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Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sexI love all forms of spanking phone sex. That is why I got into this line of work. It was for spanking and bondage fun. Being an old school submissive, I love bare ass spankings. I went to a spanking club a couple days ago. It was at a  high-end club. I wasn’t sure I would get in. I saw all these super hot women in line. Tall, pretty and young. I am older, chunky and short. One guy ushered me to the top of the line. I was surprised. I was in the club in no time much to the chagrin of the young subs. I found out why quickly. I caught the eye of one of the male VIP patrons. He said I looked sturdy and like a true submissive slut. He was older, like my last master. As I stripped naked and bent over his lap, he told me a true submissive is hard to come by these days. He said all those young girls watch 50 Shades of Gray and want to be a sub for a night. He whacked my ass hard as he carried on a conversation about the problem with young submissives. I didn’t argue or even talk much. I was trying not to cry. I was also enjoying the pain. A good sub takes her spankings with a thank you sir. I am a true sub. I didn’t just watch a movie and think I would pretend to snag a handsome rich master.

Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake Phone Sex

I had a great time partying with three well-hung guys that Master brought home to play! The five of us were drinking and doing line after line until we were all fucked up. Before I knew it we were dancing and they were grinding up against me with their hard ons while Master watched from his chair. I couldn’t control myself and was down on my knees sucking and jerking them off. We threw some blankets on the ground and they took turns fucking my face, pussy and ass. God, I felt so good with those cocks pumping in and out of me! My coked up body felt amazing and I came over and over again while they double teamed me and filled all my holes. They eventually pulled out and had me lay on my back while they jerked off  towards my body, shooting load after load of hot cum all across my face and tits! I thanked my generous Master for the day of fun!


Submissive Whore“Now Dorthy, why don’t you click those heels together, see if they take you home?” He grins at me, an evil grin that I know too well. I can’t speak, he’s got a ball gag in my mouth. He takes the cane and slaps it against my skin. ”I said click your fucking feet together bitch.” I do as I am told, he wants to hurt me, humiliate me, I am just a submissive slut. My hands are tied above my head, and my feet are only able to touch the ground because of the only thing I am wearing, which is my heels. I struggle to click them together but this isn’t good enough for him. He slaps me in my face, grabbing my chin and asking me if I want to make it home or not. I nod, of course, I do, but he sees this as a challenge from me. I shouldn’t be able to say yes, I should be too weak to even reply. He takes my heels off of me, and begins digging them into my skin. Beating me with my shoes. Fucking my ass with the heel and torturing me in every way he can. He won’t let up and I am begging for mercy, but he has been looking for a submissive piece of shit like me.

shame me

submissive whore

A submissive who like me belongs to a master who knows he is above all women. Women are nothing but servants and that is how it should be. I am your slave pet and will do anything to make you happy. When you told me I had to prove it to you, I did so loud and proud and very clear. My cunt deserved each whip you gave me. My screams echoed and made all the people near by take a look at me being tortured. I am a shameless cunt. I careless anymore as long as the aster is excited that is all that is important. my back has lesions all over and my cunt is raw and bruised. I get what i deserve and this is my life now.

Extreme Bondage

Extreme bondage

Master loves to tie me up and I love the feeling of being bound and powerless under his ultimate control! Just the other day Master really outdid himself. He had some beautifully soft rope and  had me strip naked and stand before him. He carefully tied me in a chest harness, tight enough that I could feel my breasts beginning to swell almost immediately. Then he bound my arms to the harness so I could not move anything but my hands and fingers. Then he did an intricate tie to bind my legs together  from upper thighs to my ankles until I was completely at his disposal on the bed. He then moved me to my side and slowly slid his cock against my asshole. He used spit as lube and slowly pushed into my ass. It felt so good to have my ass used like that by Master while I couldn’t have a say. He fucked my ass slowly at first, working his was up til he was going hard and fast and deep. Fucking my asshole must’ve been good for Master too because soon he filled my ass with his hot cum and left me there bound, cum dripping from my ass, face pressed into the bed until he was ready for me again!



