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Erotic Submission Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are something I have to share. I have hardcore stories too. My master is an old school master, like 50 Shades of Gray kind of S & M. We have kinky fun. Occasionally it gets hardcore, but mostly we have erotic experiences of bondage and naughty fun. I love being his submissive. I have been his slave for decades. But a few years ago, our fun and games became less frequent because of his age. I understand that because we are 20 years apart. He gave me permission to have a phone job if I was only having submissive phone sex. He also told me I could go out to fetish clubs, so my needs were met too. Now that is where things get interesting. Today’s dominant man is different breed. He wants nothing to do with erotic submission. He is brutal and degrading. I am caught between two worlds of submission. I love bondage and spankings with a side of light BDSM play. It is what I have had all my life. Now, I am seeing new masters I meet at clubs. Nothing permanent, but not sure I could handle a long-term relationship with some of these men. Last night, Corey took me back to his place. It was not at all what I thought it would be. He forced my face into his toilet which was filled with piss and shit like he was expecting me, or at least some submissive woman. It was hours of humiliation and scat and piss play which I am not accustomed to with my current master. He was not the first guy I met at a fetish club to go that direction with me. I have showered over and over, and I still smell like an outhouse. Clearly, I need some slave training to be able to handle the new submissive world.

Bondage Chat with a Whore

bondage chatIf you are looking to have bondage chat, I am your whore. I have been tied up all my life. When I was a teen girl, my daddy would tie me up. He did it to keep me at home. He was such a dominant daddy; I think he feared I would runaway if he didn’t tie me up when he left the house. Daddy whipped me, spanked me, and fucked me. He never let me date. And I had no friends. I hated my mean daddy when I was young, but I grew up to love men just like him. Maybe I have daddy issues or maybe I am just a bondage whore. I love being vulnerable. I often find myself begging folks to tie me up and leave me. I had a bondage date with this fuck buddy of mine the other night. He is a master knot maker. Seriously, this guy could tie me up better than a boy scout. I begged him to restrain me so there was no way I could escape. Most guys think they can secure me, but I have been untying myself for decades. He tied me up and left me on my bed. I tried for hours to get lose, but it was no good. He had me bound tight. He pissed on me, even jacked off on me several times before he left my house. I added to the smell my pissing on my bed a few times. I was at the mercy of my son or daughter to come home and untie me. I was praying it would be my daughter who came home first because she is not as mean as my son, but just my luck, my son came home first. He pissed on me too, even took pictures and put it on his Instagram. He bragged about the submissive whore he caught. I love being at the mercy of men.

Re-training a Submissive Whore

submissive whore

I love being a submissive whore. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have dated men who weren’t into the BDSM lifestyle, and it never worked out. I crave a strong dominant man like you. I met a new guy at a fetish club I frequent last week. We have not gone out on dates, but I did visit his dungeon s. He wanted me to see it the next day after we met because he knew he had all the equipment I could want. I knew he wanted to break a bitch, so I acted like I was not as submissive as I really am. When I saw his BDSM equipment, I played like I was only a bondage whore and his equipment was too much for me. I knew that would piss him off and it did. He smacked my face and called me a cock tease. His hands were around my throat tightly and he started to choke me. He wanted me to tell him that I was his willing slave and to hurt me any way he wanted. My plan backfired because he was far more abusive and aggressive than I thought. He tossed me against the wall. I bit my lip hard enough to make it bleed. It was like he was a shark attracted to the scent of fresh blood. He came in towards me as I was on the ground trying to get my bearings. He licked the blood from my lips and shoved a long pony tail dildo up my ass. He had a leather collar that said “cunt” that he made me wear. He kept me as his submissive sex slave for days. I didn’t realize I needed broke in again, but I guess I did. According to him, a bitch like me is not submissive if she thinks she can play games and cock tease. Perhaps he was right. Maybe I need more breaking in.

