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submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I need. That is what my ad said on FetLife. It is an online community for various fetishes. It is sort of like FaceBook, but for adults with kinky desires and needs. I have been chatting with a few men in my area for the past couple weeks. I finally got up the courage to meet an online master. He lives in San Bernardino, so we met some where neutral in between. He arranged a hotel for us. I was nervous. I don’t usually meet total strangers. Other than he is a dominant man, I knew nothing about him. I just knew about his past relationships with submissive women like me. Well, I knew what he wanted me to know. He could have been Ted Bundy reincarnated for all I knew. It was a risk. But, I like talking risks. It is part of being a submissive whore. I like being vulnerable. I like not knowing what may happen. On the drive to a neutral no tell motel, my cunt was dripping down my leg in anticipation. He was younger than I expected. Younger than me, which scared me a little. Young men these days are more misogynistic than sadistic. Not this young man, however. He had intense fantasies about abusing his mother. I reminded him of mommy dearest. Our submissive mommy session began with some skull fucking. He even pissed down my throat, which I was not expecting. I had to swallow his piss because if I didn’t, he made it clear I would be swallowing his shit and I wanted no part of that. I became an obedient piss guzzler and anal slut to him to avoid being a shit eater. He tied me up in an uncomfortable position to sodomize me for hours. It was a humiliating, debasing sexy time. I got fucked hard, but I he didn’t kill me. Only my ass got slaughtered.

Spanking Phone Sex Whore

spanking phone sex

I have an ass made for spanking phone sex. I am getting better at spanking my own ass for my callers. I am a spanking whore. It goes back to when I was a little girl and daddy would spank my bare ass. Daddy got off smacking my ass hard. He liked to make his baby girl cry. He was a great ass punisher. My master used to give me quite the ass whooping, but he lacks the strength he used too. I never get scared about being spanked by him. Back in the day, if I did something wrong, he could leave my ass sore and raw for days. Yesterday, I forgot to send a fax. Ten years ago, that would have left me in fear because I knew what he could do to my ass. Yesterday, I made no apologies for my error. I thought the worst that would happen would be some babe bottom spankings. I was wrong as usual. Master knew I was getting cocky. He purchased a spanking machine under my nose. It is like a fucking machine. It can spank my ass a mile a minute. What is spanking my ass can be changed too. Master had it ready with a wooden paddle. Those things hurt my bottom, sometimes they leave splinters. He put a bit grip in my mouth, so I wouldn’t bite my tongue, which meant I was in for one hell of an ass whopping. I got paddled hard. So hard, it left blisters and splinters. My ass has not been torn apart like that in a decade. Master made it clear that he knew he was slacking on my punishments lately, but he was not going to tolerate me taking him for granted anymore. No way would I be doing that again anytime soon. Not with how sore my ass still is today.

Office Submissive Sex

submissive sex

I am his office submissive sex slave. For over 20 years, I have been an office whore. I don’t complain. In exchange, I am paid a much higher salary than most legal secretaries. I have medical benefits and a 401 K plan. My son and daughter have college funds. He has treated me well over the years. Yesterday, he told me he was interviewing new masters for me. I was shocked. I thought when he retired, I would be able to select my own master. He changed his mind. He is an old man by BDSM standards. He can’t spank as hard as he used to because of arthritis. He had me pull my skirt off and bend over his big oak desk. I thought I was going to get some bare bottom spankings like the old days, but I heard another voice say, “She does have a nice ass.” I started to turn around to see who it was, but a hand grabbed the back of my neck and held me down. It was master’s hand. After years of feeling it on my bare ass and around my throat, I recognized the grip. I didn’t fight. I started to submit when I felt a cock ram up my ass. No lube, no warning.  Just a big hard cock up my dry asshole. I started to whimper, but Master slapped my back. I felt 2 sets of hands holding me down as my ass took a hardcore pounding. Master said my ass would be interviewing new masters for a while. I knew better than to complain about a stranger’s cock up my ass. I was sore, but things could have been worse if I had complained or protested. I am a submissive whore, but I am not a dumb one. I have been sitting on an ice pack ever since. I’m not sure I am up for the interviewing process.

