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Daddy Master Punishment

BDSM phone sex

Daddy Master and I love Daddy Dom/Little Girl BDSM subby play! He sure loves punishing his little ageplay subby whore. He knows I crave his cock every day but when I’m being a naughty little subby, he punishes me by leaving me tied up in bed and teases me with his cock and my fuck toys! I love being Daddy Masters wee subby whore, worshipping his cock is my favorite thing! Drinking Daddy Master’s cummies like a sex-kitten is my favorite! When he punishes me and withholds cummies and cunnie rubs I get so sad! But at least he tickles my flesh with his whip. I want to be Daddy Master’s good girl so that he can reward me with orgasms and lashings! I surely love when Daddy Master lashes my bum! My sweet bald ageplay cunnie gets so creamy and wet when he whips my back and bum! I love being his little and worshipping his body with my little pink tongue!

Helpless Whore

submissive phone sex

When you command me to fully submit to you, I will wholeheartedly allow you to deprive me of all my senses, master. You and only you now will fully own me and can make use of my body in whatever devious ways pleases you, master. Being a helpless, pathetic, useless fuck slut is my only purpose in life from now on. I wish to serve you in any way that I can. My pathetic holes are made for you to fuck roughly and pump full of cum. I want you to keep me tied up and feeble in your dungeon. Please deprive me of all senses! I wish to obey. My only senses left shall be in my cunt to feel your cock pounding balls deep into my gaping, oozing holes. The harsh flick of your whip against my raw, beaten skin is all I crave, my lord. I forever long to be your personal punching bag, your fuck toy, your slave and your property.

BDSM Anal Whore

BDSM Phone Sex

A dirty subby whore like me needs to keep my holes stretched for Master’s use. Keeping my ass and pussy stretched is an important part of being Master’s submissive whore. When I’m at the office, I make sure to keep my rosebud ass and pussy plugged up with the thickest plugs available. Master loves a sloppy wet gaping asshole to fuck. I love feeling the plug in my ass while I’m sitting in on business meetings. Master made sure to command me to wiggle around in my chair throughout these board meetings so that my plug gets me stretched extra wide. After work I always make sure to meet up with Master at his dungeon. After a quick change into my latex subby whore getup, Master makes me get on my hands and knees to inspect my holes. He wants them perfectly pulsing and gaping for him.

If he removes the plug and I am not to his liking, a more rigorous stretching comes in. Master positions me in front of his fuck machine with the most massive cock he could find on it. My asshole is not prepped nor lubed just like Master likes. The only thing he commands is for me to spit and lick the rubber black cock. Then it is time to back myself up until it’s pushing and stretching my raw starburst asshole around it. With his booming voice, Master commands me to rock back and forth, back and forth getting a nice rhythm. My asshole begins taking more and more girth and inches of that big black dildo in my subby ass. Once I’m far enough on the big black rubber cock, Master starts the fuck machine and I am pounded mercilessly until my asshole is gaped to his standards. Then the real fun begins…

Punish My Pussy

Submissive Whore

I love receiving Master’s painful harsh punishment. Getting my wrists handcuffed tightly and bending over offering up my tight submissive holes for him to abuse. My pussy craves the sharp sting of the crack of Master’s whip on my wet throbbing clit. It makes my pussy flutter with the harder and harsher flick of that leather whip! The harder he whipped my swollen bright pink cunt, the more it oozes out warm pussy juice. When Master shoves his thumb in my tight rosebud asshole it drives my subby cunt insane. Plugging away at my holes with his whip and fingers is torture. A desperate little whore like me just moans and begs for Master’s thick cock but he’s withholding it from me. He loves to watch me writhe like a pathetic worm and squirm under his whip. Master ignores my begs and pleas and continued to tease and flick my clit with his whip until I squirt all down my thigh.

Master’s Twin Whores

Submissive phone sex

Master told me he had a bit of a surprise for me when I entered the dungeon today. When I pulled off my blindfold, I saw that my twin sister Briana was tied down to the steel bed with her legs pulled wide open like the dirty submissive whore she is. I was shocked to see her but so turned on watching her look so helpless with her bald cunt spread wide open. Master made me lick her cunt and make it wet for his paddle to slap repeatedly. He then strapped me right down next to her and began torturing us twin whores with his whips and chains slashing across our naked bodies and identical twin cunts. Master pinched our quivering clits and force fucked our welted bald cunts like the obedient subby twins we are. He forced orgasm after painful orgasm from our throbbing cunts with his powerful vibrating wand and made us lick Master’s cum out of each other’s squirting wet cunts.

