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Bondage Whore Loves Humiliation

bondage whoreI am such a bondage whore I even try to tie myself up sometimes. I was snowed in this weekend and feeling bored. I got out my rope and tied my feet first. My tits were next. I roped them up so good they looked like torpedoes. It is hard, however, to bind your own hands. I tried unsuccessfully, but then my son came home. He was in a fowl mood, which meant he was happy to tie my hands behind my back. He tied my hands so tight that the rope was cutting my flesh. I begged him to loosen them a bit, but he refused. He pulled out his cock and started stroking it in front of my face while he called me names. He was enjoying laughing at his submissive whore mother. He shot a few spurts of cum in my face, followed by piss. I hate being pissed on, but I was all tied up and couldn’t even shield my eyes from his jet blast of urine. He was drunk. I could smell it in his piss. He forced his dick in my mouth, so he could make me swallow his piss too. He told me I disgusted him. His hatred for me made me so wet. I know there is something wrong with me, but I can’t help it. I just love being humiliated.

Submissive Sex Slut Gets Publicly Humiliated

submissive sexA submissive sex slut does as she is told. Even though I have a master, I hook up with other guys on occasion for some BDSM fun and humiliation. This man I met at a club had some plans for me that I was not privy to until it happened. He had a service car driving us around. I was ordered to expose myself every time the car stopped. The first stop was in front of a local arcade; a well known hang out for young boys and girls of our community. I could have been arrested exposing myself like that to jail bait boys and girls. It was so humiliating exposing my pussy, but my master at the moment said it only solidified my submissive whore status. Young boys pulled down their pants, so they could jack off on me. We didn’t drive off until I was covered in cum. The next stop was downtown at junkie square. It is a place where whores make a quick dime and junkies shoot up. My sick master paid whores to piss on me and junkies to cum in my face. I have never been so humiliated in my life, but I was powerless to stop my degradation. My master was jacking off watching street junkies piss and cum all over my body. My main master would never go to such extremes. He is more into old school games like bondage and spanking. If he knew I exposed myself to such young boys and street hobos, he might disown me for disgracing him. When I was dropped off at my house, I reeked of cum and piss. I felt disgusting. After I cleaned myself up, however, I masturbated thinking of my public humiliation. Turns out that in hindsight I loved being used as a trashy slut.

Submissive Sex is all I Get

submissive sex

Submissive sex is all I get. It doesn’t surprise me. I don’t deserve sweet lovemaking. I don’t think I would know how to act if a man wanted to make love. My boss, who is also my master, owed this colleague a favor for a referral that paid off well. I guess he told him, whatever he wanted, he could have, and he wanted a night with me. At first, I was excited. He is a handsome man and always so nice to me. He didn’t strike me as the BDSM type. I was wrong. He had a dungeon for his S&M porn games. Apparently, I remind him of his mother when she was younger, and she cock teased him. That left him with some anger issues for mommy dearest. Lucky me. I got to be the recipient of his unresolved mommy anger. He strapped me to his bench designed for anal sex and sodomized me for hours while calling me his mommy whore He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and even spanked me. He told me I was going to wish I was never born by the time he was done. Honestly, I thought he was kidding me, but he tortured me for hours. My master wouldn’t want his slave bloodied and scarred, but he didn’t seem to care. He said he knew how to inflict severe pain without leaving a mark. He put oranges in a pillow case and beat me until I was crying. It was awful pain but didn’t leave a mark. The entire night was about anal torture and causing me pain. He clearly didn’t like his mother. When I got home, I had to soak in the tub for hours and call into work sick, which I never do. Did your mother cock tease you? I may have an idea to help you release some of the anger and frustration you have for your mother.

