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Submissive To My Fetish

Submissive sex

This was the first time ever I had to submit to a man wanting me to do nothing but worship his ass. I must say, ass worship is something I didn’t think I was going to like. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not, being the submissive little whore I am, I will do whatever a man wants me to do. It just makes things so much better for me when I get to be a submissive cunt and do something that makes my slut cunt wet all at the same time. As soon as he dropped his pants I was on his ass. He was on all fours, his ass high up in the air. He wanted to order me around. Telling me to rub his ass, kiss his cheeks and finally lick that little asshole. Yes, sir is what I told him l with every order my filthy cunt was getting wetter and wetter. Then he told me to run my wet throbbing slut cunt right on his asshole until I orgasm. I came in less than five minutes leAving the crack of his asshole soaking. It made great lube since the last thing he wanted me to do was duck his tight asshole with a10 inch strap on while he jacked his thick cock. I can only hope to get another experience like this!

Whatever You Like

Cock worshiping

If you think you have what it takes to dominate me then that is what I want from you. Call me your little whore, telling me to get on my knees and choke on your cock. Bring some friends over and gangbang me, filling up every one of my holes. You will have so much excitement and a rush when I am worshipping all of your cocks, begging you to let me taste your sweet milk. Six men circling around me and I am begging to taste every last cock and drop. When you see I am a good submissive slut you know it is time to shower my body and mouth with so much creme I look like a frosted donut. Oh yes, I want to lick it off of me, tasting every inch of my body. Last but not least you decide to tie me up, wrapping my arms down to my side, throwing me over the bed with my sloppy slut pussy, and tight asshole. You stick your cock inside my ass, letting out your golden waterfall. Cleaning every inch of my insides. You turn me around onto my back, tell me to open my mouth and stick your thick throbbing cock deep down my throat, releasing anything left in you. That is when you leave me like the little slut I am. Making me figure out how the hell I am going to get out of here. I am your good submissive slut.

Worshiping your cock

Whip your thick throbbing cock out, feeling your heavy cock slap me all over my face is really turning you on. Stuffing your cock into my mouth, you feel the tightness of my throat as I am gagging. You take your cock out and I am begging you to shove it back in and choke me more. Your cock is so beautiful I am so lucky to be able to choke on it. You decide I am not allowed to use my hands, I am not worthy of touching your cock until I show you I have earned it. My hands are tied behind my back. You can see it in my eyes how much I want to taste you. I want your cum to fill my mouth up until it

Cock worshiping

is stuck in my throat making it hard for me to breathe. Then you turn to tell me to lay down on my back, you get over me and dip down, telling me to open my mouth wide while your balls enter into my mouth. I love how your balls are sitting in my mouth, I want them there as long as you allow them to be. Letting my mouth marinate your balls are turning me on so much. That’s when you really give it to me, you get into a push-up position with your cock right above my mouth. Each time you go down to do a push up your cock is riding deep and hard right into my mouth. I am so lucky that you blessed my mouth with your beautiful thick hard dick.

Submissive Desires

I have been a submissive little bitch for so long I can’t think of any other way to be. I want you to throw me on a little wooden chair, take some thick wire rope, place my arms down to my body and tie my filthy ass up. You need to punish me, keep me in my place. Take the rope and tie my ankles. Make sure you tie them real tight. Tie a ball gag around my head, a little bitch like me doesn’t need to talk. I will try to get out at first, I know you like to watch me squirm like a stupid little cunt. You like punishing me even more and I know this. I get pleasure in pleasing you, even if that does cause me pain. Your calling me names and telling me how much of a stupid slut I am, you tell me I need to listen to you more and stop being such a dumb fucking cunt. When I notice your pleasure turning into real anger I calm myself down. You untie my ball gag, slang your rock hard cock out and hold it in front of my face. I love how hard your cock gets when you know you’re going to punish me. You tell me to open wide, you’re going to give my mouth a good golden shower. I open my mouth wide for you, feeling your warm liquid gold enter my mouth is something you think I hate. Let me tell you a little secret, the more piss you let go down my throat the wetter this little submissive whores pussy gets. After your done cleaning out my mouth you fuck my whore face until you give me your thick gooey creme…You call this my dessert. I know you will not feed me tonight as part of my punishment. That is fine with me, seeing you get off on my misbehavior and punishment is enough to fill this submissive bitch up for the rest of the night.

