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Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI am always excited when Master tells me I am going to be a whore to new people. I never know what I am in for and I love it. The not knowing how sadistic they are or what crazy kinks they have is what drives me insane with lust. I sometimes get some hints by what outfit Master tells me to wear. But I never really know what is going to be waiting for me on the other side of that door. Could they be a cold hard sadist and want to tear my white milky flesh apart. Or do they want me to be their toilet slave? Is it a dominating couple or a group of guys? Will there be a camera there? How about furry friends or wee ones to fuck? My mind races thinking of all these thoughts and the excitement of the unknown that awaits me.


bondage chatBondage chat is a way to get my limits on the table. My master likes to pretend he will spare me and give me mercy. I have to write down all my phobias, and he will promise not to endure any of them on me. I was beyond wrong to believe anything that came out of his mouth. I was surely going to get used and abused as I always do. Right on the top of my list are drowning and asphyxiation. The thought of being choked and gasping for air is my biggest fear. Thinking about being black and blue in the face without oxygen leaves me feeling physically sick. I ended up being choked for hours and was commanded to beg for it like a helpless dumb slut. I was to given instructions and had to abide by all of them even if it meant me being petrified.

Age Play Punishment

submissive phone sex

Daddy Master loves BDSM age play with his little subby whore. I love slurping on Daddy Master’s cock begging for his warm cummies with my little pink tongue. But I’m also such a naughty little subby. I got in big trouble yesterday for rubbing my young bald pink cunnie with my magic wand yesterday without his explicit permission. I needed to be punished! Daddy Master grabbed me by my pigtails and dragged me out to the yard. He stripped my frilly pink dress off of me and made me parade around the yard naked. Then he made me beg for forgiveness, but not before he bound my young school girl hands together behind my back. Daddy Master forced me to get on my knees and slurp on his cock in broad daylight for his forgiveness. My little bald cunnie got so wet having Daddy Master’s cock fuck my throat nice and deep. I begged for sweet release, I even began rubbing my clitty on the grass but Daddy Master slapped me and commanded me to stop. “Naughty whores are not allowed any release.”

Anal Slave

Submissive Whore

Any Submissive Whore that’s worth her salt should be prepared to take her Master’s cock in her ass at any time. I never know when my dom will bend me over and fuck me in the ass, so I need to be ready at all times. Master keeps my asshole relaxed and ready to take his cock by having me wear a butt plug at all times. I’m not allowed to leave the house or do anything without my plug in my ass. The only time I’m allowed to not wear it, is when his cock is already in my ass. At first it was a little uncomfortable and really humiliating to have my ass constantly filled, but soon I actually started to like it. When he fucks my pussy with my plug in my ass, I cum harder than I ever did before. And now, just walking around doing nothing makes my pussy wet because I can feel the big plug buried deep in my ass while I move.

Picture It

My master surprised me with a new quality phone today. Of course, it wasn’t for socializing, My master is the only one I need to socialize with. This phone master gave me is for taking pictures of whatever he wants whenever he wants it. He may want a picture of my whole foot jammed into my mouth. He will give me a time limit of the amount of time I have to send the picture. The picture better please him or he will punish me. My master told me he is doing this to help me learn the different types of fetishes he likes. He said we could use it while in the bedroom to remember exactly how he likes things done.

Erotic submissive stories

Like the time he tied me upside down, I was just dangling there with the blood rushing to my head. My master had his hard cock out coming closer to me. He told me to open my mouth wide and he stuck his whole cock down my throat. After he fucked my mouth and I had spit running down his thick hard cock he said this would be the perfect time to take a picture. I better remember all the pictures he sends me. This is the only way I will study and learn all the things my master wants from his submissive slut whore.

