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Submissive Phone Sex Slut Abused

submissive phone sexHe’s beaten my face black and blue as a true submissive phone sex slut, the camera is still filming me crying as he brings his fist back again to the back of my head, ripping out a chunk of my hair this time. I am crying but it’s pointless because I am his breeding whore to do whatever he wants with, his submissive fucking slut to abuse like the piece of shit I know I am. He’s got me tied up, tightly bound so I can’t fight against him – he wants me in the most pain as possible. He loves seeing me suffer, he loves taking out all his anger on me and letting his friends use me too. His friend has his cock down my throat and I feel myself start to gag violently on his dick, I am choking on my snot from crying too, and this only makes him more turned on so he’s fucking my mouth while the other guy is pumping into my pussy that swollen cock feels like it’s ready to burst. His balls slapping against my ass and the others in my face I know he’s about to fill my cunt with his babybatter. As soon as he blows his load in my pussy he’s moving to my ass and slapping me in the face calling me a stupid fucking bitch. The one who was just in my mouth goes straight to my pussy making sure he gets his load of cum in me too, I am being told now that I must beg for it. So there I am, crying and whimpering and begging for a huge load of cum to fill me up already feeling the warm load in my pussy. Once they’re done using me like a sex slave and breeding whore I am tied to the chair as they start up a machine… the sound is so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Suddenly the pain I feel on my breast soon tells me this a tattoo gun and he’s writing “submissive whore” on my left tit. This makes me hysterical but he’s far from done. It takes hours but he ends up tattooing all over my body, “breeding whore, cum dumpster, bitch, slave, stupid slut, fucktoy.” my body is bloody and bruised but I am his piece of art. He and his friends spit on me before they go, then cover my ruined body in their warm piss. They leave me tied up, helpless so they can use me again later if they want….they’re just trying to make an army of stupid sluts just like me to abuse and I am the vessel, the breeding whore that will give this to them.

Anything You Want


Submissive phone sex

Fuck me in my ass and give me your dirty motherfucking cock right now. I need you; I want you and I have been lusting after you all night and day. Would you like to fuck me naked head with your big fat dick? I’ll let you if you want I will let you do anything you ask of me sweetheart you’re the boss of my life, and I want you to know. I am your submissive whore you are my dominant King and everything you say goes with me and that’s true. I want to give you head in front of all the boys you know because you’re a hot teen and you make my pussy so wet. I won’t ever reject you because you are my everything and I mean that babe without a doubt. You are the one who makes me tick you make me feel good with your dick I can never get enough of it. I’m your sex slave you can have fucking sex with me anytime you want I promise I will be there for you. My cunt is so fucking cum guzzling hot, and you make it that way whenever you look at me. Please let me be your best slave; I just want to satisfy you and give you exactly what you desire from me.

Bondage and submission

Bondage and Submission

bondage and submissionBondage and submission is what I am good for according to most men I meet. It is what I was born to do. I got in some trouble with my boss this week. I was late for work. He wants me at work an hour early to suck his cock. Traffic was a bitch that day, so I was late. I am maybe late once a month. My punishment was to be tied up like a side of beef. I had to worship his cock with my hands tied behind my back. That is tougher to do than you would think. My boss has a thick cock. He is long too which makes if difficult to get it in my mouth with no hands to steady myself. He skull fucked me. It was so hard, I gagged, which made me puke. I rarely puke, but my boss doesn’t like messes. He whipped me with his belt. He told me I needed slave training to learn how to better suck dick. I needed my hands free, but he took that response as sass and smacked me. He left me tied up covered in my puke all day. I will be learning how to deep throat better to prevent being left in my own puke all day again.

Punishment Time

Bondage whoreDaddy had a party tonight. I tried to be really good! I opened all my fuck whole for all of his friends. I let them beat me and use me. They pissed on me and made me lick the floor clean. Daddy actually looked pleased with me. But then I accidentally bumped into the table and knocked a glass of beer over. I didn’t mean to! But daddy is so mad! I know what is going to happen now. Daddy is just waiting for his friends to leave. He is going to punish me. I have been a bad slut and daddy is going to hurt me for it. I know I deserve it. I want it. My cunt is dripping just thinking about it. As soon as daddy’s friends leave he grabs me by the hair and pulls me down to the punishment room in the basement. That is where no one can hear me scream. So what are you going to do to me, daddy?