Submissive Slut Training

submisssive slutThis submissive slut wants nothing more for Christmas than a naughty Santa who can break her teen daughter. My little slut thinks she decides who fucks her. She thinks she is in control over men. She also thinks she is in control of me. She will not listen to me. I punished her over the weekend because she got in trouble for skipping school. In our state, they will arrest the legal guardian or parent of a truant student. I can’t get arrested because of her. She was jeopardizing my livelihood with my Master, a lawyer. He has expressed no desire in jailbait pussy because of his job; however, when my little bitch refused to be on lockdown for the weekend and mocked me by saying she hopes I lose my master and my job, I had to call him for help. He hired a man for slave training so that if she went to the cops or ran her mouth at school, he was untouchable. She won’t be talking. She got the shit scared out of her. It was like she went to one of those scared straight drug interventions. Brian showed up with a bag of training devices. He locked himself in her room with my daughter for two days. She never came out. She had to piss and shit in a bucket. She was allowed only bottled water to drink and PB sandwiches, which she hates. I was on the outside desperately wanting to watch, but I could hear her screams and the harsh sounds of things from hands to whips cracking down on her bare ass. The thought of a random stranger breaking my brat aroused me. I didn’t see her for two days. I just heard her being punished and broken. When she emerged, she was a different girl. I’m not sure it will stick without constant training. I will need your help.

Submissive Phone Sex Slut

submissive phone sexDo you like submissive phone sex? I love being dominated. One of the great things about being a phone sex submissive is I can test my boundaries; discover what if any limits I have. I am an old school submissive. I find that a lot of my callers don’t understand the master and servant relationship. They just want to use a whore, degrade her, maybe even physically harm her. A true master/servant relationship is built on trust and respect. It is not about being a misogynistic asshole on a power trip who hates women because some chick dumped him. There are safe words and boundaries. I know times have changed, but I am hopeful I can still find a new master who understands the old school BDSM world.  Last night, I picked up a guy in a bondage club. We got a VIP room and discussed safe words before the fun began. I was hopeful I had found a partner who understood what I was looking for in a master. He tied me up and suspended me from a beam. My feet were bound. I had on nipple clamps and a ball gag. He was using a switch, a cat of nine tails and a riding crop on me. My pussy was wet. I had a good feeling about him. He seemed to know not to take the pain too far. Then when he whipped me too hard and I yelled out our agreed upon safe word, he just laughed and said, “I don’t care what a submissive slut wants,” and whipped me harder. He drew blood on my breasts and belly. I kept repeating our safe word as best as I could with a ball gag in my mouth. He just kept laughing and whipping me harder. I left the club bloodied and likely scarred permanently. Maybe I will never find the kind of old school dominant man I crave. Maybe that is not what I deserve.

Submissive Whore Begs

submmissive whoreI’m such a submissive whore. I met this guy at a bondage club. He was way out of my league. Half my age with a body and face like a Greek God. He had a hot blonde subby pet with him. She was wearing a collar and on a leash crawling on the floor like a dog. I was there unaccompanied, but I wanted to be owned like that girl. I did something I never do. I approached him first. I tapped him on the shoulder and begged for him to use me. He looked me up and down, paused long enough to make me nervous, then he ordered me into a room. I told him I would do anything to just be in his presence for awhile. He ordered me to strip and get on the floor. He stood over me looking 10 feet tall. He pulled out his cock and pissed in my face. He laughed at me for thinking I could be anything more than his human toilet. What is wrong with me? I was happy to drink his piss. I begged for more. I would have eaten his shit if it was offered. He drained his tank all over my body then spit in my face. He had his pet girl piss on me too. She raised her leg like a dog and urinated on me. They both laughed, called me some names then left. I went home smelling like piss and masturbated for hours thinking of our brief encounter.

Submissive Whore Bernice

submissive whore

For Halloween I was a submissive whore. No surprise, right? I am always one, but this was a night of being extra submissive. I pissed off my son, so he had a bunch of his friends come over to abuse his mother. What did I do to deserve being gang banged by teen boys? I told my son he was too old to trick or treat. I wasn’t telling him he couldn’t go, just saying he is pushing the age limit folks like to give candy to. I had no idea he was planning on punishing me until there was a knock at the door. I figured it was trick or treaters. I was the treat to a bunch of horny tricksters. I was shoved into my own home and force fucked. My son was egging them on. He told them to violate every hole I had. He even added that I was just a stupid whore only good for fucking. They did more than assault my holes. They turned me into a human toilet. They shit and pissed on me. I was forced to lick their dirty assholes too. It was humiliating at best. My son took pictures, even a video of my Halloween humiliation. I won’t ever say my son can’t do anything again.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

