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Mistaken Identity

Bondage phone sexHow do you tell when the Man you are seeing is actually married even though he said he was divorced? By getting taken because he owes money to someone and they think you are his wife!  What a bastard!  All I was doing was walking away from our Coffee Date.  Then, bam!  Right into a car!  These guys kept telling me they wouldn’t let me go until you made good on the money you owed them.  I kept trying to tell them that I wasn’t your wife.  Guess what? They showed me pictures of her and she looks almost like me! 

When they called you and told you that they had me, you fucking hung up!  Do you know what I had to fucking go through because you didn’t have the balls to step up? You are nothing but a pussy, and here I thought you were that strong, Dominant Man I had been searching for.  I should of just stuck with what I have.  I will never make that mistake again.  I contacted you with permission from my Sir.  He told me to gain experience so he was all for it. 

I talked them into calling my Sir, who promptly came to my rescue.  That’s right, he paid for my release, however, you aren’t off the hook.  Not in the least.  My Sir had a very long conversation with the lead guy, and now they are really coming for you.  I gave them all the information I had on you, where you work, all your phone numbers, what your vehicles look like, what hours you work, were you go after work.  They know it all asshole!  I hope they tear your ass up, literally!

Exposed For His Pleasure

Bare bottom spankingsAbsolutely nothing makes a submissive or slave feel more vulnerable then to be placed in a position which exposes their pussies and assholes. I am pretty sure it is due to our conditioning.  We are taught from a young age that we are to keep those areas of ourselves covered.  When you are put into a tied position where you have no control over what happens to them it is a bit exciting and frightening. 

The first time I was ever in a position like that I was spanked. Hard!  Not just on my ass, but my pussy lips, asshole and clit.  Various implements were used as well as a bare hand.  At first I was thinking that it wasn’t so bad because I really enjoyed being spanked. A spanking that starts out slow to only become more and more harsh is my favorite.  However, when I then saw Him grab a crop I tensed up. I knew right away that He was going to punish my pussy with it.

He didn’t go straight to my pussy though.  He struck me once across my asshole.  I howled. I wasn’t expecting it, it hurt so much I almost lost my breath. It was akin to jumping into freezing cold water.  I saw stars.  He waited a little bit, then struck again, not as hard as the first time, but it still hurt.  From there He moved to my pussy lips.  That didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the swats I received intermittently against my tender asshole.  I could see how hard He was becoming.

I am not sure how long this went on.  It seemed like hours, but in actuality, it was more like a few minutes. He turned me on my side on the bench I was on so that He could remove my gag and shove His cock into my mouth.  When I could taste His pre-cum He rolled me onto my back, stepped to the end of the bench and shoved His extremely hard cock into my ass.

I was whimpering, trying to hold back tears from the pain.  Then He placed His thumb onto my clit so that He could make me cum as He was unloading his jizz into my ass. 

Falling In Love With Latex

Erotic submissive storiesI have found that I love this stuff!  Yes it can be a pain in the ass to get it on.  Once on however, the feeling is exquisite!  There are a couple of things I have to remember though.  I have to make sure I stay very well hydrated, and that I try to stay at a constant temperature, otherwise I could over heat, and I do not want that because I really love to keep it on for a while.  If you have not tried latex yet I implore you to do so.

I think it would make a perfect gift for your submissive.  However, take them with you when you shop.  You do not want to pay a lot of money for something that fits poorly.  Ill fitting garments can cause problems.  If they are too tight, or have a wrinkle somewhere, it can cut off circulation which would cause nerve damage, it could also cause you to dangerously over heat.  I am sure you all already knew that though.

Imagine I’m there with you, wearing a form fitting, soft latex cat suit.  The way it would feel when you run your hands over it would not only feel incredible for you, but for me as well.  Plus seeing your sub in something so erotic looking wouldn’t be a bad thing for your magnificent cock either! I can completely understand why wearing Latex is a fetish in of it’s self. 

The way it feels on your skin, wow, that’s all I can, wow.  One of my friends came over not all that long ago and she saw one of my skirts.  She asked if she could try it on.  I told her sure.  I helped put it on her, but within a few minutes she started to get extremely itchy.  Instead of saying something she endured it for about forty minutes then she said she had to take it off.  It seems that my friend has a little bit of a allergy to latex and she has red bumps in the shape of the skirt on her skin for a bit.  I thought it was funny, but only after I gave her something for the allergy. 

Cleaning House

Bondage phone sexWe have an understanding.  You know that I have a very lucrative private life, and that I also have my own things to take care of at my house.  This was discussed before we started our relationship.  You also know that I am positively Obsessive Compulsive when it comes to cleaning and having things done on a schedule.  You witnessed this yourself when I had a panic attack because I could not get home in time to feed my dog.  She is fed at a certain time every single day, and I never deviate from that.