When Mommy Is Tied Up…

light bondage

  Just some light bondage for this subby milf on a Monday. I am on strict orders to fuck and be submissive to anyone my Husband and teenage son deems fuckable. This results in disrupting my day to day routine sometimes. I don’t complain because my pussy loves being taken advantage of. Mr. Brown from Next door seems to always know when I get time for a nice long hot bath. The third time in a row he has come over and pulled me out by my hair and tied me up.  My Pierced nipples are bitten and my mommy pussy is fucked so hard. Some believe that My lifestyle should be out of youngins eyes but my little girl is always watching every move Mr.Brown makes with my holes. Now dinner is late and my husband and son are sure to punish me in our punishment room tonight. What kind of punishment do you think is appropriate for me? Maybe some rough and hard bare bottom spankings? I think I love Mondays.

Masters Fetish

Submissive slut

My new master wasn’t lying when he told me I could have anything I ever wanted as long as I did whatever he wanted me to do. Foot worship is his fetish. I found this out last night when he ordered me to lick the dirt clean from under his toenails. Once I got every nail clean he told me to clip them off with my front teeth like the good submissive whore I am. As I was biting the last of his toenails I looked up to see his thick white cock was rising past his belly button. As soon as I bit the last toenail he laid down on the bed and with his cock rising in the air he told me to ride him cowgirl style all while licking and sucking every inch of his feet. The harder he fucked me the harder I had to suck his toes, making me tell him how good his feet taste. I know this is just the beginning of the many fetishes he has. I will be a patient submissive slut for my master. He is definitely worth it.

Naughty whores need to be spanked

Submissive Whore

Part of being a good Submissive Whore is getting punished by your master. My daddy’s favorite way to punish his whore daughter and make sure that I’m a good submissive is to spank my ass nice and hard. There’s floggers and paddles, but his preferred method is using his bare hand so he can leave a visible mark on my ass. He bent me over and tied my wrists to my ankles so that I couldn’t stand up even if I wanted to. He rubbed my bare ass cheeks with his hands at first, caressing them gently. Then he gave me a nice hard slap on the ass. I jumped and yelped, but didn’t fuss or struggle. He smacked it again even harder this time. He spanked my bare bottom until I was left with a raw red handprint on each ass cheek. Only once my ass was blood red did he stop spanking me and start fucking me instead. While I was still bent over with my ankles tied, he slipped his cock into my pussy and gave me a quick fuck before creaming me and pulling out, leaving me tied up and my pussy dripping with cum.

Bondage Chat Makes Me Wet

bondage chat

Bondage chat makes my cunt wet. I love hearing how you would tie me up. What you would use and where you were tie me up? My love for bondage stems from my earliest years. You see, my dad would tie me up anytime he left the house. After my mom left, he was afraid I would too. His fear of being alone is not like most people’s fear of being alone. He didn’t care about having some one to love or some one to talk to. He just wanted to make sure he had a servant when he came home. Once I got old enough, he tied me to my bed or a chair, so I could not flee. I was his submissive whore and servant. One day, however, I got lose and I did leave. I ran far way, and never looked back. I still love bondage, but I like it in a different way. I want it to be sexual. Tie up my boobs. Bind me with my hands behind my back and my ass exposed so you can fuck me. Tie me up with your tie or my pantyhose. Use rope if you like, even your belt. There are all sorts of ways to restrain me. Let’s explore the hundreds of ways to tie up a whore.

My New Master

Submissive Whore

Looking for a submissive slut? Yeah, that’s me but good luck trying to get to me. I usually only cater to my daddy and his friends. If you think you can break me out of this dog cage, you will have a submissive sex slave for life. Recently a new man was brave enough to break me from my cage. This man was able to see how good of a submissive little cunt I can be. This man saved me from being locked away in a dog cage. He was my daddies friend that wanted to try me out, after he felt his cock going deep down my throat he was in love and offered daddy some money. Daddy said I wasn’t for sale, that really made me upset, I liked sucking the nice man’s cock. It made the nice man upset. He came back the next day to kidnap me, he
grabbed me by my hair,  tied me up and threw me in the back of his car. The next thing I knew I was waking up on his thick hard cock in a mansion. He told me I could have everything I ever wanted as long as I let him do whatever he wanted to me.

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