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Choke the Life Out of Me

torture phone sex

I want you to relax and just imagine exactly what I’m about to say to you. You are in bed with me and you’re fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. You like it a little rough and so do I, so I ask you to wrap your hands around my neck and choke me until I am about to lose consciousness. Then you let go and go back to fucking me nice and hard.

But see, I like it a little rougher than that and it’s my dream to find someone who will actually go through with my snuff fantasy. I want you to fuck me, make me cum, and then wrap your hands back around my throat and don’t stop until I stop responding to you. The thought of that turns me on so much and it’s something that only you have had the bravery to agree to so far. Do you think you’ll have the guts to go through with what I want? Do you think you’ll actually be able to wrap your hands around my neck and squeeze the life out of me while we’re fucking? If that’s one of the twisted taboo fantasies you have too, call me.


Hog Tied

submissive phone sex

I know that I am nothing but a fuck slut to you, Sir. The only thing I’m good for is fucking and I know that you will use any of my holes anytime you like. I will gladly get down on my knees and open my mouth so you can fuck my throat, Sir. I know how much you love to gag me and make my eyes water. It pleases me to do that for you. I’m useless in every other way, so the least I can do for you is be your fuck doll. I will do anything you want me to do, no matter how much it hurts or how much it humiliates me. That’s what I deserve since I’m a whore.

I especially love it when you tie me spread eagle on your bed and let all of your friends come in and use me. You always tell them that they can do anything they want to me with no consequences. Sometimes they choke me until I can barely breathe, sometimes they turn me over and spank me until my ass is raw, and sometimes they just double and triple team me. I’m so small that I can barely fit those two cocks when they double penetrate me, but I just tell them how much I love pleasing them since that’s the only thing I am good for.

What do you think you’ll do to your submissive phone sex slut today, Sir? Just let me know how I may please you. You know that I am the kind of girl who will do anything you want and will never let you down. I thank you for the opportunity to make you happy. I know that I will be sore and used up when you’re done, but it’s worth it Sir.


Do You Have What I need?

extreme fetish phone sex

I’m currently on the prowl for a more extreme Master. Seems as though my last one got a little soft on me. No pun intended. Ideally, I need one who isn’t afraid to treat me like the worthless, pathetic cum dumpster that I am. The meaner the better. If you know how to keep me in my place, then I would be ever so loyal as your pet whore.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have known my place as a woman, and it pleases me greatly to serve the right Master.  One who disregards my desires completely. One who isn’t worried about offending me because let’s face it, I deserve every bit of it.

Tell me how you’d mistreat your little slut. Would you cock slap me randomly? Bind me up to things and give me rope burn and bruises when I’ve misbehaved?

The goal is to keep me where I belong. A humbled, useless cunt hole for you to enjoy and dispose of at your leisure.

You will control literally every aspect of my life. I want zero independence. Every outfit will be decided by you. How often I work out and what I eat is all up to you. Hell, even when and if I’m allowed to use the restroom is completely in your hands.

Tortured Slut

torture phone sex

Every time I hear your voice on the phone my pussy tingles with both fear and arousal. ‘How will my Master abuse me, today?’ I ask myself.

Will you whip me in the face with that big fat cock of yours? Will you tie me up tightly and make me beg for forgiveness? I’ll tell you how worthless and pathetic I am for being an inferior slut, as you verbally put me in my place .

I love how you manhandle and keep me restrained. I’m a worthless whore and having you as my Master keeps me in check.

Often you enjoy shackling me to the bed and leave me lying there for hours, wondering when and even if you’ll ever return to release me. It’s rather frightening to be honest, but I’m addicted to your conditional affection. It keeps me waiting with bated breath, wondering what lies in store ahead.

I know you love it when I’m breathless, too. *Smirks playfully*


Tied Up and Used

submissive slut

He told me to meet him in room 409 at the Marriott while I was there in Vegas a few weeks back. He’s somebody I’d seen on a number of occasions before and we had established a pretty trusting S&M sexual relationship.

When I walked into the room, there he stood with two fellow colleagues of his. Lying there on the bed was quite a bit of rope and he’d said, ‘This is all you’ll be wearing for me, tonight.’  

I eagerly undressed because as you very well know by now, I am the ultimate rope bunny.

He began to tie me up as he said ‘Tonight we’ll be feeding you loads of cum because you’ve been such a good slut and you’ve finally earned this reward.

He also said that he had another surprise for me, which he later revealed after I was completely bound and tied as I laid there at his mercy.