When you called to say you wanted to come over I was going to say no because this was my time as we discussed.  You assured me it wasn’t for play or anything related to D/s, you just wanted to come over and chat while I did what I had to do.  I told you as long as you sat in one place and didn’t mind periods of being alone as I cleaned the other rooms it would be fine.  You came in and took your shoes off then sat on one of the stools at the counter.  I had finished all other rooms by the time you had arrived.  I only had the kitchen to do and that was almost done too.

We talked as I washed the dishes.  Then I heard you push your stool back to walk up behind me.  You put your hands on my shoulders and kissed my neck.  This was unusual, it threw me off, I wasn’t sure how to respond.  You whispered in my ear that you would like for me to put a pair of heels on while I finished the dishes.  I turned toward you and told you that I do not allow shoes to be worn in my house.  You slapped me on the ass hard and requested it again.  I told you once more that I really did not want to due to the fact that it is just not done in my house.  You slapped my ass again and said, “Please.”

I have never heard you say please.  I relented.  With each step I took I took a mental note of where I stepped so that I could re-wash the floors and vacuum again.  Every time the bottom of my heels came in contact with the floor I cringed a little bit.  I returned to doing dishes.  You then started to move around the things in one of my cupboards.  I was starting to get angry.  You know that my Disorder isn’t anything made up, it is real.  I tried to ignore you but I could feel my body tense up.  You grabbed me and picked me up.  You took me into the living room and tied me up.  I was so pissed!

You then sat me on my kitchen floor and you could tell I was not happy.  You however, were delighted.  You started to move things around, teasing me with it.  I could feel myself on the verge of hyperventilating.  I felt squeezed, my lungs felt like they couldn’t fill up all the way.  The need to fix what you had messed up was overwhelming!  I was so frustrated!  You did all this with a smile on your face, speaking in a pleasant happy tone the whole time.  I had reached my limit.  I writhed against the binds, swear words flew out of my mouth, I didn’t care about any discipline I might receive for speaking to you like that, I was beyond livid.  After all, you stated that there would be no D/s play today.

You finally chuckled, came over to me, untied me and let me up. I told you to leave!  You refused and instead, you put things back exactly as they had been.  You even allowed me to take off my heels, and you vacuumed and scrubbed the floors that I had stepped on.  I didn’t know what to say. Then you came to me, placed a long kiss on my lips and said, “Just because this is your house doesn’t mean you aren’t still mine when you are in it. Always remember that.”

Evening Jog

Rape phone sex fantasies

A few of the women at work were talking about the jogging trail close to our building.  They were saying over the past two weeks a few women had been assaulted while jogging. This was concerning as a lot of us used that trail during our lunch or after work.   I decided that I would stick to the jogging trail near my home instead.  When I got home I changed my clothing and quickly hurried out the door to get my jog in before it got too dark.  I had my music playing and I was actually having a nice run when out of no where I was knocked off my feet.  Before I could even say anything a gloved hand was clamped down hard on my mouth. 

I am in pretty good shape so I put up a good fight.  I thought I was going to get away when another pair of hands grabbed my arms.  I was stripped down to my panties and bra and secured.  The two assailants were bending over to try to catch their breath.  I knew that at least one of my kicks landed because one of them was limping when he came over to me.  He grabbed me by my hair, yanked my head back and spit in my face.  The other one came over and wiped it off.  He gave the first guy a very dirty look, as if he should know better.

I was trying to take everything in about them because I knew I was going to have dick inside of me and it would be very much against my will.   The first guy went behind me to push me off the log they had me sitting on.  I landed face first, I slowly moved my head to the side.  I knew my nose was bleeding.  I could feel, and hear my panties being ripped off.  A hard cock was shoved inside my pussy, he was calling me names but I was still stunned from smacking my forehead and nose against the ground.

The second one stood by my head, he pulled out his dick and pissed all over my back.  For someone worried about spit he sure wasn’t worried about his piss being soaked into my bra and what was left of my panties.  It started to seep around the gag they had put into my mouth, I could taste it.  The guy behind me had finished, but they weren’t leaving.  They were sitting on the log they had me on previously.  It sounded like they were drinking something.  Again I felt someone behind me, this time my pussy was not the intended target.  It was my asshole.  Being dry fucked in the ass hurts like a son of a bitch.  I thought for sure that when he finished my anus had been torn.

