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Spanking Chat

Spanking chat turns me on especially if you are stroking it while my master is in the action of making my ass beat red. I know you get super hard if you were to hear the lashes going out to my skin almost causing it to break. It makes me wet knowing I can arise so much anger in him to make it so sometimes it is almost impossible to sit down for a week. I love while he is spanking me to open my butt cheeks and whip in between there also, that spot is so sensitive. I act as if it’s a punishment but I am almost creaming on his lap with excitement. I Know this must turn other people on, I want to share stories and get off with you.

BDSM Chat With Brutality

BDSM ChatAfter the last session with master, I was craving that brutality. I wasn’t allowed to contact him, he had to contact me. I hadn’t heard from him in a few days, so I found some blood red rope and tied one of my wrists up to the bedpost. I used my other hand to whip my bald pussy and fuck it with a gatorade bottle, I need that pain so bad. I got off so hard and couldn’t stop even when I felt this warm, wet liquid and it turned out to be blood. I didn’t care I needed more and more. Oh can someone please give me what I am craving….Please! I promise to be so obedient you won’t even know where it came from. I am the perfect slut to pacify your curiosity.

My Mistake Was Ignoring Master

Extreme BondageI have been extremely busy and I have been ignoring my master and that would prove to be not the thing to do. I agreed to meet him at a friends house, I figure I owe him that much. I am usually more obedient and this is so out of my character. When I arrived they stripped me naked and carried me down to the basement which had plant lights and a dirty old mattress. Master was pissed at me and he told me I would never ignore him again. They threw me down on that nasty piece of bedding they call a mattress. He got some rope out and starting tying my hands behind my back and then making my legs stay apart in a triangle. He then roped it so tight around my breasts they were turning purple and hurting, he was slapping them and I was not to scream. I tried to scream his friend shoved his dick in my mouth, my tits were going numb. With my legs spread wide I wasn’t even turned on he just shoved his hand up my vagina and I could feel a tear and he was fucking me really hard all the way up to his elbow. Tears were flowing out of my eyes and his friend came in my mouth and then master flipped me over with my legs still in a triangle and fucked my ass with no lube.

Make Me Your Disposable Subby

Bondage WhoreI do put myself out there as a disposable subby and I know to many that would be a disgrace to this lifestyle. I am such a whore for it and I just can’t help myself. I got called over for this party with about 5 men and I was going to have to serve them and be a fuck toy if they wanted, sounded simple enough. I got to the adresse and I was greeted by this man and he told me to come on in and right away demanded I get naked. He told me I was going to be a server to his buddies for this sporting game they were watching. I got naked and he came over to me with a spreader bar and put the 2 cuffs around my ankles, this spreader bar had a little give with the chain coming down so I could walk. I got their drinks and they all had their dicks out stroking while watching me struggle. The first guy put my mouth on his dick and was playing with my ass and pussy and I could feel more guys coming up to me. I soon had 2 dicks and one in my ass and 2 in my pussy they were fucking me with this bar on and it was uncomfortable but I was in Heaven when they were ready to come they pulled out and squirted on my face and tits.

Fish Hook Punishment

Extreme BondageI got a call on my phone on day off and it was my mister, I was so glad to hear from him. He told me to meet him at his place and so I did. We down to his dungeon and he had a couple weird looking contraptions. It looked like a big fishing hook and mouse traps. He didn’t want me to question anything and as a good sub you don’t you just obey. I got naked and he told me to lie on the cold basement floor and spread my legs wide. He tied my legs so they would stay spread and then he open my pussy with the mouse traps on my lips and I almost screamed and then he put the head of the fishing hook up my ass. This was making me want to cum but it hurt so bad, I was told if I cry or disobey. He will lift me off the cold basement floor and suspend me and the hook will go deeper and start ripping my asshole right open. Of course I would have to lick my own blood. He came over to my mouth and raised me a little and I felt it go deeper into my ass, I screamed and he raised me even higher and it was tearing into my rectum making me bleed. He came over and skull fucked my face hard and made me choke and he didn’t want me to vomit. I would have had to swallow it. He kept fucking my face with this hook digging deeper into the meaty flesh of my ass. He came all over my face and in my mouth, kissed my forehead and said “good girl”.

