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I need to be dominated

Submissive Sex ChatI’ve always had a fantasy about a guy coming into my house, and forcing himself on top of me. The thought of just being dominated, without even knowing who they are, or what to expect in there pants, just gets my pussy dripping wet. I’m very submissive sexually, so unless I’m at work, I want to be dominated. I want a man bigger than me, muscular, with a thick cock, to break into my house one night, and force himself on top of, and to dominate my juicy tight pussy. I want him to tie me up, gag me, and have his absolute way with my pussy. Make me suck his cock, and take him deep down my throat all for his own pleasure. What he doesn’t know though, is I’m loving every single minute of it. I can’t see his face because it’s dark, all I hear are his sexual grunts and moans as he thrusts his huge cock into my bare pussy. Have you ever had a fantasy similar to mine? I’ve love for you to call me and tell me about your fantasies. Nothing is too extreme for this submissive slut!

We Pleased Master

Submissive SlutI thoroughly enjoy bossing people around all day. So by the end of the day I wanna relax, lay back, and submit every part of me to someone. Although some people don’t understand that submitting sexually, can be erotic, and very much pleasing. When someone calls me and wants to dominate me, I let them. I give them all the control they want.  It gets my pussy all tingly and juicy knowing they are on the other end of the phone beating their fat meat, fantasizing about my perky little tits, and juicy swollen pussy. I lay back, hold the phone close to hear every word they’re saying to me. Every moan and sexual grunt they make as they jerk off to the sounds of me fingering myself nice and deep. I do have some toys you can tell me to use, or whatever it is you might want. My job is to get you off in the most pleasure-bale way, giving in to every fantasy you have, and submitting to you, my master.

Come take my pussy for a ride, tell me all the dirty nasty thoughts going on in your head, from looking at my pictures. I want you to tell me every last detail of what you like, so I can cum just for you!

Long Hard Work Day

submissive slut

I love being head bitch at work.
Bossing people around all day is super easy for me.
All my employees do what they’re asked, when I ask it.
All except the new guy I hired this past Monday.
He refuses to listen to me, and disagrees with me often.
Although usually I would be pissed when someone back talks me at work, there was something oddly pleasing about this man not listening to me.
I know I always have to listen to master, but he’s gone still out of town.
So while master is away, a girl can play, right?
This new hire has been giving me shit since Monday, and for some reason is turning me on. He’s extremely dominant like master, but in a dark mysterious kind of way.
I can’t tell if he wants to fuck me, or if he wants me to fuck him!
He constantly stares at my tits all day long. They’re covered for the most part since I do dress very professionally, but always with a little bad girl underneath!
I’ve been so busy that today during lunch, I leaned back in my office chair, and just started fingering my pussy.
I was so turned on, but had no time to leave.
I heard a knock at the door, my shirt still off, but he couldn’t see underneath the desk. My new hire had just walked into my office, and I wasn’t wearing my shirt!
One tit was pulled out of my bra so I could play with it while I finger fucked myself, and he just kept staring. I quickly put my shirt back on, as he closed the door.
It’s been 2 hours now since that happened, and I can feel his eyes following me around the office. What do I do? What do I say? I didn’t even get to cum! I’m still fucking soaking wet, and so turned on.

Submissive Spanking

submissive whore

Last week during a meeting we had a new man step in as one of my co-workers is sick. He was very polite, and did exactly as I demanded.
He had originally asked to see me privately to talk about a permanent position, as he enjoyed how I ran things. We spoke briefly, I watched as he traced the outline of my body with his eyes, and couldn’t help but imagining him bending me right over my desk, and fucking my sweet little pussy.
Of course that wasn’t going to happen, so now I’m off work and my pussy is throbbing. I need to please someone, I need to be told what exactly you want, and how you want me to do it. I need you to tie my hands up, bind me together, and tell me just how you want me to deep throat your fat cock.
I need you to fuck my throat until I can’t breath as you shove your rock hard cock deeper. Pulling out of my mouth all my spit covering your cock and my big tits. I want you to throw me down, hands still tied and fuck my tits… I need you right now, I’m ready to submit to you fully and give you my body… cum find me!