On Display

BDSM phone sex

Master is such an artistic soul. He owns a studio in the downtown arts district and regularly puts up performance artists, groundbreaking pieces and exclusive events! Master has always said I’m his muse and when he told me I was going to be his latest performance masterpiece, I got so excited! But then when I got to the studio, master stripped me down, tied me up with a large anal hood and placed me front in center! I couldn’t move at all! Then I realized- the performance was on me. My cunt was on display and Master’s patrons were performing on me! One by one, patrons came up to my display and fucked my cunt raw. The studio was open to the public and I, the whore on display, was the showcase piece of art. I was pumped and fucked over and over again! The grand finale of the performance was a collection cup full of all the cum oozing out of my cunt that I was forced to drink. The “fruits of my labor” master said. Critics hailed Master’s show.

Torture Fuck

Submissive Whore

I love being used and abused by master. I crave it. I want it with every fiber of my being. My only purpose is to be Master’s play thing. When he is in a bad mood, I happily offer up my body for him to exert all his anger and frustration on. Today, Master was particularly upset. I waited for him by the front door as usual- completely naked with only and collar and mouth open ready to receive his rock-hard cock. But instead of tender pets and a warm hard cock, I was greeted with continuous blows to my head. Master then pulled me by my hair to the dungeon. He suspended me in the air with tight rough rope and secured a big anal hook in my tight ass positioning me in front of the most powerful fuck machine. Master loves seeing me squirm around. He pushed the dildo inside of my filthy cunt and powered it on. I was fucked so brutally and fast while master whipped my ass repeatedly every time I whimpered.

Hog Tied Whore

Submissive whore

Master loves to push me to my limits. He knows all my weaknesses, kinks and boundaries. He puts all of them into one ball of passion then tears it up and trashes it. Because with master, there is no boundaries or weakness. He wants me to full submit to him and whatever he wants. He loves to hog tie me like a good piggy whore and use my body however he pleases. He loves to see me squirm and pant like a little slut.

Master uses my wand on full power to titillate my cunt until it’s dripping wet and my clit is twitching. He pushes my rose bud asshole past its limits my shoving increasingly bigger and bigger dildos inside of me until it’s wet and gaping. There is no mercy in Master’s dungeon. Master will fuck with all five senses in increasingly sensual and painful ways. He will tickle, fuck and abuse every inch of me until I am a wet ball of squirting, squealing hog tied whore.


I Know My Role

BDSM Phone Sex

I know my role, Master. A blonde bondage whore like me has been conditioned into being the perfect subby slut for you. A good submissive whore like me dedicates my entire body and mind to you master. I submit to your will and only speak when spoken too. I yearn for your punishment and my throbbing cunt aches when you withhold my pleasure as punishment.

My cunt gets so wet when you clamp my nipples tightly and clamp my miserable cunt with clothes pins as you hold my vibrating wand to my quivering clit. I thank you and am gracious when you bound my tight perky body with ropes. The ball gag you place in my whore mouth keeps me completely silent as you whip, slash and abuse my porcelain skin. I know my role, Master and I bow before you and worship your cock whenever I can.

Submissive Whores Playdate

Submissive Phone sex

Master told me he arranged a fun little playdate for me and another dirty bondage bitch, Robyn. He told me she was the perfect Southern subby whore. Master dragged us both down to his S&M sex dungeon by our bitch collars. Master handcuffed our wrists tightly and had us kneel for him to flog us with his leather cat o’ nine tails on our tight asses until they were welted and red. We were his bondage whores for the night!

Master then had us bend over exposing our tight pink cunts for him. He pulled out an enormous double ended dildo. He had us beg for us of fuck each other back and forth with it! Once he was satisfied with our begging, he first shoved one end inside Robyn’s throbbing wet cunt. She backed up right against my creamy wet pussy and Master shoved the other end of the dildo deep inside of me. Master whipped our backs and demanded that we fuck each other and rock back and forth as hard and fast as we can. We gladly fucked each other until our cunts squirted all over each other.

Submissive Whore

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