When they were done having their way with me they cut the ties loose, took the gag out of my mouth, tossed my clothes at me then left.  My nose was throbbing from the pain, as was my head, pussy and poor asshole.  I made my way back home, wiped my ass, and pussy off with a towel and put it in a plastic bag.  I then took a shower, as I was reliving the event in my head I found myself getting wetter and wetter.  It wasn’t from the water, I was getting wet from arousal.

I got out of the shower, grabbed one of my toys and fucked myself with it, hard, just like those two men did.  I found myself cumming over and over.  When I was done, I took the towel and tossed it in the washer.  Other than a bloody nose and a small knot on my head there really wasn’t any physical damage and that would heal.  I just might go for another jog next week after I heal up a little better.  I wonder if they will remember me.

Intense Play Time

Erotic submissive stories

The binds were super tight.  I was standing on my tip toes over the railing trying not to bang my pussy down on the cool metal.  The vibrator was secured close to my clit.  Then came the breast binding.  I could feel the pressure almost right away.  I looked down at them as they started to turn purple.  You would flick your fingers over the nipples which caused me to try to back up, but I could not move an inch.  I was surprised at just how much that little movement from You hurt. 

My panties were stuffed inside my mouth, then there was bondage tape over that, making it hard for me to emit any sort of clear noise.  You told me that instead of the safe word you wanted me to lift my left leg up four times, then do the same with the right.  I have to admit that I was hurting which made it almost impossible to remember what I was supposed to do.  You turned on the Hitachi wand and it was making the metal vibrate as well.  The feeling was intense!

You brought over a dowel rod to quickly flick against my aching tits, as I was doing my best to stay on my toes.  I will not lie, I felt a little panicked at one point and almost came off of my toes.  I am not sure how I managed to stay in that position until You were through, but I did.  Your cock was so hard as You stood before me.  After a little bit I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life!  You immediately removed the vibrator, then untied my hands and tits.  When the blood rushed back into them it hurt so very much.  I lost my breath and I almost cried.

You bent me over the railing and had Your way with my pussy.  I felt You cum, You slapped my ass a few times and pulled out.  You spun me around, removed the bondage tape, took the panties out and told me what a good slut I was and am for You.

On Display

Bondage phone sexYou told me You wanted to do something a little different.  You wanted to put me on display for T/those in Your group.  You had told me about the group before.  Around fifty of same minded BDSM lovers.  You met once a month and during that time You would set up play dates, other meetings, and the annual fetish ball that is held each May.  It was Your turn to host the monthly meeting and You wanted to show me off.

I was not to speak at all, no matter what happened I was to keep my eyes lowered, and stay as still as possible.  As the Members would arrive You would show them around Your house, then bring them to look at me.  Many were impressed by the way You had me bound. They walked around me, commenting on fading bruises on my ass.  They also told You that I had a beautiful body.  All of You were speaking of me as if I weren’t even there.

I started to get a cramp in my thigh, but I managed to stay still.  It seemed like hours had passed, but in reality it had only been about twenty or so minutes.  I heard You excuse Yourself from the meeting, and You came to check on me.  You asked me if I was numb anywhere, or if I was cramping anywhere.  You gave permission for me to look up and speak.  I told You that I had a severe cramp in my thigh.  You got down the floor and released the binds that were keeping my thighs together, then You helped me stand up.  W/we walked around a little while until the cramp was gone.  You then placed me on a seat, then once again bound my thighs but in a different manner.  You instructed me that if I were to go numb, or cramp again, I was to call out Your name.

I sat there not moving, my neck was sore from keeping my head down.  My body started to shake and to be honest my ass was very sore.  You walked Your guests by me toward the door.  When They had all left, You took all my binds off.  You told me how proud You were of me.  How well I did, and how much Other’s were impressed by me.  I felt so proud, and for a treat, You allowed me to go home without having any tasks to be done until the next time W/we meet.  I am learning, and loving being Your submissive.


Spanking chatI am so very sorry.  I got caught up in the moment, and I forgot to serve You first.  I was talking to O/our mutual friends, I got up to get another drink not even looking at You as I did so.  I came back to see Your drink empty.  You turned the glass upside down and raised Your eyebrow at me.  I went right to You, took Your glass and refreshed Your drink.  When I handed it to You, You pulled me close so You could whisper in my ear that there would be a punishment to help remind me who comes first.

I sat down nervously by Your side, I no longer wanted my drink, I just wanted to be swallowed whole by the sofa W/we were sitting on.  The rest of the night I remembered that You come first.  I was hoping that by remembering and showing effort that the punishment would be forgotten.  W/we left the party and rode home. You were talkative the whole way to the house.  I was positive I had made up for my indiscretion that took place earlier in the evening.

