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My Punishment Box

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Do you know what a punishment box is? I have never seen one until yesterday. Let me tell you, it scares me and turns me on at the same time. My Sir told me this is his way of keeping me in line. He uses the punishment box when he feels it is needed. Inside the box are tiny pieces of paper with different punishments on them. Sir has three boxes ranging from Easy, mild and severe punishments. The third box is kept in sirs safe. If I misbehave or do something in a way my Sir does not approve of, Sir will blindfold me and have me choose a paper out of one of the boxes. Sir told me he has only had to use the third box one time with a sub girl. He told me what the punishment was, I guess it was so he could give me an idea of what kind of punishment the third box had inside. When he told me I knew the third box would make even the worst submissive slut act like a good little submissive bitch. He made her go to a place in our area where there is nothing but poor perverted men who will scope out a woman in minutes, take her, use her and abuse her in any way he wants. These men know who my Sir is and they wait for him to return with another one of his submissive sluts. Once they are done, they throw her bruised and used body in an alleyway and sir comes back a day later to pick her up. My sir does not play when it comes to making sure his woman submits to him.

A special treat for daddy

Submissive Slut

Mom decided daddy deserved a special treat when he got home from work. She handcuffed my legs and wrists together and had me lying totally nude with my pussy and ass wet and ready for him as soon as he got home. When he opened to door and found me bound on the bed like a good little Submissive slut daughter, he got so hard! He was tired from work, but not too tired to give me the good hard fucking I had cumming. He left me totally handcuffed and unable to move while he took his time fucking each of my holes. He started with my mouth, before moving to my pussy. He ended the whole hot session by cumming hard and blowing a huge load inside of my tight asshole. I was left tied up, used and full of my dom’s cum, just like a good subby whore deserves.

Submissive Sex Easter

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Happy Easter with submissive sex. This man I hang with on occasion came over for Easter brunch. I have not seen him in a while, so when he called me, I invited him to have Easter brunch with my son and daughter. It quickly became apparent that he only wanted my daughter. I tried to convince him she is not in to dominant men. He said she just had not met the right man yet. I will admit I was jealous. I can’t compete with a teen slut. Gravity loves her. She is cute and perky and tight. Three things this old submissive whore is not anymore. My daughter is not my biggest fan either. I knew if she caught wind of the fact that he wanted to fuck her, she would be his subby whore out of spite. My daughter is no dummy. She picked up on it in minutes. The next thing I knew, she had her shirt off and her tits in his face telling me he should fuck her instead. She didn’t know what she was getting into. He pulled her by her cock teasing hair and threw her on the dining room table. He pulled her panties off and fucked her tight ass. Her face was face down in the mashed potatoes as he gave her such a hardcore ass fucking that she screamed bloody murder. Seeing her in pain made me see the situation differently. I was no longer jealous. I was happy. Happy that my righteous stuck up bitch of a daughter was finally getting the slave training she needs. My cunt daughter has been a cock teaser for years. It was about time that she was shown how to be a cock pleaser. My old friend broke her and now she will be a good subby whore just like her mommy.

On My Knees

Submissive WhoreCrawling on my knees towards you. Your huge fucking snake taunting me. I lick my lips and start to pant like a dog. I kneel before you propped on my knees I grab your big dick and slide you into my mouth. You are standing above me watching me take your dick. You push me on your dick by the back of my head with your hand. I gag and drool down my milky breasts and hard nipples. I feel my pussy get soaked and I start to finger blast myself. You are fucking my mouth so fucking fast and deep I gurgle trying to swallow your dick head. My pussy gushing on my thighs. You push your dick balls deep in and cum down my throat. I moan on your dick as I swallowed every last drop.

Fist me mommy

submissive slutI am such a submissive slut that I call my master’s wife mommy. I let her fist me and fuck me up till I am crying and shaking. My cunt and ass have taken the biggest beating ever. My pretty pink holes aren’t mine anymore, and I have to understand that. My master’s needs come before mines and will always be that way. I like being a stupid, worthless slut. I am the biggest know it all at work, but behind closed doors, I am one submissive bitch with no says so. I like a man and his wife to ruin me together. I am put in my place till I am whimpering like a dumb, stupid slut. My face and body are not mines anymore. It is your playground mommy and daddy. You both are my owners.

