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submissive sexSubmissive sex whore for hire? Well, I was last night. I found myself in a money crunch. My son got arrested and his bail was more than I had in the bank. He makes many bad decisions and I always have to pay for them. This time, I literally had to pay for his stupidity. I couldn’t ask my boss for the money because working it off with interest would be awful. Since sex sells, I placed an ad on an escort site and highlighted the fact that I was submissive. I know I am older than most escorts, but I was not charging what a young GFE would. I am an old submissive whore and I was a blue light special with no limits, so I got lots of hits. It came down to money. The one who wanted me the longest, got me because that was more money to use to bail out my son. That man made me work for his money too. He was just a woman hater. He had a lot of pent up anger inside of him and he took it out on my body. Not that I had a choice. I sucked it up and said “Yes, Sir” and “Thank you Sir,” as he degraded me and used me. I was punched, slapped, bound, gagged, fucked and sodomized for 6 hours. I had to drink his piss too. I even oinked like a pig while he fucked my ass with a cucumber when his dick would no longer work. I sucked it up like a good subby pig and left with the cash I needed to bail my son out of jail. And how does he repay me? He invites some of his friends over to celebrate getting out of jail with a mommy gangbang. My son is an ungrateful brat.

Submissive Sex Office Whore

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I am good for, nothing else. That is what he kept telling me. There was no way I would have disagreed. He had me tied up and he was whipping me, with special attention paid to my tits and pussy. He was in a mood. Not sure what happened, but I didn’t want to make it worse. He was whipping the flesh off my tits; at least that is what it felt like. At one point, he thought I was enjoying it. I am a pain slut, but not that huge of one. He started whipping me harder. I cried. That was his goal. He wanted to feel my pain. He wanted to break me. He wanted to leave a mark. He did all that and more. I had to work the rest of the day naked. My tits were swollen, pink and raw. Blood was running down my entire body. I tried to sit at my desk like a good slave answering the phone and typing up briefs, but I was in pain and bleeding. I am a good submissive whore. I sucked it up and made sure I didn’t get blood on anything he had me type.

Bondage Whore Has a Cunt Daughter

bondage whoreAs a bondage whore, I was tied up all weekend. Not by my boss nor by a dominant lover either. My cunt daughter tied me up. Well, it was her friends who tied me up. My daughter just turned 18 and she thinks her shit don’t stink. She has never respected what I do as a submissive. She thinks men should worship her, not the other way around. She was mad with me Friday that I would not give her my credit card to go shopping. She wanted to waste money on expensive clothes, shoes and purses. She has a closet full of nice clothes, just not fancy designer clothes like she wants. She had some of her minion boys come over. They tackled me, tied me up and took my wallet. I thought they had rape fantasies, but they were just doing my bitch daughter’s bidding. Once she had my wallet, she told the boys to do what they wanted to do to me. Once she left to go shopping, her male slaves had their fun. The way they saw it, I was free pussy and ass. They fucked all my holes many times, leaving me tied up smelling like a brothel. I was coated in cum when my daughter came home. She needs slave training, maybe you can help me. She maxed out my credit cards and left me tied up on the floor all weekend lying in my own urine and covered in cum. How did a submissive mommy raise such a little disobedient bitch?

Bondage and Submission

bondage and submissionBondage and submission is what I am good for according to most men I meet. It is what I was born to do. I got in some trouble with my boss this week. I was late for work. He wants me at work an hour early to suck his cock. Traffic was a bitch that day, so I was late. I am maybe late once a month. My punishment was to be tied up like a side of beef. I had to worship his cock with my hands tied behind my back. That is tougher to do than you would think. My boss has a thick cock. He is long too which makes if difficult to get it in my mouth with no hands to steady myself. He skull fucked me. It was so hard, I gagged, which made me puke. I rarely puke, but my boss doesn’t like messes. He whipped me with his belt. He told me I needed slave training to learn how to better suck dick. I needed my hands free, but he took that response as sass and smacked me. He left me tied up covered in my puke all day. I will be learning how to deep throat better to prevent being left in my own puke all day again.

Submissive Whore Torture Show

submissive whoreHe wanted a submissive whore show. I knew what that meant. He wanted me to hurt myself, stretch my holes. I wanted to please him because if I didn’t please him, the punishment would be far worse than anything I could do to myself. I gathered my toys needed for such abuse. I started slow. If I hurt myself too much from the get go, I wouldn’t be able to last as long as I knew he wanted me to perform. I fucked my ass and cunt with a big, fat dildo. The kind of dildo that ruins fuck holes. I have had a lot of cock and fists up my fuck holes, so trust me when I say the dildo was double wide. When I fucked my ass, I knew the dildo would be covered in shit and blood. I licked it clean for his amusement. I stifled the urge to vomit from tasting my own shit and blood. His cock was hard, and he was moaning. That was a good sign that he was enjoying the show. Once my holes were gaped open, I started cutting my flesh with a razor blade. As blood tricked down my porcelain skin, I lit a fat stogie and burned my nipples and clit like a born submissive slut. The pain was awful, but I kept up a brave front for Master. He seemed please because before I could pierce my nipples with a long hat pin, he came all over my bloodied wounds. I will do anything to please you too.

