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Submissive sex chat

 submissive sex chat

My master brought a really important friend of his over. She was super hot and he wanted to degrade me in front of her. I jumped to my whore knees and looked up at him, awaiting his demands. He spit right into my face and started calling me names. I know I am a worthless sack of shit. He told me to get to sucking his dick.

The hot girl he brought wrapped my hair around her knuckles and shoved me down on his cock, choking me out. I could not breath. He told me to taste and inhale his cock that has been buried in that girls ass hole and cunt. I had to clean him up. I am a dirty little cock sucking slave. I had to obey his girl and do whatever she told me to.

She dragged me by my hair to the back of my masters ass hole and made my wipe my face from chin to forehead in between his ass. I will do whatever the fuck they tell me to. I am a dumb cunt master.

Sexy phone sex

 sexy phone sex

I love and crave to be a fuck slut for my master. Everything of mine- he owns. He called me into his room and demanded that I get into position and hover my fuck holes off either side of the bed. My cunt and ass hole were hanging off one side and my throat and head off the others. He got rope and tied me up.

I am completely at his mercy. Whatever he says, goes. He started with my throat. He shoved his cock right into my mouth and pounded him self all the way in until he saw his cock popping out through my neck. My lips tightly grasped around his dick as he was making me choke on that cock. He finally took a piss. He shot it from my throat down to my tummy.

He told me that my mouth needed to be a bit wetter. I salivated all over his cock until he wanted to abuse my other holes. Do what you want to me master. Thank you.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 I was on my hands and knees begging my master for his cock and cum. He had ten of his friends over. They were all jerking off right in front of my stupid little face. I was looking up at my master and his friends eagerly for their cum loads. My master gave me a couple of smacks across my face. My cheeks were so red and on fire.

I was aloud to take each cock in my mouth and help suck them off until they wanted to blow. I was jerking them hard and deep. I finally got my face painted in their glaze. I stuck my tongue out and let their sticky cum run down my face. After they blew their loads on my face I sat their like a little wet doll coated in sticky jizz.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

My master has tied me up and flipped me on my back. My arms are wrapped behind my back and he instructs me to open my stupid dumb whore mouth and fuck his cock down my throat. I gag on his cock throat fucking his dick till my make up drips down my face. I can not breath while his cock fucks my wind pipes.

He decides while his cock is all the way down my throat that he is going to piss and let it run down my tonsils. I inhale his piss chocking  on it and drowning. My make up is running down my face and he takes no time to push me all the way down and fuck himself into my cunt.

Teen phone sex

teen phone sex

I am a slave for my master. I was late coming home after hanging out with friends and my master was not too happy about that. As soon as I got home I got a ball gag in my mouth that tied around my face. He knocked the back of my knees out so that my body would collapse to the ground. He undressed me by cutting my clothes right off my body.

He shoved his cock right into my twat hole from behind. He kept thrusting deep and hard yanking my head back by the face mask. I bounced up and down jerking his dick inside my holes. I am a stupid little cunt that will know better next time. He takes his cock that is soaked inside my pussy juice and smacks it across my face.


Pissing phone sex

pissing phone sex

I am a really naught girl for my master. He bound me up and demanded that I open my eyes and mouth and await for his piss to shoot all over my face. I drank his warm hot urine down. I am a stupid little piss whore. He mounted me against the wall and shoved his bare cock right inside my ass hole. He pumped me full of his piss. I felt his hot urine seep into my pussy walls. He took his cock out and put it deep inside my ass hole. He pushed his cock as far as it would ho inside of me. I got every drop of piss in his bladder unloaded in my tight stupid whore ass. He made me lay with my legs above my head and shit it out allover myself. I love being a dirty little toilet whore for my maser!

Cum slut phone sex

 cum slut phone sex

 My body is held captive by my master and he has no intentions of ever releasing me. My wrist are tied up so tightly that they are a different skin tone then the rest of my body. My legs are bonded in a harness and I am spread so wide that my master can have his way with whatever whole he sees fit.

I am here for his pleasure, his personal little sex toy. He puts a gag in my mouth and slaps his cock across my face. He spits right into my eyeballs leaving them completely sticky and cloudy. He works my legs up more into the harness so that my ass hole is at his reach.

He shoves his cock straight into my ass and hammers his cock balls deep into me. He makes the skin between my pussy hope and ass red with how forcefully he rams his dick into me. He doesn’t stop letting me know how much of a worthless slut I am.

All I am is a bucket where he can dispose of his cum at. You own me master.

Bondage submission

bondage submission

Tie me up master. I am even more worthless then the scum under your shoe. I am your little sex toy. An animate object for your pleasure. I need to be used by you. All my holes can be stuffed and gaped open by your first, then followed by your piss stream.

I crave to obey and satisfy every craving you need and have master. I can be more then just a toilet for you, I can be a stupid little cum bucket. I need to take loads and loads of cum and store them in my holes, until you tell me to use it. Bind me up please and make me your slave.

I am a fucking puppet on strings for you, anyway you tug me I will submit without hesitation.

Scat phone sex

 scat phone sex

I spread myself in front of the mirror and gape my pussy hole right open. My daddy told me to gather shit from other girls and to make sure I had a bunch to stuff myself with. We put a speculum in my cunt and spread the walls of my pussy super wide.

I started taking the shit and stuffing my pussy. I could feel the scat seeping into the walls of my cunt hole. I made sure to get it deep ramming it into me it far into my pussy hole. My pussy looks and feels so good stuffed with other girls scat.

I love being a dirty scat filled whore. My pussy is so filled and dirty. Now I am plugging my pussy up and have to keep it in me until he says I can remove it. Whatever daddy says!

Sexy bondage

sexy bondage

My master loves tying my body up as if I am a little fuck puppet on strings for him. I am a dumb little whore that does anything to worship his cock. He binds up my tits and wraps my arms behind my back and even ties up my ankles. The whole time he ties me up, he tells me what a little fucking piece of shit I am.

When I am bound up and unable to move he gets a paddle out and starts spanking my swollen tits. He wails it down making it sting all the way down to my spine. He turns me over so that my bare ass is exposed to him. He slams the paddle down, cracking it over my soft ass.

The imprint of the paddle imbeds in my skin. He takes his cock out and shoves it right into my ass. His cock is dry and throbbing hard and it doesn’t stop him from pounding himself inside of me. He pumps himself harder and deeper. He tells me that it’s time t eat his cum.

I open my mouth for my master and I start sucking his ass covered cock in my mouth and slurp his cum juice right out of his balls.

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