Worshiping My Dominator

My new sir hinted to me a while back that he really liked my pantyhose. I was wearing them one night. He looked at me and said he would love to use my pantyhose as my restraints one day. I could see the excitement rise in his eyes and in his pants. My new sir has been the best master I could have ever asked for. I have learned more from him in this past month than I ever learned from any other master. I knew sir didn’t have any training planned for the next couple of days. He has been to busy with work. This was the perfect time for me to show him how much I enjoy being his submissive fuck whore. This was a tricky plan and it could go good or bad. I knew I was not supposed to do things without sirs permission but I wanted to worship my master. I kept everything simple. I lit 6 long candles for a little kinky play and the only other things I needed were my pantyhose, three pairs to be exact. When my sir got home later that night he opened the door to me on my knees. I had the candles lit behind me. I was wearing one pair of my pantyhose while holding the other two pairs in each hand. Sir looked surprised and turned on when he saw me. I looked deep into his eyes and said “Forgive me sir for doing this without your permission, please let me worship you and show you my appreciation. ” sir gave me a small grin and said, “Now that’s a good little submissive whore.” from that point on sir made sure he was in charge. He used all three pairs of my pantyhose on my submissive body, restraining me in ways I have never been restrained before. At the very end sir had one pair of my pantyhose tied around my wrist, the other pair he tied around my ankles and the last pair was tied around my neck. The pair tied around my neck was made to be used as a leash. Sir grabbed on tight, pounding his dominating dick deep into my throat. Each time he would stop for a minute I would beg for more. When I knew he was about to shoot his man creme everywhere, I begged him to cum on my face and in my mouth. He grabbed the pantyhose and pulled it back making my head staring at the ceiling. That’s when his dominating dick erupted like a volcano, and his sweet lava erupted on my face. I begged sir to let me clean every last drop up with my tongue. My sir let me clean every last bit of his cream. Things got so hot with the pantyhose. Sir didn’t even think about using the candles. I love being a submissive fuck whore to my Sir, with all his submissive training’s things will only get better.

On my Knees

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I didn’t do a good enough job of scrubbing the floors, so Master needed to punish me. He put on one of my collars and told me to stay on my knees. I was not allowed to stand up for any reason at all. Master grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lazy slut face into the floor so I could see what a bad job I did. He stuffed my mouth with cleaning sponges until I started to choke and dragged me by my hair close to him. Master used his whole fist to punish my sorry cunt…he didn’t even take off his rings. I could feel them ripping me up inside. Then he shoved his whole cock up my asshole and pumped until runny shit started seeping out. It felt like I was being torn open, but it’s what I deserve for not taking care of Master like I should. I took his anal abuse until he came straight into my asshole. He dragged me to the basement and ordered me to stay there until told otherwise. It’s been a long time and I’m sticky with shit and semen…I wonder when he’ll release me.

Submissive Secretary Slave

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My work as a secretary for a high-power employer isn’t always the greatest part of my day. We just got a new dashing CEO and he called me into his office on his first day. He wanted to outline my new contract and job duties. The first of which was to get down on my knees and have my new CEO/Master tie me up to be his subservient subby cunt. My new contract states that I now belong completely to him and the company and my body is to be used whenever he pleases. He slapped me around in his office and forced his cock down my throat. I always complained that my previous position lacked fun, but be careful what you wish for. The boss then bent me over his desk and wacked my ass with his bare hands until I was bright red and aching. Perhaps being the company subby cunt is just the excitement I needed at work.

Cum Dumpster

Submissive whore

Pleasure And Pain

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I was woken up by Sir tying a blindfold around my eyes, he told me he is going to walk me downstairs into the dining room. I already knew it was time for me to learn something new. Sir had the blindfold wrapped around my eyes tight, I could feel the cloth cutting into my skin. He escorted me down the stairs, holding me tightly around my arm. Once we got into the dining room, Sir sat me down on a chair, took my wrists and put them behind my back. I felt a rope going around both of my wrists, tying them tight to the chair. The blindfold was left around my eyes. When sir spoke he was using a different accent. Almost like a British spy. He told me I am now his prisoner and if I do not tell him what he wants to know, I will be punished. Sir makes me sleep in my panties and that is what I was wearing while being restrained to a chair, blindfolded. I had to go along with any question sir asked me and if I did not get it right, I was punished. I felt a long feather run across my chest, making its way slowly down to my submissive, warm cunt. I was really turned on, I rarely feel any soft touches from my masters. Then Sir asked me who was in his house. I was quiet for a moment, trying to think of the correct answer.

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I was not quick enough, the next thing I knew hot wax was being poured on my chest. I moaned out in pain. Sir then consoled me, giving me whispers in my ear, telling me to calm down as if I was a child. I felt a cold compress on my chest, cooling down the burns from the hot wax that was stuck to my skin. I was then asked a series of unanswerable questions. Once we plaid the game a little while longer, I knew what Sir was doing. My Sir was showing me the art of being submissive to pleasure and pain. It is one thing to keep getting pain inflicted on the body. Eventually, the body will grow numb to it. When Sir would give me a little pleasure then switch to a lot of pain, the pain was more and more intense each time. He kept me blindfolded the whole time as a form of Sensory play to heighten my senses to touch. By the end of our game, my nipples were raw, red and throbbing from the clamps he would take on and off and my skin was burnt in different places. I still have two red hand marks on my face from being slapped hard by my sir’s big strong hands.

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