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Submissive Slut Tries to Please Every Man

submissive slutWhen you are a submissive slut, it is hard to say no, even to men on the phone. I have a Master. I am owned, but he knows I supplement my salary with phone sex. He agreed that I could keep on doing this since I am on a submissive site. I have this one caller who is very different from most of my callers. He wants me to cum many times a day. No Master ever cares about my orgasms. Most forbid me to even touch myself. Yet, here is this caller encouraging me to do things I am forbidden to do from my owner. My caller wants me to walk around naked in front of my son and daughter, even masturbate in front of them. My Master would kill me if he ever found out I did anything with my son and daughter. He doesn’t have to worry, however, because my son and daughter hate me. My son hates me because he blames me for everything that has gone wrong in his life. My daughter hates me because she thinks women should run the world and never be submissive to men. I have been trying to do what my caller wants, but I am being constantly laughed at and shamed by my offspring who think I am a stupid whore. My phone caller is far nicer than my Master or my own offspring. I will keep trying to do what he wants because I love touching my pussy and I am a good submissive whore, but I don’t think my son or daughter are ever going to appreciate that they have a slut living with them. I like being an exhibitionist. I love being submissive. I love pleasing, but I have discovered I can’t please everyone all the time.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Make the Best Subs

milf phone sex

MILF phone sex sluts make the best submissives. That is what all my masters have told me in the past. Young girls think the world is theirs for the taking. They think they are princesses. Now, the submissive ones usually are just playing a role because they are looking to snag a Christian Gray or they want money and gifts in exchange for being whipped or bound. I know I am not worthy of being pampered or spoiled. I am here to serve men. That means rough fucking, hardcore anal, BDSM games, bukkake parties, gang bangs and even water sports. Coeds complain more. They have rules and limits. They do not understand what being a lifestyle submissive whore means or entails. I live to please my masters. I may not be enthusiastic about what he is doing to me, but I don’t complain. I don’t interject. I don’t negotiate something different, something less degrading. I just take it and do my best not to cry. Old bitches like me may have more miles on us, but we have less fight in us. That is because we know our place. On our knees in front of our masers asking how we can serve you today, sir.

Submissive Whore Bernice

submissive whoreI am such a submissive whore I even do what my callers tell me to do. I was out of town recently for my other job as a paralegal. My boss is my Master, but we had separate hotel rooms because he is married. I decided to take some calls while I was in my room alone. One of my callers had called me once before. He wanted me to masturbate and expose my body. Most men in my life and on the phone don’t want me to cum because my pleasure doesn’t matter. I was excited to be able to cum and think about being a dirty whore. My caller was raised by a kinky mommy.  He grew up in a loving incest family. It sounded lovely. My father hated me. Force fucked me daily and kept me a prisoner. My mother abandoned me and my son and daughter hate me. I walked around my hotel room, exposing my naked voluptuous body out the window while playing with my cunt and hearing about his dirty family.  He is the kind of master I would love to have. One that lets me cum. One who enjoys non-violent submissive sex. I made a promise to travel home on the plane braless and walk around naked playing with my pussy in front of my son and daughter.  I think my offspring are going to want to abuse me more, but I will do as I am told.

Slave Training Gang Bang

slave trainingMaster said I needed slave training. I questioned one thing in a sea of things and he snapped. He smacked my face and tied me to my office chair. I was scared. When he gets in these moods, I never know what could happened to me. A blow bang for starters. While I was tied to my chair, he invited like 50 friends to the office to skull fuck me. Those men showed me no mercy or compassion. Old dicks, young dicks, crooked dicks, dirty dicks, black dicks and small dicks all nutted in my mouth. I could taste so much variety in the cum. I mean my mouth was a crime scene with all that DNA I had to swallow. I was struggling hard not to puke. If I puke up cum I am always punished. I couldn’t help it. Some one had some nasty tasting spunk. I started gagging and when that happened, I knew I would puke. I tried to swallow anything coming up but I failed miserably. I puked up a huge load of cum. Before Master even pushed my head in it, I apologized and started licking up the puke cum chunks. It was nasty as fuck, but I am a submissive whore. I try to do my best even when I fail miserably. 

I Love Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

I love spanking phone sex. It is hard to spank myself, at least as hard as you would spank my bare ass. I try though because many men love to hear me yelp. I have a big round ass perfect for spanking. My master loves spanking me so much, he ordered a special bench and a spanking machine. This way if he is tied up on a client call or in a meeting, I can still get spanked at work. I was not prepared to try out the machine today but master was pissed about some small infraction. I had no clue what it was but I acted like I did to appease him. I bent over my desk and the machine paddled my bare ass fast and hard for 45 minutes. That was the length of master’s call. When the machine stopped, my ass was bleeding. I was extremely raw and could barely walk. I couldn’t imagine sitting. Whatever I did, I know I didn’t deserve the bare bottom spankings I received from a machine. My ass is blistered, raw and swollen. I am sure it will remain this way for weeks.

