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The binds were super tight.  I was standing on my tip toes over the railing trying not to bang my pussy down on the cool metal.  The vibrator was secured close to my clit.  Then came the breast binding.  I could feel the pressure almost right away.  I looked down at them as they started to turn purple.  You would flick your fingers over the nipples which caused me to try to back up, but I could not move an inch.  I was surprised at just how much that little movement from You hurt. 

My panties were stuffed inside my mouth, then there was bondage tape over that, making it hard for me to emit any sort of clear noise.  You told me that instead of the safe word you wanted me to lift my left leg up four times, then do the same with the right.  I have to admit that I was hurting which made it almost impossible to remember what I was supposed to do.  You turned on the Hitachi wand and it was making the metal vibrate as well.  The feeling was intense!

You brought over a dowel rod to quickly flick against my aching tits, as I was doing my best to stay on my toes.  I will not lie, I felt a little panicked at one point and almost came off of my toes.  I am not sure how I managed to stay in that position until You were through, but I did.  Your cock was so hard as You stood before me.  After a little bit I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life!  You immediately removed the vibrator, then untied my hands and tits.  When the blood rushed back into them it hurt so very much.  I lost my breath and I almost cried.

You bent me over the railing and had Your way with my pussy.  I felt You cum, You slapped my ass a few times and pulled out.  You spun me around, removed the bondage tape, took the panties out and told me what a good slut I was and am for You.

On Display

Bondage phone sexYou told me You wanted to do something a little different.  You wanted to put me on display for T/those in Your group.  You had told me about the group before.  Around fifty of same minded BDSM lovers.  You met once a month and during that time You would set up play dates, other meetings, and the annual fetish ball that is held each May.  It was Your turn to host the monthly meeting and You wanted to show me off.

I was not to speak at all, no matter what happened I was to keep my eyes lowered, and stay as still as possible.  As the Members would arrive You would show them around Your house, then bring them to look at me.  Many were impressed by the way You had me bound. They walked around me, commenting on fading bruises on my ass.  They also told You that I had a beautiful body.  All of You were speaking of me as if I weren’t even there.

I started to get a cramp in my thigh, but I managed to stay still.  It seemed like hours had passed, but in reality it had only been about twenty or so minutes.  I heard You excuse Yourself from the meeting, and You came to check on me.  You asked me if I was numb anywhere, or if I was cramping anywhere.  You gave permission for me to look up and speak.  I told You that I had a severe cramp in my thigh.  You got down the floor and released the binds that were keeping my thighs together, then You helped me stand up.  W/we walked around a little while until the cramp was gone.  You then placed me on a seat, then once again bound my thighs but in a different manner.  You instructed me that if I were to go numb, or cramp again, I was to call out Your name.

I sat there not moving, my neck was sore from keeping my head down.  My body started to shake and to be honest my ass was very sore.  You walked Your guests by me toward the door.  When They had all left, You took all my binds off.  You told me how proud You were of me.  How well I did, and how much Other’s were impressed by me.  I felt so proud, and for a treat, You allowed me to go home without having any tasks to be done until the next time W/we meet.  I am learning, and loving being Your submissive.


Spanking chatI am so very sorry.  I got caught up in the moment, and I forgot to serve You first.  I was talking to O/our mutual friends, I got up to get another drink not even looking at You as I did so.  I came back to see Your drink empty.  You turned the glass upside down and raised Your eyebrow at me.  I went right to You, took Your glass and refreshed Your drink.  When I handed it to You, You pulled me close so You could whisper in my ear that there would be a punishment to help remind me who comes first.

I sat down nervously by Your side, I no longer wanted my drink, I just wanted to be swallowed whole by the sofa W/we were sitting on.  The rest of the night I remembered that You come first.  I was hoping that by remembering and showing effort that the punishment would be forgotten.  W/we left the party and rode home. You were talkative the whole way to the house.  I was positive I had made up for my indiscretion that took place earlier in the evening.

