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Hardcore Tit Torture

Hardcore Bondage

My master has many dominatrix accomplices that he loves to watch torture me and punish me whenever I step out of line as his slave whore. If I do not scrub master’s toilet to his liking, he makes his domme accomplice punish my tits. First she chained me up with my arms and legs spread out and took out master’s leather whip and made me count the number of hard whips she cracks against my puffy pink nipples. If I dared miscount or flinched, she would start all over again. She whipped me until my tits were swollen and red and then brought out Master’s hard wooden cane to abuse my tits until they were almost purple then she took out her clothespins to pin my tender swollen tits. My pinned tits ached as she whipped and caned my wet bald cunt fifty times- I counted. I was only rewarded with pleasure if I did not flinch or miscount, then she rubbed my swollen clit until I squirted on master’s dungeon floor.

Torture Fuck Me

Torture phone sex

Painful, torture sex is the only thing that gets my cunt to orgasm over and over again! I only get wet when I’m being verbally or physically abused. I love being called a stupid fucking whore while getting slapped, smacked and whipped. Being a pain whore and torture fuck slut is the most exciting. I love having my holes savagely fucked while Master’s foot is pinning my pathetic face down. Getting pummeled and treated like a dirty fuck slave is my only purpose. I love getting my ass fuck while Master beats me black and blue. My submissive whore cunt just drips wet whenever he strikes his fists against my face and head. Whenever Master ties me up and whips my entire naked body over and over again until my skin welts and splits, my pussy just gushes all over the dungeon floor! I especially love when Master brings in strange men to force fuck me and have fun violent anal rape fantasies with!

Anal Slave Training

Slave training

Master personally has to train all of my holes to take great big cocks and toys. He takes greatly pleasure in poking and prodding me until I am properly stretched. The best part of my training is Master taking pleasure in pushing me to my limits and humiliating me as best as he can. He decided that the best way to both humiliate me and anal train me was at my family’s early Mother’s Day dinner today. He made me lay out on the dinner table and strip off my clothes in front of everyone. Then he had me rub my cunt and finger my dirty asshole until it was gaping a bit, ready to be trained in front of the whole family. They watch and sneered while Master pushed a thick anal plug deep inside my ass. He made me suck on my Daddy’s cock until it was wet enough to shove his thick cock deep inside my ass. Master asked if I was disgusted by becoming Daddy’s incest anal whore as he filled me up with cum.

Subby Gangbang Whore

Gangbang phone sex

According to my Master, my subby holes were made to be stuffed and brutalized. Lucky for me, Master owns a huge sex club/dungeon and he decided that tonight, I would be the main attraction for all his clubgoers to take advantage of. First, he decided to humiliate me by parading me in through the club completely naked and handcuffed. The crowds jeered at me and tossed drinks and slop at me as I passed by. He led me to the middle of the room and had my arms tied up in the air. From then on, he let every one come at me fully charged and ready to degrade my holes. My nipples were pinched, whipped and bitten until they were engorged. My entire body was beaten and whipped and my legs were pulled open, exposing my holes to everyone. One by one my holes- mouth, cunt and asshole were stuffed with as many cocks as I could fit. My holes were stretched, gaping and sopping wet with multiple loads of cum.

Submissive Secretary Slave

submissive phone sex

My work as a secretary for a high-power employer isn’t always the greatest part of my day. We just got a new dashing CEO and he called me into his office on his first day. He wanted to outline my new contract and job duties. The first of which was to get down on my knees and have my new CEO/Master tie me up to be his subservient subby cunt. My new contract states that I now belong completely to him and the company and my body is to be used whenever he pleases. He slapped me around in his office and forced his cock down my throat. I always complained that my previous position lacked fun, but be careful what you wish for. The boss then bent me over his desk and wacked my ass with his bare hands until I was bright red and aching. Perhaps being the company subby cunt is just the excitement I needed at work.

