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I Need Slave Training

slave training

I need slave training. I am without a master and I have gotten a bit snarky. I was at this club last night. A tall dark handsome man approached me. He grabbed my arm trying to pull me off to a dark corner. I told him to fuck off. I don’t know why I did that. I always do what men want. I think being without a master has set me back. I told him he had to buy me drinks first, but he said no. He looked me in the eyes like he owned me. “You are a bitch. You get cock, not drinks,” he seethed at me. He scared me, but I loved it. I am a submissive whore at my core. I went with him into the darkened corner and sucked is cock. He skull fucked me so hard, I almost puked. I could feel my eyes roiling in the back of my head. I was slobbering all over his dick. My makeup smeared on my face. We got busted by the security dude. I thought he might call the cops, but he pulled out his cock and got in on the action. They both rammed their cocks in my mouth. I am surprised my cheeks aren’t sagging because they stretched the fuck out of my mouth. Next thing I knew I was getting tag teamed in the bar. On my knees like a dirty old bitch with two cocks in me. I am going back to that club tonight!

Bare Bottom Spankings at Work Please

bare bottom spankingsSometimes a woman just craves some bare bottom spankings. Since my long term master retired and released me, I have been looking for another job. I am 40, so I still have many more years I can work. I don’t need to work because my master set me up with a nice 401K plan. I want to work. I want a new master. I may have found one today. I had a secretary interview. It was not a typical interview. I met this guy at a fetish club. He was looking for a playmate at work and I was looking for a master. I know he loves to spank women, so when he mentioned the job opportunity, I jumped at the chance for an interview. Turns out he doesn’t need a secretary at all. He just wants an office slave. He bent me over his desk and fucked my ass for hours. He made me show him my cock worshiping skills too. He fucked my ass and my mouth before he brought out the BDSM equipment. He wanted to know I could handle the basics first. He has a BDSM closet. I had never seen anything like it before and it made my pussy super wet. He told me he could smell my excitement. Yes, I was that wet. I crave a strong man who can abuse me daily. He hung me from the beam in his pleasure closet and whipped me with various objects. He flogged my ass and put nipple clamps on me too. He said I had the perfect whore body to abuse. He liked that I had some meat on my bones. He had a few more interviews for the position left, but I am hopeful I will get the job. I know I am not as young or as pretty as some girls, but no man will find a better trained submissive whore than me.

Submissive Whore Torture

submissive whoreSometimes I swear this submissive whore has a death wish. I keep getting myself into dangerous situations. I went to a guy’s house who I met in an online BDSM chat room this week. I know I am not supposed to trust strangers. I know you can never know some one you meet on the Internet, but I was craving abuse. I need constant attention from men. Even negative attention is attention. I showed up at the address he gave me. Everything seemed fine initially, but then I drank a glass of wine and woke up naked tied to this old fashioned rack in his basement. We were not alone. He had a group of men there, apparently who paid to do what they wanted to the stupid whore who showed up at a stranger’s house. I feared I might not survive the encounter. I did, but I didn’t return home unscathed.  Every male there got to do something to me. Some explored their rape phone sex fantasies, others went the torture and pain route. I was blindfolded, so I could only see shadows and hear men talking about what they wanted to do to me. As I laid there tied to the rack fearing I might be ripped in half, they joked about what they could do to me. They joked about tearing my limbs off and gangbanging my stump. They didn’t kill me, however there were times I wished I was dead. They whipped me with leather belts.  They jacked off on me. They force fucked me. They pulled my limbs until I cried from the pain. They pissed on me. They flicked the ashes of their cigarettes on me too.  I was let go, but I was informed if I called the cops or blasted them on social media, I would end up dead. Somehow, I knew it was true. I just feel lucky to be a live to tell about it.

