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Bondage Phone Sex is What I Love, But I Never Get What I Love

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is what I love most, but rarely get. I think when guys view you as a whore and a lowly bitch, they don’t want to reward you with what you like. They want to punish you with what you don’t enjoy. What don’t I enjoy? Too many things, but especially bathroom play. I find it gross, but guess what? I don’t have a say in the matter. Master was particularly mean to me yesterday at work. He had a long weekend that didn’t go as planned, so I was how he worked out his anger and disappointment. He has been my master half of my life; he knows me better than anyone.  He knows how to really humiliate me. He walked into the office hissing at me to get on my knees. His exact words were, “On your knees worthless whore.” I unzipped his pants, prepared for some rough morning head and a cum shot to my face. Instead, he pissed down my throat and pinched my nose so I was forced to swallow it too. He turned around after I swallowed his piss and farted in my face. “Lick my asshole, submissive whore,” he barked. I tried to think of champagne and caviar, but all I was tasting was piss and shit. The entire day, master used me as his toilet slave. At one point, he made me eat his shit, then mocked me the rest of the day for having foul breath. He is normally not so extremely humiliating to me, but he had a bad weekend and a major client backed out of a contract. Who better to humiliate and use than your submissive office whore. That is why every powerful man needs a submissive slut secretary. We are here to help men have better days.

Submissive Sex with My Son

submissive sexSubmissive sex is the only sex I have as a whore. I am the bottom, always. My son was in a foul mood this weekend. He shows signs of his daddy more and more everyday. But this weekend, the mean son of a bitch came out. I found out he has been selling weed for money. I confronted him. My Master and my boss, the reason we have a roof over our heads, is a lawyer. If my son got busted, I would lose my job. Master would cut ties with me, cut me off financially. I laid into him about what he was jeopardizing.  He smacked me. Made it clear he didn’t give a rat’s ass about me. He is 18. He doesn’t need me or our house. I tried to reason with him some more and he punched me in the face so hard, I passed out. I woke up naked, chained to the bed with my son force fucking my ass. He had his hands around my throat choking me too. I was clearly his bitch. My son let me know he didn’t care what I did at work, but when I was home, under his roof, I would answer to him only. He sounded just like his father 20 years ago. My son doesn’t really know his dad, but with every hard thrust in my ass, he made it clear that he was his father’s son. He fucked me for a few hours. I’d pass out from his hands choking me, then wake back up being fucked like a rag doll. He came finally, but left me there chained to the bed, bloody, bruised and battered. Covered in cum too. I guess I have two masters now. Maybe I need a third master. Think you are up for the job?

Bondage Whore Gets Passed Up for He Teen Daughter

bondage whoreI’m such a bondage whore.  I hooked up with a guy this weekend I met at a bondage club. My ex husband had my daughter for the weekend, so I thought we had the place to ourselves. We did, until she came home unexpectedly. I tried to cut my weekend short with my special friend, but he tied me up in front of her so he could enjoy her teen pussy without interference from mommy dearest. I tried to get him to stop, but I was bound and gagged. He said, “Why would I waste my time on an old bitch, when I can have a tight young thing?” I knew he was right. I should have been upset for my daughter; for what he was going to do to her. I was upset for me. I wanted to play with him. I had a weekend planned around bondage and submission games, but once my hot teen slut daughter came home, it was all about her. I tried to convince him that he would have more fun with me because I was a willing submissive.  “I like them not willing” he smirked. I was forced to watch him tie up my daughter and force fuck her tiny holes.  She cried out for me to help her, but I couldn’t.  I watched as he tied her then put a spreader bar between her legs to keep them open. He fucked her bald cunt and her virgin ass. I know I should have been concerned her, but I was too green with envy. I should have been the one getting abused. He knew I was jealous too. After he was done coming in her holes, he pissed on me saying, “I didn’t forget about the old bitch.” He left me tied up. I asked my daughter to untie me, but she spit in my face and left me tied up for the weekend. It wasn’t until my son came home from his camping trip that I got released.