Submissive Sex Toy

Submissive sex

I am locked away in an oversized closet. I only come out when Sir instructs me to. When I come out, I am out to please Sir. I was given to Sir a few years back from my master. Master told me I wasn’t good for him anymore, master wanted something new. I guess he was tired of using his old, used up toy. Master told me he will find someone young for me. Someone who would appreciate a skilled Submissive sex toy like me. A few days later, I met Sir. I thought since Sir was young, things would be a lot easier. I was wrong, I am not allowed to do anything unless Sir tells me to. I am in a dark closet with nothing to do. I only come out when Sir is ready to use me. I am Sir’s personal sexbot. I am not a human in the eyes of Sir. When Sir takes me out of the closet he commands me to wake up. I open my eyes without saying anything. Sir tells me I am a good girl and tells me to take his thick meat out of his pants and choke on it. No matter what, I have to do what sir commands. If I do not listen, Sir will give me away to someone that will hurt me every day until I eventually die. Things wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to stay in that dark closet all the time. Sir is a handsome man, I do like pleasing him. I love the way he moans when my ass hole starts to tear or the way his thick cock swells up when he knows I am choking from it with tears running down my face. I also Love the nights he wants to rape me, I have to remember Sir does not want me to do like it. I think I hide it pretty well. The only thing that would give it away is how my cunt flows like a faucet when I tell him no. He slaps me hard across my face telling me to take his cock like the good cum slut bitch I am. When Sir is done with me, he walks out of the room. I already know what I am commanded to do without Sir saying a thing. I clean everything up quietly, then I go back into the closet. I am allowed to take a shower when Sir leaves for work. I will be the best Submissive Sex toy I can be to my Sir, I don’t want to get sent off somewhere else.

Submissive Foot Whore

Submissive Whore

Being a submissive little fuck slut can be hard work sometimes. I will do whatever I can to please my master and I am good at pleasing him. My master has trained me well. Recently my master has taken a lot of interest in feet. Earlier this week he called me into his office. I thought I was going to get punished for not being a good little whore. Instead he told me to sit down on the ground. I did as he told me and then I see him take his handcuffs out. He took my wrists and handcuffed them to my ankles, then pushed me right on my back. He put a ball gag right in my mouth and strapped it tight around my head. I saw his cock getting hard from doing this to me, master was getting very excited about what he was about to do next. My master slang his rock-hard cock out, took his hand and wrapped it around his cock. He got onto his knees placed his cock right by my feet and gave then a long golden shower. My cunt started getting very wet as I saw his yellow tea streaming down my feet. When master was done giving me my warm golden shower, he grabbed both of my feet put the backs of my feet together and started fucking them. For the next thirty minutes my master was sliding his hard cock in and out of my wet feet. I could tell he was about to cum by the look on his face. He told me to lift my body up and get my face close to my feet. Not even a minute went by and a hot steamy load shot all over my face. Master was aiming his hot juice right by my lips, he let the rest of his juice drop down onto my feet. He gave his cock a good rubbing, then he started giving my feet another warm golden shower. Once he was done, he got up, took the handcuffs off me and ordered me to clean up all the mess he made. Master wanted me to lick my feet clean. I hope master continues his interest in feet. Maybe soon we can play more games like this.

Submissive Training Tool

submissive whore

Last night my master used me as a training tool. I am locked away during the day with a 9-inch dildo stuck in my pussy hole. Master doesn’t want any of my juices going to waste. He told me that morning I was a nasty whore barley good enough to be used for his new class he was starting. Teaching men how to punish women. I remember a while back master talking about how tired he was, seeing men bowing down to worthless pieces of shit slut whores. He posted an add online telling these pitiful men he can help change their lives. As night fell master cut the rope from my wrists and ankles. He told me to get up off the bed, turn around and put my hands behind my back. I could see from the corner of my eye big black handcuffs. I knew I was in for some real punishment, master only uses these handcuffs when he is really trying to prove a point. Master took me by my arm, we headed down to the basement. Once we got there, master pointed to the 6-foot cage in the corner. Master told me to get in, once I was in the cage, he covered the cage up with a black blanket twice the size of the cage. It wasn’t long until I heard other men coming to the basement. Once the men were seated master started his class. The men did not know I was in the cage, I heard the men talk about how tired they were of slut bitches thinking they run this world. The men were angry and wanted to show these nasty slut whores who really runs shit. Then, Master ripped the blanket off the cage. I saw ten men staring at me, their eyes wide with excitement. These men were ready to learn from my master. Behind the men I saw a wooden table. I knew then what I was in for. Master ripped me out of the cage showing me no mercy. He threw me on the ground in front of the men. He took my ankles, bent them back over my head. He then took out a thick wired rope. Master tied me up like a raw turkey. My tight ass hole and plump pussy was all the men could see. My master then picked me up and dropped me down on the table. The handcuffs were still around my wrists, master took the handcuffs off. I was shocked he did not put them back on right away. Master knew what he was doing though. My master knows I am obedient to him and only him, that is how he trained me. Master told the ten men to do what they want with me, master had one rule, NO PLEASURE. The ten men huddled around me hesitant at first, then one man rammed his thick cock right up my tight ass. I am not used to having my hands free, out of reaction I quickly reached up and punched the man on the side of his chin. All ten men turned to my master. My master walked over to me with the black handcuffs in his hand. He lifted my hands up over my head, put the handcuffs around my wrists. He took the wired rope, looped the rope through the handcuffs and pulled my wrists over my head. He tied the rope to the leg of the wooden table. My master then walked up the basement stairs. He shouted to the men. Punish the slut whore like a real man is supposed to. For the next 3 hours all ten men took their anger out on every part of my body. Every hole is still oozing with blood. Master told me I better heal myself quick for the next class he has coming up.