MILF Phone Sex Rape Fantasies

milf phone sexMilf phone sex with me is not the typical milf experience. I am a submissive milf. Your mommy rape fantasies are what you can explore with me.  I was raised submissive. I have tried to raise my son to be the man of the house, which in my world means he owns me and my daughter. He has never wanted to be a master. The older he gets, however, the meaner he has become. He is a sadist. Not the kind of man who would understand or follow the principles of a master and servant relationship. My son hates me and idolizes his sister. He thinks I am the reason he is not successful. He is ungrateful for the nice house we have and his college education fund which he refuses to use. Earlier in the week, he spent the night in jail for driving on a suspended license. I bailed him out, but not until the next morning. I was tied up, literally tied up being a bondage whore for a man I met at a club. My cell phone was turned off. When I got the message, I bailed him out. He bitched and yelled at me on the car ride home for living him in jail overnight. He knows he is to use Uber when he wants to go somewhere. When we got home, he beat the shit out of me. This was as angry as he has ever been at me. I think something happened to him in jail that he wouldn’t admit to me. He ripped all my clothes off, tied me up and sodomized me like he was living out some revenge prison rape fantasy. My ass was bloody and prolapsed by the time he was done. I lied there motionless on the kitchen floor as he pissed on my body as a final insult. You get the submissive whore mommy experience with me.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreI want to be your bondage whore. Nothing gets me wetter than being tied up, helpless and at your mercy. I met Tony at a bondage club. We hooked up afterwards. He knew how to tie a strong knot. He bound my legs together and restrained my arms securely behind my back. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even wiggle my hands out of the ropes. Sometimes guys don’t secure me properly and I can undue the ropes. I am double jointed in the left arm, which helps me get out of predicaments like this one. Tony knew my secret, so he secured me in away that my ability wouldn’t help me. I felt totally restrained. I just met him, so I had no clue what he could do. It was risky bringing a stranger back to my place. I have done it before and it has rarely gone well. One guy left me tied up for three days. Left me alone. No food. No water. No ability to get to the bathroom. My son and daughter found me when they came home from a three day weekend with their father. I told them a burglar got into the house, but I never believed that they bought my story. The same thing could have happened with Tony. It didn’t happen. Tony took his time with this submissive whore. He circled me like a hungry vulture deciding what he could do to me now that I couldn’t fight back. He spit in my face. He smacked my big tits. He sodomized my ass with a beer bottle. He pissed on me. He even took a huge dump between my tits, then pushed them together to smear the shit around. I was not expecting that. He came on my shit covered tits. I thought he was going to leave me there smelling and bound, but he untied me, so I could take a shower. It was a degrading evening. What would you do to me if you had a captive audience?

Submissive MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexAs a subby milf phone sex slut, a lot of younger men call me. Some have mommy issues, others just hate women. They are more misogynistic than dominant. Personally, I have always like men my age or older because they understand and respect the master servant relationship. Younger men just want to hurt me. It has less to do with me and more to do with their anger towards mommy or some other mature woman who wronged them. I wish younger guys understood the principles of a master and servant relationship. Not many old school masters around anymore. It seems to be a dying art form. My son is one such young man I can’t teach the old school ways. No safe words with him. No BDSM games or even bondage fun. He is only about humiliation and hardcore abuse. He came home pissed off at the world and took it out on me. He is just like his father. All hate and anger, no respect. You might wonder how a guy can respect an old submissive whore like myself, but a man of a certain age understands what I mean. My son has so much anger and aggression. He got a parking ticket and he acted like it was the worst thing to ever happen to him.  When I tried to explain that it was not the end of the world, he punched me. Just slugged me in the gut so hard I puked and fell over. His response? Laughter and insults. He kicked me as I stood back up to get me back down on the floor, so he could use my face as a mop to clean up my mess. He used me as a punching bag and human toilet until he grew tired. Perhaps it is all I deserve.

Submissive Sex Slave at Work

submissive sexEver thought about having a submissive sex slave at work? If you are your own boss, it is one of the perks. My master is my boss. We had more BDSM office games when he was younger but he has been on a new med lately that has brought him back to the old days. Miracle of modern medicine. He greeted me yesterday with a belt and a hard cock. It has been forever since he had wood in the morning. I was as happy to see him as he was to see me. I bent over my desk to take my morning punishment. Some bare bottom spankings starts the day off well for us both. He had some strength in his arms that I thought was long gone. I got more than spanked too. He fucked my ass like a horny teen boy would. No lube. Just his hard cock up my dry ass as he pulled my red hair and twisted my titties. I could tell he was making up for lost time. He hammered my ass for an hour before he came. I was lucky before if he could fuck me for 60 seconds.  I thought he was done and I could get back to my work. He was just getting started. He ordered me to shit his cum out of my ass and lick it up. He enjoyed humiliating me too. I did as I was told.  When he is in perfect master mode, I better do as I am told, or I will suffer painful and humiliating consequences.  The rest of the day went as expected. I was fucked in the ass more. I had to hold his cum in my ass with a butt plug. I was tied naked to my desk with my arms free to type. My boobs were bound tightly to look like torpedoes. He is back. I’m out of practice, but happy to have him back, even if for just awhile.