Submissive Slut on Call 24/7

submissive slutOften when you are a submissive slut, your master likes to share you for his amusement. That happened yesterday.  I was summoned to Master’s house at noon. I thought perhaps he wanted head with lunch. He did but he wanted me sucking a lot more cock than just his cock. I can’t say no. I blow banged his entire crew. He had some golf outing with a bunch of lawyers and I had to suck them all. I was draining balls all afternoon. Hot sweaty balls too. I had to lick ass also. The men were drinking beer and bourbon. These men had swamp ass. Sweaty sticky ass. I had to drain their cocks too. I was a human toilet. Men lined up to skull fuck me then piss in my mouth. Cum then piss cum then piss. One after another they dumped their seed or their piss in my mouth. I would have preferred to be gang banged instead of being a piss whore. At the end of the day, I smelled like a port a potty. Master just laughed, patted my head and bragged about what a good submissive whore he owns.

The Slave Training Of Mommy

slave training

I began slave training in a new masters dungeon. There were so many other slaves bound and on knees with dildos and collars on. I could hear screams of pain. I was put on a wall impaled on a golden dick. Whips were lashed at my thighs and pussy and I was forced to do some freaky cum goggling from the local farm. My only escape was a big-dicked fire captain that told me if my daughters would be his slaves that he would turn me loose from this slave dungeon from hell. I offered him booth girls in exchange for my freedom. Little did I know that my ass would be prolapsed and my tits milked dry for him every evening after my sexy firefighter was done putting out fires. I don’t mind though I will be his slave until the end of time with a dick like his that fucks me raw. He put fake tits on my daughters and turned us all into his coke whores to serve his big daddy fireman cock!

Bondage whore for sale

bondage whoreBondage whore for sale is what my ad read. Master has been pimping us out to a bunch of notorious men. My master loves working with evil guys. Some of his clients happen to make the FBI most wanted list. So you know we are treated like scum. My body is subjected to so much pain. I could careless what anyone says. My life was made to be destroyed by men. I like to be slapped and hurt. my face needs to be beaten and my body tortured. choke me harder and fuck the living daylights out of me because hats how it should always be when you have a woman infront of you. women are trash and I know that now.

Master’s Prostate Pleasure

Prostate phone sex


Master wanted to try something and have me pleasure him in a brand new way! He told me that I was going to give him the most intense orgasm I could by doing everything he told me to do. He had me start my tonguing around his ass and tongue fucking his asshole, I guess I wasn’t being as good as he wanted because he pushed me down sat on my face. Master really ground his ass into my face and forced my tongue into his asshole. Then he grabbed a vibrator and told me to use it on him. I lubed up Master’s asshole and slipped the toy in. Master had me thrust in and out and stimulate his prostate. He grabbed my hair and had me go down on him. While I choked and gagged on his cock and pumped the toy in and out of his cock Master held my head down and forced his cock deep into my throat. He groaned out as he shot load after load into the back of my throat. I gave him that prostate orgasm he wanted and I got a reward of hot cum!



The Humiliation and Torture Of This Mommy

submissive sex

It was the humiliation and torture submissive sex I had been needing. I know I am a dirty and nasty P-mommy whore. I love being used right in front of my littles and after everyone leaves, I seek comfort in tight little bodies. Soft sweet girls that need mommy to lick and fuck them. Only my son knows I should never have pleasure and when my husband got home he told all! I was made to undergo a medical exam and check all my holes for cum. The boot knifes my husband kept for hunting was used to fuck me. I couldn’t move and I was so sacred. I would be sliced to pieces if I moved an inch. I was crying and begging him to stop but he said it was my punishment. When he decided I had enough he pissed in me and I was in pain as the tiny cuts in my pussy began to sting. I was curled on the floor begging to just die. I must be more careful in my subby milf phone sex whore ways!

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