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Bondage Whore at Work

bondage whore

I am a bondage whore. No matter who I am with, he always wants to tie me up. That doesn’t matter so much at home, but at the office it makes it difficult to do my job. My boss was in a foul mood Friday. I still don’t know what he was pissed about, but I felt his wrath. Before I could tackle my work, he came into my office and slapped me. He was pissed his coffee was lukewarm. It would have been the right temperature if he had been on time, but I knew better than to tell him that. He is such a prick. For the minor mishap of lukewarm coffee, he ripped my blouse off and bound my chest. Not only did he tie up my tits, but he also tied me to the chair. My arms were bound to the arms of the chair. It was difficult to move, let alone type, but he gave me a pile of work and a deadline. If I thought this was bad, it would be nothing compared to what would have happened if I missed the deadline. Sometimes, I think he sets me up to fail just so he can justify being rougher on me. I failed to get the work done by 3 pm. I had to type with a pen in my mouth. When I can’t use my hands, it makes it hard to type 60 words per minute. When I failed to get the work done on time, he shoved his cock down my throat. I am good at cock worshiping but this was skull fucking. Intense, rough oral that left me struggling to breathe. That was followed by fisting my ass without any lubrication. By the time he was done, my jaw was sore, my ass was bleeding and my tits had rope burns. Just another day at the office.

Submissive Sex Slave

submissive sexSubmissive sex is my forte. I have tried to be equal with some men. I have even tried to be dominant a few times. It only works for me when I am submissive. It is what I am best at doing. I have not been to the office since the holidays. Yesterday was my first official day back. My boss is a dominant man who hired me more for my submissive ways than my typing skills. I am his stress release. He bent me over my office desk after I made him coffee. I thought I was going to be spanked for using real sugar instead of Stevia. He is on that Keto diet. I guess he never realized my mistake. I didn’t dare tell him because he was sodomizing my ass for the tone of voice I used when I served him his coffee. He may have broken my arm if he knew he was consuming real sugar. He never uses lube. He dry fucks my ass so hard, it bleeds. He was pulling my hair extremely hard at the same time. Fuck, I wanted to scream, but that would piss him off further because there are other offices in the building. Once he nutted in me, he slapped my ass a few times and told me to get back to work. It hurt to sit down, so I could type, but I am a good submissive whore. I took an ass fucking then typed up his legal briefs nervous for what would happen if I didn’t type them perfectly.

Submissive and Bondage Whore

bondage whoreWhen you are a bondage whore, you go through great measures to get tied up. Many of those measures put you at risk. Pain whores have it easier. It is not difficult to inflict pain on yourself. It is more difficult to tie your own self up, however. I was desperate for some bondage games. My boss isn’t in to bondage. He just likes to whip me and torture me. My son will tie me up, but he will leave me for days. So, there aren’t people in my life who will tie me up. I need to go on fet life or Tinder or visit a bondage club. Most of the clubs were closed for the holidays, so I met a guy on Fet Life. Normally, I am more careful with strangers, but my need to be bound and gagged out weighed my sensibilities. I invited Nathan to my home. Things didn’t go well from the get-go. I had a form of buyer’s remorse. I tried to change my mind when I saw him. He was repulsive looking, and he smelled. He charged the door and tied me up. I was scared because I didn’t know what he was capable of and he was in my home. He stood over me calling me names like fat pig and whore. He kicked me several times. He even pissed on me. He circled me for hours hurling insults and kicking me. His cock was in his hand the entire time. He was mumbling something about a submissive whore not being able to reject him. He clearly was unbalanced. I didn’t know if he would kill me or fuck me. He did neither. He pissed on me, kicked me until I was black and blue and insulted me for hours then just left. My daughter came home and found me. She just shook her head and told me I was going to get myself killed.