I took Your jacket, and undressed You.  I started the shower for You then waited for You to finish.  You called me into the shower.  I stepped inside to see that you were sitting on the bench.  You motioned for me to come to You.  I stepped closer, You took me by the wrist and told me to lay over Your lap.  I did so.  You pulled my dress up to the small of my back, then spanked me first with Your hand, then the scrub brush.  The whole time You made me say that You come first after each swat.  I was in so much pain, You continued though for a little while longer. 

You had me stand up so that you could look at my face.  My make-up was smeared, my hair was soaked and clinging to my face.  You smiled at me and told me to go get changed, clean my face, dry my hair, then get into bed.  That night I pleased You with my mouth until You shot Your creamy gift down my throat.  I told you I would do better tomorrow.  You pulled me to You and told me that You knew I would.

Becoming His Pain Slut

BDSM phone sexI have discovered something about myself.  I love pain.  Well I do not love it, it hurts like a son of a bitch but I get off on it.  I didn’t even realize the effect it had on me until He mentioned it.  The ropes were tight against my pussy and clit.  Every once in a while He would come over to grab the rope and move it slightly.  It pinched my pussy lips and clit and caused me to gasp.

I couldn’t move at all, my legs and arms were firmly secured in place.  I wanted so badly to move them away from that area because the bite of the rope hurt more than anything else.  He knew that and would slap my tits because I was thinking about it.  He always knows.  He then took a crop and slapped it lightly against my pussy lips which caused the ropes to move even more.

The little taps became harder and harder.  I squeezed my eyes shut against the pain, and my body was shaking.  I was almost jumping off the bed, or as much as I could anyway, which wasn’t much.  He pulled his cock out, pulled the tape off my mouth, then stuck his cock down my throat so that I couldn’t breath for a few seconds.  He then smacked my already sore clit and lips with the crop again, He pulled His cock out, then dove back in.  He asked me if His slut loved pain.  I tried to shake my head no, He slapped my clit even harder.  I cried out. 

He asked me a few more times and each time I would frantically try to shake my head no while he was face fucking me slowly, and each time the crop would come down harder.  He put the crop down, bent over me, parted the ropes, shoved two fingers into my pussy and pulled them out.  He removed his hard cock from my mouth only to thrust His fingers in.  I could taste myself.  He looked down at me and said, “My slut loves pain or her pussy would not be pouring out juice like that.”  He pulled his fingers out to put His cock back in, He pushed His dick into my throat as far as He could and came.

He looked down at me and smiled.  He said, “My very own pain slut, who knew?”  He then slapped my clit over and over again, not hard, but hard enough.  I could feel the orgasm building.  I was shocked!  He said, “Tell me you are My pain slut.”  I couldn’t bring myself to say it.  He stopped.  He told me He wouldn’t continue until I admitted to what I was.  I almost screamed out, “I’m Your pain slut!”  I needed release so badly.  He kissed my lips then rubbed my clit until I came.  I wonder what other delicious torturous adventures await me.

Man Cave

Bondage phone sexHe told me He wanted some friends over and I was to make sure that I had everything prepared for Them.  I made sure the house was spotless, up to His standards, I also made sure that there were enough drinks, and food.  He toured His house to check over everything.  When He was done He came to me to say that He was well pleased.  I smiled.

His guests arrived and I was dressed in the clothing and shoes that He had provided for me. I welcomed each Man who walked through the door, taking Their coats, then leading Them downstairs to the Man Cave to watch the footballs games.  After All were situated, I made my way around the room, taking drink orders.  I could tell that All were looking at me, watching me.  I took care of everything.  I served them the food that I had lovingly prepared. All was going splendidly, until I dropped a tray of food in the kitchen.  I cleaned it up, then restocked the tray and made my way back downstairs.

When I entered the downstairs the game was off.  All were looking at me and He was standing up.  I knew right away that He knew that I had dropped the tray.  I wasn’t sure how though since the Kitchen was on the other side of the house.  I didn’t break anything, it just dropped.  He told me to put the tray down.  I became nervous.  He gestured for me to approach Him. 

Before I knew what was happening He had lifted my dress over my ass, pushed me over His lap, and started to paddle me.  He was using the new paddle He had made.  It was a dull thud against my backside, but it hurt none-the-less. I was trying not to cry at the pure humiliation of it all.  He was scolding me as if I were much younger.  The Other’s were encouraging Him, telling Him to give me more swats so that I could learn my lesson.

When He was through, He thought it best that I be tied to the post in a stress position until the game that was playing was over.  He tied me tightly, not speaking to me as he did so.  The rope bit into my skin, I would have marks that would be need to be covered at the office.  He turned the game back on and They all watched without so much as giving me a second glance.

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