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Bondage Whore

bondage whoreWhen you are a bondage whore, you find yourself tied up often. Literally, tied up. I have a new playmate. We met on Fet Life. We both have a love for bondage. Did I mention she was a girl? She told me she was submissive like me, but that turned out to be a lie. She was some sort of mean bull dyke. She tied me up and left me. Before she left, however, she had some fun with me. She made me eat her pussy. She had a hairy pussy and ass. She was nasty too. The kind of woman men make bad fish jokes about. I couldn’t fight much because she tied me up tight. She sat on my face for over an hour. I was nauseated from her stench and my inability to breathe well. She knew she had a stinky cunt. She planned it. She told me I was a worthless ugly submissive whore, so why would she give me her best self. I was so relieved when she was done cumming on my face. I thought I could take a shower and wash her stench off me, but she left me tied up. I smelled even worse by the time my daughter came home because I had pissed myself. My daughter just gave me that look she knows when she catches me in situations I should never allowed myself to get into in the first place. Somewhere, there is a lesbian joking about what she did to me.

Spanking Phone Sex for Mother’s Day

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex is what I got for Mother’s Day from my son. It was not what I wanted, expected or asked for either. He had no clue it was even Mother’s Day and when my daughter mentioned it, he was like, “Why do I want to celebrate a stupid bitch?” I tried to tell him not to talk to me like that, but that just pissed him off in a huge way. He slapped me across the face and went on a tirade. He said my masters may treat me with a certain amount of respect, but I don’t deserve any. He stood up, lunged at me and stripped me naked. I thought he was going to sodomize me. He loves fucking my ass because he never wants to look at me. When he tugged me onto his lap, I knew what was coming. His bare bottom spankings aren’t sexy, they are brutal. He hammered my ass for hours. My ass was red, blistered and very sore. He just laughed at me as I fought back the tears. Later in the evening, when I was sitting on an ice pack, he came up and skull fucked me. He forced his cock deep in my mouth, so deep I gagged and puked. He just laughed, walked off and said, “Happy Fucking Mother’s Day Whore.”

Submissive Phone Sex Club

submissive phone sexI am good at submissive phone sex. I have been submissive all my life. I joined a fetish club recently. It is an extreme BDSM club. It is like a dating site club. No couples allowed. The owner matches up subs with masters for a night of kinky fun. I filled out a long questionnaire that asked about my submissive nature. I assume the men did something similar about their dominant nature. I was matched with Master Tom. He was handsome and married. I didn’t care about his marital status because I was just hooking up with him for a few hours, not forever. He did tell me his wife won’t be his sub. She won’t even take it up the ass. He just wanted a submissive whore for a few hours. I just wanted to be owned for a few hours, so it was a win win for us both. That idea quickly changed for me. I thought maybe some rough anal and some bondage games was what he had planned. He was far kinkier than that. He was wicked kinky. He tied me up with my ass in the air. He put an anal hook in my ass. I screamed in pain. I knew this was a hardcore BDSM club, but I didn’t suggest on my questionnaire that I was into torture sex. He was gaping and shredding my asshole. I feared he would ruin it. I tried to get out of it, but he had 20 years of boring marriage to make up for and my ass was getting the brunt of that pent-up frustration. I could feel shit and blood running down my ass as he played with the hook. He put a ball gag in my mouth because I was screaming too loudly. By the time the club closed for the night, I couldn’t walk or sit right. I have no idea what I put in my questionnaire that matched me with a sadistic, but once my ass heals, I will try the club again. I am a kinky pain loving submissive slut.

Submissive Phone Sex Whore

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is what I do best. With me, it is yes Sir always.  I know not to say no. I like being a good whore. I was a good whore last night. I went with a girlfriend to a new club. We were not at a fetish club; we had no BDSM plans, but they found us anyway. I guess we looked out of place in a high-end club. One guy called us trailer park whores and mocked my “Peg Bundy” hair. Another guy told me to go back to the 80s. My friend didn’t fair any better. We came to have drinks, dance and have fun. We weren’t submissive sex dolls, at least not in our eyes. These men had other plans for us. We were pushed in the back, into some private area. They gang banged us. We were told the only reason two trailer park whores would come to a place like this was to get fucked, so they were going to fuck us. They saw us for what we really were, just old dirty whores. We spent most of the night in that back room being passed around like candy, getting fucked in all our holes. We could barely walk to our car afterwards. We went home, soaked our sore, cum filled fuck holes in the bath and decided we would go back to that bar again tonight. I am a glutton for punishment.

Spanking Chat and Punishment

spanking chatI love spanking chat. I have an ass made for spanking. I was at a spanking party last night. Do you know what that is? The host invites dominant men to spank his slave and maybe a few other slaves. I was the only spanking star last night. Master had some men who wanted to get out some aggression. He knew just how to make that happen for them. He was multi-tasking last night. He got to help some colleagues and punish me at the same time. He was not happy that I messed up a call for him at work earlier in the day. To me, it was a minor screw up. I accidentally patched his ex-wife into him instead of telling her he was in a meeting. He hates speaking to her. He acted like it was okay, but I knew that wasn’t the case. He was planning something and last night, I got my comeuppance. I knew he was seething from my mistake. He summoned me to his home. I was instructed to wear a garter belt and stockings that would frame my ass. I knew what that meant. Punishment by bare bottom spankings was in store for me. I got it in spades too. He went first, primed my ass. That was followed by his colleagues taking a turn on me. Hands, belts, whips and paddles were used to punish my ass. I was the only sore loser of the party. Very sore. My ass is red and blistered today. I have splinters in my ass too from the paddles. My ass hurts so bad, I can’t even sit on the toilet to pee. I had to set on a bag of frozen veggies at work. It was a hard lesson to learn but doubt I will make the same mistake twice.