Submissive Sex Holidays are No Fun for Me

submissive sexI had a submissive sex Christmas, and nothing is different for the New Year. My boss made me work Christmas for him. He had a party with a Santa Claus and everything. I can’t tell him no. He dressed me in a slutty Mrs. Claus outfit and let all his friends and colleagues do what they wanted to me. From sucking cock, to getting fucked in the ass, I did it. It was more than just fucking too. His pals wanted to humiliate me. I drank piss directly from cocks and from wine glasses. I licked assholes like I was human tissue paper. I prefer cock worshiping over anything bathroom related, but I never have a choice.  The hired Santa got super drunk and wanted to get nasty with Mrs. Claus. He fucked my ass and pissed inside me as well as shot his wad. When he was done, he made me shit it out in a wine glass and drink it down. He did say, “Cheers,” before I had to chug a mixture of piss, cum and shit out of glass. One of the most humiliating holidays ever for me. As I type this, I am in fear of what is in store for me tomorrow. I was ordered to be at my place of work tomorrow for a New Year’s football party. Sometimes, I hate my life.

cock worshiping

Office Submissive Whore for Christmas

submissive whoreMy boss wanted a submissive whore for Christmas. I had to work yesterday. My boss wanted me in something festive for the holidays. I falsely assumed that it would be a lax day at work, but Master had plans for me. I showed up in a naughty Mrs. Clause outfit. My boss was in a suit. When he saw me, his dick got hard. I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. The office looked so festive, but his eyes were anything but. He sat in a chair by the Christmas tree. He summoned me over. He pulled his cock out of his designer suit pants and expected some cock worshiping. I cannot say no to him. His punishment for disobedient girls is harsh. As I gagged on his dick, I heard voices. He had invited several associates to our kinky office party. I was there to service his work buddies. I should have been home cooking for my family, but I was getting gang banged and skull fucked in front of the Christmas tree. By the time they were done using this fuck slut, it looked like I had been in a snow ball fight. I was covered head to toe in jizz. My boss took some pictures of his cum dumpster secretary and joked how this image of me will be his Christmas card next year. Merry Christmas.

Bondage and Submission with My Son

bondage and submission

I love bondage and submission. They go well together, don’t you think?  I found myself in quite the predicament this weekend. I should have known better than to let my son tie me up. It never goes well. He hates me. I think he always will. I know this, but after every disastrous encounter, I give him another chance. He is my son after all and I love him even if he hates me. He came home from a holiday party Saturday night. He was in a good mood for once. He must have partied! He wanted to play with rope. He doesn’t normally want to play with mommy. Usually, he just wants to abuse me. I should have known it was too good to be true. As soon as he had me hogtied, he lit up a cigarette. He flicked his ashes on me. When I didn’t flinch enough, he burned my flesh. I could feel the cigarette burns on my back. He just laughed.  Once he had given me several little burns, he whipped his cock out. I assumed he was going to fuck me. He looked at me with hatred in his eyes and said, “Don’t worry whore. I’m not going to put my cock in my worthless mommy.” Instead, he pissed in my wounds. Golden showers he claimed would make the pain go away. Bullshit. It stung like hell. I was covered in his urine. My son’s piss was all over me. I was tied up and his urine was running in my eyes. I begged for him to stop. He did, but he left me. Left me for 24 hours covered in his urine and eventually my own piss. I was tied up and alone. I don’t know why I keep giving him another chance. He hates me. I will always be nothing more than his submissive whore mommy.

Submissive Whore for the Brothers

submissive whoreSubmissive whore, for your pleasure. I long ago gave up the notion of sexual pleasure for myself. I get my pleasure from a man’s pleasure. That often means my pain is their pleasure. My boss is a part-time master. He only owns me at work, so I am free to fuck who I want off the clock. Most nights, I spend recuperating from the rough treatment at work, but last night I was hungry for cock; hungry to be degraded. I wanted to be used like a dirty whore. I put on a slutty outfit, a dress two sizes too small for me. I walked into an ethnic club. That is just a polite way of saying an African American club. I wanted gang banged and black men love my big old booty. I wasn’t in the club long before a gang of brothers swarmed me. They didn’t ask my name or anything. They didn’t care about my name. They saw a thick white girl and they pulled out their cocks. They just wanted to fuck me. That’s all I wanted too.  They groped me and ripped my clothes off. Fingers went in my cunt, many at a time.  They started slamming dicks in my ass and pussy at the same time while slapping my ass and pulling my hair. They fucked me like savages Grunting, drooling, groping me, while calling me names. My cunt was so wet. I knew they would use me like a bitch in heat. They turned me into a cum dumpster.  Big black rods squirted their hot jizz all over my thick body. Their limp dicks looked huge still. They slapped me with their dicks. Many black dicks in my face for a few minutes and they were hard again. By the time they were done with me, I was covered in jizz and waking funny. Just what this submissive slut wanted.

