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Take it out on me.

Submissive slutThe first blow busted my lip. I felt the blood fly and I knew he was planning on taking all of his aggression out on me. He was my Master’s boss and his wife had cheated on him. I was taking the punishment that she deserved. He had dressed me up in her clothes and wearing her perfume. He raged, calling me a whore and telling me how I had ruined his life.

He slammed me up against the wall and I fell to my knees. “Have mercy, sir.” I begged but it was futile. He was drooling in his hatred, his cock standing out and purple. He kicked me solidly in the stomach. When My mouth flew open, he rammed his cock into it.  All of his rage was directed at my mouth as he battered my throat with his fuckstick. I gurgled and choked.

He began to scream. “You’re a dirty whore. You suck big black cocks behind my back.” I felt sorry for him and reached up to stroke his balls. They were so full. I bobbed on his swollen penis, tasting the metallic pre-cum that had been building. A submissive just knows what a man needs. I urged him to grab me by the hair and use me. The force of his orgasm made him stagger backwards. We fell to the floor, gasping. We were just getting started. Sometimes a man just needs a hot fuckhole to take his stress out on.

Master’s Well Trained Whore

bondage whore

Part of being a good bondage whore depends on your tolerance for pain. When I first became a slave, I was such a wimp. You abused me so bad, saying that I deserved it and that I needed to be “broken.” You dry-fucked me with your large cock. You starved me. I cried and begged. You laughed in my face saying that I needed to toughen up unless I wanted to be sold.

It was like a part of my mind shut down. I became a true BDSM piece of meat. I learned to take a punch without flinching, only thanking you for the pleasure. You let your friends violate me for hours to try to make me beg. But it was too late. That part of me that felt things had been destroyed. I became a fuck-tube and a cum dumpster, nothing more. I was quietly obedient, lady-like even with a busted face and a bruised body. Even as your cock pounded my swollen mouth, my mind belonged only to me. When you realized that I was trained, you eased up on me. I still scream and beg sometimes for your amusement. I pretend that I cannot take one more blow, or one more minute of the terror you inflict but somewhere, in my soul, I’ve grown to love this life. I await your orders, Master. How may I please you tonight?


BDSM trainer for my Master

Bondage and SubmissionMy Master gave me a new title. Bondage and Submission trainer for the newbies that he’s been collecting. These young girls are so gullible. He plays them on the internet until they trust him. Once he wins their hearts and convinces them to meet him, he pets me in action. I become that mommy that they lack in their lives. As we brainwash the sluts, I become more firm. Then we slowly add in the discipline that they don’t know that they are craving. Mindless little twits who thought they were in love with the Master start to become obedient pets.

Then he disappears, leaving them with me to start their formal training. I beat the desire to live from them, starve them, and break them. Then he reappears to “rescue” them. They are so grateful that they will do anything for him. That’s when he brings in his party. Other P-Daddies and Masters who love the young and innocent. It is a fuckfest as the victims find out the real truth about the BDSM side of his business. Are you ready to share the details and join in the fun as we train young girls to be obedient sluts, ready to be sold to the highest bidder?

Nothing but a fuckhole


Prostate phone sex

I tongue fucked Masters asshole hard before inserting my finger. Prostate phone sex was one of his favorite games to keep me in line. I had been trained by my husband before he sold me into slavery but Master’s game was quite different.

Master preferred to go to the gym first for a long workout. He reeked of smelly sweat right down to his nut sac. Then he’d also forget to wipe his ass very well. I’d be forced to suck his nasty balls and tongue out the bits of shit and toilet tissue. If I retched, I’d be beaten, so I tongue fucked him deep and hard, lapping every bit of foul matter until he was clean.

Next, I’d suck his cock, easing a finger into his bowels. I’d fuck him slow until I found this special knob deep inside. I could always tell when I hit it, because he’d fuck my mouth furiously. Crouching low over my face, he face fucked me hard, barely letting me come up for air. I’d finger fuck his ass until he was ready to come. He’d pull out with a roar and shoot his load all over my face and hair, calling me a a worthless cunt.


I wasn’t always submissive.

Bondage and submissionI wasn’t always this submissive. Bondage and submission were never part of my lifestyle. I lived a life of royalty with a doting husband and sweet young ones. I never had to work. My husband asked very little of me. I didn’t realize how much I was failing at my job of being a good wife. Sometimes he would ask me for things. Like wanting me to lick his asshole or give him a gagging blow job. I just laughed at him. I’d catch him late at night looking at BDSM porn. Then came the day that I discovered his mistress, or rather his slave. He had found a submissive woman to do those things that I refused. I vomited when I saw the pics of him beating her or with her wearing a ball gag. I wanted a divorce.

Instead, he made me disappear. Or, rather, he sold me into slavery. My cruel master taunted me with the pics of the poor widower pleading for my return. Soon, he had me declared dead and collected my insurance. I am forgotten. I do not exist.  I am solely a piece of meat. A breathing carcass belonging to my Master. I’m an obedient fuck doll with orifices to be used. Nothing matters now. I can never have my life back. So, now I am that woman. That obedient slut who lives like a pet in a cage, hoping only for a few scraps and a pat on the head. Oh how I wish I would’ve taken my husband seriously and been the woman he asked me to be. But now it’s too late. I am just a BDSM whore now and I beg you for your mercy.

Break me down and abuse me.