Do you like spanking phone sex? Every guy I meet, even ones who don’t consider themselves master types, want to spank my ass. I was at a new BDSM club over the weekend. I have a current Master; however, he is old and married. He has given me permission to explore the club scene. I am a pain whore. I love a strong hand or two on my bare ass. This club was swank. Much nicer than I am accustomed too or even deserve. The women were all tall like supermodels with great figures. Then there was me. I felt like I had walked on to the set of a Fifty Shades of Gray movie. The women looked as if they were playing a submissive for a night of fun; not living the life of a submissive. Most men there ignored me, but not all of them. Henry approached me first. “Anyone ever tell you that you have an ass meant for bare bottom spankings?” I was flattered. He got us a room. I bent over a table, lifted my skirt and begged to be spanked like a disobedient whore. He had a strong hand. He pulled out his cock, even though the club rules state no sexual encounters, consensual or otherwise, are permitted on the property. He stroked his cock with one hand and spanked my ass with the other. He gave me permission to rub my cunt, which is rare. Most men deny me sexual pleasure. I was so wet. I became wetter with every whack on my ass. I knew at the rate he was going, I would not be sitting for a while. Before I could pull up my panties, he rammed his cock bare back with no lube up my ass. His hands tightened around my throat as he ass fucked me. “I’m not done with you yet whore,” he whispered in my ear as he pumped my asshole full of cum. It is my new favorite club.

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesDo you like erotic submissive stories? I will be honest. Hearing your stories of dominating women makes me wet. I talked to a guy last night who has a submissive wife and daughter. The daughter was born specifically to help the mother in taking care of his sexual needs. I have a long-term master but he is old school and won’t do anything with my daughter or any young girl. He likes having a spanking slut for some office BDSM games. I am loyal to him. I am paid well to be his subby playmate. But, when I hear stories of submissive families, it really makes my cunt drip. My daughter doesn’t respect my life as a submissive slut. She thinks she is too good for this lifestyle. She wants to be the bitch in charge and have sugar daddies, not masters. My son dominates me sometimes, but only when I push his buttons. He needs to be high and pissed off to abuse his old whore mommy. This caller, however, has a well trained daughter and wife. Once at home, they are naked, collared and chained like household pets. They suck his cock, drink his pee, lick his ass and service him at the ringing of a bell. I want a family like that. What about you? Would you like to have mother and daughter slaves waiting for you when you return home from work? Tell me more.

Bondage Phone Sex is What I Love, But I Never Get What I Love

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is what I love most, but rarely get. I think when guys view you as a whore and a lowly bitch, they don’t want to reward you with what you like. They want to punish you with what you don’t enjoy. What don’t I enjoy? Too many things, but especially bathroom play. I find it gross, but guess what? I don’t have a say in the matter. Master was particularly mean to me yesterday at work. He had a long weekend that didn’t go as planned, so I was how he worked out his anger and disappointment. He has been my master half of my life; he knows me better than anyone.  He knows how to really humiliate me. He walked into the office hissing at me to get on my knees. His exact words were, “On your knees worthless whore.” I unzipped his pants, prepared for some rough morning head and a cum shot to my face. Instead, he pissed down my throat and pinched my nose so I was forced to swallow it too. He turned around after I swallowed his piss and farted in my face. “Lick my asshole, submissive whore,” he barked. I tried to think of champagne and caviar, but all I was tasting was piss and shit. The entire day, master used me as his toilet slave. At one point, he made me eat his shit, then mocked me the rest of the day for having foul breath. He is normally not so extremely humiliating to me, but he had a bad weekend and a major client backed out of a contract. Who better to humiliate and use than your submissive office whore. That is why every powerful man needs a submissive slut secretary. We are here to help men have better days.

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