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Locked in a cage

Submissive slutI’ve been a very bad submissive slut and Master has had me locked in a steel cage in order to teach me a lesson. I guess this is exactly what I deserve even though I feel that Master is totally taking it way too far with me. There’s punishment and then there’s the way that Master punishes and trust me it isn’t pretty! No food, no water, no use of a toilet. I am forced to bask in my own piss and feces as i’m humiliated for all to see. And Master sure does make positive that I am on full display and completely exposed for all to see. He places my cage in the middle of the living room of the house so that when he has guests over they all get the perfect view of my pathetic slave body as i’m locked away in a tiny cell. I am his prisoner and have to take any sort of abuse that he inflicts upon me. The more I whine and oblige, the worse it gets for me! I have learned my lesson but can’t help myself sometimes, the embarrassment and pain is sometimes just too much to handle! To add insult to injury, Master and his friends enjoy using me as their human urinal as i’m locked in my slave cage. They piss on me and force me to open my mouth wide so that I can swallow down their disgusting urine. It’s so fucking gross but this is what I deserve because I am such a stupid fuckin submisisve cunt!

Candlelit Submissive Sex Chat

milf phone sex

This milf phone sex whore loves to be strung up by her feet. A spreader bra shackled to my feet. A chain Connected and a crank, as I am hoisted up in air upside down. My pussy is wet and I feel it start to drip down my stomach. My clothes were cut off. I fed tablespoons of cum from a collection of men I had fucked that week.  I was allowed a straw in my cum hungry mouth to suck the cum up with. Three tapered candles are shoved deep in my upside down cunt.  The candles are lit after I am forcefully fucked with them and I cum on myself. Now my cunt is wet enough the candles can drip down onto my pussy and ass cheeks. I am adjusted after a while and hot wax runs down my tits and my stomach. Now Master is using my suspended body to suck his cock at the perfect hight. Out of the corner of my eye, I see money exchanging hands and cock after cock is fucking my mouth and cummimg inside my throat. I have to keep all the cum inside me if Not I get a twack, thack smack in my face or on my tits. My nipples are beaten with a hairbrush and then cool water is thrown on my tired wax covered body. and then master leaves me hanging and still under the command to keep all the cum inside my stomach.submissive sex chat

Office Submissive Whore

submissive whoreI was an office submissive whore yesterday. Master won a big case and he wanted to celebrate with some of his colleagues.  Even though I helped him behind the scenes, I was not part of the celebratory fun. He tied me to my office chair so those men he invited to the party could get blown by the office whore. He wheeled me out to the center of the room and told his colleagues to skull fuck me. He made sure they knew I was a cum receptacle. His friends unzipped their pants. Normally, I am doing that, but I was tied up. They held my ears like handlebars as they gang banged my throat. One after another they came down my throat.  I was drowning in jizz. Master was watching like he was judging me. He was judging me. I knew if I was not a good cock sucking slut, I would be punished in a painful fashion. After I swallowed as much cum as they had to give me, they started pissing down my throat. Some didn’t even bother with that they just pissed in my face. It was a long celebration. By the time the party came to an end, I was a piss and cum dumpster. Just another day in the life of a submissive slut.

Nipple Torture

Submissive WhoreI was sleeping naked on the edge of the bed by Master’s feet like I always do unless Master has me in the cage. I woke up to excruciating pain in my left nipple. I jumped out of bed but Master punched me in my right tit and I fell back on to the bed. He had snapped shut a metal nipple clamp hard down on my tit. The pain coming from it was fucking intense and then I saw him walking towards me with the other nipple clamp. The jaws of the clamp were wide open and again Master snapped it shut on my right nipple. I screamed it felt like my nipple split in two. Then Master grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to down the hall to the basement door. He threw me down all thirteen stairs. And I bounced all the way down on every single one of them. He slammed the door shut and left me in the cold dark basement alone. I don’t know what Master has planned later for me but my cunt is wet thinking of his use and abuse.

Hardcore Tit Torture

Hardcore Bondage

My master has many dominatrix accomplices that he loves to watch torture me and punish me whenever I step out of line as his slave whore. If I do not scrub master’s toilet to his liking, he makes his domme accomplice punish my tits. First she chained me up with my arms and legs spread out and took out master’s leather whip and made me count the number of hard whips she cracks against my puffy pink nipples. If I dared miscount or flinched, she would start all over again. She whipped me until my tits were swollen and red and then brought out Master’s hard wooden cane to abuse my tits until they were almost purple then she took out her clothespins to pin my tender swollen tits. My pinned tits ached as she whipped and caned my wet bald cunt fifty times- I counted. I was only rewarded with pleasure if I did not flinch or miscount, then she rubbed my swollen clit until I squirted on master’s dungeon floor.