I Wanted Bare Bottom Spankings, but I Got a Gang Bang Instead

bare bottom spankingsI crave bare bottom spankings.  I am such a spanking slut. When I was a little girl, I got in to trouble on purpose, so I could feel daddy’s bare hand spank my naked bottom. I loved the feel of my ass stinging. I was drunk last night and that always gets me in trouble. I stumbled out of the club into my valet parked car. I pulled up my skirt and begged strangers to spank my ass. They didn’t want to spank my bare ass. They were more interested in fucking me. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I took what I could get. I had a gang bang in my car. The line was so long to fuck the ginger whore other people thought it was the VIP line to get into the club. There were a few disappointed women who when they got close to the end of the line found out this wasn’t entrance into the club. It was only entrance into my submissive whore ass.  There were plenty of surprised men who didn’t mind finding out they were in the wrong line. They pumped their seed in my ass, then made me clean up their dicks, so they could go into the club not smelling like an old whore. I didn’t get spanked like I wanted, however, but I did get treated like a dirty gangbang whore. The night wasn’t a waste after all.

Submissive Sex is All I Know

submissive sexSubmissive sex is all I know. I can’t think back to a time where a man made love to me. I have never had a romantic date. Men don’t send me flowers.  My ex-husband never treated me like a princess. Not once. Our courtship involved me on my knees sucking his cock and drinking his piss. Our brief marriage was all about rough anal and BDSM games. Romance was a ball gag and a ponytail up my ass. I want romance, real romance, yet I know I don’t deserve it either. Every major man that has been in my life sees me as nothing more than a submissive slut slave. The miscellaneous men in between do too. I attract dominant men. I even attract sadistic ones. Over the weekend, I met Lyle at a bookstore. It was an innocuous meeting.  I didn’t say anything about my submissive life. We had a date. A real date with dinner and movie. When he got back to my place, things changed. He smacked my face and ordered me on my knees. “You don’t think I would take a sow out and not expect something in return, do you?” Another man to see through me and know I was worthless.  He skull fucked me until I puked up dinner on his cock. He pushed my face in my vomit and made me lick it up. He got off on extreme humiliation. Perhaps I did too. My cunt was wet. I told myself it was from sucking his cock, but if I was honest with myself, it was the degradation and rough treatment. My ass was up next for rough sex. I got a hardcore anal fuck with no lube. My ass is still prolapsed. I should have known better than to think a handsome man would want to take me out. I am used goods. I am a submissive whore.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreBondage whore Bernice is my handle on several fetish sites. I want men to know I am submissive and I love to be tied up. One of my callers asked me recently why I like bondage. When I was a young school girl, my dominant bastard of a father would tie me up so I wouldn’t leave the house. After my mother ran off with another man, he was determined to make sure I didn’t follow her. He worked on the weekends sometimes. I know he was afraid if I was home alone I would run away from home. He never realized that I was not my mother. I was a natural submissive, she was not. She didn’t like daddy’s BDSM ways, so she left him and me. I became daddy’s submissive slut. He didn’t have to tie me up. I had no where to go. Long story short, I enjoy being tied up because it makes me feel vulnerable. When I am hog tied, you can do anything to me. I have been in some pickles too. I have been left for days tied up, forced to piss and shit myself and endure the humiliation of being discovered that way. I have been pissed on by men who got a chuckle knowing I wasn’t going anywhere. I have been force fucked by strangers who took advantage of the fact that I was bound and gagged.  I like being vulnerable and helpless. I am at your mercy when I am tied up. Piss on me. Spank me. Fuck me. Shit on me. Torture me. Pimp me out to your friends. Cum on me. Do nothing but watch me humiliate myself leaving me tied up for days. I have lots of extreme bondage stories to share with my callers. Maybe, we can even make some new ones.

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