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories, I have many to share. I am a lifetime submissive. I was daddy’s slave in the 80s. My husband’s bitch in the 90s. And now, I have a master who shares me with many men. I am allowed to go to bondage and BDSM clubs too. Yesterday, my Master had a party. I was not a guest, but the main attraction. Think of the movie The Purge without the killing. Once a year, Master invites colleagues, friends and clients to his house to explore their wicked fantasies with his favorite slave. These are dominant men without a slave to explore their bondage and BDSM needs with. I am a submissive whore, so whatever these men throw at me, I take. I know if I fight, things get far worse. These men were in hog heaven and they brought their A game. I was whipped, tied up like a side of beef, force fucked, gang banged, sodomized and spanked. Any position imaginable, I was in. I felt like the bitch I am. And if the torture and abuse was not enough, many men used me as a toilet. They pissed in my holes and made me drink it up. For one night, these men got to use me and humiliate me like I was their own personal slave. Would you like a day with me too? The Purge has not yet ended.

Submissive Sex Easter

submissive slut

Happy Easter with submissive sex. This man I hang with on occasion came over for Easter brunch. I have not seen him in a while, so when he called me, I invited him to have Easter brunch with my son and daughter. It quickly became apparent that he only wanted my daughter. I tried to convince him she is not in to dominant men. He said she just had not met the right man yet. I will admit I was jealous. I can’t compete with a teen slut. Gravity loves her. She is cute and perky and tight. Three things this old submissive whore is not anymore. My daughter is not my biggest fan either. I knew if she caught wind of the fact that he wanted to fuck her, she would be his subby whore out of spite. My daughter is no dummy. She picked up on it in minutes. The next thing I knew, she had her shirt off and her tits in his face telling me he should fuck her instead. She didn’t know what she was getting into. He pulled her by her cock teasing hair and threw her on the dining room table. He pulled her panties off and fucked her tight ass. Her face was face down in the mashed potatoes as he gave her such a hardcore ass fucking that she screamed bloody murder. Seeing her in pain made me see the situation differently. I was no longer jealous. I was happy. Happy that my righteous stuck up bitch of a daughter was finally getting the slave training she needs. My cunt daughter has been a cock teaser for years. It was about time that she was shown how to be a cock pleaser. My old friend broke her and now she will be a good subby whore just like her mommy.

Submissive Whore

submissive whoreA submissive whore does as she is told. When my Master wanted me to play with my ass for him, I did my best to give him the show he wanted. I was toying with my ass with a big dildo. He seemed to like it, but he wanted more. He told me to impress him. It was an order. If I had disobeyed, I would be in trouble, maybe not even dead. I had to think of something quick. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I fisted my own ass. I had no lube and I was in an awkward position, but I made it happen. I stuck my fingers in first, then worked my hand in and eventually I was up to my elbow in my ass while master masturbated. He made me call myself a stupid whore. He loved making me shame myself while I fisted myself. When he grew bored with that, I put a baseball bat up my ass. I worked hard to impress him because he is one mean son of a bitch I never want to disappointed. Just like I never want to disappoint you either.

Slave Training with Scat

slave trainingI told him I was not into scat play and he told me I needed slave training. He wanted me to be his toilet. The more I protested, the more he wanted me to worship his dirty ass. When I kept saying that I was not into shit, he tied me up and tossed me on the ground He had me helpless. He said no subby whore was going to tell him no. This was not my master nor my boss. This was my son. He was in another pissed off mood and wanted to humiliate me. He doesn’t understand why his life is a mess. He blames me for everything wrong and refuses to acknowledge that his anger and his oxy addiction is what is to blame for his woes.  He was screaming at me that I do whatever my boss tells me to do. That is because he is a true master. We have safe words, and he respects my limits. My son doesn’t respect anything. As I was down on the floor, he squatted over my face and shit. It was disgusting. His steaming pile of poo was on his mother’s face. I tried to shake my head, but it wasn’t moving anywhere. He told me I could stay tied up with shit on my face, or I could open my mouth, eat it and be released. That was a tough decision to make, honestly. Both options were equally disgusting. After an hour of his shit resting on my face, I ended up eating it. I don’t enjoy scat phone sex. But I could eat his shit and get on with my night. Or, I could lay there for God knows how long with his shit on my face. Now, my son is calling me his shit eating mommy slave.

Bare Bottom Spankings and More for This Whore

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings turn me on. I love the feel of a strong, firm hand across my naked ass. I am a pain slut. Nothing turns me on more than having my ass spanked with a hand or a belt. I prefer the hand, but I am rarely so lucky. I think I like ass spankings so much because my daddy slapped my ass 100s of times growing up. I would feel his hard cock pressed under my belly as he would say something like this hurts me more than you. Bull shit daddy. He was getting turned on seeing my round, bare ass. Just like any man today who punishes my ass. I would like to say I hate it, but I am a punishment and a submissive whore. I just love all things associated with my ass. Spankings, canings, floggings and hardcore ass fuckings. My ass is up for grabs, men. Bring you’re a game because I am a seasoned whore. I am not one of these young girls who thinks Fifty Shades of Gray is real BDSM life. I am an old whore. The harder you spank me, the wetter I get.

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