Bondage Chat: Kinky Shit is on Twitter

bondage chat

Bondage chat ties me up. Literally, ties me up. I met Marcus in bondage chat room. Actually, I discovered the chat room on Twitter. Even kinky fetish places have a social media presence. We agreed to meet up. I am always leery of meeting strangers. They aren’t always who they say they are, but since I have no official master anymore, I miss being tied up. Bondage makes me feel so vulnerable and helpless. I need that. I need to have control taken away from me. I am a piece of shit and anything that reinforces what I already know makes me wet. Marcus was great at tying knots. He did a stint in the Navy and learned how to make knots no one could get untied. As a bondage whore, I was thrilled to be tied up by someone who knew what the fuck he was doing. The problem was he didn’t want to untie me. I was in his place, which I almost never do. I usually meet someplace neutral or at my place, but I was jonesing to be some one’s slave. I thought he was a normal man who liked to tie up chicks. He loves to tie up women and leave them on his bed for a few days. I pissed his bed, even shit on his sheets. Two days tied up with no water and no food, no bathroom. I did get a few cum feedings, but that was it. He finally released me and was like we should do it again soon sometime. Hell no. I love being tied up, but I don’t like the humiliation of soiling myself. I miss my master. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a new owner.

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bondage whore

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

extreme fetish phone sex

He had an extreme fetish phone sex fetish he wanted to explore with me. Until last night, he had only explored his fetish with phone whores like me. I wanted to impress him, so I told him I would be his test dummy. I was a dummy because I never asked what his fetish was and that was a big mistake. I figured whatever it was, I likely had done it before as a submissive bitch to many men. I was wrong.  He wanted to fuck my urethra. He called it my fourth mommy fuck hole. Master never considered my pee hole a place for his cock. No other man had either, so this submissive whore was about to get the pain of a lifetime. He was a kinky man too. Before he fucked my pee hole, he squirted Ben-Gay into that tiny opening. It felt like I was pissing out glass. It burned badly. I was fighting back the tears and he had not even fucked the tiniest hole on my body yet. When he pulled out his cock, I almost fainted because he had a fat cock too. How the hell was that going in that hole, I wondered?  I started to have second thoughts. I went to leave, but he grabbed me and tied me down spread eagle. He had this sound device thing he said was for my fourth fuck hole. He was planning on taking my pee hole regardless of what I had to say. He shoved this metal device down my urethra first and I screamed bloody murder, but that was nothing compared to his fat cock down that same tiny hole. As he was fucking me, I could feel the blood and piss filling up my bladder. He pissed down my pee hole making it burn even more. It was sheer torture. I know I am a submissive sex whore, but I will never agree to that again.

Bondage and Submission Whore

bondage and submission

Bondage and submission are what I live for. Since my Master of twenty plus years released me, I have been looking in all the wrong places for a suitable replacement. Master was the last of a dying breed. Dominant men nowadays are cruel and violent. I have been visiting fetish clubs and online chat rooms looking for a new master, but I have been unsuccessful. Bitches like me need to be owned.  I crave being told what to do every moment of the day. I want to answer to someone.  I don’t do well on my own. I am not smart enough or strong enough to survive on my own.  I was telling this to a prospective master the other night. He got up, walked closer to me and slapped my face. He told me I was too worthless and ugly to own. He said I was only good to use for a night. That is just what he did too. He pissed in my mouth and forced his cock in my feckless whore holes while calling me names. He came on my face, took a picture and spit on me as he walked out the door. I was sad he left so soon, but happy to be used, even if briefly. I guess until I can find someone who wants to own this submissive whore long term, I will keep having these random humiliating encounters.

Submissive MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexMilf phone sex sluts can be submissives too. Look at me? I am in my forties and I have been submissive since I was a school girl. When I was younger, older men dominated me, buts as I age, I have noticed that most men who want to own me are half my age. My son had a drinking party this weekend. Just a bunch of barely legal boys sitting on the back porch drinking beer and shooting the shit. That was until I came home. My son introduced me as his whore mother. He encouraged his friends to grab my ass and my tits. He said I was a worthless old submissive whore and his bitch. He embellished for his friends. I didn’t expect his friends to jump me, but they did. Like vultures to a dead animal, they swarmed me. They ripped my clothes off and gang banged my used mommy holes. They were drunk as skunks too. If they could not get hard, they smacked me and blamed me for being a skanky old bitch. The ones too drunk to get hard, fucked me with their fist. My son filmed it. He said watching his whore momma being an old cum dumpster was spank bank material. His friends were brutal. By the time they were done passing me around like candy, I was covered in jizz with gaping holes. I don’t let my son know how much I love being abused by his friends and him. He likes to do what I don’t like.