I took Your jacket, and undressed You.  I started the shower for You then waited for You to finish.  You called me into the shower.  I stepped inside to see that you were sitting on the bench.  You motioned for me to come to You.  I stepped closer, You took me by the wrist and told me to lay over Your lap.  I did so.  You pulled my dress up to the small of my back, then spanked me first with Your hand, then the scrub brush.  The whole time You made me say that You come first after each swat.  I was in so much pain, You continued though for a little while longer. 

You had me stand up so that you could look at my face.  My make-up was smeared, my hair was soaked and clinging to my face.  You smiled at me and told me to go get changed, clean my face, dry my hair, then get into bed.  That night I pleased You with my mouth until You shot Your creamy gift down my throat.  I told you I would do better tomorrow.  You pulled me to You and told me that You knew I would.

Becoming His Pain Slut

BDSM phone sexI have discovered something about myself.  I love pain.  Well I do not love it, it hurts like a son of a bitch but I get off on it.  I didn’t even realize the effect it had on me until He mentioned it.  The ropes were tight against my pussy and clit.  Every once in a while He would come over to grab the rope and move it slightly.  It pinched my pussy lips and clit and caused me to gasp.

I couldn’t move at all, my legs and arms were firmly secured in place.  I wanted so badly to move them away from that area because the bite of the rope hurt more than anything else.  He knew that and would slap my tits because I was thinking about it.  He always knows.  He then took a crop and slapped it lightly against my pussy lips which caused the ropes to move even more.

The little taps became harder and harder.  I squeezed my eyes shut against the pain, and my body was shaking.  I was almost jumping off the bed, or as much as I could anyway, which wasn’t much.  He pulled his cock out, pulled the tape off my mouth, then stuck his cock down my throat so that I couldn’t breath for a few seconds.  He then smacked my already sore clit and lips with the crop again, He pulled His cock out, then dove back in.  He asked me if His slut loved pain.  I tried to shake my head no, He slapped my clit even harder.  I cried out. 

He asked me a few more times and each time I would frantically try to shake my head no while he was face fucking me slowly, and each time the crop would come down harder.  He put the crop down, bent over me, parted the ropes, shoved two fingers into my pussy and pulled them out.  He removed his hard cock from my mouth only to thrust His fingers in.  I could taste myself.  He looked down at me and said, “My slut loves pain or her pussy would not be pouring out juice like that.”  He pulled his fingers out to put His cock back in, He pushed His dick into my throat as far as He could and came.

He looked down at me and smiled.  He said, “My very own pain slut, who knew?”  He then slapped my clit over and over again, not hard, but hard enough.  I could feel the orgasm building.  I was shocked!  He said, “Tell me you are My pain slut.”  I couldn’t bring myself to say it.  He stopped.  He told me He wouldn’t continue until I admitted to what I was.  I almost screamed out, “I’m Your pain slut!”  I needed release so badly.  He kissed my lips then rubbed my clit until I came.  I wonder what other delicious torturous adventures await me.

Man Cave

Bondage phone sexHe told me He wanted some friends over and I was to make sure that I had everything prepared for Them.  I made sure the house was spotless, up to His standards, I also made sure that there were enough drinks, and food.  He toured His house to check over everything.  When He was done He came to me to say that He was well pleased.  I smiled.

His guests arrived and I was dressed in the clothing and shoes that He had provided for me. I welcomed each Man who walked through the door, taking Their coats, then leading Them downstairs to the Man Cave to watch the footballs games.  After All were situated, I made my way around the room, taking drink orders.  I could tell that All were looking at me, watching me.  I took care of everything.  I served them the food that I had lovingly prepared. All was going splendidly, until I dropped a tray of food in the kitchen.  I cleaned it up, then restocked the tray and made my way back downstairs.

When I entered the downstairs the game was off.  All were looking at me and He was standing up.  I knew right away that He knew that I had dropped the tray.  I wasn’t sure how though since the Kitchen was on the other side of the house.  I didn’t break anything, it just dropped.  He told me to put the tray down.  I became nervous.  He gestured for me to approach Him. 

Before I knew what was happening He had lifted my dress over my ass, pushed me over His lap, and started to paddle me.  He was using the new paddle He had made.  It was a dull thud against my backside, but it hurt none-the-less. I was trying not to cry at the pure humiliation of it all.  He was scolding me as if I were much younger.  The Other’s were encouraging Him, telling Him to give me more swats so that I could learn my lesson.

