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Submissive Sex is All I Know

submissive sexSubmissive sex is all I know. I can’t think back to a time where a man made love to me. I have never had a romantic date. Men don’t send me flowers.  My ex-husband never treated me like a princess. Not once. Our courtship involved me on my knees sucking his cock and drinking his piss. Our brief marriage was all about rough anal and BDSM games. Romance was a ball gag and a ponytail up my ass. I want romance, real romance, yet I know I don’t deserve it either. Every major man that has been in my life sees me as nothing more than a submissive slut slave. The miscellaneous men in between do too. I attract dominant men. I even attract sadistic ones. Over the weekend, I met Lyle at a bookstore. It was an innocuous meeting.  I didn’t say anything about my submissive life. We had a date. A real date with dinner and movie. When he got back to my place, things changed. He smacked my face and ordered me on my knees. “You don’t think I would take a sow out and not expect something in return, do you?” Another man to see through me and know I was worthless.  He skull fucked me until I puked up dinner on his cock. He pushed my face in my vomit and made me lick it up. He got off on extreme humiliation. Perhaps I did too. My cunt was wet. I told myself it was from sucking his cock, but if I was honest with myself, it was the degradation and rough treatment. My ass was up next for rough sex. I got a hardcore anal fuck with no lube. My ass is still prolapsed. I should have known better than to think a handsome man would want to take me out. I am used goods. I am a submissive whore.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreBondage whore Bernice is my handle on several fetish sites. I want men to know I am submissive and I love to be tied up. One of my callers asked me recently why I like bondage. When I was a young school girl, my dominant bastard of a father would tie me up so I wouldn’t leave the house. After my mother ran off with another man, he was determined to make sure I didn’t follow her. He worked on the weekends sometimes. I know he was afraid if I was home alone I would run away from home. He never realized that I was not my mother. I was a natural submissive, she was not. She didn’t like daddy’s BDSM ways, so she left him and me. I became daddy’s submissive slut. He didn’t have to tie me up. I had no where to go. Long story short, I enjoy being tied up because it makes me feel vulnerable. When I am hog tied, you can do anything to me. I have been in some pickles too. I have been left for days tied up, forced to piss and shit myself and endure the humiliation of being discovered that way. I have been pissed on by men who got a chuckle knowing I wasn’t going anywhere. I have been force fucked by strangers who took advantage of the fact that I was bound and gagged.  I like being vulnerable and helpless. I am at your mercy when I am tied up. Piss on me. Spank me. Fuck me. Shit on me. Torture me. Pimp me out to your friends. Cum on me. Do nothing but watch me humiliate myself leaving me tied up for days. I have lots of extreme bondage stories to share with my callers. Maybe, we can even make some new ones.

Submissive Slut Rape Fantasies

submissive slut

I love being a submissive slut. Sometimes I am a subby little bitch to young boys. My daughter is in high school. She is not submissive like me; at least not yet. I have tried, but she is a stuck up bitch who thinks her shit don’t stink because she is a hot teen slut. She had a school friend over this weekend. Not a boyfriend. She thinks she is too good for high school boys. They were working on a school project. She had to run to Office Depot for some supplies they needed. He had offered to go, but she wanted a latte from Starbucks. I was alone with a teen boy. I tried to seduce him. He laughed at me and called me an old bitch. I was shocked and aroused at the same time. I mean, he was more than half my age and he put me in my place; shut me down quickly. As I went into the kitchen, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the living room. He smacked my face, ripped my clothes off and force fucked me. A high school boy was exploring his rape phone sex fantasies, but this was not phone sex and no fantasy. As he rammed his young cock inside me, he kept complaining about my worn out cunt. He flipped me ove, so he could fuck my ass. No lube, no warning. Dry fucking my ass hurt. I was in pain, but my pussy was wet. I was aroused that he was doing what I wish my son would do to me daily. He came quickly because my daughter was on her way back home. He nutted his teen cream in my ass minutes before she pulled back up into the driveway. She was clueless of what happened. She never would have believed it anyway.