Submissive Whore with High Heels in Her Cunt

submissive whore

I am such a submissive whore. I do whatever master wants, no matter how kinky it may be. Yesterday, he took me on a shopping spree. He said he wanted me to have some new clothes. He is taking me along with him to a conference. We used to travel more frequently when he was younger. It is the only time we can spend the night together. Master has been married to the same woman since I became his slave. She thinks I am just his paralegal. A down on her luck mother he helped many years ago. She thinks her husband looks at me like a daughter. Either she is dumb or plays dumb to keep her nice lifestyle. It has been too long since he took me shopping. I was excited. Our shopping trips having always garnered me some sophisticated clothes that I wear in public and slutty outfits for when I am his bondage whore in the hotel room. He loves to tie me up. This shopping trip was different than most. He wanted me to have nice shoes. High heels to accentuate my round ass and big breasts. He got a private room at a high-end store, so I could try on shoes for me. What he wanted was to watch me fuck my pussy with the high heels. I was unsure I wanted to put something 6 inches and pointy up my cunt. It would hurt, but that was what he wanted to see. Me doing something painful for him. I tried to be seductive, but it hurt. He wanted me impaling my pussy and my ass. I was double penetrating my fuck holes with spiked heels. He had a hard on with no Viagra watching me impale myself. I was happy that I was pleasing him, but my pussy hurt; it even bled. We also went to the adult bookstore and purchased new restraints and a sex swing. I can’t decide if I am scared about our trip or looking forward to it.

Submissive Slut Black Gangbang

submissive slut

I am such a submissive slut. I got in my car last night, pulled up to a building and invited guys to fuck me. I went to this urban club in the bad section of town. I was told I had to service at least 15 black guys. I wasn’t sure where to go to find that many black men, but my best guess was the hood. I got more than I bargained for which is what he wanted. He wanted me gangbanged and humiliated. I opened the car door and told black men I had a white pussy in need of big black cock. One guy pulled me out of the car into the parking lot. I was getting fucked on the gravel. They slapped my ass, pulled my hair and fucked me like a street hooker. Big fat dicks stretched out my pussy and my ass. They didn’t use condoms either. They wanted to shoot their loads into my fuck holes. I felt like such a whore getting all those black dicks in me. I could feel cum oozing out of my holes. They took pictures of me getting gangbanged. He wanted proof that I did as he instructed. He wanted to test my loyalty. I am a submissive whore. I don’t care how long I have known a man. If he tells me to go find a black gangbang, I do it. I will even do what you tell me too even though we have never met.

BDSM Phone Sex Slut

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex is the next best thing to being abused in a dungeon some where. Whips and chains don’t bother me. I know I am a subby pig; nothing more than your punching bag. I like it rough. I guess because I am a pain slut as well as a submissive milf. I went to a new BDSM club last night. I went alone because my master won’t go to things like this. He abuses me in his office during the week. On the weekends, I am home alone and in need of some BDSM fun. As a single woman, you can get into these clubs. I hooked up with another couple once I was there. This guy won the submissive whore lottery because he had me and his wife on our knees. We shared a big double-sided dildo in our ass and pussy. Her husband jacked off watching us each take 10 inches in our fuck holes. We worshiped his cock together too. The fun really started when he brought out the whips. He took turns whipping our asses and pussies. He had a strong arm because he left a mark or two on us both. He could not decide if he liked watching us be lesbian whores more or whipping us with various leather strips. I woke up this morning black and blue with a gaping ass and pussy. I’m going back to the club tonight. I want to hook up with another BDSM couple.

Submissive Slut Gets Spanked for Being a Cock Tease

submissive slutWhen you are a submissive slut, you find yourself struggling to say no to any man, not just your master. When I saw him, he had a look that told me he was in control. He controlled me with his eyes. We were at the grocery store. I felt his eyes burning a hole in my back. He followed me to my car. I was nervous. I knew he wanted more than to help me put my bags in my trunk. I am not allowed to cheat on my master without permission, however. I get weak for men in control and struggle to state that I belong to another man. He demanded my address, so I gave it too him. I rationalized in my head all the innocuous reasons he could have for wanting my address. I knew there was only one reason. He arrived shortly after I had finished putting my groceries away. He took his belt off his pants. I thought so I could give him head. What he wanted was my ass to spank. No bare bottom spankings for me. He whipped my ass with his leather belt. I am such a submissive bitch. I laid on my back, so I could put my ass in the air. He used all his strength to whip me for being a cock tease at the grocery store. He said I was shaking my ass as I walked down the aisles begging to be spanked. Perhaps it was true. I tried to say I did it unconsciously, but he whipped me harder. I wanted to be fucked, but he was punishing me for being a cock tease. Fucking me would be a reward. My ass is still sore and raw, and it has been over 24 hours since he left. If I was a strong woman, I would never have given him my address. But, where is the fun in being a strong woman?