Caught Having BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM phone sexI got caught having BDSM phone sex at work. My boss, who has also been my Master for over 20 years, was out of town for a meeting. He was not due back until Friday. I forwarded my dirty talk lines to my work phone since I was the only one in the office. I work less and less hours as a paralegal these days, so I supplement with being a phone sex whore too. Master knows I do this, but I am not supposed to do it at work. The way he views it, I am on his dime. If he wants me to just sit there for 8 hours, I must just sit there for 8 hours. When Master walked in, I was just finishing a call. My panties were around my ankles, I had my ball gag in my mouth and my ass was bouncing up and down a suction cup dildo. I was torturing my ass for my phone master. Master was not happy. He let me finish the call, but I could see the rage in his eyes. He ripped the suction cup dildo off the wall and shoved it in my mouth forcing me to taste my own shit. I grimaced, which I am not permitted to do. I got slapped hard. He dragged me by my curly red locks to the “the room.” It is a supply closet, but the only supplies kept there are BDSM ones for when I am a bad girl. It is a punishment room. Master locked me up on the stockade. I was naked. He flogged my ass, whipped my pussy and put weighted clamps on both my nipples and my clit. He left me there overnight in the dark, alone, to ponder my mistake. When he released me this morning, I was stiff from standing all night and covered in piss. He ordered me to clean up and reminded me what happens to bad office whores.

Bare Bottom Spankings at Work

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. I am not permitted to wear underwear at the office. I must wear garters that frame y bare ass and skirts. Anytime my Master wants to spank or caress my ass, he has easy access.  Yesterday, he gave my ass to a colleague. I have no say in who abuses me. I am property and property can be lent or given freely in this country. Even sold. Master is a lawyer, he knows these things. This colleague of his has a spanking fetish. He loves women’s asses, so for his lunch break, my ass belonged to him. I was over his knee for a good solid hour while he put his bare hand firmly on my round ass. If I yelped or made a sound, I got the cattle prod to my clit. When a 6’5 man spanks your bare ass, it is extremely difficult not to yelp. I received more than a few shocks to my clit. I even pissed myself a few times. Technically, I pissed the man’s leg, which he was not happy about. He fucked my ass, then rammed the cattle prod up my ass making me shit myself too. He grabbed me by my hair, pushed my face in my shit and made me clean up my own mess. I ate my own shit for lunch. Such is the life of a submissive whore.

Submissive Sex is All I Know

submissive sexSubmissive sex is the only sex for me. I don’t know how to take charge in the bedroom or anywhere else. I am a submissive woman. In fact, most of the time I am denied an orgasm. My master was in a cruel teasing mode this weekend. His wife was visiting his sister, so he spent the weekend at my place. I was tied up to my bed. He had complete control of my clit. He would get me close to cumming, then stop. When he was not teasing me seconds before an orgasm, he was shoving his dick down my throat. He took a bunch of Viagra. His cock has not been that hard since he was 18. His balls were an endless supply of cum. After he would pump a load of jizz down my mouth, he would go back to my clit. He came non stop, but for me it was nothing but tease and denial. When he untied my hands so I could pee, he followed me in to the bathroom to make sure I didn’t touch myself without permission. When he fell asleep, I thought I could rub one out since he untied me to sleep. I needed to cum so badly. I moaned too loudly, which woke him up. Master was not happy with me. I had not been granted permission to touch myself or to cum. He smacked my face, tied me back up and used a cattle prod on my clit. The electrical current shot though me like a bolt of lightning. So much pain. I didn’t dare try to touch myself again the rest of the weekend. He threatened to burn my clit next. If you had me captive all weekend, would you ever let me cum? Or, would it be torture and denial all weekend long for this submissive slut?

Submissive Slut at the Office and at Home

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut at work and at home. At work, I am submissive for my Master, my boss. He likes me to wear professional, yet sexy clothes. We don’t get many visitors at the office, but when we do, he wants them knowing I am a whore, if they are the sort of person to enjoy a whore. My clothes from above the waist look professional if you see me at a desk. When Master wants me to entertain his clients, I always know because he has me get up from my desk to do a task, revealing my slutty appearance from the waist down. Master asked me to get his client a cup of coffee, so I knew that meant please him in any way he desires. Master successfully landed a big client yesterday thanks to my slutty school girl outfit and my sexy under garments. I took the client to the back room and let him know that we would do anything for his business. I had to suck his cock for hours, take it up the ass, receive some nipple torture and a few bare bottom spankings, not to mention a jet blast of cum to the face, but I secured the deal with my body. I am a good submissive. I do what I need to do for my Master. At home, when I am working the phones, I wear slutty clothes so you know I am your whore. At my day job or my phone job, I am always willing to do whatever the man wants.

