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Facial abuse

Bondage whore

There’s really nothing that daddy loves more than using my mouth like a pussy and fucking it without any resistance. In order to train me to be a good little cock sucker, he had to really train me hard to get me to be a be the perfect little cock sucking daughter that he’s always wanted. He had to fuck my face over and over, as many times a day that he could. Then he started letting my brothers fuck my mouth whenever they wanted to too. Every single day I was getting my mouth forcefully fucked by daddy and all three of my brothers every single day, multiple times a day. I was sucking so much cock that I learned how to suck it without gagging like a good little whore. And I swallowed so much of their cum that I even started to like the way it tastes!

No complaints allowed

Submissive slutThere are no complaints allowed in this household. I am a bitch and everyone knows what that means. They treat me as such and I have no authority or privilege to say anything otherwise. Even when I am being degraded to the utmost degree and being called a stupid fucking piece of shit submissive slut, I have to feel lucky to be receiving such treatment and harsh words. I love telling all of my equally slutty girlfriends about the conduct that’s inflicted upon me because they get such a good laugh about it! Any woman is nothing but a toy, a mere object that is used for sexual purposes. I would not dare step into my house without a full on pussy and asshole inspection. If I am not up to my Owner’s standards than I will be whipped into shape until I am up to par for his liking. He runs a tight ship and i’m his puppet bimbo bitch. I do as i’m told to do, no matter what!

Slave training

Slave training


I love being Master’s slave. Nothing but a piece of furniture that is there to do anything you say. A maid that doesn’t get a paycheck, just cum in all her holes. I love when you come home from work and bend me over your lap and spank me to get out your frustration for the day. I love when you pull my hair and slap me around because you’ve had a bad day. I don’t deserve to be treated kindly, I am just a worthless cunt for you to use. Bend me over and fuck my wet and ready pussy, let it milk away your stress. Pump your cum into me and give me a reason to be here. Let me have that sticky hot cum, filling me to the brim and leave me wanting more.

Submissive Sex Whore: Can You Make My Daughter One Too?

submissive sex

Submissive sex whore is what I want for my daughter, but she thinks she is princess material. Many men have tried to break her, but she still thinks she is the one in charge. She looks down on my slave lifestyle. She thinks women have the power not men. She thinks women should be spoiled and pampered not used and abused. I keep telling her she has lofty ideals for being the daughter of a whore. We are middle-class at best too, yet she walks around her school halls like the queen bee of the Mean Girls. I had a lover over last night that took a shine to my bitchy teen daughter. I explained that she would not break for anyone, not even him. He thought otherwise, so he tried to instill some slave training in my teen girl. He couldn’t break her. He fucked her mouth. He sodomized her perfect pink butthole. He came all over her. She still refused to call him daddy or master. She said the most vile and angry things to him an me. She is a wild horse in need of breaking. I have had some great masters in my life, not one yet has broken my little slut. Do you want a crack at her?

Class Humiliation

Bondage submission

Master always finds new ways for our bondage submission game. He finds new ways to humiliate me constantly. Yesterday, Master came with me to campus and sat right behind me in my lecture hall, a 200 person class in an auditorium. After the professor began his lecture, Master commanded me to stand up right in the middle of lecture and take off all my clothes one by one. I stripped off my skirt and top and underwear. All around me, I could see students recording me. The boys in my class all got closer for a better look at me and the professor was clearly enjoying the show. Master handed me my vibrator, ball gag and ropes. I walked to the front of the auditorium in just high heels and I sat on the lecturer’s desk. Master had me spread my legs for the male students to tie me down and gag me. Then he handed the vibrator to my professor and he began fucking me with it. After I came all over the desk, I was instructed to get on my knees for professor, open his pants and suck his cock until he pumped me full of cum.

Submissive sex magnet

submissive sexI always attract dominant masters in my life. I had initially thought I was having a usual threesome. In actuality, it became a submissive sex fiasco with a domme and her husband. They wanted to tie me up and use me all weekend. Once I was in their space, I was weak, and I was going to be used like the whore I am. I knew they could tell I was naturally submissive and I wasn’t going to fight back. I was taking all their demands and commands as a slave pet should. My holes were their playground, and they weren’t going to let me go without using me to the brink of insanity. They wanted me to have full trauma once they were done with me. I was their whore til they said no more. All bloody and bruised up was how I ended up. I had never been so roughed up as I was with both of them. They were waiting for this for a long time.

