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Submissive Whore Tit Torture

submissive whoreSubmissive whore torture for me is having my big breasts tied up. Master never just ties up my boobs, however. I was not alone. He had his other slaves tied up too. I thought our boobs were bound for cum. Master is found of bukkake parties. Before the cum came he said, we needed to experience some pain. That could have meant anything to him. What it ended up meaning in that moment was hot wax nipple torture. He thinks hot white wax looks like dried cum and hot red wax looks like dried blood. He poured hot white wax all over my big boobs. It hurts intensely for a few moments, but then it cools off. Hours of this however, is the stuff torture phone sex nightmares are made of. My boobs were on fire. I was starting to blister in sensitive places. I cried, but he smacked me. His other slaves were not fairing as well as me, and I was barely keeping my shit together. After he was done with the torture part of our encounter, he brought in several friends. They circle jerked on our sore boobs. The hot jizz he said would act as salve to heal the blistering skin. It only stung more. But we weren’t there for our pleasure. We were there for his. Just like when you call me, I am there for your pleasure only.

Bondage Phone Sex Story

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex stories, I have plenty to talk about. I have been tied up half my life I would guess. Daddy would tie me up on the weekends when he had to work. He didn’t want me running away. He made me the bondage slut I am today. My son was in one of his “I hate mother” moods. He found a box I had hidden of old bondage photos. They go back to my youth. Souvenirs, I guess. He decided to hog tie me in some of the poses he saw in the photos. He is not into the art of bondage. I am not his bondage whore. I am his mommy whore. He hates me. Blames me for all that is wrong with his life. He tied me so hard several times that the ropes cut my flesh. When he saw me bleeding, he pissed on my wounds which burned. He just laughed at me. He had me me tied like a mummy. I was flat on the ground wrapped tightly like a side of beef. He stood over me urinating in my face and flicking his cigarette ashes on my body. I don’t know what I did to deserve his wrath. I thought I could handle the abuse until he invited over his friends. They are a bunch of mean sons of bitches just like my son. They pissed on me, came on me and gangbanged me. They never untied me though. I was like that for almost 24 hours until my daughter rescued me. It was a humiliation like none before.

Submissive Whore for Daddy Still

submissive whore

I love being a submissive whore.  I got a text that told me to dress up in a specific outfit and be at this fancy hotel downtown. I figured it was my boss. My number is not known by many. I did as I was told. I didn’t recognize the number. When I looked up the phone number, it came back as unknown. My curiosity was piqued. I arrived on time in the outfit I was told to wear and waited.  I waited for awhile before a handsome stranger bought me a drink. I thought he might have been my texter, but I didn’t know him. As I was chit chatting with the handsome stranger, a guy pulled my hair from behind. He dragged me out of the bar kicking and screaming. No one stopped him. He shoved me in an elevator. It was then I saw him. I almost threw up. It was daddy. He was an old man now. I had not seen him since I left home at 18. My last name is different now. I was surprised he found me. I guess it was my fault he did. I did one of those DNA kits. He had done one too, so it revealed what state I lived in and searched all Bernices in the state. He said he had been looking for me for years. Once we were in his hotel room, he told me we had unfinished business. He was strong and mean, just like I remembered, even though he is in his 60s now. He was out for revenge for me running away. He force fucked me all night. He made his anal rape phone sex fantasies cum true by prolapsing my ass. It was a night of revenge fucking. He said I can’t fuck anyone else because I have always belonged to daddy. My boss has competition. Hopefully, he can just buy daddy off because I can’t live with him again. He is the meanest son of a bitch I have ever known.