Hogtied blonde

Submissive whore

You have me all tied up with duct tape over my mouth. I’m completely at your mercy, Master. You could spend hours whipping my tight young ass, or put clamps on my perky little tits and torture them all night, with the sound of my muffled screams ringing in your ears. Whatever you desire, I am yours. I can’t even fight back with all these ropes binding my arms and legs, not that I would. I am a submissive whore and my only object in life is to please my Master and serve him. There’s nothing you can’t do to me. Maybe you’ll punish me, or maybe you’ll just fuck all of my holes and reward me with a big load of cum for being such a good little slave. Take the duct tape off my mouth when you cum, and I’ll thank you for whatever you’ve done to me, no matter how much it hurt.

Spanking Chat Robyn Loves Pain

spanking Chat

I am more than a nasty P-mommy sex slave to my husband and son. I am their pain slut especially when my ex-husband David is caught leaving our home. I become a bitch in heat ready to be spanked. Only now my ass is going to opened painfully as I am tied over the chair.  forceps open my ass and my anal hook is tied to my waist. When I am spanked for taking Davids cock I won’t be able to move or I will tear my asshole apart all on my own. I wiggle and cry out. Please, I am sorry for being a whore but My men whip me and whip my sass. My spanking is unbearable. A wand is placed on my pussy and I am cumming hard for the pain. I am also Informed that I will be the neighborhood whore to any Mistress or Master who wishes to use me. My daughters will be reserved for My husband Master and his play. I will be the whore and My Husband and son will inflict my pain and use my girls as they wish. My ass is so red and painful but I am left here for hours so Thay may whip me as they choose.

I want to Submit Tonight

Submissive sex

You feel so good inside of my sopping wet cum dumpster cunt babe, you feel so fucking right inside of me. I love your hard cum-filled cock monster, and I want you to unload all of your delicious cock juice deep inside of my cunt and my gaping asshole. I need to know for sure if you want me too babe. Tell me, sweet babe, if you want to spill your cum in my pussy all night long. I’m telling you now so that you will know, I’ll let you do whatever you want wherever you want without restrictions. I need you to be a super nasty fucker for me babe, and I want you also to know that my coked up cunt is your cunt to control. Oh yeah, babe blow your fucking load in my hot wet pussy I will gladly catch it, babe. I want you to fuck me good; oh yeah and I want to clean that cock up real good for you. I am going to clean you up and suck and swallow all of your jizz juice babe yes.

Submissive Whore

submissive whore

It was not the first time you had me strip my slutkin down, so you could watch her as you rammed deep into my aching pussy. Your eyes never left her body. When she moved you followed everything about her. It was not long until you had me spreading doll like legs, so you could squirt some cum all over her bald cunt. You had me by the hair and was pounding my face the night you asked me to put two fingers in her hole and fuck her as you were fucking me. I did as I was told, I could not risk losing your dick or the bill money for that month. I guess you figured as long as I did the naughty touching you couldn’t call yourself a P-pervert. Until that fateful night, I put her cunny on top of your cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. I leaned close and said just rip her cunny apart get it over with. I knew you were dying to because you came all over her itty bitty cunt and almost instantly were hard again. I used that cunt to lube her up and practically forced you to be the pervert that you are.

Degrade Me

Submissive Whore Master turns me on so freaking much. In every freaking way. Just the other day I overheard him talking about me with his buddy over the phone. I was supposed to be cleaning Master’s bedroom getting it clean and ready for him. But instead, I was eavesdropping on his phone conversation. He was degrading me telling his friend I was dumb as a box of rocks but a good fuck toy. My pussy drenched with his words and flowed down my thigh. I love when he degrades me in front of others. I love the way he makes me feel like a worthless animal. And I love it when he brings me out into public and degrades me in front of complete strangers. Master disrespect of me is the biggest turn on of them all.

Punish My Pussy

Submissive Whore

I love receiving Master’s painful harsh punishment. Getting my wrists handcuffed tightly and bending over offering up my tight submissive holes for him to abuse. My pussy craves the sharp sting of the crack of Master’s whip on my wet throbbing clit. It makes my pussy flutter with the harder and harsher flick of that leather whip! The harder he whipped my swollen bright pink cunt, the more it oozes out warm pussy juice. When Master shoves his thumb in my tight rosebud asshole it drives my subby cunt insane. Plugging away at my holes with his whip and fingers is torture. A desperate little whore like me just moans and begs for Master’s thick cock but he’s withholding it from me. He loves to watch me writhe like a pathetic worm and squirm under his whip. Master ignores my begs and pleas and continued to tease and flick my clit with his whip until I squirt all down my thigh.

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