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Use That Spreader Bar

Light Bondage

I was told by my Mister to go over to his friends house and I was enjoying it, but, I would rather be taken and used by my sir. I arrived very promptly to his friends house and was greeted at the door by the house maid. She told me to go up to the room and what I saw lying on the bed was a spreader bar, I could feel myself get moist just looking at it. I starting stroking it gently and I guess I didn’t notice that his friend came up right behind me and whispered “ you like what you feel “? I jumped back a little kind of giggling. He came up to me and kissed my neck and commanded me to undress. I did and I went to my knees naked, bowing down before him and he picked me up by my hair. He spread my legs and put the cuffs to the bar on my ankles. And he threw me on the bed on my back and then opened it quick all the way. He was kissing his way up my leg to my bald pussy. When I wasn’t expecting it he got up and grabbed the bar and flipped me on my stomach and I went to my knees he pushed me over and shoved his dick in me and started thrusting. I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom, I can’t cum unless he tells me too. So after a few minutes he came deep inside me.

He Took Me Hard

Bondage Chat

I was surprised when I got a text from sir giving me an adresse I wasn’t familiar with. As soon as work was over I drove over to that adresse and I was greeted by one of his friends. He doesn’t mind sharing me and he had told his friend how good of a submissive I am. He walked me up the stairs and told me to undress and told me I have a very nice body. He put some rope around my wrist and and the bent me over and spread my legs. He spanked me and I took a deep breath and then he came up behind me and put his dick inside me real deep and flipped me over and put my legs up and fucked me hard and harder. He told me to not lose eye contact and slapped my breasts leaving a welt and I never broke eye contact. He took his cock out and sprayed that jizz all over me. He waited a minute before he untied me, I was shook. I couldn’t believe he just took me like that.

Make Me Eat Your Cum

Cum Eating Phone Sex

I am so happy to be going to Misters house tonight. I love the anticipation of what he might have in store for me. I will do anything he wants me to do because he is my sir and I obey everything and I do mean everything. He said it is okay if other dominant men want me as well. I love being used and even eating cum. If you think I haven’t been a good girl you could get a bunch of guys to cum in my mouth and then put a ball gag so I am forced to eat that cum and choke as all of it makes it way down my throat. So I would love to have nasty phone fucks with someone who thinks I deserve it.

I Am Your Bitch

Female Bondage

If it’s true this is a man’s world, then I am glad to be a woman in it. I love certain aspects of sex and bondage than others. I love that when I walk out of the doors from work I get to be myself and go home, wait for mister and do whatever it takes to make him happy. He knows he owns me and I want nothing more in this world than that. He lets me be a slut which I love because I know he is getting pleasure watching all my holes be used at his want. I also love that he wants me to walk around with cum dried all on my face, he thinks it is shameful to me but I secretly love it.

Fun Calls With A Client


I get these calls from an eccentric client to say the least lol. He is very interesting to me because he loves me to picture myself in a role that I am not by nature. I am naturally a very submissive individual. When he calls me he loves to go over these scenarios where I am a villain, a very dominant type person. I love these calls and he asks me to do dialogue and asks how I would feel about certain things like I play a racist nazi and I am a slave driver that puts these people through misery. He has it where one of the slave girls gets me and humiliates  me by choking me with dirty, crusty panties and sits on my face while I am trying to yell at her. She has me hogtied and then has these raw eggs and they are slimy so through the dirty panties of hers I am trying to plead with her not to break those on me and she even makes me cry.



I am lying on my bed sad that Mister doesn’t need me tonight and I want someone to chat with me about BDSM and I want to see what they know. I have a feeling it would turn me on so very much. Mister already said I can fuck or be shared with anyone that I want, which is something new for me. I have been in this lifestyle for quite some time. I love watching porn and getting myself off watching these masculine men do pretty rope work on these sluts. All women are sluts and don’t deserve pleasure until they are instructed so. I can’t wait to be tied up again and be forced to take cock or have my pretty tight pussy whipped with a countdown.

Let Me Worship That Cock

Cock Worshiping

Not only am I very obedient, I am into total cock worshiping. I love cocks of all sizes and shapes, I really love pleasing Mister. I go over to his place a couple times a week for right now he says it will increase. I really hope so, when I went over he immediately told me to get on my knees and crawl over to him, I did. He told me to worship his cock. My pure existence is to make him or any other man that will have me happy. I crawled to his beautiful manhood and I told him how lucky I am that he is letting me do this, I told him how beautiful it is. I bowed down to his prick and took it in my hand and kissed it ever so softly right on the head a few times.

Extreme Bondage With Breanne

Extreme Bondage

I woke up all tied down to mister’s bed and I had no idea what was going on. I kind of struggled at first and he came over and put something over my face and made me pass out. I woke up kind of scared but excited and this time I was on a weird table all stretched out and getting stretched even more. There he was alongside more guys and they had their dicks out and was jacking them. I was naked on this table and I was continuing to be stretched and then all of a sudden I was being whipped. A guy got on top of me and told me I was a fuck pig and useless and fucked me hard and then they were whipping my pussy. I am all about please mister whatever it takes, won’t you give me a try?

Cum Showers

Bukkake Phone Sex

I went over to Mister’s house and he had a nice surprise waiting for me. I walked into his basement room and there was 5 guys waiting for me. I was wearing my lacy see through dress. I love rope work on my nice big breasts. These guys tied my hands up with the leather cuffs. They all dropped their clothes got naked and came over to me put 2 cocks in my mouth and were jacking their cocks to my body they said was sexy with my long legs and thick thighs. Pretty soon they were coming all over me and I was almost in a bath of cum and I was in heaven my main goal in life is to please anyway I can, so won’t you try me out?

Newbie Loves This Subby

Erotic BDSM Stories

Mister asked me to come over to his unexpected and when I arrived there was another sir there. I had a look on my face like what is going on. I was told to bend over and of course I did, being the obedient subby that I am. He let this new mister spank me and do a countdown with showing him how to do rope work. The new mister is going to be so good at rope work but he needs a lot of practice. It makes me moist to get spanked and tied up by a newbie and him seeing how obedient I am. I can’t wait to go back and have him fuck me hard. I love to be used and abused in any manner you see fit.

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