No Training Required: Just A Sub Cum Whore

Cum Slut Phone SexI do work and have to be in control but, I still have that need to be dominated. I require no training at all. I think I have to find a new master, I haven’t heard from mine in a long time in fact too long. It’s a lifestyle where there is suppose to mutual respect. I get home from a long day and I call this local phone line where it supports like minded individuals. I hear this one guy he has a deep, so deep voice he can’t even whisper. My cunt starts to twitch, I think he might be my new or at least just fun for tonight. I connect with him and he tells me he is amazing with rope work and that he would put wooden clothespins on my nipples and then rip them off. I had to start rubbing my lips and open them up to expose myself under the water. He was making me so wet. He was also telling me how he would bend me over with my arms tied behind my back and make me countdown each whipping on my bare ass making each one harder and I couldn’t wince or make any noise or he would spread them apart and whip my butthole. I couldn’t take it any longer I came so hard without his permission

I Need It

Light BondageMister wasn’t available and so I was going to be on my own. I got off of work, went home grabbed something to eat and then went into my bedroom. I am feeling so horny and weak I need to submit. I found an elite pain porn they are so hardcore. I got big dildo out, undressed myself. I even tied one hand up and i started fucking myself hard wishing my sir was doing these things to me. I need him now more than ever. I started fucking my ass now omg I wish his fist was up my pussy I need the pain and the submission. Isn’t there anyone out there that can help me in cases like this? I promise to be a good girl, I enjoy it very much.



I am sitting at my desk and I am getting randy just thinking about going home and possibly hearing from mister. I can’t wait to get off the clock, I haven’t heard from him all day which is not the norm for him. I went into the bathroom at work after and I was so aroused thinking about what I think mister would do to me. I held my hands up as if they were tied and I was squeezing my thighs together. I realised I had to sign off and I went home, I was sad I haven’t heard from him. I got undressed and was going to lay down when I heard someone come up behind me and I was going to scream but a voice whispered “ don’t you dare scream or I will cut your pussy with my knife “. I was so scared I was shaking, he threw me down and pulled my hands behind my back and and flipped me over. It was my mister and he starting fucking me while he was slapping my face. He picked me up and brought me down and tied me up to the staircase and continued fucking me while he slapped my tits and punched my nipples. He was thrusting harder and harder holding my face. He pulled down by my hair was pulling hard and put my mouth on his dick and squirted deep.

Sub Loves My Pussy Spanked

Spanking Phone Sex

As a submissive I have given myself completely to my sir and I am a slave, I told him I have no limits at all and I will accept any pain he gives me. He showed up at my house and I wasn’t expecting that. I opened the door let him in and right away got down to my knees and greeted him. He pulled me up and and walked me over to the couch, put a gag in my mouth and told me I am not to flinch or move. He bent me over and pulled down my panties and smacked my ass, he did it again and it became harder. He started spreading my butt cheeks and he wanted it to hurt real bad. He went into my kitchen and grabbed a wooden spoon and came back with my buttcheeks spread and smacked hard. He turned me over and starting spanking my pussy with my legs spread, he even did a countdown and each smack got harder. He could tell it was turning me on. He grabbed my head and said I am a pig and he is going to fuck my dirty pink hole. He shoved his cock deep inside my ass and starting smacking my breasts harder with each thrust. I could see they were getting red and it was stinging on my nipples. This excited sir and he pulled out and put me on my knees and came all over my face and then smacked it around on my face with the spoon.

Use That Spreader Bar

Light Bondage

I was told by my Mister to go over to his friends house and I was enjoying it, but, I would rather be taken and used by my sir. I arrived very promptly to his friends house and was greeted at the door by the house maid. She told me to go up to the room and what I saw lying on the bed was a spreader bar, I could feel myself get moist just looking at it. I starting stroking it gently and I guess I didn’t notice that his friend came up right behind me and whispered “ you like what you feel “? I jumped back a little kind of giggling. He came up to me and kissed my neck and commanded me to undress. I did and I went to my knees naked, bowing down before him and he picked me up by my hair. He spread my legs and put the cuffs to the bar on my ankles. And he threw me on the bed on my back and then opened it quick all the way. He was kissing his way up my leg to my bald pussy. When I wasn’t expecting it he got up and grabbed the bar and flipped me on my stomach and I went to my knees he pushed me over and shoved his dick in me and started thrusting. I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom, I can’t cum unless he tells me too. So after a few minutes he came deep inside me.

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