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Submissive Whore Bo Loves Torturous Fun

Master loves to edge and tease his submissive whore and knows how much it drives me mad to not be allowed to cum. I am so turned on by being a pain slut and the mere notion of not being allowed to cum has me so fucking worked up. I get forcibly face fucked by Master with his big fuck rod and it is so good to gag and choke down that I am dripping thinking about how good Master’s cock in my throbbing wet cunt.

Master pinches my clit and rubs at it while he attaches nipple clamps to my big ole breasts and erect sensitive nipples and all of this drives me so fucking insane to the brink of squirting but Master doesn’t allow me to cum until he says so. Sometimes that is like never! He torments me so much and I just want to worship Masters beautiful cock.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Sex: What I Crave From Master

Submissive Sex

I’m always a good horny submissive sex loving whore for dominant men and women. My latest Master loved how fucking wet I got the more he punished me. He would take my hairbrush and spank my ass with it while taking a vibrating wand to my clit making me squirm so fucking bad. I can never hold back with this Master he knows just how to get my cunt squirting and it angers him when I cum without his permission.

We both know I love it though his anger thrills the fuck out of me making him rougher in turn me wetter and so fucking horny. He will tease the fuck out of me and one time tied me up and left me squirming and horny as fuck for a good hour before returning and shoving his throbbing huge cock in my hungry cunt.

Bare Bottom Spankings Excite Me

I’m a naughty submissive and the feeling of open handed bare bottom spankings on my sweet ass really make my cunt juicy. I can’t help but grind my pussy with every grazing of Master’s hand on my bare ass. It’s my pleasure to serve Master and when I act out I expect to get my bare tush spanked, just like daddy used to do when I was a bad girl. I loved when daddy put me over his knee and spanked me, and he would always graze my pussy with his fingers, and THAT really got me wet. My daddy caught on to my acting up on purpose just so I can get his spankins and attention. Daddy decided one time that I would get a new kind of punishment after he spanked me. He slid his daddy cock in my wet little pussy and was always scolding me about how naughty I am for having such a wet cunt when he spanks me, and I just can’t help it!

Bare Bottom Spankings Bo

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex with SubSlut Bo

Get the fix for some extreme fetish phone sex with a real subslut. I’m a lifestyle submissive and love every bit of being a submissive for a kinkt Master. My taboos are none and kinks are many. Some of the best times have been bound and have forced stimulation with a variety of devices fashioned to torture me for hours on end.

I have been the focal point in a human toilet party where you can only image what I endured, pure fucking filth and lots of golden showers. I was once taken to a glory hole and forced to drain every cock that was offered to me and I had to swallow every load. I was kept there for 4 hours of servicing a wide range of cocks. I find this all to be very exhilarating.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

Bondage Whore Worships Cock

This bondage whore is a total cock worshipping submissive that will take whatever you want to feed her from that beautiful cock.Make me your piss whore urinal or human toilet. I want to take whatever Master wants to give me.

I’m an absolute submissive for home invasion scenes where you bound me and torture me and fantasy rape every hole. You bring your four legged friend along and let them also use me. I’m here to be at your service Master and I have no say in how I am treated. I have no taboos for my Master and am willing to please him by worshipping his cock and taking his golden showers and to beg him for his cum shots to please grace my flesh.

Bondage whore

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex with Subslut Bo

Your need of extremefetish phone sex can be met with sub slut Bo. Use me as a urinal, toilet, or cum dumpster and humiliate the hell out me. I guarantee you will be able to use me to any extremes and making me beg for more or for forgiveness, it’s your call.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

The other night I was walking home from the store I work at part time when out of nowhere I was grabbed a pillow case thrown over my head and my wrists quickly bound with zip ties. I was shoved into an SUV with heavily tinted windows where they bound my wrists better with duct tape after they stripped me. The drive was brief and I was hauled into an empty warehouse that had an old mattress in the middle and about 20 men drinking and drugging and they started cheering as I was being carried in like some trophy.

Tossed to the mattress naked and bound I was pushed, pulled, smacked, fucked and used against my will by all the men present. It went on for hours and in the end I was covered in piss and cum like a filthy dive stripper club bathroom floor.

Submissive Sex Video Viewing Fun

You need some company with a naughty submissive sex whore that loves BDSM porn videos. We can discuss the things you wish to try on me and get ideas on how your new little subby can please her big bad Master.

Submissive Sex

I’ve had Masters bind my breasts with rope and hogtie me, gag me, and forcefully use toys on my cunt and ass. I’ve have electric tens units used on my cunt as I was force face fucked. These ideas my Master’s have gotten from the videos and this little subby loves being bound and rape phone sex fantasies acted out on me. The last Master I had was so into watching these videos with me that he had the room wired with a multitude of screens playing video of our sessions. Those really seem to fuel him hardness towards me and it makes my cunt drip.

Sexy Bondage Whore Willingly Submits

I will submit to a true Master and be his own personal sexy bondage whore. Tie me up and beat me or tie me down and tease me, I am at your service Master. I will be your cum slut phone sex whore or the punching bag you require with all that aggression you have built up over the work week.

Let me be of service Master I promise to be a good submissive whore for you and all of your friends. I really loved the time this Master I had who was a biker abused and used me. He let all of his biker buddies take turns on fucking my gaping ass and cunt as they tied me up on the rack in the bar that held the pool cues. How would you restrain or train me?

Sexy Bondage

Bondage Whore Bo is Here to Serve Master

I’m a good submissive that is a total bondage whore when it comes to a kinky Master to tie me up and abuse me. I love pain, humiliation, and cock. Some of the hottest sessions have been multiple men using my fuck holes for their pleasure as they caused me pain with multiple penetrations of cock and various items.

As a lover of bare bottom spankings it’s often that my ass gets so red and sore that it’s almost orgasm producing for me keeping my snatch nice and wet all the time. I fucking love having my nipples tortured and being forced to drink cum and piss. So if this is something that might peek your curiosity to play with me then by all means call me and use me as your very own submissive sex slave!

Bondage whore

Submissive Whore Has Been Naughty

Master really enjoys a naughty submissive whore doesn’t he? He gets so hard when he gets to put his hot little subby over his knee for some bare bottom spankings. It is always a pleasure to feel Master’s big powerful hands on my bare sensitive flesh. I can not deny that my pussy gets so wet when I anticipate my punishments from my Master.

 Submissive Whore

I really hope you can be my next Master and that I can be a naughty little vixen of submissive sex for my burly and stern Master. What sort of punishments are your favorite to administer to your submissives? I am always curious as to ways I can please Master in my being Naughty. What sort of things can I do that will upset you enough to spank, whip, or torture me? I desire my Master to be pleased with me and to give me all the punishments I crave… er… earned.

bare bottom spankings

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