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Submissive Whores Playdate

Submissive Phone sex

Master told me he arranged a fun little playdate for me and another dirty bondage bitch, Robyn. He told me she was the perfect Southern subby whore. Master dragged us both down to his S&M sex dungeon by our bitch collars. Master handcuffed our wrists tightly and had us kneel for him to flog us with his leather cat o’ nine tails on our tight asses until they were welted and red. We were his bondage whores for the night!

Master then had us bend over exposing our tight pink cunts for him. He pulled out an enormous double ended dildo. He had us beg for us of fuck each other back and forth with it! Once he was satisfied with our begging, he first shoved one end inside Robyn’s throbbing wet cunt. She backed up right against my creamy wet pussy and Master shoved the other end of the dildo deep inside of me. Master whipped our backs and demanded that we fuck each other and rock back and forth as hard and fast as we can. We gladly fucked each other until our cunts squirted all over each other.

Submissive Whore

Hypnotized Submissive Whore

Submissive phone sex

Master is a well-known hypnotist. He can get anyone to do anything he wishes! Little did I know, when I first met him as his secretary, he hypnotized me into becoming his submissive fuck slut. He put me into a deep sleep and had me repeat after him, “I will serve you completely and totally forever. I will belong to you and be your fuck slut whenever you wish. You own me. I am all yours.” In my deep slumber, Master brought me into his hidden dungeon in our office building.

He restrained my wrists, elbows and secured my ass with an anal hook so that I was unable to move. When master snapped his fingers, I woke up in a panic. I had no idea where I was but as soon as Master spoke, I felt like I was in a trance. I felt obedient beyond words. He tickled and whipped my body around and played with my wet cunt. I was to his and only his forever! His fuck toy! He shoved his cock in my mouth and made me gag and choke on it until he came deep inside my throat.

Piss in My Mouth

Submissive phone sex

Master uses my holes however he pleases. Whether he wants me to be his helpless fuck toy or his pitiful filthy toilet, I do whatever he says or else I’ll be punished! But I love doing everything Master says, I aim to please him and do as he says. Tonight, Master felt like using me as both his fuck slut and his toilet whore. After tying my arms behind my back, Master sat down and whipped out his large throbbing cock for me.

He ordered me to deepthroat and gag on his cock and I happily obliged. My cunt drips so wet when Master force fucks my throat. Then Master held my head down and shoved his cock deep down into the back of my throat. He told me that he was going to cum and then piss down my throat and like the good whore that I am, I swallowed and gagged on Master’s warm cum and piss. He filled my throat up so much it began dripping out the sides of my mouth.

Marionette Fuck Puppet

Submissive phone sex

Master took me to the theatre yesterday, I was wondering what we’d watch and when I asked, Master told me that I’m the show today! I was so confused until he took me onto the stage and stripped me down naked. All eyes were on me. I gasped at the sight of the ropes that were dangling from the rafters. Master called in his assistants who helped him lift me up and tie to the ropes like a marionette.

Master stepped back to admire his submissive whore and dubbed me the crowd’s fuck puppet. He used my throat and stuffed my cunt like a useless marionette. Master called up the audience to use and abuse my naked fuck puppet body and one by one they all clamored up for a shot at my cunt. The women climbed up on the ropes and sat their pussies and asses on my open mouth. And rode my face while the men shoved their rock-hard cocks in my holes. They manipulated the ropes to have me pose for them.

I was left dripping cum from all my holes and master left me dangling from the ceiling all night.

College Humiliation BDSM

Submissive Phone Sex

Master decided to pay me a visit while I started my third semester at college. He heard I was being a very naughty slut and decided that the best course of action was to humiliate and punish me for all to see! After stripping me naked in my dorm room, Master dragged my naked body through the campus on a leash, leading me to the outdoor auditorium where a great big table and straps were waiting.

After securing me on all fours with my naked ass and cunt exposed for all my fellow classmates to see, he placed tight binder clips on my clit and nipples and announced to all that I was a dirty whore and everyone can have a turn at punishing me. Master dealt out the initial punishment of whips and rulers to my ass and pinned opened cunt. Despite my humiliation, I knew that a piggy whore like me deserved the punishment!