Submissive phone sexThere’s nothing like a little Submissive phone sex to make a girl feel loved. Sometimes I think that I defy you just to get your attention. You nearly killed me last time that I was disobedient. It was just a little thing but your red face made me realize that I had gone too far. I had already blown many of your party guests and my stomach ached from swallowing so much cum. You pointed at one more man and I shook my head. He was a huge obese pig known for his cruelty. I’d seen him put his cigar out on a slave’s back, laughing at her pain. I’d also heard the rumor that his cum was like spoiled cream, foul, clotted, and smelly. One of my fellow slaves compared it to eating pet jizz. So I pleaded no.

Master was angry. He dragged me back to his den and locked me in my pet crate. Hours went by and then Master and the Fat One burst into the room, all fucked up. I was dragged out and spread wide open. Master shocked me with the electric dildo until my back arched into the air. Then the hog towered over me, squatted and flopped his fat belly right over my face. The stench from his sweaty underbelly made me choke. His tiny penis barely protruded from the fat roll below. His hairy balls tasted of sweat and filth. I gasped her air as he poked his tiny pecker at my mouth. “Suck it.” he bellowed. I felt Master lash my pussy hard with his crop.

“Beg for it, slut.” I heard Master growl. I begged that lard ass to give me his cum, even as I gagged. His fat little fuckmeat quivered and began to spurt. I stuck out my tongue as it rained all over my face. I swear I heard my hips crack as master spread me wide and fucked me with the Budha still sitting on my head. I felt the vomit rise in my throat but gulped it back down. I knew what my punishment would be if I dared to puke on his vile cock.

Living the slave life

slave trainingEvery woman deserves slave training from her man. Deep down we all want to be owned and disciplined. Feminists really need a few lessons on how to treat their Master.

You turn the crank on the stretching machine and I feel my hips pulling from their sockets. I grit my teeth and try not to cry out. I deserve my punishment and Master is enjoying it immensely. I see your cock grow as you crank it again. The rope burns into my wrists and ankles. My vertebrae scream with pain. This is what I get for my disobedience. You told me not to wash my pussy after the party last night. You wanted it ripe and crusty. One of your freak colleagues was coming over to lick it clean. I cost you money.

I did not obey. I washed it and douched all of the clotted cum from inside, waxing the stubble and shaving my legs. I hated feeling all raw inside, the smelly ooze on my panties, the stench of sweat in my hair.

So I disobeyed and now I pay the price. It’s going to be a long night and you won’t stop until you tire. Tomorrow I will be a bloody, bruised pulp and it is my own fault. A worthless slut like me should always obey the Master.

Extreme fetish phone sex

It’s Gangbang Saturday night.

Extreme fetish phone sexMy Master insists on Extreme fetish phone sex. Tonight it’s Gang bang night with at least 25 men coming over for one of his special parties. He says my slave pussy needs to be well used. He chains me over a bench with my legs spread. There’s a pile of whips and straps hanging next to me, as well as a basket of common utensils. Men are encouraged to fuck me with these items as well as beat me.

My name is NOTHING. My name is SLUT. My sole purpose in life is serving as I am ordered. Tell me to open my mouth. I know not what I will receive. Will you give me a filthy cock, a blast of piss, or will you turn around and make me your toilet. I know better than to complain. If Master knows that I’ve refused one of his guests, I will be beaten, starved, and locked in blackness.

Please use to me to take out your aggressions, make me  pay for another bitch pissing you off, and take out your sexual frustration on me. Your wish is my command. My body is not my own. How will you use it tonight?

Training your own submissive whore

BDSM chatLet me give you some BDSM chat lessons on how to train that disobedient cunt in your own life. I was once like her. Lazy, inattentive to your needs, spending all of your money, and fucking around and partying while you work. Quit being a pussy and put your foot down…right on her throat. Act like a man for a change. Be the King of your house.

First of all, withhold money and cock. If she bitches, tie her up and spank that bare ass hard. Make a list of daily expectations and chores. If they are not complete when you get home, throw her in a cold shower and string her up by her wrists. Your cock will get raging hard when you do this a few times, but you must NOT fuck her. Cock is a privilege now. She must beg you to be allowed to suck it.

Remove the food from the house. Take her car away. You must break this worthless bitch so you can train her. My Master used the same method on me. She will cry and beg but just like me, she will submit. Don’t be afraid to bring out that new riding crop that you’ve been dying to apply to that pretty little ass.

Once you get these basics down, you’re ready for Part II. Call me and we can talk more about it. Soon your whore will be as obedient as me.


Daddy’s Little Pissing Fuckdoll

Pissing phone sexSome of my first girlhood memories are those Pissing phone sex ones with Daddy. I guess Father’s Day is making me a bit nostalgic. I was lying back on my bed today, pounding my tight  slit with my dildo and reliving those moments with Daddy.

I was so young when Daddy walked in on me in the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet and he had to piss. I yelled at him to get out but he had his cock out already. He was drunk. “Guess I’ll just piss on you.” he muttered. “Dad.” I screamed.  His hot urine blasted all over my face and onto my shirt, soaking it.  I spread my legs wide and pointed to the toilet. “In here, Dad.” He grinned as he squirted yellow urine all over my little bald pussy.  “Ooooh, my little girlie sure has a pretty pussy. You’re making Daddy’s cock real hard.”

Golden showers phone sex

He shoved his pissy cock right in my face, grabbing my hair.  I opened my mouth to yell and he shoved it down my throat. All I could do was suck it and try not to choke. He didn’t take long to blow a load all over his daughter’s face.

From my first taste of piss and cum that day, I was addicted.  Being Daddy’s pissing slut led to other things as he introduced me to the joys of butt fucking and being human toilet tissue. Come listen to my tales or re-enact the games that Dad and I loved to play.

 Bondage and submission.



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