Office Submissive Sex

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I am good at. I don’t just lay there like a dead fish. That is bored, not submissive. I like rough sex. I almost never complain when I am getting a hardcore fucking. I complained today, however, and was punished. My new boss hired me part time as an office sex doll. The only reason he hired me was because he knew I was a dirty slut. The kind of woman he could fuck whenever and however he wanted. Although that is true, I was not prepared to be anally fisted today. He made me bend over his desk. I must wear garter belts to frame my ass for him. No underwear. Just black garter belt and stockings. I was bent over waiting or his cock when I felt something much larger go inside my ass. I felt his rings. He didn’t start with one finger and work from there. He just put his entire fist, rings and all, right up my ass. My old master never fisted me. He didn’t want to ruin my holes. He didn’t want me to bleed or shit on him. This new boss wanted to hurt me until I cried. He told me there is no fun if I like what he is doing. I tried to pull away from him. I was screaming in pain. My ass has been fucked over the years, but not like that. When I managed to get away, he was livid. I saw the hatred in his eyes. He lunged at me and tried to choke me. “Bitch, you don’t pull away from me ever again or you will end up in the ER,” he screamed at me while his hands crushed my throat. He fucked my ass while choking me. I passed at one point, but he slapped me back awake. It was a violent fuck that left me bleeding and bruised up. I am still recuperating. I think I am in over my head with my new boss.

Submissive Slut all My Life

submissive slut

I am a submissive slut born and raised. It is funny when men ask me about my younger days. Daddy wasn’t a master. He was just a woman hating mean son of a bitch. He scared me. When I turned 18, I left home and never saw him again. I ran right to the arms of a man just like daddy. I know I have daddy issues. Why else would I always get involved with dominant men who want to own and control me? I have never had an equal relationship with a man. Not even my own son. He is an adult now, but he has that same mean streak that daddy did and that his own father had too. He came over last night to borrow money. I knew he just wanted to get high. I never keep cash on hand because of him. When he was still living with me, he would steal it right from my wallet. He is a huge disappointment. He was not happy that I wouldn’t give him money last night. He punished me. It began with some bare bottom spankings. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I have been spanked harder in my life. I acted like it hurt something terrible. That was the wrong move for me, because he liked my crying so much, he wanted to hurt me more. He pulled my pantyhose completely off and rammed his fist up my ass. Now, I wasn’t faking the crying. His big hand up my ass raw hurt like hell. The longer he did it, the worst it got, but something is wrong with me. I never fought him off. I never even threatened to call the cops. I know I am a submissive whore, but my pussy was wet from the anal abuse. I don’t know if it was the pain I enjoyed or the fact that my son was my abuser. Who am I kidding? It was both factors that made me wet.

Submissive Phone Sex Slut and Human Toilet

submissive phone sex

I am such a submissive phone sex slut at work. I have a new job since my master retired. I could have chosen to never work again. He gave me a nice package. Set me up for life. I have just become used to being degraded and used daily. I love my phone sex masters, but they will never replace the real thing. I am a paralegal now a few times a week for a new lawyer. He is much younger than my original work master. He is far kinkier too. I worked Friday for him. I was his office toilet. My former master rarely engaged in piss play, but my new master loves it. Lucky me. I spent the day under his desk with my mouth open. His dick was out the entire day too. He would snap his fingers once when he had to piss. I would open my mouth as wide as I could, and he would pee straight in my mouth. If he snapped his fingers twice, he wanted head, so I had to suck him off. If I didn’t make him cum in less than ten minutes I got whipped. The first couple times making him cum in that time frame was not hard, but after the first 4 times, I struggled. I mean there is only so many times a man can cum in a day. He said it was my fault if I couldn’t make him cum. So, the 5th time, ten minutes passed, and his dick was still limp. He put me in his torture closet and whipped me for an hour.  I have not yet decided if I like my new job. I have never swallowed so much piss and cum in a day. But, I am a submissive whore, so I do what I am told when I am told.

