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Spanking Chat and Punishment

spanking chatI love spanking chat. I have an ass made for spanking. I was at a spanking party last night. Do you know what that is? The host invites dominant men to spank his slave and maybe a few other slaves. I was the only spanking star last night. Master had some men who wanted to get out some aggression. He knew just how to make that happen for them. He was multi-tasking last night. He got to help some colleagues and punish me at the same time. He was not happy that I messed up a call for him at work earlier in the day. To me, it was a minor screw up. I accidentally patched his ex-wife into him instead of telling her he was in a meeting. He hates speaking to her. He acted like it was okay, but I knew that wasn’t the case. He was planning something and last night, I got my comeuppance. I knew he was seething from my mistake. He summoned me to his home. I was instructed to wear a garter belt and stockings that would frame my ass. I knew what that meant. Punishment by bare bottom spankings was in store for me. I got it in spades too. He went first, primed my ass. That was followed by his colleagues taking a turn on me. Hands, belts, whips and paddles were used to punish my ass. I was the only sore loser of the party. Very sore. My ass is red and blistered today. I have splinters in my ass too from the paddles. My ass hurts so bad, I can’t even sit on the toilet to pee. I had to set on a bag of frozen veggies at work. It was a hard lesson to learn but doubt I will make the same mistake twice.

Degraded By My Sir

Submissive phone sex

I love to have Submissive sex with my Sir. I have to listen to everything he tells me to do. He will tell me to get on my hands and knees, crawling over to him like the little submissive bitch that I am. He lets his cock hang softly, degrading me. He tells me I am a sorry submissive slut and starts yelling at me, telling me to get his cock hard. I put his soft meat in my mouth, the satisfaction of feeling his soft cock grow into a rock hard piece of meat gives my submissive pussy satisfaction like no other. Once his cock is fully hard he will shove it down my throat, fucking my face, telling me I am a good submissive slut. He will make me take his cock balls deep. Once he has had enough of that, he usually gets up, puts a mask over my face. He uses the mask as a form of humiliation, telling me I am too ugly to be looked at. Then he will tie my hands behind my back and tie my ankles together. My Sir likes to inflict pain on me, usually without any warning. His favorite thing to use is nipple clamps. He likes to put the clamps at the very top of my nipples. Then he will insert a butt plug into my asshole, he has all different shapes and sizes. Lately, he has been pretty aggressive with me and has been going for the bigger sizes. I have to earn Sir’s cock and by earning his cock I have to take the pain. If I flinch or move the wrong way and my Sir disapproves of it, not only will he punish me he will threaten to bring another submissive woman in the household and fuck her the way he knows I want to desperately be fucked by him. This will only make me try harder to please my Sir in any way possible.

Submissive Slut On Show At A Slave Party

submissive slut

I was won in a poker game from my family. This submissive slut is in a super stretchy pink skirt, 5-inch heels and a  Sweet “wicked weasel” bikini, pool party to show off slave, thin leather straps to show off my tits, a nice collar for me that is hot pink with the words slut on it!  My new master has tied a belt around my waist to grip and slap pinch and use my body. Anybody now has permission to fondle and slap me, before the party starts a very thin cane to leave a couple of very nice whelps on my ass and above and below my tits, Thighs and front and back of thighs as well, Three strips across my pussy! Fresh marks enhance my body parts. On top of that a full hand print on my cheek. The Party has started a lot of friends and acquaintances grabbing my pussy and using my holes. My family can not touch me, I must show them how well of a slave I am. My husband and son are all watching including my daughter sluts. As they stare this new master decides my nipples aren’t as tall as they should be. He orders two bowls very cold Ice water  I am made to put my arms behind my subby back and stand spread apart. He then submerges my beautiful tits in Ice water. Oomph, 3 nice slaps to my ass. My skirt riding high up exposing my marks on my ass. Stripped of my skirt and asked, “Do you like exposing yourself, nipples hard”? My nipple ring hoops he has attached weights on my nipple to stretch my nipples some. Hard slaps and trained to cum on command, hard pinch on my clit and cum and cum again. Well drenched panties and very see through. Rod with a vibrator on it spread my legs up inside my cunt. Metal vibrator goes as far as it can go. Demanded and a must that I stand on my toes or the tip will be vibe will be very painful. Wires from the vibrator from the sound system on the music. I am dancing on a stick in my cunt. Master has cut bottoms and top off and continues to flog my tits with a leather flogger. I am his submissive whore on show!

Submissive Whore

Cum slut phone sexyou snap your fingers and I can’t control myself. My cunts drench down my thigh as I crawl over to you. The look on your face drives me wild. I know I am for a good fucking time. I kneel right in front of you and you bitch slap me hard. My body trembles and I almost squirt in my fucking panties. I beg for more and this pleases you. You bitch slap me three more times before pushing me to the ground. Grabbing my hair you force my head up off the ground and slamming it back down. I scream out that shit fucking hurt but my cunt squirt making me a fucking mess. You see this and tear off my panties seeing all the fucking wetness you call me a dirty fucking piece of fuck meat and begin to fuck me with your fist.