Submissive Phone Sex Slut Abused

submissive phone sexHe’s beaten my face black and blue as a true submissive phone sex slut, the camera is still filming me crying as he brings his fist back again to the back of my head, ripping out a chunk of my hair this time. I am crying but it’s pointless because I am his breeding whore to do whatever he wants with, his submissive fucking slut to abuse like the piece of shit I know I am. He’s got me tied up, tightly bound so I can’t fight against him – he wants me in the most pain as possible. He loves seeing me suffer, he loves taking out all his anger on me and letting his friends use me too. His friend has his cock down my throat and I feel myself start to gag violently on his dick, I am choking on my snot from crying too, and this only makes him more turned on so he’s fucking my mouth while the other guy is pumping into my pussy that swollen cock feels like it’s ready to burst. His balls slapping against my ass and the others in my face I know he’s about to fill my cunt with his babybatter. As soon as he blows his load in my pussy he’s moving to my ass and slapping me in the face calling me a stupid fucking bitch. The one who was just in my mouth goes straight to my pussy making sure he gets his load of cum in me too, I am being told now that I must beg for it. So there I am, crying and whimpering and begging for a huge load of cum to fill me up already feeling the warm load in my pussy. Once they’re done using me like a sex slave and breeding whore I am tied to the chair as they start up a machine… the sound is so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Suddenly the pain I feel on my breast soon tells me this a tattoo gun and he’s writing “submissive whore” on my left tit. This makes me hysterical but he’s far from done. It takes hours but he ends up tattooing all over my body, “breeding whore, cum dumpster, bitch, slave, stupid slut, fucktoy.” my body is bloody and bruised but I am his piece of art. He and his friends spit on me before they go, then cover my ruined body in their warm piss. They leave me tied up, helpless so they can use me again later if they want….they’re just trying to make an army of stupid sluts just like me to abuse and I am the vessel, the breeding whore that will give this to them.

Punishment Time

Bondage whoreDaddy had a party tonight. I tried to be really good! I opened all my fuck whole for all of his friends. I let them beat me and use me. They pissed on me and made me lick the floor clean. Daddy actually looked pleased with me. But then I accidentally bumped into the table and knocked a glass of beer over. I didn’t mean to! But daddy is so mad! I know what is going to happen now. Daddy is just waiting for his friends to leave. He is going to punish me. I have been a bad slut and daddy is going to hurt me for it. I know I deserve it. I want it. My cunt is dripping just thinking about it. As soon as daddy’s friends leave he grabs me by the hair and pulls me down to the punishment room in the basement. That is where no one can hear me scream. So what are you going to do to me, daddy?

Submissive Whore

submissive whore

It was not the first time you had me strip my slutkin down, so you could watch her as you rammed deep into my aching pussy. Your eyes never left her body. When she moved you followed everything about her. It was not long until you had me spreading doll like legs, so you could squirt some cum all over her bald cunt. You had me by the hair and was pounding my face the night you asked me to put two fingers in her hole and fuck her as you were fucking me. I did as I was told, I could not risk losing your dick or the bill money for that month. I guess you figured as long as I did the naughty touching you couldn’t call yourself a P-pervert. Until that fateful night, I put her cunny on top of your cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. I leaned close and said just rip her cunny apart get it over with. I knew you were dying to because you came all over her itty bitty cunt and almost instantly were hard again. I used that cunt to lube her up and practically forced you to be the pervert that you are.

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