Bondage Phone Sex Whore

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is not fantasy for me. I am a good knot maker. I can restrain myself. I can’t hog tie myself, but I can torpedo my boobs for your liking. I also have lots of bondage stories since I have been tied up all my life. My father would tie me up as a young girl because he was afraid I would run away. I had nowhere to go, plus I am a good submissive bitch. I am loyal no matter how I am treated. Daddy treated me like I was dog shit, so did my husband. My master was different. He respected his slave. We had a symbiotic relationship. I have only been released for a couple weeks, but I miss him. I was his office bondage whore for over two decades. He would tie me to my desk with my boobs exposed for his pleasure. I learned to type well with my hands bound. In fact, I am not sure I can type as fast unrestrained. My days seem lonely now. He set me up for life financially, so I never have to worry about work. I just love being owned. The guys I meet in fetish clubs don’t want the long term responsibility of owning an old bitch like me. It is fun being used for a night like a worthless whore, but I long for a master and servant relationship. A bitch like me needs owned.

Submissive Slut 24/7

submissive slutHe knew I was a submissive slut with one look. Guys just know. They do. I make eye contact, them my eyes drop because I am afraid. Afraid he will own me, afraid he won’t own me. I know that is contradictory, but what I want often gets me in trouble and I am rational enough to know that, but powerless to stop it. I wasn’t at a fetish club. It was 80s night at a local club. I went with some girlfriends. It was not supposed to be a submissive night. I was just having fun with my friends. But when you are a submissive whore, you can’t put your lifestyle on hold. He signaled me too him and I couldn’t resist. He had beautiful mistake written all over his face. I knew he was trouble, but I like bad boys. We danced for about 20 minutes, before he took me into the men’s room. There is only one reason a woman goes into a public men’s restroom.  I went willingly. I might as well have been wearing a t-shirt that said, “Down to Fuck.”  No woman gets treated well in a men’s room either. I was on all fours in a dirty bathroom. There was piss and water and bits of toilet paper sticking to my knees as I got sodomized in a stall. He tried to flush my face in the toilet, but I resisted. I didn’t want to go back to my friends looking like my head had been flushed in the toilet. I was trying to save face, but a subby bitch has no face to save. He made it clear that what I wanted didn’t matter. I knew it all along. I submitted to the humiliation he wanted to inflict on me.  I went back to my friends smelling like a toilet with cum running out of my ass down my legs. They just gave me the face palm and acted like they didn’t know me. That is why I rarely go out with friends. They are ashamed of me.

Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexAre you looking for submissive phone sex? I am looking for a Master. My long-term master finally released me from our contract. He is retiring from law. He is married and was my master and my boss. Since he is retiring from law, it is harder to see me. Work was our playground. His wife has always thought I was nothing more than his paralegal. If she only knew about the BDSM office games and bondage play daily for over 20 years she would be shocked. She is not a submissive woman. She is not dominant either. She is just a housewife who would blush at the submissive sex I have been having with her husband for decades. Now, I can be a full-time phone submissive. I can also do anything with any man I want without retribution. My first hook-up as a freed slave was with Tim. I met him at a bar and he knew I was a submissive. He ordered me home with him. I was powerless to say no. When a man takes control of me, I can’t say no. I don’t want to say no. He was more into degrading me than abusing me. He forced my face into his toilet after he made me watch him shit and piss in it. My former master was never into toilet sex, so it was not fun for me. I was hoping for some bondage games, perhaps some bare bottom spankings. Instead I got to drink his piss and eat his shit. Plus, I got to endure hours of humiliation. According to him, I was stupid to think he wanted to fuck me because I was just a fat pig. If I was a pig, I should smell like one too. I went home smelling like a toilet lamenting the fact that my master released me before I wanted to go.

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