One by one, my classmates came on stage and took to abusing and degrading my body. The girls that hated me spat, pissed and threw things at me, while the guys violently force fucked my holes- all at my master’s command. He would not let them stop until my body was violently shaking and dripping with cum. Master ordered me to be strapped there all night for everyone to have a chance at degrading my exposed body. What would you do to me?

Submissive Locker Room Whore

Submissive Phone Sex

I’m at Master’s beck and call no matter what. Today he called me from the gym and ordered me to rush there immediately. Like the subservient slut I am, I showed up in record time and immediately got on my knees in the men’s locker room to serve Master’s needs. He was feeling particularly horny and abusive and needed my submissive whore mouth for relief.

After binding my arms tightly like a good bondage slave whore, Master gripped my hair tightly and forced his thick cock down my throat. He fucked my mouth so deeply and roughly while I gagged. He thrusted so hard down my throat, I vomited on his cock! My knees scraped on the filthy locker room floor while he violently abused my throat. Master thrusted my head to the floor and made me lick up the floor. I begged for him to fucked and destroy my throat once more like the cock slave I am! He fucked my throat raw and fed me a full shot of his warm thick cum.


Eager to Please

Submissive Phone Sex

I’ll submit myself to you wholly and completely! I will bend to your every command. I love when you deprive my senses covering my face with thick leather so that I cannot hear, smell, taste or see. I don’t need them. A pain whore like me only needs fuck holes and nerves to feel the pain. And only thing I can feel now is the sweet agony you are inflicting on my body. Now that I am sensory deprived, the pain is intensified and euphoric. With every lash, I feel it pierce through my skin!

Bind my pitiful tits as you wish, master. Whip my blackened, swollen skin and hang me from your dungeon. Punish and use my pitiful body up! Pinch and torture my tits as they slowly blacken and begin to bleed. Clamp my clit and tie rubber bands around my cunt and watch it swell and throb. Hurt me, master! I’ll let you do anything, after all, I am eager to please!


Master Lends Me Out

BDSM phone sex

Master owns every inch of my body and decides who or what I fuck. Today he decided to lend me out to you. You have such a huge dungeon dedicated to entertaining yourself with borrowed piggy sluts and submissive whores like me. I was surprised with your callousness while you fastened me down with my pink cunt in the air.

         A fuck machine was lowered into my already throbbing rosebud while you abused your cunt with a slew of whips, chains and iron rods. You made me screech in euphoric pain as my cunt swelled up with bright red welts. My prolapsed rosebud yearned for more as the machine pound me mercilessly. What else do you plan on doing to me during our time together?


Punish Me, Sir

bdsm phone sex

I love being bound and helpless! I have been a naughty, naughty whore and I deserve a good lashing! I love writhing on the floor beneath you with my arms and legs chained up like the filthy animal I am! I want to be your helpless, worthless toy. The tight chains digging into my skin remind me of the filthy piggy whore I am for you, sir.

         The repeated lashings to my pitiful cunt and tied up breasts remind me that my body is yours to abuse, sir. The fuck machine going full force in my dribbling cunt is a reminder that I only live to cum for you and squirm in pain and pleasure! So, punish me, sir. I deserve it so bad!

Official Slave Slut

Spanking phone sex

Master had me sign a contract to be his official slave slut. From now on, I belong to him and him only. Whenever he wants my slut holes, I must be there to serve him. Just today, I was at my corporate office when I received a call from my Master. He ordered me to meet him at the nearest grimy motel. I dropped everything I was doing and eagerly left to meet him there.

         I stripped down immediately when I got there and waited for my orders. Master came in, turned me around and spanked my ass so hard until it turned bright red. He then strapped me down. The rope dug into my skin and master painfully slapped my tits and made me worship his cock with my tongue. He then shoved his cock down my throat and made me choke and gag on his cock like the filthy slave slut I am. His cock slid down my throat until my face turned blue and purple. I was only permitted to breathe after he came in my throat.

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