Bondage Whore and Torture Pig

bondage whore

I am such a bondage whore. I hooked up with a guy on Tinder. I knew my Master would consider it cheating. If he finds out about my encounter, he will punish me severely. He is old and no longer plays bondage games with me like he did 20 years ago. I like sensual bondage. I crave being tied up and feeling vulnerable. I thought this guy was into the same things I was into. At least that is what he told me. Everything was going according to plan initially. He had rope and silk scarves to tie me up with; he even had a few leather ties too. Once I was hogtied, however, he changed. He had me vulnerable and restrained. That is when his sadistic side came out. I guess this was karma for cheating on my Master. He had a cattle prod he used on my tits. Electric shocks pulsated through my body. No safe word was working. He wasn’t into bondage, but torture. He hated women. He kept hurling insults as he shocked my body, laughed and pissed on me. I could smell the body hair burnt from the prod. I begged to be released. He just laughed some more and said, “I’m not done with you yet whore.”  Suddenly, there was a room filled with other men. They started spitting on me, kicking me and pissing on me too. The more I cried, the harder they laughed. I have no idea how long my humiliation lasted, but I smelled like an outhouse by the time they were done. I love bondage and submission games, but this was neither bondage or a game. It was torture and humiliation. When him and his friends were done with me, he let me go. All he said was, “A stupid whore should never hook up with a random stranger unless she has a death wish.” He told me I got off lucky. Perhaps I did.

Submissive Whore and Mother

submissive whoreA submissive whore struggles to say no to anyone, even her son. My master has never been into incest. He would be very disappointed to learn what my son does to me when I am at home. When my boy was younger, he was so sweet and loving towards me. Then he turned 18 and became Damien, the son of Satan. He blames me for everything that is wrong in his life. He has little to complain about. Thanks to my submissive relationship with my boss, he has a college education fund, a nice house to live in and health insurance. Many boys his age have none of those things. He blames me for not having a father and he hates me for being a whore. When he gets into these piss poor moods, I fear him. He was in one Friday night. I was making dinner for his younger sister and me when he came home yelling. He slapped me when I asked how his day went. In front of his sister, he pulled me into my bedroom by my hair. He tossed me on the bed and used my pantyhose to tie me up. I am a bondage whore, but a sensual one. There is nothing sensual about my son. He is rough. I honestly think he hates me. My daughter is not my biggest fan either. She thinks women should be in control because we have the power of the pussy. She looks down on me, but even she tried to reason with her brother. He locked her out of the room. She banged on the door trying to save me from his wrath like this was some sort of domestic violence incident. My son sodomized my ass and force fucked my pussy. When he came inside of me, he told me he hoped he knocked me up, so he can raise a little whore right. He left me tied up all weekend and used me as his cum dumpster. My master can never know. Please don’t tell him.

Submissive Slut for BDSM Fun

submissive slutThis submissive slut loves BDSM games. When my Master was younger, we spent much time in the office slave cave. It is once in a blue moon that we go in there now, but I think about all the fun we have had in there over the years. It is filled with restraints and BDSM equipment. My pussy gets wet thinking of the hours he could fuck me after flogging my ass as foreplay. He surprised me yesterday with a visit to the slave cave. He took 3 Viagra and had a cock like he did 20 years ago. Master has a huge dick when it is fully erect. The problem lately has been getting it fully erect. No amount of cock sucking or flogging me gets it hard quickly without medicinal help. He had a glimmer in his eyes that told me before he spoke that BDSM fun was in my near future. He signaled me into the slave cave and ordered me to strip. I was shaking with excitement. He bent me over the bench first. He put a ball gag in my mouth and restrained my arms behind my back. When the first whip hit my back and ass, I swear I came. I am such a pain slut. Even on BDSM phone sex calls, I love spanking myself. I loved the feel of the whip cracking on my back, but what I loved more was master’s hard cock in my ass like old times. He fucked me for an hour without lube to make it hurt. It was a hurt so good kind of sensation. After he came, he put a but plug up my ass to contain his cum all day. I secretly hope he takes a couple Viagra a day from now on. It was like he was a young guy again.

bdsm phone sex

Submissive Sex Encounter

submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I need. That is what my ad said on FetLife. It is an online community for various fetishes. It is sort of like FaceBook, but for adults with kinky desires and needs. I have been chatting with a few men in my area for the past couple weeks. I finally got up the courage to meet an online master. He lives in San Bernardino, so we met some where neutral in between. He arranged a hotel for us. I was nervous. I don’t usually meet total strangers. Other than he is a dominant man, I knew nothing about him. I just knew about his past relationships with submissive women like me. Well, I knew what he wanted me to know. He could have been Ted Bundy reincarnated for all I knew. It was a risk. But, I like talking risks. It is part of being a submissive whore. I like being vulnerable. I like not knowing what may happen. On the drive to a neutral no tell motel, my cunt was dripping down my leg in anticipation. He was younger than I expected. Younger than me, which scared me a little. Young men these days are more misogynistic than sadistic. Not this young man, however. He had intense fantasies about abusing his mother. I reminded him of mommy dearest. Our submissive mommy session began with some skull fucking. He even pissed down my throat, which I was not expecting. I had to swallow his piss because if I didn’t, he made it clear I would be swallowing his shit and I wanted no part of that. I became an obedient piss guzzler and anal slut to him to avoid being a shit eater. He tied me up in an uncomfortable position to sodomize me for hours. It was a humiliating, debasing sexy time. I got fucked hard, but I he didn’t kill me. Only my ass got slaughtered.