Submissive Slut Breanne

submissive sexBeing submissive is what pleases me more than any cock that has ever filled my pussy. I love being taken over by my master and giving him permission to do what ever it is he wishes with my body. Something he really enjoys is the art of bounding me. He has hundreds of types of rope and works them in a fashion that when I look at my body being firmly wrapped  and encased in makes my pussy tingle. Sometimes he will leave me bound and wrapped up for hours. That when he unwraps me my skin is left with indentations of where the rope once was. This is when he takes me and lays me down with nothing but my hands tied up and pounds my pussy with his big cock until he releases inside of me.

Twisted Like A Pretzel

bondage phone sexAfter I endured the horrific act of water bondage the last time master played with me. Knowing I have a terrible fear of drowning. Master decided to kick it back a notch for his whore and built yet another masterpiece. By the time I was fastened down and contoured into a pretzel my pussy was beginning to drip. Which was to my full benefit because master had attached a big fucking dildo to the end of a mechanical arm. Set with one speed “really fucking hard”. Master not only loves seeing my body twisted in positions either of us had ever imagined possible but he thoroughly enjoys teasing my cunt to the point of me having to beg for it. Would you like to hear me beg?

Water Bondage Play

extreme fetish phone sexMaster has becoming more extreme in his fetish play. And I think he loves playing off of my fears. Number one being my fear of drowning. I about lost it when I seen that huge tank of water with the ropes laying on the ground next to it. Not only being submerged in the water but being restrained had me literally shaking. He kept telling me to toughen up and take it like the submissive whore I am meant to be but I was practically in tears as he bound me. What was probably only an hour felt like ten hours being in that tank. He thoroughly enjoyed watching me quiver in that tank. As it was see through I watched as he let my head bob above the water and he stoked his cock.

Mercy For His Submissive Whore

submissive sexHe told me because I have been a good submissive cunt, he would take an easy on my torn and tattered body. This is the side of my Master that I am use to. This hardcore bondage with pins and torches have had me in severe pain. But it is my wish to please my Master and if his will is to lace my cunt shut with stitches than so be it. But for this moment in time I shall endure the pleasure of yet another one of his master pieces. I literally have not an inch of wiggle room as I am contorted in his contraption. A massive steel cock shoved stomach deep into my cunt as I am held down by my throat. Master knows what he wants. Master gets what he wants.

Extreme Bondage with Breanne

extreme bondageTonight Master really showed me the direction he is going to be taking me in, his little submissive pain whore. He invited over another bondage couple that we met at the party last week. And I have to say my pussy got so fucking wet as I watched her skin being prodded and picked with them needles. And that was just the beginning. Her Master pulled out these enormous hooks. Never had I seen let alone in person hooks of this size pierce nipples. This made my cunt quiver. The sight of her blood starting to run down her tit nearly made me want to cum. I could tell that my Master seen this was exciting me. And I just knew he was conjuring up ideas of his own for this submissive slut.

Extreme Bondage

extreme bondage

Master has definitely crossed over to the more extreme side of our bondage play. Tonight he was determined to draw blood from my cunt and he did exactly that. He had acupuncture needles all lined up on a tray when I walked into the room. He demanded that I drop my panties immediately. Knowing my Master I did not hesitate. I seen the look in his eye and I knew he meant serious business. And it did not matter one bit that his pleasure was coming at the cost of my pain. He strapped me down. Restraining my ankles and wrists. Knowing full well that out of reaction I may throw a kick or punch. And that is when the torture began. He pierced my outer lips with a much longer style of a needle. Going along the whole length of my pussy lip on one side. Then he began puncturing my lips in a cris-cross fashion. You can say he laced my pussy shut with these needles. He seem to get very excited at the sight of my blood. Which is almost alarming yet exciting.

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