When He was through, He thought it best that I be tied to the post in a stress position until the game that was playing was over.  He tied me tightly, not speaking to me as he did so.  The rope bit into my skin, I would have marks that would be need to be covered at the office.  He turned the game back on and They all watched without so much as giving me a second glance.

Great Lengths

Bondage S&M

He told me to be careful.  He wants me to have a good time while I am out with my friends but to pay attention to my surroundings, keep my head about me.  I told him I would before I hung up the phone.  I got dressed, then drove to the club.  I was meeting friends, and since I had to get up early in the morning I drove there myself.  I made sure that I only had one glass of Champagne, so I could leave early and get home in time.  The rest of the evening I drank sparkling water. 

I am not sure what happened, but when I left I was just about to my car when I started to feel incredibly dizzy.  I had to hold onto the car so that I could stay on my feet, I had just opened up my door and then everything changed. When I woke up I was in the back of a mini-van, there were two men driving.  I had  no clue where we were, it was very dark out so I knew we weren’t near any big towns, or a city.  I started to panic and I felt like I was going to get sick.

Eventually we pulled over and I was shaking because I was terrified. My legs and wrists were secured and I had no way to get the duct tape off.  I was yanked from the back of the mini-van, and placed in between the two men so I could hop my way to the front of the vehicle.  One of them secured a piece of duct tape over my mouth.  The passenger door was still open and I was bent over the seat.  My legs and ass were outside the vehicle while my tits were pressed up against the actual seat.

The first sting happened suddenly.  It cut through the skin on my ass cheek as if it was made of butter.  I cried out, the second was hard but I could tell it wasn’t as sharp as the first, but it still hurt more than I could bare.  Sweat covered my body, I was trying to wiggle around, to get away, but that was not possible.  A third, fourth, and fifth lash came down just as hard.  I was sobbing.  Then I felt something thick and wet squirted between my ass cheeks.  I had no idea of what it was but then I felt the first four fingers burst their way into my asshole.  The whipping was bad enough but this brought on a whole new level of pain.

I tried to beg through the duct tape, it came out as just a muffled whimper.  I felt the last knuckle of the thumb penetrate my ass, then I felt a fist form.  I was being fisted and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I kept praying, pleading, crying, and anything else I could think of to make it stop.  I felt the fist slip from my ass and there was an overwhelming sense of relief.  I could tell my asshole was gaping open.  Then I felt his cock, ramming at full speed into me.  At that point I had given up, I told myself that if perhaps I tried to enjoy what was happening that maybe I would.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath through my nose and pushed back against the eager cock.  His hand slipped between my legs and my clit was pinched hard.  I yelped again, but I liked it, I liked the pain.  His fingers started to softly stroke my clit, then it would be pinched again.  This went on until He came deep inside of me. 

I was turned around roughly while the man took his Balaclava off.  It was Him, my Sir whom I had spoken to before I left to spend time with my friends.  He looked at me and said, “Next time do as you are told instead of ignoring your surroundings.  This could of been really bad for you, I hoped you learned your lesson.” 

Anal Training

Bondage phone sexHe wants me to be able to take a huge dildo in my ass without whimpering.  Although I think deep down inside He loves when I whimper when He is harsh with me.  The first thrust is always the hardest to take, there is a little lube but really nothing else except for my pussy juice.  He had been using me for a hour when He decided that some anal training would be added to the day’s play.

He pressed it in with a hard steady push.  I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to cry out, but having a ball gag in your mouth makes it impossible to do so.  All you hear is a muffled cry.  He kept asking me if it was too much, I would nod my head yes, and He would wait.  Then He would push the dildo in farther and farther until it was completely filling me.  Of course the body wants to force whatever is being placed in your ass out, so it kept on slipping. He told me to use my muscles to keep it in, but that just caused it to slip out faster.

Again I think He enjoyed this as each time it would slip Hwould swat me across my ass hard, over and over, then push it back in.  This went on for a good amount of time until He came around to my face, took the ball gag off, shoved His hard dick into my mouth and unloaded his ball sack fully into the back of my throat

He told me that next time we would go with something bigger, and we would do so until He was satisfied and I could walk around without a harness and without the toy falling from me.  This will take a lot of work and makes me wonder just how big we are going to go.