Pretty pink holes

submissive slut

I am the submissive slut you have been dreaming about, I take orders and make sure to keep your cock pleased. I like doing whatever you want me to do. I make my cunt your spit bowl. You spit and fuck me til my pretty pink holes are bleeding. I like feeling the rope burns against my body. I think every bit of pain you inflict to me. I cry my eyes out, and it makes you fill up with rage. My asshole and cunt deserve nothing more than to be branded. I’m your fuck toy, and I know how to make my king feel like he’s on top of the world. Swat me a couple more times to hear me cry even louder. I guess you enjoy the red marks all over my body. Bruised and black and blue is how I will be for you.

Tie me up and spank me

BDSM phone sex

Master gagged me and tied my hands behind my back and told me I needed a spanking. It had been a while since I was spanked and the thought of him paddling my ass had my pussy getting wet already. He bent me over a rack and got his studded wooden paddle and started giving me a few licks. He would whack me on the ass nice and hard and then rub the area to soothe the burning skin. He started slow at first and then started to spank me until I was feeling raw and red and biting on my ball-gag in pain. My cunt was so wet my thighs were getting soaked. He saw how turned on I was and that please him. My reward for taking my spanking like a good Bondage whore was getting my pussy rubbed and fingered until I was squirting all over myself!

Bondage Whore

bondage whoreWhen you are a bondage whore, you find yourself tied up often. Literally, tied up. I have a new playmate. We met on Fet Life. We both have a love for bondage. Did I mention she was a girl? She told me she was submissive like me, but that turned out to be a lie. She was some sort of mean bull dyke. She tied me up and left me. Before she left, however, she had some fun with me. She made me eat her pussy. She had a hairy pussy and ass. She was nasty too. The kind of woman men make bad fish jokes about. I couldn’t fight much because she tied me up tight. She sat on my face for over an hour. I was nauseated from her stench and my inability to breathe well. She knew she had a stinky cunt. She planned it. She told me I was a worthless ugly submissive whore, so why would she give me her best self. I was so relieved when she was done cumming on my face. I thought I could take a shower and wash her stench off me, but she left me tied up. I smelled even worse by the time my daughter came home because I had pissed myself. My daughter just gave me that look she knows when she catches me in situations I should never allowed myself to get into in the first place. Somewhere, there is a lesbian joking about what she did to me.

Sexy Slave Sex

Submissive sex


I’m always ready to fuck around with the fucking King. I will treat you like you deserve to be treated, with me you’ll never have to think I’m not loyal. Let me be your submissive little come dumpster slut I will do such a good job master. I know how to treat a man I know how to give him my hot tasty wet pussy. You and me we are perfect together because I’m ready for every one of your perverted desires. I know that I can fulfill your fantasies. I’m sure I can make your cock go crazy. I know that my body turns you on I can tell that you’ve been looking at my nipples from across the room. You want to take your tongue deep inside of my pussy hole and make me squirt and scream. I know how to give you what you need. I know you want a really horny dominant good time. Let me be your lot lizard slut slave tonight you won’t be sorry you chose me. I can suck your cock all the way to the balls and even wrap my lips around your succulent balls at the same time that your cock is lodged into my throat. Let’s get nasty right now. Yes, I’m in a very naughty mood, and I’m ready to please, have a taste now. Your cock will thank you. Let me get in your head. I can make you so happy. Don’t you want to be satisfied? Don’t you want to be pleased? Think about it, you can have it your way entirely without any worries or concerns of silly taboos. Think about it now.


Bondage whore

He Made a Scat S&M Video

s&M video

Master made a very nasty scat S&M video of me. First, I was put in my fishnet body suit and gagged and bound with blue rope. My face was slapped and my ass whipped with a bamboo cane until I couldn’t cry anymore.  I was thrown in the shower and Master Pissed on me. Then each of my girls and my teen son came and pissed on this filthy P-mommy submissive. I had no clue what I had done, my mind replaying the things I could have been caught doing. The phones came out and my son and husband each took turns shitting on me. My ball gag was loosened so I could taste that ass hole covered with creamy shit. I have to say it was hot being a toilet slave.

I still do not know what I was punished with shit for, But I will submit any day of the week to make my men happy.scat phone sex

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