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I Need To Be Owned

Submissive WhoreI need a real man to step up to the plate. My cheeks haven’t been made red in weeks, all my bruises are healed. No aches or pains but yet I feel so numb. I don’t want a sweet gentle touch, I need a firm and cruel hand. I’m breakable and want to be broken. I promise I’m a delight to play with and control. I follow all my orders and never complain. I know my place as a submissive whore and it’s one of absolute surrender to your every command. I’m ready for your twisted abuse and torturous games, I crave your dark desires. So here I am served up to you on a silver platter. What are you going to do? Can you take total control? I’m ready to submit.


BDSM phone sex

Every single morning I get up and go for a walk. I love how men stare at me in my tight shorts and my work out bra. I just watch and run by as they look at my long legs and my triple D titties bounce in the air. But no one ever had the balls to do anything to me, not until that day. Don’t get me wrong I secretly wanted someone to just pound my pussy .i wanted to scream and beg for there cum. I wanted dick so bad .which is why I wear the sluttiest work out clothes I can. I was running as I normally do around the park when a man standing by a tree just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I thought he was harmless because he looked a little older than people my age but when I jogged by he snatched me up and put a rag up to my nose. And just like that everything went dark. When I woke up my body was weak and his dick was in my face. We were in the middle of the woods.He told me to suck it like a good little slut and for some reason, I didn’t even hesitate .i put his dick right in between my boobs and rubbed it really nice for him. He loved it but then I sucked on the very tip and got really fast and he cumed all over my chest.


submissive whore

I am your filthy slutty whore and I’ll do anything my master tells me to. It turns me on following your commands please master will you own my tight pussy its so fucking wet for you just finally put your big thick dick inside of me. I can’t wait any longer !your so mean to me master but ill do anything you want. You just love making me wait. You love seeing my pussy twitch as you whip me watching me drip cum for you. You can hear my cum splash on the floor.  I bet you can even smell how sweat I taste.  ill be so good for you master please reward me .tie me up and fuck the hell out of me. whip me and abuse me. ill let you go in my ass master you know it hurts when you go in dry but you can’t help but pound my tight little asshole. I fucking love the pain you give me just tell me what you desire ill do it all. I love to give my master pleasure. I love that twisted look on your face when you own my body.

What a Shock

submissive phone sex

I dont know what’s gotten into me but as of late i just cannot seem to stop playing with myself wether i have master’s permission or not. I just have this intense craving and master has caught me a few times touching myself without his consent and he’s punished me but nothing seems to work so he decided to try something new. He installed one of those special mirrors where it looks like an ordinary mirror but if you’re on the other side of it you can see through it like a window . He put in my bedroom and hooked up some sort of shock kit, and at the time i didnt know what it was but he told me everytime i was naughty he would know. Well i went to touch myself tonight and all of the sudden i felt a quick intense jolt, it threw me off for a moment but than i kept going. Again i felt a quick more intense jolt. It happened quite a few times but instead of turning me off it actually turned me on, as the night went on the jolts got more intense and painful, but the more intense and painful they were the more it made me wet. When i finally orgasmed master said he has another plan to try and stop my naughty behavior and he sounded very confident. I’m a little scared but also very excited to see what it is!

Master’s Special Sauce

slave training

I did something very bad… I misheard an order master gave me and did it wrong.. The look on his face told me I was going to be punished severely I tried to convince him it was a simple misunderstanding.  But he would hear none of it. Master told me to get on the bed. He my arms to the bedpost and put a ball gag in my mouth. Then he got out a spray bottle that he called “hot sauce”.  He wouldn’t tell me what it was.  But he aimed at my pussy and said this was going to hurt very badly. The second it hit my pussy I bit down on the ball gag in excruciating pain!  It burned and stung so bad.But as bad as it hurt my pussy begin to drip. Master said “oh does my slut like that?” I nodded yes. BIG MISTAKE. Master than brought a cat of nine tails whip and began lashing my pussy and spraying more of the “hot sauce” into the tiny cuts the whip had left. I arched my back screaming in pain trying to beg him to stop. But he kept going.  By the end of the night, my pussy was throbbing, red, and sore. But it felt so good! Master doesn’t know it but I creamed while he was whipping me. I suppose I’ll keep it my little secret! 😉