Spanking Chat for Valentine’s Day

spanking chatSpanking chat is not what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. But I don’t get romance. I am a submissive bitch, not a girlfriend. Men tell me that all the time. I am used to hearing it, but it doesn’t change the fact that once in awhile I would like a box of chocolates or flowers, instead of spankings. My boss made me wear a school girl outfit to work today. I look ridiculous in a plaid skirt and high heels. I am in my 40s, not my teens. My boss likes the visual, however. When he arrived at work, he ordered me across his lap. I pretended each whack on my ass was an “I love you.” I got 500 I love yous. My ass was red like a bouquet of roses. I could barely sit the rest of the work day. That was okay, he had me on my knees for some cock worshiping for the rest of the day anyway. He told me the only candy a whore like me gets is the liquid kind. I drained his balls for hours. It felt like I drained a gallon of his jizz. He must have been holding it in for a few days. It was not a romantic Valentine’s Day, but then I am not girlfriend material. I am just a whore.

Dirty Milf Phone Sex

milf phone sexI think when you are a milf phone sex submissive, you develop some kinky fetishes; fetishes that you didn’t know even existed when you were younger. My master has a thing for high heels. He makes me wear ridiculously high heels at works because he believes sluts belong in heels. Yesterday at work, he made me take the shoes off and fuck myself with them. These were 6-inch stiletto heels. Stripper shoes are what I wear to work. I had no desire to fuck my cunt with a stripper shoe, but if I didn’t do it, I would be beaten or worse. Did I mention he made me walk outside in them getting everything from dirt to dog shit on the shoes? He made me begin by sucking the dirty heel clean first. I could taste dog shit, it was so humiliating. My boss had his cock out and was jacking off watching me suck the gross shit off my shoes. I was about to start fucking myself with the shoe like he enjoys, but he made me go back outside and walk around to dirty them up again before I fucked my cunt with them. Some days, I hate being a submissive whore. I came back inside, took the dirty heels and put one in my ass and one in my cunt. I was double penetrating my own fuck holes with dirty heels and my boss was loving it. He told me he hoped I got nasty infections in my whore holes. He was in some sort of bad mood and taking it out on me. I have always enjoyed sexy shoes, but I think yesterday, my boss ruined me for high heels. I went home and took a bath, trying to clean my dirty, shitty holes. Today, the day after, I am sore as fuck and dreading work on Monday.

I Don’t Always Like Being a Submissive Slut

submissive slutI would love to tell you I love being a submissive slut, but I think you might call bullshit. No one loves being pissed on, degraded, force fucked and extremely humiliated. I do it because I was born to serve. It is a calling. Some submissive moments I enjoy more than others. Yesterday, was one I didn’t enjoy. My boss got pissed at me because I was late and he wanted me to suck his dick before he started an important conference call. Normally, I am early. There was a car accident that delayed me. He didn’t want to hear my excuses. He came in a coffee container and saved it for me. There was more in that container than cum. He had pissed in it too. He made me drink it down, chug it actually. I was not permitted to drink water or coffee all day, just his piss cum connection. It was nasty and humiliating. I was being punished for something beyond my control. I didn’t like swallowing his cum piss, but as a submissive whore, I have to do things I don’t like. Life is not about me. It is about the men in my life. Like my boss, like my daddy, I will serve you too.

Slave Training Young Girls for Master

slave trainingSlave training little girls is what I am doing for Master. He has a special client who is hosting a party for only the wealthiest lawyers in the state. These are men who can afford to pay for anything, even tender age pussy. Master got a sweet deal on a few sex trafficked girls. The only problem was that they were hooked on smack and not looking as pretty as they once did. I told him I could clean them up for him. He told me if I didn’t want to be sold into slavery where old whores like me won’t last long, I better make them look good and train them in cock worshiping and other things dirty old men like. These girls knew the basics. They have been whores for a while. I only had a week to transform them into good sex slaves for Master and his friends. I got them off smack first. A couple days of playing nurse maid to those little whores made me sorry I took on the job. I trained them in cock sucking with cucumbers before I graduated to my big strap-on. I showed them how to take large objects up their assholes too. I know what master’s friends like. They are a kinky bunch.  I assured these girls they would be treated better than they had been in the past. At least I had hoped so because I didn’t want to deliver them to their death. Such cute little girls. Master would be pissed if he knew I had bonded with the sluts, but they were submissive whores just like me. I cleaned them up well, even trained them to Master’s likings and fetishes. I think Mater will be very pleased with me when this weekend party happens. If not, I will go on the slave auction block myself.

Bare Bottom Spankings Make My Cunt Wet

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings feel wonderful on my ample ass. I love being spanked. I am a naughty girl and I love being punished. Friday, I knew my boss was in a mood. It doesn’t take long to prompt him to give me what I want. He gets pissed off easily. I made a typo in a legal brief, and the next thing I knew, I was over his lap with my panties off getting spanked.  My pussy was getting wet. He could feel me dripping on his leg. My pussy was so wet that I saturated his pants with my cunt juice. He knew I liked it too much. That pissed him off. He was on to me. He knew I tricked him, and he was not going to be happy. In fact, he was so pissed off he flogged my ass. He rammed the end of the flogger up my ass too. I was still wet. The angrier he got, the harder he punished me and the wetter I became. He should have known better. His office secretary is a pain and submissive whore.

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