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Cock Worshiping Work Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping is what I do daily for my Master. A good submissive takes care of cock. She is a cock pleaser not a cock teaser. When I arrived at work yesterday, Master had something waiting for me. Actually, someones waiting for me. Master informed me that we had out of town guests and I needed to show them some old fashioned hospitality. I am a submissive. I knew what he expected. I didn’t want to suck all those other lawyers’ cocks, but if I disobeyed an order either implicit or explicit, I would be whipped like an Old South slave. I got on my knees for a blow bang. Master feels that when lawyers have their balls drained, they focus better and they are sharper. Ball draining makes for legal eagles is his motto. It is not my place to question my master. I am only to suck dick, swallow cum and get fucked. I’m nothing more than a secretary slave. I was a gang bang secretary yesterday morning. I swallowed a lot of cum. Good thing I had not eaten breakfast or I may have exploded like a stuffed goldfish. Can’t remember the last time I swallowed that much cum. I was wearing it too. It didn’t stop with morning head. I had a nooner gang bang and an after work hardcore ass fucking. A Milf whore’s work is never done.

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Submissive Whore and Daughter

submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. My daughter was not a natural born submissive like me. She is receiving some submissive training from one of my masters. He has taken her from cock teaser to cock pleaser in mere months. Guess what? She is knocked up now too. She has been told that if she has a boy, he will be raised to dominate her and me. However, if she has a daughter, she will be a cock pleasing slut like us. She will be raised to be submissive like her mommy and granny. I like the ideas of having a cock pleasing submissive slut from the beginning. I know I screwed up with my daughter. I am the reason she was a cock teasing slut. I never raised her submissive like I was raised. I raised her on my own, which is challenging when a submissive mommy. My regular master never wanted anything to do with jail bait pussy. Luckily my other master has no problem training a teen girl to take cock and love it. It was rough on my daughter initially. She was not used to being a slut. She was accustomed to being a little spoiled bitch. Now that she is pregnant, she must abide by a whole new set of rules. She must work to save money for the baby. She is working in a strip club where anything goes. Men can grab her milk filled tits, fuck her in the VIP room, do what ever they want as long as they don’t physically harm her or the baby. I just know its going to be a good little slut. She will watch her mommy and granny get treated like cock sucking sluts and fuck toys. She will learn to keep the house clean and cook like women should. She will learn that clothes are never worn in the house as females and a slew of other slave training necessities. My daughter will be a better mother than I was for raising a submissive girl.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whore

I’m such a bondage whore. If I could tie my own self up, I would. I can bind my feet and handcuff my hands. I have done that a few times then been at the mercy for some one to find me. Saturday night was one such night of exploration. I had a really hot bondage call that inspired me. I knew I could not hogtie myself like my caller described; however, I could leave myself vulnerable and exposed. My son and daughter are not fans of my lifestyle. They both find me weak and pathetic. My son enjoys taking advantage of me when I get myself into a pickle. This time it was neither of them that discovered me on my bed helpless waiting for the mercy of someone. It was this man my daughter is dating. He heard me scream when I heard him at the door. At that point, I had been stuck on my bed for about 6 hours. Not as long as I have ever been stuck, but I had already peed myself.  He busted the door open thinking there was a medical type emergency. When he realized I did it too myself, he had no sympathy for a stupid whore. He pulled his cock out and pissed on me. Then he got to thinking about my daughter and all the things she won’t do. He pulled off my panties and forced his cock into my ass. He didn’t last long fucking my ass. His hot seed was running out of my ass when my daughter came back and busted him. Instead of being mad at him for fucking her helpless mother, she got mad at me. She took pictures of me all tied up and posted them on the Internet with our address. Men showed up in droves to take advantage of the bondage phone sex freak all tied up with no where she could go.