Raising the Stakes

submissive whore

Master was having a poker game with one of his long time friends who was also a domme who’s always wanted to dom me, but master would never let him.  The game had been heated all night long and master was running out of things to bet and was losing the game, and was also getting clearly frustrated.  Master thought he had a good hand and could beat him with a pair of kings, and he was feeling cocky so he reaches up my under my skirt pulls my panties down and sets them on the table on top of the chips… And nodded his head to me, making his intentions clear that now I was up for grabs. Then the last card dealt was an ace. Master’s opponent smiles and lays his cards down and reveals two aces. Trip aces beats a pair of kings. Master was clearly shocked and angry but he looked at me and said: “you’re his for tonight be a good girl.”.   I nodded and followed my new master for the night into the next room. He told me how bad he’s wanted this for so long and that he was going to leave a memento for master. He fucked my tight asshole, I gagged on his massive cock. He spanked me until I couldn’t walk, choked me while he fucked me, and when he finally was ready to cum he shoved his cock in my pussy and filled it with a massive load of cum. He instructed me to put my panties on and to go back to my master and tell master that he left a special gift for him somewhere on me…

Cum Eating Phone Sex!

Cum eating phone sexI love eating cum, it just tastes so damn delicious I can’t help myself. I love when my master lets me swallow his big load, and it’s not often he lets me. It’s only when I’ve been a good little slut. After all the gang bangs master has been watching, he decided his little whore deserved a little treat. He came into my room and began undressing me, then took off all of his clothes. He must’ve been watching some porn, because his cock was already hard – not as hard as I can get it though. Master then told me to open my whore mouth and he shoved his cock deep inside of it. I nearly gagged on his first thrust. Master’s cock was covered in precum and tasted so damn delicious, I just couldn’t wait for the real thing. I kept sucking on his cock, deepthroating it as much as I could. Master loved to face fuck his little whore. I could tell by his facial expressions he was getting close, and just as he thrusted I felt his load shoot inside of my mouth and good! I love being master’s cum eating slut. It’s so yummy.

Submissive Whore Loves Gangbang

Submissive Whore

Master has really been having a lot of fun with me lately. He really is liking watching these men pound into me and force their cocks down my throat. I’m not complaining, it just gives me more experience and I love making my master happy. He brought me into a room with well over 10 men and directed them to do whatever they wanted with me. At one point, I had two cocks down my throat, two in my pussy, and one up my ass. Master stepped up his game, but I know how to handle cocks. I loved having so many in my hands, mouth, pussy, and ass. It was making me so fucking wet. Master decided to join in on the fun and fucked my pussy with a big black guy doing so at the same time! I had both of their cocks deep inside of me and they fucking loved it! I love being a gangbang slut! Master was fed up with all the men and told them all to watch as the whore got fucked, they all stood by jacking off their cocks as master pounded into me as hard as he could. I felt some of them cumming as their cum began to get all over me and Master, I loved being covered in cum while Master fucked me. Master took his cock out and started shooting his cum all over me with the other men. I was dripping in all of their cum and it all tasted so fucking good!

Teen Phone Sex with Subby Caitlin

Teen phone sexI love being a little submissive teen slut and doing anything my masters demand I do! I get off on the pain my master’s like to give me, feeling them slap my pretty little face just makes my cunt dripping. I really like a nice ass beating too, I love the sting of your hand against it. I love being degraded like the whore that I am! Call me your nasty little fucking cunt and stick your fat cock into my tight little teen cunt. I’m nothing but a nasty fuck slut who loves her cunt being destroyed by your thick juicy cock! I’ll be your little fucking cum slut too, I’ll take that huge load of warm cum in any three of my holes or even all over me! I love being covered in cum and eating it! It just tastes so damn delicious! Make me your little submissive slut, use me and abuse me. I’d love to be your new whore!

Gangbang Phone Sex Pt. 2

Gangbang phone sexMaster was getting so hard watching and having me suck his cock, he was ready to stick that huge throbbing dick in my wet fucking pussy. I loved the way master fucked me, and as he did so one of them men was shoving his cock down my throat while the other was penetrating my ass so hard! They felt so amazing inside of me, I could feel my body starting to convulse. I started to gag all over the man’s big dick, I ended up puking all over him but Master told me to eat it and I always do as master says. I licked my puke off his large dick and choked as I swallowed, Master was getting close I could tell by the way he was fucking me. He made both of the men go up to my mouth and begin jacking off their cocks into my face. Master was still fucking my tight little wet pussy, I was getting so close and so was he. Both of the men finished all over my face, shortly after Master came deep inside of me and watched his creamy load drip out of me.

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