard cock inside of me. I’m begging I need it, I want you so severely babe be with me, give me all of you don’t take your love away from me. Your stupid wife doesn’t know how to please you like I do she’s not worth it babe don’t you know it. I am your everything I will suck you until your cream it’s all gone and down my throat. I will gag on your big fat cock, and I just won’t stop until you’re screaming in pleasure. You’re the only important person in the world to me, you give me happiness you provide me with joy I cannot get enough of you. I want you all the time I worship your cock, and you can do it in the anal place if you want to I won’t hold you back because that’s what kind of whore I am. I am going to make this short and sweet and tell you plainly I would do anything for you there are no limits no taboos. I’m a dream for you, and you are my every fantasy you make me feel like a real woman should. So listen to me loud and clear bring your cock over to my house and wear me out completely.

Nipple torture

Submissive Whore

I was a bad little whore and Daddy decided I needed to be punished. He tied me up in ropes so that I was bent forward and couldn’t sit up straight. Then he took two small thin ropes and wrapped them tightly around my little puffy pink nipples. He tightened them until my poor nipples were numb and blue and attached weights to the end so that they pulled on my tits. Then he went behind me and began to fuck my tight little pussy. With every stroke of his big cock in and out of my tight cunnie, the weighted rope on my nipples swung and sent waves of pain and pleasure through my tits. He pounded me with his hard cock until I was cumming and screaming at the same time. Only when he had made me squirt and was begging him to release me, did he fill my pussy up with a hot load of cum. Each of my brothers had a turn fucking my slave cunt and making my nipple weight jostle and swing when he was done using me. Once they all had a turn fucking me and filling me with a load of cum, he finally untied me and released my nipples from their torture. They were sore and tender and bruised for the next week. I promised them I would be a good little Submissive slut for them. I swore I would do anything they wanted, they could fuck any of my holes, but please don’t put the weights back on my tinder little nipples and perky tits. Now every time I think of disobeying my Daddy or my brothers, I think about how painful my nipples were and how they’ll do it again. They told me my next punishment for being a bad slave will be even worse if I step out of line.


Fuck machine

Submissive slut

Master got a new toy this week and he couldn’t wait to try it out on me. He bought a fuck-saw with a big dildo attached to the end. The size of the thick rubber cock made my pussy wet but also made me a little scared. He could pleasure me with it, but he could also torture me with it by fucking my pussy, mouth, and ass with the intimidating toy for hours. He had me lay stomach down on the rack in his dungeon and he handcuffed my ankles and my wrists so I couldn’t move or escape. Then he used the fuck-saw to fuck my tight little pussy nice and hard. The big cock on the end plunged in and out of my pussy so fast I could barely handle it. In no time, I was squirting all over myself. When he had finished fucking my pussy with it, he lubed up my asshole and gave me a hard backdoor pounding with it. By the end of the night I had came so many times that I lost count of all my orgasms.

Face fucking

Submissive Whore

When my Dom brother’s cock gets hard, it’s my job to suck it. If I don’t immediately jump to sucking his big dick, he grabs me by the hair and forces me to my knees so that I’m eye level with his hard dick. Then he forces my mouth open and fucks my face. He holds the side of my head and forcibly jams his big dick into my mouth and down my throat. He thrusts in and out and forces my head up and down, using my mouth and throat like a pussy. It makes me gag and choke when pounds his cock in and out of my mouth, but he doesn’t let me go until I’ve properly pleasured his cock and he’s shot a load of cum into my mouth. Only when he’s cum and I’ve swallowed it all down will he let me go. I am my brother’s cock sucking slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings Make My Cunt Wet

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings feel wonderful on my ample ass. I love being spanked. I am a naughty girl and I love being punished. Friday, I knew my boss was in a mood. It doesn’t take long to prompt him to give me what I want. He gets pissed off easily. I made a typo in a legal brief, and the next thing I knew, I was over his lap with my panties off getting spanked.  My pussy was getting wet. He could feel me dripping on his leg. My pussy was so wet that I saturated his pants with my cunt juice. He knew I liked it too much. That pissed him off. He was on to me. He knew I tricked him, and he was not going to be happy. In fact, he was so pissed off he flogged my ass. He rammed the end of the flogger up my ass too. I was still wet. The angrier he got, the harder he punished me and the wetter I became. He should have known better. His office secretary is a pain and submissive whore.

Daddy has a new doll

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy brought over a cute blonde today. Naomi is a hot piece of ass. I was able to get acquainted with her. Daddy told me I could treat her however I wanted. I knew he was testing me and seeing how far I would take things. I was going to show him that I have been a slave pet that has learned a thing or two from her great master. I wasted no time I got right to it and slapped Naomi so hard I’m sure the whole building heard her screeching screams. It was filled with pain and no pleasure. I proceeded and finished her off with a few more bare bottom spankings and moved on to her twat. I pounded it until she was in tears. I think the master is proud of the ruthless slut I have become. I may be shy and timid as his submissive princess but, I am a dominant mistress to all other slave sluts.

2 girl phone sex


Being Your Sexual Pet

Cum eating phone sex

There is not much this dirty sex addicted cum whore won’t do. So when you told me you wanted to turn me into your sexual pet, I was more than willing. As soon as I arrived at your hotel room, you made me strip totally naked. You put a collar around my neck and told me to get down on my hands and knees. You reached down in between my legs and rubbed on my clit. The harder you rubbed the more I purred and arched my back just like a bitch in heat. I was just on the verge of orgasm and you stopped. You told me that I had not earned that reward yet. I crawled between your legs and rubbed my head on your hard throbbing cock. I started licking up and down the sides of your big thick cock. I even licked and sucked on your balls. You told me what a good pet I was as you patted the top of my head. I slide my lips down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock. I licked and sucked on your big thick fuck rod until you rewarded me with your warm creamy cum. I lapped up every last drop of your hot jizz just like the good little sexual pet that I am.

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