Spanking Phone Sex: I Need Punished

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex anyone? I need some strong, swift discipline. I have been a very bad woman. I have done a few things that my master doesn’t know about. I can go to BDSM and spanking clubs if he grants me prior permission, however, he denied me permission to this new underground club I wanted to visit over the weekend. He said I had not been a good office slave for him that week, therefore anything fun I wanted to do, I was denied.  He doesn’t live with me. He lives with his wife, who thinks I am just his paralegal. For 25 years, she has never suspected that I am his slave or his mistress. There was no way for him to know I snuck out without permission. The club was wicked fun. I got spanked by hot strangers. I got tied up by a few too. I met several men who wanted to hook up outside of the club, so there would be no rules. I should have known I would get spotted leaving by someone I knew. A lawyer that sometimes works on cases with my Master was there. I played it off that my “boss” had no idea about my lifestyle. I agreed to keep his secret if he agreed to keep mine. Monday morning, Master was not happy. The lawyer I ran into, knew about my arrangement with my boss. He knew I was being a disobedient submissive slut. Master tied me naked to my desk. The other lawyer was there. Master whipped me 100 times for being a bad whore. He granted his colleague access to my holes. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years, Bernie,” he seethed to me as he rammed his cock up my ass. I was tied up and bound by rope while another lawyer fucked me like a dirty whore. My Master’s dick may not work well, but he sure as fuck can still punish me.

Cock Worshiping Work Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping is what I do daily for my Master. A good submissive takes care of cock. She is a cock pleaser not a cock teaser. When I arrived at work yesterday, Master had something waiting for me. Actually, someones waiting for me. Master informed me that we had out of town guests and I needed to show them some old fashioned hospitality. I am a submissive. I knew what he expected. I didn’t want to suck all those other lawyers’ cocks, but if I disobeyed an order either implicit or explicit, I would be whipped like an Old South slave. I got on my knees for a blow bang. Master feels that when lawyers have their balls drained, they focus better and they are sharper. Ball draining makes for legal eagles is his motto. It is not my place to question my master. I am only to suck dick, swallow cum and get fucked. I’m nothing more than a secretary slave. I was a gang bang secretary yesterday morning. I swallowed a lot of cum. Good thing I had not eaten breakfast or I may have exploded like a stuffed goldfish. Can’t remember the last time I swallowed that much cum. I was wearing it too. It didn’t stop with morning head. I had a nooner gang bang and an after work hardcore ass fucking. A Milf whore’s work is never done.

milf phone sex

Submissive Whore and Daughter

submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. My daughter was not a natural born submissive like me. She is receiving some submissive training from one of my masters. He has taken her from cock teaser to cock pleaser in mere months. Guess what? She is knocked up now too. She has been told that if she has a boy, he will be raised to dominate her and me. However, if she has a daughter, she will be a cock pleasing slut like us. She will be raised to be submissive like her mommy and granny. I like the ideas of having a cock pleasing submissive slut from the beginning. I know I screwed up with my daughter. I am the reason she was a cock teasing slut. I never raised her submissive like I was raised. I raised her on my own, which is challenging when a submissive mommy. My regular master never wanted anything to do with jail bait pussy. Luckily my other master has no problem training a teen girl to take cock and love it. It was rough on my daughter initially. She was not used to being a slut. She was accustomed to being a little spoiled bitch. Now that she is pregnant, she must abide by a whole new set of rules. She must work to save money for the baby. She is working in a strip club where anything goes. Men can grab her milk filled tits, fuck her in the VIP room, do what ever they want as long as they don’t physically harm her or the baby. I just know its going to be a good little slut. She will watch her mommy and granny get treated like cock sucking sluts and fuck toys. She will learn to keep the house clean and cook like women should. She will learn that clothes are never worn in the house as females and a slew of other slave training necessities. My daughter will be a better mother than I was for raising a submissive girl.

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