Proper Public Subby Wear

Submissive Whore

I am a little bit nervous.  I have made contact with a Dom and He wanted to meet in real time.  We have spoken online a lot at a Fetish site and it is time to move onto a real time meet.  He told me to wear what ever I wanted because this will just be to see if we get along well enough to move onto a real time arrangement.  However, I am so nervous.  What if him asking me choose my own clothing is a test?  How do I choose. 

Maybe I shouldn’t be worried, but something is telling me to choose wisely.  I asked him last night what sort of things does he like for a woman to wear.  I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, “Surprise me.”  This is very important to me so I do not want to mess it up.  I need help in choosing.

What type of things do you like to see your subs in when you meet in public?  Is there something specific that all subs wear that they should never be without when out with a Dominant?  I googled some things but cannot find anything.  I was thinking of wearing some sexy lingerie under a very sexy, yet appropriate dress as the place we are going to meet is rather upscale and I do not want to embarrass him in any way.

If I wore something like stockings, and sexy lingerie would you find that appealing, or would that not be what you would be expecting for a first meet?  Please help!

Aching For You

Submissive phone sexEvery part of me aches with want of You.  I want to feel Your strong hands against my soft skin.  The sweet lash of Your single tail whip against my back, thighs, and ass.  I want to feel the bite of clamps against my tender nipples.  Your harsh demeaning words ringing in my ears.  To feel the rope press into my flesh as You tie Your toy tight.

I have never craved something so much in my life.  I know how that all feels, how You work your magic over Your whore.  The stress positions that You leave me in for a time until I beg for You to allow me to do your bidding.  This cunt is Yours, and Yours alone.  It belongs to no-one but You.  Every shallow breath, each soft moan, each gasp, and each orgasm is Yours.  Yours to allow or deny. 

I am here for You.  What type of slut do You wish for me to be for You today Sir? W/we have played so many times and each time I hear Your voice I melt.  I love the role-plays that You think up.  Your slut enjoys her time with You.  Thank You Sir, for blessing me with Your voice, and Your time.  I am forever grateful.

His New Fuck Doll

BDSM phone sex

From the moment W/we stepped into His house He took control.  I met Him at a gathering for the Charity that I do work for.  He was very handsome, you could tell from just the way He carried Himself that He possessed power.  He caught me looking at Him a few times, I was mesmerized by Him. He pulled me to the side to simply say, “You want to fuck Me. Don’t you?”  I was taken aback by His forwardness.  I managed a meager nod of my head.  He smiled and told me I would have to earn that then He walked away.  I wasn’t sure what He had meant by that, however, I was soon to find out.

After the gathering I was heading to my car when I heard His voice call me over to Him.  He took my phone to put His address in my GPS then told me to be there no later than 11:00 p.m.  He left.  I wasn’t sure if I would actually go, but He did.  I only had forty-five minutes to get there.  I got into my car and drove.  I kept having doubts about just going to a stranger’s house like this.

The door was open, I cautiously walked in to find Him sitting in a chair drinking a night cap.  He just looked at me, I felt rather awkward just standing there.  I felt somehow exposed.  His silence was unsettling.  He told me to put my clutch down and strip.  I am not sure why but I did just that.  He instructed me in detail how to take each item off, I had to listen very carefully.  Once I was down to my lingerie He had me stop.

He got up to walk around me.  His hand was on my ass, He slapped it hard, so hard in fact that I almost lost my footing.  I had to hold onto the chaise that was there to remain standing.  He placed His hand between my shoulder blades, pushing softly to indicate that He wanted me to bend over.  I did so.  He leaned over me, His hand went to my throat.  He applied pressure, squeezing slightly.  He kicked my feet apart, His other hand went up between my legs.  He then asked me if I wanted this.  I softly said, “Yes.”  He said, “Yes what?” I said, “yes please!”  He brought His hand down hard on my left ass cheek.  He said, “Yes. What.”  I said, “Yes please … Sir.”  He told me I was going to be a good fuck doll.

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