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Submissive Whore at Work

submissive whore

Submissive whore at work would be the name of my porn movie. Master was in a foul mood today. He lost a big case that cost him a pretty penny. He said part of my duties was being a stress reliever. He tied me to my office chair. He unzipped his pants. I was shocked. His cock was hard. Usually it takes a pretty blue pill and some hard core tit torture or a good ass whooping to get his shriveled old dick hard. Seeing me in my office attire, bound to a chair did it for him today. His cock was as hard as it has been in decades.  He grabbed the side of my head and forced me down on his dick. He doesn’t have a long cock, but that son of a bitch is thick. I was gagging. He shoved his dick and his balls into my mouth. He reached down, ripped my blouse off and pinched my nipples so hard they bled a bit. Causing me pain made him shoot his wad down my throat. His spunk tasted foul. Wasn’t sure if he ate something purposefully to taint his cum or if this was just old man spunk taste. When I grimaced about swallowing his cum, he slapped my face, untied me and tossed me over his knee for some hardcore bare bottom spankings. I came home with a raw ass. I got the rough treatment at work today, but it is all part of the job of a submissive woman. We are here for your needs only.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex calls turn me on; especially if I am spanking my unruly daughter for a man’s pleasure. Today, I was spanking my daughter for one of my phone masters. He has been helping me train my daughter to be a cock pleaser. She is only motivated by pain and fear. We may have spanked her bare bottom raw last time, so we used gentle gloves on her bare ass today. She was left in my care this morning, while master worked. Since she is not permitted to wear clothes when in the house, the Amazon delivery man got quite a show. I could see he was aroused. Since my phone master told me my daughter needs to take more cock, I invited the delivery guy to fuck her. He inquired about her age, but I assured him he had parental consent to fuck the shit out of my baby girl. She was hesitant at first to submit, but I held up the paddle I would use on her well beaten ass and she ran to him, unzipped his pants and sucked his cock like a good submissive slut. He enjoyed her jailbait mouth on his cock. I was surprised at his ample cock size. He wanted to fuck her tight teen pussy so I told her she better do it or she would be severely punished. She hopped on his cock like she was riding her bike to the store. Clearly, she was learning to be a good cock pleaser.  I was proud. I knew our master would be too. She still needs a lot of work, like all women, but she is no longer fighting or resisting cock in her fuck holes. It may be just fear of pain, but whatever it is, I am happy to see that slave training is working.

Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexI am good at submissive phone sex. I was born into the submissive world. First, my father was my master. Then, my husband was my master. Now my boss is my master. I am used to being owned. I like being owned. Let’s face it, I am too weak and stupid to be accountable to myself. I am the kind of woman who needs a man to think and do for her. In return, I am a good slave. I love when a man abuses my breasts and my ass. Bondage and spankings are two of my favorite things. Not all men know how to torture breasts or abuse an ass, however. I think that is why I am attracted to older men. They have the most experience with tit abuse and they don’t shy away from a hardcore ass fucking. My boss may be old, but he can fuck my ass like the Energizer bunny still. He can cut a switch and welt my ass up good too. Last week at work, he made my ass so sore I could barely walk the next day. I sat on an ice pack at work. Since my ass was recuperating, Master saw fit to give my tits equally harsh treatment. The following day, blood was seeping out of my wounds, staining my white blouse. He normally doesn’t hit me hard enough to draw blood, but he took three Viagras, which made not only his dick hard, but gave him superhuman strength too. My ass at this point looked like the loser of a fight with Mike Tyson. It was black and blue all over. Purple too. I had bloody breasts and a bruised ass, but I knew if I was not the perfect legal secretary that day, my entire body would look like raw meat.

Slave Training My Daughter

slave training

I have been getting some help, finally, with slave training my daughter. My master wants nothing to do with jailbait pussy, but she is so spoiled, so bratty, I had to take out an ad for someone to break my daughter. The response was incredible. I settled on a man from NY with years of experience training young things. My daughter looks down on me for my lifestyle. She doesn’t think girls should be submissive. She is a cock teaser, but we are working on her becoming nothing but a cock pleaser. Her Master has been teaching her to take his cock. She resisted at first, which was to be expected. She is a stubborn little bitch. Pain is a strong motivator, however. She is not permitted to wear clothes. She must take cock whenever told to, even stranger cock. Anytime she is not enthusiastic about cock, she gets whacked hard. She is coming around. Her master hopes to knock her up soon too. He wants her to breed him a brat. If it is a girl, she will be a submissive whore like me. If it is a boy, he will be raised to dominate his mommy and grandmother. I’m enjoying seeing my bratty girl get force fucked and humiliated daily. She be a good slut before long.