Spanking Phone Sex Whore

spanking phone sex

I have an ass made for spanking phone sex. I am getting better at spanking my own ass for my callers. I am a spanking whore. It goes back to when I was a little girl and daddy would spank my bare ass. Daddy got off smacking my ass hard. He liked to make his baby girl cry. He was a great ass punisher. My master used to give me quite the ass whooping, but he lacks the strength he used too. I never get scared about being spanked by him. Back in the day, if I did something wrong, he could leave my ass sore and raw for days. Yesterday, I forgot to send a fax. Ten years ago, that would have left me in fear because I knew what he could do to my ass. Yesterday, I made no apologies for my error. I thought the worst that would happen would be some babe bottom spankings. I was wrong as usual. Master knew I was getting cocky. He purchased a spanking machine under my nose. It is like a fucking machine. It can spank my ass a mile a minute. What is spanking my ass can be changed too. Master had it ready with a wooden paddle. Those things hurt my bottom, sometimes they leave splinters. He put a bit grip in my mouth, so I wouldn’t bite my tongue, which meant I was in for one hell of an ass whopping. I got paddled hard. So hard, it left blisters and splinters. My ass has not been torn apart like that in a decade. Master made it clear that he knew he was slacking on my punishments lately, but he was not going to tolerate me taking him for granted anymore. No way would I be doing that again anytime soon. Not with how sore my ass still is today.

Office Submissive Sex

submissive sex

I am his office submissive sex slave. For over 20 years, I have been an office whore. I don’t complain. In exchange, I am paid a much higher salary than most legal secretaries. I have medical benefits and a 401 K plan. My son and daughter have college funds. He has treated me well over the years. Yesterday, he told me he was interviewing new masters for me. I was shocked. I thought when he retired, I would be able to select my own master. He changed his mind. He is an old man by BDSM standards. He can’t spank as hard as he used to because of arthritis. He had me pull my skirt off and bend over his big oak desk. I thought I was going to get some bare bottom spankings like the old days, but I heard another voice say, “She does have a nice ass.” I started to turn around to see who it was, but a hand grabbed the back of my neck and held me down. It was master’s hand. After years of feeling it on my bare ass and around my throat, I recognized the grip. I didn’t fight. I started to submit when I felt a cock ram up my ass. No lube, no warning.  Just a big hard cock up my dry asshole. I started to whimper, but Master slapped my back. I felt 2 sets of hands holding me down as my ass took a hardcore pounding. Master said my ass would be interviewing new masters for a while. I knew better than to complain about a stranger’s cock up my ass. I was sore, but things could have been worse if I had complained or protested. I am a submissive whore, but I am not a dumb one. I have been sitting on an ice pack ever since. I’m not sure I am up for the interviewing process.

Submissive Whore with High Heels in Her Cunt

submissive whore

I am such a submissive whore. I do whatever master wants, no matter how kinky it may be. Yesterday, he took me on a shopping spree. He said he wanted me to have some new clothes. He is taking me along with him to a conference. We used to travel more frequently when he was younger. It is the only time we can spend the night together. Master has been married to the same woman since I became his slave. She thinks I am just his paralegal. A down on her luck mother he helped many years ago. She thinks her husband looks at me like a daughter. Either she is dumb or plays dumb to keep her nice lifestyle. It has been too long since he took me shopping. I was excited. Our shopping trips having always garnered me some sophisticated clothes that I wear in public and slutty outfits for when I am his bondage whore in the hotel room. He loves to tie me up. This shopping trip was different than most. He wanted me to have nice shoes. High heels to accentuate my round ass and big breasts. He got a private room at a high-end store, so I could try on shoes for me. What he wanted was to watch me fuck my pussy with the high heels. I was unsure I wanted to put something 6 inches and pointy up my cunt. It would hurt, but that was what he wanted to see. Me doing something painful for him. I tried to be seductive, but it hurt. He wanted me impaling my pussy and my ass. I was double penetrating my fuck holes with spiked heels. He had a hard on with no Viagra watching me impale myself. I was happy that I was pleasing him, but my pussy hurt; it even bled. We also went to the adult bookstore and purchased new restraints and a sex swing. I can’t decide if I am scared about our trip or looking forward to it.

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