Cock Worshiping Santa’s Helper

cock worshiping

Cock worshiping Christmas was what Master wanted. He is the boss of me, so he gets what he wants. I thought it meant I would be sucking his dick until Christmas, like a Twelve Days of Christmas thing. He had something else in mind. He wanted me to service all his clients with my mouth. He didn’t care if I was drowning in cum. He told me happy clients keep coming back and everyone is happy when a bitch swallows. I sat in a chair with wheels and rolled myself down an assembly line of men sucking dick. I was a blow bang office whore. I am a good cock sucker, but this was a lot of cock, even for a submissive slut like me. I was struggling not to puke from all the cum. My former master never shared me. This one pimps me out more than he uses me for himself. I was gagging on cock, but the more I gagged, the harder they skull fucked me. After all 30 something men came in my mouth, I excused myself to the bathroom. I puked up chunky sperm filled cum.  Master came in to the bathroom and was not pleased. A good whore doesn’t puke up cum. A good whore is thankful for the gift of cum. He held my face in the toilet, forcing me to lick up the cum puke I deposited in the toilet. I was gagging from the smell of cum and puke mixed together, but if I didn’t do what he instructed, it would be far worse for me. By the time he released my face from the toilet, I was a hot mess. I was ordered to fix my hair and make-up, but on a smile and go back out to be Santa’s little cum dumpster and submissive whore.

Submissive Whore Office Party

submissive whoreMy boss held a submissive whore holiday office party this week for his high-end clients. I had to wear a Santa’s helper outfit, a sexy one. My boobs were exposed, and the skirt was so short that with no panties, you could see everything. I served the drinks and I served as the entertainment. Master was sharing his bitch with his most exclusive clients. They could do whatever they wanted to me. I was their gift. Men were grabbing my ass, slapping my tits and pulling my hair as foreplay. One client slapped my ass so hard, I spilled my tray of drinks. That didn’t go over well with Master. I was ordered on my knees to lick up all that I spilled. It was a form of forced intoxication punishment. I was super drunk once I cleaned up all the spilled booze. I was teetering around in my high heals trying not to spill again when one guy knocked me over on purpose. Down on my knees again licking up spilt booze, my ass was exposed for the taking. Master’s clients lined up to gang bang my fuck holes. Cock after cock fucked me doggy style. I was so drunk, I feared I may puke. Once they were done gangbanging me, they made me suck their cocks clean. I was drunk and full of cum. Not to mention sore and tired. Master said next week is another party for another set of clients. I need to learn how to get better at not spilling the drinks.

Submissive Whore Gets Humiliated

submissive whore

I’ve been a naughty submissive whore. I was supposed to work this weekend for my boss. My old boss and master never made me work weekends. I had plans with my family, so I didn’t show up. I figured he would be mad, but maybe I would get a spanking and docked pay. That didn’t go well. While my entire family was at my house, he stormed in and grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me out. My family was in shock. There were little ones around too. He started smacking my face and kicked me in the stomach repeatedly. He made me tell everyone what a stupid cunt I am and how I belong to him. I was so humiliated. He didn’t care. He had zero respect for me or my family. In fact, he wanted to degrade me in front of them. He told the little girls to watch how a submissive slut is treated because no doubt they would follow in my whore footsteps. Master even encouraged the men to join in on my abuse. My son had no problem fucking me in front of everyone. He hates me anyway, but when my young grandson joined in, that was the most humiliated I have ever felt. My grandson humped my ass and called me names at the encouragement of Master and my son. The girls in the family were afraid to do anything for fear they too would get abused, so the just sat there watching, feeling ashamed for not helping me while Master and the men in the family gangbanged my holes. Today, I showed up to work like ordered. Still sore, I sat on a bag of frozen peas. But I know without a doubt now that I can never disobey him again.

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