A Submissive Whore and a Lot of Hot Wax

submissive whoreThis submissive whore had a hot Fourth of July. Not good hot either. I am not speaking in terms of sexiness or temperature. Well, at least not temperatures outside. My plan was to host a small cook out for my family and a few friends. My son got high and had different plans for me and his sister. My daughter inherited my big boobs. Even though I have fake tits, she still got some big natural jugs. Where she got them from, I am not sure, but my son is a breast man. Most guys do like big boobs, real or fake. He was high on coke and meth. The combination of the two drugs, takes him to a different place. He becomes meaner than a junk yard dog. He tied us both up with ropes so he could bind our boobs. He likes seeing big breasts tied up and abused. Usually, it is just my boobs he ties and binds, but yesterday he wanted his sister in on the fun. That was fine by me because she is an unruly brat whom I am dying to break. I think her brother would make a great master for the little twat. Once he unveiled our blindfolds, we knew what was going on. We saw all the candles. Hot wax torture was up next. He went gently on his sister; just dropping a few drops at first. The more he dripped, the more she screamed, the harder his dick became. I am a seasoned nipple torture whore. He had to dump the wax of a large candle on my areola to make me scream; so he did. He is a typical sadistic. The more we screamed or cried from the pain, the harder he became. My daughter doesn’t enjoy being a submissive slut, but she needs to be treated like one to get the stick out of her ass. Me on the other hand, I am born pain slut. Pour that hot wax all over me master and listen to me scream.

Tied Up with Bondage Phone Sex

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex ties me up on the phone all day! Sometimes, quite literally too. My son is becoming more and more dominant with me. In the past, normally I had to push his buttons to get him to snap. Now, he just snaps if I breath funny. I am not complaining. I have long hoped he would take over master duties when my current master becomes too feeble to care for me properly. The problem is that my son knows nothing about the lifestyle I live. He just likes to abuse his stupid whore mother on occasion. That is the problem I have discovered. There are too few lifestyle masters anymore. Most guys fall into the category of misogynistic sadistics. Guys who just like abusing women. No code.  No lifestyle. Just periodic abuse with no rhyme or reason.  My son got pissed at something trivial last night. He slapped me around and tied me up naked on the couch. He left me to go out with his friends drinking, but not before he fucked my ass and filled it with cum. He let off a litany of humiliating slurs before vacating the house and leaving me literally tied up. He knew I was working so he left the phone near me. Now, I can answer my phone with my Bluetooth, but my hands were bound, which made taking credit card information impossible. He deliberately wanted to humiliate me and deny me money. He enjoyed the fact that I could answer the phone but couldn’t take a call. I missed several hours of being a submissive whore on the phone because my son thought it was funny to leave me tied up on the couch for a few hours.  What would you do if I was your slave? Why is it I ca only find men who want to straight out abuse me?

Submissive Whore Explores the New World of BDSM

submissive whore

This submissive whore has been auditioning potential new masters. My current master is old. He has not officially released me from our union, however, I want to be prepared when that day arrives. I am so vanilla as a submissive compared to the men of today. Every guy I have encountered has been into torture sex more than BDSM. I enjoy spanking, bondage and humiliation. I know as a submissive, I have no real say in what is done to me, so that is why I am being selective in who makes the short list of future masters. I love the BDSM lifestyle. Honestly, it is all I know; however, I do not want to be beaten and tortured daily. Does any woman? The men I have been encountering aren’t master material because they don’t know the principles of the lifestyle. They just like mistreating women and it stems from misogyny. A lifestyle master is about control and domination, not hate and violence. My master is looking for a suitable replacement too; perhaps one of his colleagues. In the meantime, I have my phone masters to help me explore the modern world of master and servant.  Plus, I have Tinder. I have encountered some fun men there. Far less violent than guys I meet on the underground circuit. My most recent Tinder hook up is into extreme humiliation with watersports. No scat thankfully, but if he wanted me to eat his shit I would. I do taste my own of course because he loves a good ass to mouth whore. Usually, though, he is pissing down my throat and holding my nose until I swallow every drop. He likes to write whore and fat on my body too and parade me outside with humiliating words written on me in red lipstick. I won’t lie, extreme humiliation gets my cunt wet as much as bare bottom spankings do. What is your ideal submissive relationship?

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