Bukkake slut

bukkake phone sexBukkake phone sex is what my master needs. I end up being his punching bag with all his friends as well. They all take control of me and put me in my place. I end up being choked and fucked till I am a bloody pulp on the ground. I get pissed on and cummed on like the worthless whore I am.

Master ended up doing something he has never done before to me. I was stripped naked, and he immediately began grabbing his blade. My nipples were going to be tortured he said. I was in fear. I hate blood and pain. I know however that I have no say so and will have to be subjected to what he deems necessary.

My tits were hurting me. The nerves were shot and me screaming just made him yank them out hard. After it was all done, I was drenched in blood. Cum was splattered all over me like the bukkake slave I am.

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories, I have many to share. I am a lifetime submissive. I was daddy’s slave in the 80s. My husband’s bitch in the 90s. And now, I have a master who shares me with many men. I am allowed to go to bondage and BDSM clubs too. Yesterday, my Master had a party. I was not a guest, but the main attraction. Think of the movie The Purge without the killing. Once a year, Master invites colleagues, friends and clients to his house to explore their wicked fantasies with his favorite slave. These are dominant men without a slave to explore their bondage and BDSM needs with. I am a submissive whore, so whatever these men throw at me, I take. I know if I fight, things get far worse. These men were in hog heaven and they brought their A game. I was whipped, tied up like a side of beef, force fucked, gang banged, sodomized and spanked. Any position imaginable, I was in. I felt like the bitch I am. And if the torture and abuse was not enough, many men used me as a toilet. They pissed in my holes and made me drink it up. For one night, these men got to use me and humiliate me like I was their own personal slave. Would you like a day with me too? The Purge has not yet ended.

Bringing Out My Other Side

Submissive phone sex

Taking me to another level of submission is what I crave. I love to see how far I can be pushed until I break. I strive on being the best submissive I can be. I remember my old master wanted to see how crazy I was inside. He called it my inner demon. He would do things to me to try to get all of my anger out of me. I am good at submitting and I love doing it. It is easy not to get mad when you love doing something so much. I am territorial though. I get jealous easily. I want to be the only submissive in my master’s life. One day my master brought home another woman. I tried my best to keep my cool and submit to what he wanted. When my master had this fake submissive slut doing things to him that I normally do and then acting as his accomplice, I had enough. I grabbed the fake slut my her head and tossed her out. I looked at my master and told him to never bring another woman around. As far as I know, I am and will be the only submissive slut in his life. He punished me for a long time that night and the next two remaining days. A part of him liked the fact that I was so jealous. He is as of right now the only master who knows that side of me.

Playdate with Mommy

I love when my son comes to visit and brings his friends. I’m the best Mommy and love to do whatever they say even if it is degrading. They made me put on only an apron and make them cookies. While I was stirring the dough, his friend came up behind me and pushed my face right in the bowl and started fucking me from behind. My boy grabbed my face and smacked the cookie dough right off, while telling me what a worthless fucking slut I am. He forced his cock into my mouth and face fucked me until tears streamed down my face. My baby boy and his friend spit roasted me right in the kitchen, taking turns smacking my face and ass. My son ripped off my apron and hogtied me with it. I was laying on the cold tile with my ass in the air. The boys fucked both my soaking holes until they filled me up with their cum. They ordered me to stay there all night and if I move I’ll be punished. I waited all night on the cold floor covered in their cum until they came back the next morning to fuck me again. Even though it hurt, it felt so good to please my baby boy!milf sub

Cydney gets a spanking

Spanking phone sex

Master bent me over his knee today and started to give me a spanking. I had rubbed my pussy and made myself cum without his permission. He caught me in the act, red faced, and with my hand in my panties rubbing about at my wet pussy and hard little clit. So now I was getting punished for being a bad subby slut. He started off with just whacking my ass with his bare hands, but then he felt my pussy leaking and getting all wet and realized he was just turning me on. So he pulled out his belt and spanked me even harder. The belt stung and made me squeal! He kept two fingers pumping in and out of my pussy and alternated fingering my dripping wet cunt and whipping me with the belt. The combination of pain and pleasure was almost too much to withstand. I gushed all over his fingers and left a puddle on the floor when I came. He smacked me once more on the ass with the belt before commanding me to clean up my mess.

Erotic BDSM Stories From Your Subby Mommy

erotic bdsm stories

Ropes and chains excite me. I always needed a dedicated master to bring our my sub slut ways. When I married him I knew he was strong and we would play with wax and ropes long before I went down the Isle. After Marriage the ropes got tighter and he wanted to plant his seed deep within me. While I was pregnant the spankings got more powerful and the ropes stronger. I had to prove that even as his pregnant slut I would still do for him. I would be fucked by his friends and on my hands and knees belly hanging low. Hubby Master would keep me knocked up for a few years and enjoyed every waking moment of punishment, from milking my swollen breast roughly to fucking me on the beach under a blanket my belly in a scooped out hole face down. Now my body is curvy and motherly and I must instill the same sub slut skills in my daughters and Make my son a strong master in his own right. I do this by giving him his mother and training his sisters to please him. I only want to be giving the men in my life pleasure and If I fuck up then I will need to be punished. I do love punishment but I try to tame my own desires as I know being submissive is about making them the king of my life and giving my mouth, pussy, and ass to be the cum receiver I am meant to be.

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