He said that his two colleagues weren’t the only ones who would be using me up that night, but that he was expecting 15 more men to show up.


Midnight Kidnapping

extreme bondage

It’s the middle of the night and I wake to you grabbing me out of bed, stripping my nighty off of me and throwing me over your shoulder, where you then toss me into the trunk of your car and bind me up with duct tape.

‘Where are you taking me’ I struggle to mumble as you tape my mouth shut. ‘Shut up, slut’ you reply. ‘You’ll know when we get there’.

Sure enough I do know when we get there because this isn’t the first time you’ve taken me to this underground sex chambers. It’s a very exclusive, secret place for those of this lifestyle to express themselves freely.

I’m both excited and afraid because I remember the last time quite well. I was sore for a week after that. You even told me that the next time wasn’t going to be as easy.

When we pull up I’m greeted by two very tall, well built men who aggressively grab me from your trunk to bring me into our own personal chamber where my shackles away me. The room is filled with all sorts of sexual torture devices and I can see that sinister look in your eyes. You are ready to punish me.


Bind Me Up

bondage whore

Bind me up, Master. I’m a cock worshiping, bondage whore and my sole purpose is to please you.

I love waiting for you to come home from a hard day’s work. There on my knees, waiting to please. Waiting with such anticipation I might add. My tight little cunt dripping with desire to serve you, Sir.

What does my master have in store for me today? What would he like to see me wearing? If anything.

I’m dying to wrap my wet lips, covered in whore lipstick around that throbbing cock. I would like the honor of spending a good amount of time massaging your balls that feel so incredibly full and tight. Kissing on the head of your dick and stroking softly. That is until you decide you’d like to ram it down my throat *blushes*.

“Yes please” I’d say with a mouth full. “What was that, little slut?” you reply. You can see it in my eyes that I’m begging for you to give me your worst.


The Cornmaze Slut


submissive slut

Halloween is coming up and I’m always reminded of some of my best sexcapades.

But I can’t wait for this year’s celebrations.

There will be a haunted cornfield maze for adults. My Master wants to take me  to one and tie me up like a scarecrow and watch me get treated like an absolute fuck doll.

There will be a party beforehand, so there will be tons of flirting and I’ll be paraded around as a nice little Halloween treat, they can enjoy later at the corn maze.

Some of my slutty girlfriends will be tagging along too. We all share the same love for cock and cum. We have the mentality of the more the better, but it’s never enough.

What say you? Does this sound like an event you’d like to attend? Even if you’re just a spectator and enjoy watching submissive sluts like myself get used up like cum dumpsters, then I’d say it’s guaranteed you’ll have a good time.

It can’t come soon enough. I’m such a desperate little rope bunny and I miss feeling the restraints as men take turns with my body that was built for their pleasure.


Cock Sucking Weekend

cock worshiping

My Master took me to a swinger’s party this weekend and I am still sore from Friday night. He had me tied up on a stage at one point and every man there took turns fucking my little whore mouth.

Just imagine spending hours getting your face completely rammed and crammed full of thick cock, repeatedly. Is that something you’d enjoy witnessing, partaking in or having done to you as well? I’m ever so curious. Do you ever find yourself desperately craving cock? Or are you satisfied with just watching a submissive whore like myself take it down her throat?

Either way, I can’t seem to get enough. I fucking love sucking cock. I love drinking cum. Licking up ever mess that I make.

I love it when my Master takes me to these parties and rewards me with copious amounts of cum. At the end of the night he reminds me that he only does this to reward me for my good behavior for the week. How would you reward me? Or if you’re a cock sucker like me, how would you like to be rewarded?

Don’t leave out any details!

In Need of a Master

bondage and submission

Before I even knew I wanted to try being a submissive, I had a sister who would share some of her experiences with me. A few times, she would let me watch. She had a main beau who would visit overnight once a week. Our parents were not aware of these visits, but they were clueless about many things.
Sissy had found a way for me to watch in secret. She set up a little place in her closet, with a little window in it. And I took photos.
I could see her entire bed. She had silk scarves draped on the wrought iron frame, looking like décor. But, since I had watched these be put to use, I knew they were there for restraint. Under her mattress, she had whips and paddles. The challenge was always giving someone full control over her body, while remaining quiet.
The day I saw those bright red welts on her firm and beautiful ass, I knew.
ShackleThat’s exactly what I wanted.
And when I saw her wrists and ankles tightly bound by those beautiful scarves, I knew.
I would need to find someone to do this to me.
Thankfully, this was not hard to do.
Masters abound.

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