Bondage Phone Sex Whore and Tutor

bondage phone sex

Bondage phone sex whore is my screen name on a few fetish sites. I pick up men all the time on FetLife. When I agreed to meet Omar, I thought he was going to be an older man. He described himself as a hot older man; dominant and into women with big breasts. When I met him at this no tell motel off the highway, I was shocked to see a teen boy. My son was older than him. He used his daddy’s info. I guess daddy has a dark kinky fetish life that has rubbed off on junior. He didn’t look old enough to drive. I was right. The little shit took an Uber to the hotel. I thought to myself, what could be the harm. He wasn’t going to tell anyone, and I wasn’t either. It would build his skills. Get his dick wet being a dominant guy. Every master must start somewhere, right? I checked out the bag he brought. Apparently, it must belong to daddy. It was quite the fetish bag of tricks. Junior had no clue how to use any of the equipment, so I showed him. In that bag were handcuffs, restraints, a spreader bar, a ball gag, a ponytail dildo, bondage rope and various items to spank and whip a girl with. I was his submissive whore tutor. He enjoyed using daddy’s BDSM equipment on him. He had a nice fat cock too, especially for his age. He couldn’t stand it any longer after I crawled around on the floor with a ponytail out my ass and a ball gag in my mouth. He pulled the dildo out of my ass and replaced it with his young virgin dick. He didn’t last long in my ass, but he did pound me hard while pulling my hair and calling me names for about 4 minutes.  Wasn’t exactly the bondage experience I was expecting, but helping a young boy learn about BDSM games was hotter than I thought it would be.

I Love Being a Bondage Whore

bondage whore

I love being a bondage whore, but it does get me into some predicaments. Tony answered my ad on a fetish site. I was looking to get tied up and I did. The problem was once he had me bound and gagged, he brought over some friends. Not what I was planning nor what was agreed on. He didn’t give a fuck. He had me in such a position that my hands were tied behind my back with strong rope and my ass was in the air. I watched as he collected money from these guys to fuck me. He was pimping me out to strangers. They fucked my ass for hours. No lube, no condoms. Just hours of hard core ass fucking. Cum was running out of my ass like the river Styx. More guys came in, laid their money down and started fucking my ass. Some just nutted on my face and laughed at what a cum dumpster I was. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time. After all the guys were done fucking this submissive slut, Tony took his turn. He seemed to enjoy my dirty cum drenched fuck holes. I can’t wait to see him again.

I Need Slave Training

slave training

I need slave training. I am without a master and I have gotten a bit snarky. I was at this club last night. A tall dark handsome man approached me. He grabbed my arm trying to pull me off to a dark corner. I told him to fuck off. I don’t know why I did that. I always do what men want. I think being without a master has set me back. I told him he had to buy me drinks first, but he said no. He looked me in the eyes like he owned me. “You are a bitch. You get cock, not drinks,” he seethed at me. He scared me, but I loved it. I am a submissive whore at my core. I went with him into the darkened corner and sucked is cock. He skull fucked me so hard, I almost puked. I could feel my eyes roiling in the back of my head. I was slobbering all over his dick. My makeup smeared on my face. We got busted by the security dude. I thought he might call the cops, but he pulled out his cock and got in on the action. They both rammed their cocks in my mouth. I am surprised my cheeks aren’t sagging because they stretched the fuck out of my mouth. Next thing I knew I was getting tag teamed in the bar. On my knees like a dirty old bitch with two cocks in me. I am going back to that club tonight!

Bare Bottom Spankings at Work Please

bare bottom spankingsSometimes a woman just craves some bare bottom spankings. Since my long term master retired and released me, I have been looking for another job. I am 40, so I still have many more years I can work. I don’t need to work because my master set me up with a nice 401K plan. I want to work. I want a new master. I may have found one today. I had a secretary interview. It was not a typical interview. I met this guy at a fetish club. He was looking for a playmate at work and I was looking for a master. I know he loves to spank women, so when he mentioned the job opportunity, I jumped at the chance for an interview. Turns out he doesn’t need a secretary at all. He just wants an office slave. He bent me over his desk and fucked my ass for hours. He made me show him my cock worshiping skills too. He fucked my ass and my mouth before he brought out the BDSM equipment. He wanted to know I could handle the basics first. He has a BDSM closet. I had never seen anything like it before and it made my pussy super wet. He told me he could smell my excitement. Yes, I was that wet. I crave a strong man who can abuse me daily. He hung me from the beam in his pleasure closet and whipped me with various objects. He flogged my ass and put nipple clamps on me too. He said I had the perfect whore body to abuse. He liked that I had some meat on my bones. He had a few more interviews for the position left, but I am hopeful I will get the job. I know I am not as young or as pretty as some girls, but no man will find a better trained submissive whore than me.

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