I Love Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved the feel of a strong male hand on my naked ass. When my daddy would spank me, I acted like I hated it, but secretly I loved every firm smack. Daddy got hard spanking my ass. Most men do. I think that is why men love to spank bare behinds, especially the bare behinds of younger girls. I am not a school girl anymore, but my Master is twice my age. He enjoys me wearing a Catholic school girl skirt with high heels and no panties. He has an array of things he likes to use on my ass. When I do spanking phone sex calls, I have an array of spanking devices that can be used too. Sadly, I can never spank my ass as hard as you can. Last night, Master came over for a spanking session. He only does that when he is stressed or angry. He takes it out on my ass. Normally, I only see him at work because he is married and old. He doesn’t even drive at night anymore. I guess his wife was at a church and he needed my ass. He took an Uber to my place. I was nervous because when he comes to my place, it is rarely fun for me. I bent over the chair per his instructions and he used his hand first. That was followed by a paddle. Finally, he used his belt. He broke the skin which rarely happens. He is an old man. He lacks the strength and endurance for spanking that he once had. Last night, he was channeling a young man because my ass has never been so sore. I had to sit on a bag of frozen corn the rest of the night.  Confession. My pussy has not been this wet in ages.

Bukkake Phone Sex with a Cum Sub

bukkake phone sexDo you like bukkake phone sex? I am a cum whore, so anything involving a ton of man seed is something I enjoy. Sometimes, I get cum baths in the most unexpected places too. Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. Nothing was wrong, just an annual checkup. The doctor was giving sports physicals to the local high school football team. I walked into the waiting room with a sea of teen boys. One of the boys asked me if I was the nurse. I don’t know what compelled me to lie, but I said yes. I think all that was on my mind was how many loads of cum I would get blowing a football team. I didn’t last long pretending to be the nurse. I didn’t even know how to listen to a heartbeat. I confessed that I was just a submissive slut who wanted to be gangbanged. I was in a small exam room with about 15 boys. No way no one didn’t notice that. The team captain ordered the boys to give the whore what she wanted. He locked the door and I fell to my knees. I guess at the very least I could give prostate exams. I drained balls into my tummy. I had so much cum inside me, I thought I might puke. I wanted to fuck them all too, but this wasn’t the right venue. I gave the captain my home address. I told him to bring his team to my place later, so I could show them what a good gangbang whore I am. They tore my holes up. I have rug burns on my knees and elbows. I didn’t get permission from my master to be such a dirty whore. You won’t tell him, will you? It was a once in a lifetime chance to be such a subby bitch to a group of teen boys.

submissive slut

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreI love being a bondage whore. Being tied up and at the mercy of others exhilarates me. I love being a slut in peril. I forget that not every man I play with honors the same code as my Master. We have safe words. I can be untied whenever I want with him. Sometimes he may tie me tighter than I am comfortable with, but he won’t leave me for dead for anything like that. His reputation matters more to him than my discomfort. That is not the case with my son and his friends. My son hates me. He blames me for everything that is wrong in his life. Friday night, he got made at me because I wouldn’t give him money to buy pot. I caught him trying to steal the money from my wallet and I threatened to call the police. He is 18. He could have been arrested. He smacked me, then tied me up to a chair in the living room naked. He invited a few of his friends over and they pissed and came on me. He charged his friends $20 a piece to do whatever they wanted to me. He raised his own money to get his weed and booze.  His friends invited a few friends too and before long, my son had made over a grand on his submissive slut mother. After they left, I begged him to untie me. I was covered in cum and piss, but he left the house and didn’t come home until last night. My own son left me tied to a chair for almost 2 full days while he got high. I had to piss on myself in the chair. I had no food or water either.  I don’t know if I hate him, or if I am proud to be his mamma.

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