Office Bondage Whore

bondage whoreEveryone knows I am a bondage whore. Even the janitor at my office knows. I was in the office late last night working on some legal documents for my boss. He has a big case and I knew if I didn’t get everything ready for him before this morning there would be hell to pay. That is why I was still in the office when the janitor came in to clean. At first, he said hello and ignored me. That was fine by me because I had a lot of work to do. When I was not looking, he came up behind me and tied me to my office chair. He ripped open my blouse and started jacking his old dick on my tits. He was spewing nonsense about me giving it to everyone but him. I tried to explain that I am a submissive whore and have no choice in the matter, but he just wanted to nut. He could have just asked me. I wouldn’t have said no. I think he got off on forcing me. Most men do even though I am a willing victim. He smacked my face and forced his cock in my mouth so hard, I thought he might push some teeth out. He came on my face and left. Left me tied up for my boss to find this morning. Master was not happy. Not because I had been violated by another man, but because I didn’t get all my work done.

Submissive Phone Sex with Grumpy Old Men

submissive phone sex

A submissive phone sex whore does as she is told when she is told. I was summoned on my day off to the office. I knew it wouldn’t be to type a legal brief. If he was calling me to the office on my day off, it was because he had clients to entertain. I was right. I arrived and he had four high-end clients with him. He promised them a good time, and I was the good time. I was not in the mood for a gangbang, but what I want is never taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter what I want ever. Master made me strip and suck cock. I did as I was told. I am an obedient submissive whore. They were enjoying my mouth on their old dicks. These weren’t young studs. This group of men was like the cast of Grumpy Old Men. They all popped Viagra before I arrived, so they could punish my holes with their old gray-haired dicks. They took turns fucking me on master’s old oak desk. These guys had harder dicks than they did 30 years ago thanks to a little blue pill and my expert skills. I knew if I didn’t drain their old balls, master would punish me. His punishments never fit the crime. I acted like a porn star and made those dirty old men feel special. Their dicks smelled old and their spunk tasted nasty, but I did what I was told. I made those old men feel special and young again.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. I enjoy being tied up. My old master loved bondage games. My current master, however, is more hardcore. Bondage is not what he enjoys most unless it leads to hardcore fucking which it did last night. He tied me up on my bed.  I thought he would just leave me vulnerable and no way to get lose. He did tie me up and leave me, but he came back with reinforcements. He came back an hour later with about 10 men. Men I had never seen before. At first, they just circled around me like vultures waiting for me to die. I was scared and that is what my master wanted. He gets off on my fear. His friends liked smelling my fear too. I had no idea what they were going to do to me. I had no idea who they were either. I know most of master’s friends and colleagues, but these guys looked like men he picked up off the street. They were a rag tag bunch that master paid to fuck me. I was tied up, vulnerable and free game to their sexual depravities. The men pissed on me. They gang banged all my fuck holes. Fisted me. Fucked me some more. Laughed at the dirty bitch tied up. I asked Master why I was being punished. He just looked at me and said, “You aren’t being punished whore. I am being rewarded.” I was being used as submissive whore for his amusement and pleasure.

Bondage and Submission No Matter What

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I am good at doing. Tie me up and make me obey you. I admit that I can be unruly at times. I was not feeling well this weekend. I caught a bug or something, and master wanted to play. I told him I was sick; and I politely said I was sorry then goodbye. I crawled back into bed I should have known that it wouldn’t be that simple. Nothing ever is for a slave. I was fast asleep in some sort of sickness coma when I was yanked from my bed. Master was in my house and he was not happy. He tossed me on the floor and kicked me a few times before he pissed on my face to wake me up. I was alert then. He pulled me up by my hair and shoved me down on his cock. He said his needs come before anything else. Period. No excuses ever. He said he didn’t care if I had Ebola, if he wanted his cock sucked, I was sucking his cock. I ended up puking on his dick. I tried to tell him that I warned him I was sick, but he wanted no excuses, just results. He just wanted his cock sucked. And now, he wanted the mess cleaned up too. As if I was not sick enough already. I licked the puke up and struggled not to vomit again. I sucked his cock with a high temperature feeling like death warmed over. But according to my master, that is what a submissive whore does.

Milf Phone Sex Slave

milf phone sexMilf phone sex women are submissives too. Personally, I think mature women make the best submissives. I am lifestyle. This is not a fad for me. My father raised me to be a submissive from a young age. I was his whore. Now I am your whore. I am my master’s whore too. Often, he shares me with friends and colleagues. Sometimes, he shares me with women. I hate that because women are often the worst. Seriously, they can be the cruelest and most brutal on you because of jealousy. This woman has hated me for awhile now. She is the sub of my Master’s business partner. She thinks I am a spoiled bitch but she has no idea of my relationship. I am a submissive whore not a princess. She tied me up and fucked my ass for hours with the biggest blackest dildo I had ever seen.That was just for starters. She fisted me. Raw too. She had man hands. Big wide hands with lots of rings and no lube stretched my ass so much it felt like I may never shit right again. Master and his friend watched one submissive dominant the other with pleasure. Cocks were out while I got abused and degraded. Just a day in the life of a submissive milf.


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