Rough Sex Deserving Milf

milf phone sex

These are my favorite bondage pictures because I had just found out I was pregnant with my youngest girl. My husband had caught me fucking my ex David and decided I needed some punishment. I was slapped so hard my mouth bleed. My towel didn’t hide my pregnant tummy and My Husband was questioning whos spawn was in my belly. He beat me senseless even dragging me out to hit my clit on the corner of a box. I swear I couldn’t cum for days after my clit was abused. But my tits grew full and my husband decided to whore me out the whole nine months I was pregnant with this last one. I know a lot of men who need a knocked up submissive milf whore.  Come abuse and tie up this p-mommy submissive slut. 

Tied Down and Used

Submissive slut

I love being tied to the bed so when you pulled out the rope and had me strip down I immediately started to get wet. You tied my hands and feet to the four poster bed and put the gag in my mouth. Sensory deprivation is the name of the game and you play it well Master. You put a blindfold over my eyes and earplugs in so I could only hear muffled sounds. I saw the toybox when I came into the room but I’m not privy to what you’ll be using tonight. I felt you run your hands all over my body and I moaned into the gag. Then I felt the vibration of a wand as you rubbed it on high against my little clit, my hips bucking against the sensory overload. When that stopped I felt your fingers rubbing lube onto my tight little asshole, I cried out as you slowly shoved a plug into my ass and left it there. Now it’s Master’s turn to really use me. You pushed the head of your cock against my cunt and slowly slid inside. My pussy extra tight from the plug filling my ass. You used the wand against my clit while fucking me, forcing me to orgasm over and over onto your cock. My pussy twitching must’ve felt good because I could hear muffled groans and feel your hot cum shooting into my belly. You pulled out and left me there tied to the bed, full of cum with my senses minimized for what feels like hours. The mind games you play with me drive me wild, I love being controlled by you Master.

Disobeying Master

Submissive slutI was watching tv and a underwear add for men triggered the thought of Master’s cock. My cunt is getting all wet and I have hours before Master is home from work. I can’t wait that long to get Master’s cock but he has giving me instructions to not dare touch my pussy with anything at all. Not even my own fingers. Master will know if I played with my cunt by just the way it smells and looks. I was dripping down my thigh and all I could think of was having Master’s big fat cock. I was so horny I couldn’t help myself I was dragging my cunt along the hard floor. Master came home and caught me and he was pissed. I know I disobeyed him but I was too horny just thinking about his cock. Master did not care for any excuse I had. He whipped off his built quickly and started striking me right there on the floor. I was squirming and crying out sorry but that did not stop him.
He wanted to see my tears it was a turn on for him merely making him harder. He dropped his belt grabbing by my hips fiercely pulling my ass up. He did not fuck my cunt I did not deserve that instead I got a hard dry ass fucking.

Submissive Sex Only

submissive sexSubmissive sex is all I deserve. That is what every man tells me. I don’t think any man has ever made sweet love to me. If they even fuck me, it is always rough. You know, hardcore ass fucking, no lube, no orgasm for me. I get sex starved like any other woman, so sometimes I try Tinder. It is a little secret from my master. I only see him at work or when we travel together for work which gives me a lot of free time. Over the weekend, I had a Tinder date. I was catfished, however. The sexy stud I was exchanging flirty texts and pictures with was not whose house I arrived at. It was my Master’s house. He knew what I was up too, and he was not amused. Not one bit. I had never been to his place, but when he opened the door, I knew I had been set up. He yanked me by my hair into the house. I knew I was in trouble. He was waiting for me. He had a bench ready for me. He tied me to it and placed a ball gag in my mouth. He then sodomized me for hours. Rough anal sex with no lube. He spanked my ass. He pulled my hair. All  while telling me I am nothing but a submissive whore and I don’t deserve the romantic attention of a man. Apparently, he put some sort of spyware on my phone, so my every text, my every google search my every move is watched. What was I thinking? I don’t deserve to have an orgasm. I don’t deserve a romantic relationship. My purpose in life is to serve my masters, not to take pleasure for myself. It was a hard lesson to learn, but my ass will be reminding for a while how worthless I am.

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