Pain Is My Kink

BDSM phone sex

I’m such a whore for BDSM play. Pain gets me off. I am always asked about what kind of BDSM kinks that I am into and here I am to clear it up for you all. Believe me when I say that I have been there and done it all! From kinky rope bondage play to bloody knife play, I love it all. The perfect Master knows just how to get me off with all the most painful plays to get me off! A proper Master knows how much his subby whore likes to be tied up in skin digging knots and toyed around with sharp impact play- I love getting beaten with blunt objects, it makes my cunt drip with excitement! Erotic asphyxiation is another favorite. I love when Master chokes me to the point of passing out either with his cock, rope or even just his strong grip. I’m up for it all, the more painful the better in my book! I live to serve.

Master’s Bitch

submissive phone sex

Master loves when I service him like a bitch in heat. My hunger for Master’s seed is purely carnal. Master has been training me brutally for the longest time. It was my destiny to eventually become his prized breeding bitch. Like the foul piggy whore that I am, I have craved Master’s semen in my trembling cunt for ages. Thankfully, my time has finally come to become the ultimate subby whore and breed my Master’s whore spawn. It is my turn to becoming a breeding bitch for master to whip into making the perfect cock sucking, slave army for him. I am tasked to breed the next generation of cock worshipping little sluts for daddy master, perfect little subservient fuck toys to worship his cock every day of their little pathetic lives. It is such an honor to be gagged and bound to master’s breeding bench with my raw cunt propped and prepared for master to pump full of his seed.

Age Play Punishment

submissive phone sex

Daddy Master loves BDSM age play with his little subby whore. I love slurping on Daddy Master’s cock begging for his warm cummies with my little pink tongue. But I’m also such a naughty little subby. I got in big trouble yesterday for rubbing my young bald pink cunnie with my magic wand yesterday without his explicit permission. I needed to be punished! Daddy Master grabbed me by my pigtails and dragged me out to the yard. He stripped my frilly pink dress off of me and made me parade around the yard naked. Then he made me beg for forgiveness, but not before he bound my young school girl hands together behind my back. Daddy Master forced me to get on my knees and slurp on his cock in broad daylight for his forgiveness. My little bald cunnie got so wet having Daddy Master’s cock fuck my throat nice and deep. I begged for sweet release, I even began rubbing my clitty on the grass but Daddy Master slapped me and commanded me to stop. “Naughty whores are not allowed any release.”

Master’s Whore

BDSM Phone Sex

Master keeps me trained like his perfect pet slut. I know that I am to obey his every command and he rewards me with immense and intense pleasure. By submitting myself completely to him, I have been rewarded with his astonishing pulsing cock and thick creamy cock. Of all the potential subby sluts and pathetic gashes he could have had, Master has chosen me to be the one he allows to worship his cock. I gladly worship Master’s glorious thick dick with my submissive whore tongue. I love licking Master from head to toe, cleaning his feet with my tongue and trailing up to his cock. I will gladly take Master’s massive anal hook in my ass while he gives me bare bottom spankings. I would do anything to have him brutally fuck my subservient mouth and throat! Being his submissive bondage whore has brought more meaning into my pathetic life. I am his whore and he is my Ruler.

Daddy Master Punishment

BDSM phone sex

Daddy Master and I love Daddy Dom/Little Girl BDSM subby play! He sure loves punishing his little ageplay subby whore. He knows I crave his cock every day but when I’m being a naughty little subby, he punishes me by leaving me tied up in bed and teases me with his cock and my fuck toys! I love being Daddy Masters wee subby whore, worshipping his cock is my favorite thing! Drinking Daddy Master’s cummies like a sex-kitten is my favorite! When he punishes me and withholds cummies and cunnie rubs I get so sad! But at least he tickles my flesh with his whip. I want to be Daddy Master’s good girl so that he can reward me with orgasms and lashings! I surely love when Daddy Master lashes my bum! My sweet bald ageplay cunnie gets so creamy and wet when he whips my back and bum! I love being his little and worshipping his body with my little pink tongue!

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