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Bondage S&M with Casey

Bondage S&M Casey

I called a phone number on a Craigslist ad for a Play party.  A vanilla friend, who is accepting of my lifestyle as a submissive, went with me to the party.  We were assured when we arrived that is was perfectly ok to just observe until you felt comfortable participating.  I was in submissive heaven.  There were scenes playing out everywhere.  Beautiful bondage going on, it was art.  I met some tops that wanted to play, it was a husband and wife team, both dominant looking for a submissive like me.  They tied me up and suspended me to a beam in the ceiling.  They began beating me with whips, ignoring my safe words.  They beat my tits and cunt.  The husband came over and pulled my panties down and started ass fucking me.  I asked him to stop, I didn’t usually fuck doms the first time I met them, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.  He kept penetrating my ass while his wife sucked my nipples and fingered my pussy.  Despite their assault, my body reacted, and I had an orgasm.  The strongest orgasm I’ve ever had, EVER.  Maybe there was something to this kind of domination.  We exchanged numbers.  They hog tied me and left me on a bed with a pair of scissors.  Once I get free,  I needed to look further into this type of play.

Slave Training with Casey

Slave Training

I don’t know how rough you like it, but I love to be slapped and punched if it pleases my Master.  It gets me hot and so wet.  I can be the perfect accomplice for you.  We can lure a poor unsuspecting working girl off the street with a promise of some blow and have her go to your place.  You could tie us both up and use our bodies for hours.  I could do wicked things to her and train her how to be the perfect slave for you.  I would teach her how to obey and follow direction no matter how uncomfortable or painful.  I live to serve you in any way you wish.  If you want to see me gang banged, I relish the idea.  If you want me to be a human toilet for you, I will.  If you want me to fuck a furry friend, I will do that too.  It should be all about pleasing you Master.

Submissive Slut Casey

Submissive Slut

My master loves that I am a Submissive Slut and he tries to test my devotion.  Tonight, we are going to a club, he told me to wear a sheer red blouse and black mini skirt with nothing on underneath.  He told me to wear my 5-inch stilettos. (Those are hard to walk in, but I obey.)  We hopped in his Jaguar and began our trip.  He told me to open the glove box, that there was a surprise in there.  In the glove box was the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen.  It had to be 12 inches and as big around as 3 dicks.  He told me to insert it into my cunt right now as we traveled.  I obeyed.  I took the dildo from the glove compartment and put my seat back.  I tried to insert the dildo.  It was too big to go in.  This was going to take some work.  I spit in my hand, slathering the saliva on the hand-held cock and started working it into my wet cunt.  Little by little it was going in when my master slammed on his breaks and it went in hard, FUCK!! That hurt.  He smiled at me.  “When I told you to put it in, I meant now!” Now that it was in, I started moving it in and out in my stretched-out cunt.  It hurt but felt good too.  My Master was right, this was best for me.  He had me use my left hand to jack his cock while I moved the dildo in and out of my wet pussy. My master was pleased.

Gangbang phone sex with Casey

Gangbang Phone Sex

My new master was very upset with me for not dressing as he had asked me to.  His request was simple, he asked me to dress like a prostitute.  I had shown up in a sexy black silk dress with 3-inch heels, hair in a nice up do and makeup done tastefully.  He told me if he had wanted a high-class call girl he would have asked for that.  He wanted me dressed as a common street whore.  He sent me home to change.

I travelled the 45 minutes each way to transform myself into a street whore.  I put on a black body stocking with a hole where the crotch is, a red corset, a tight, very short, black leather mini skirt and my 5-inch fuck me heels.  I also put a lot of makeup on and over sprayed my hair to look like those whores I see patrolling the streets downtown.

I returned to Master’s house.  He greeted me at the door, telling me to remove my coat and said that now I looked like a proper hooker and tonight I was going to be treated like one.  I am always happy to please my master, whatever he wants, I will do.  He brought me into a room with 5 men, sitting around having a smoke and a drink.  He told them the entertainment had arrived and that we were going to have fun.  He told me to do a hot dance and I did, provocatively dancing across the room, everyone’s eyes on me.  As soon as I finished, two of the men strapped me down to a massage table and put a gag in my mouth.  Each man took a turn at me.  They fucked me in my mouth, my cunt, and my asshole.  I was pleased that my master had chosen to share me.  Some of them double teamed me.  I loved being used this way.  When they were all done using me up, my Master came to me and had be suck his cock until he exploded in my mouth.  He rubbed my cheek when he was done with me and told me what a good sex slave I was.  I returned his smile.

Pleasing my new Master

Light bondage

My new Master Jonathan had a very special treat in store for me.  On our second appointment, He brought several of his friends to play with me.  They bound me with rope around my calves and my hands were tied behind my back.  I love light bondage and fucking strangers, especially when it pleases my new master.  The four of them picked me up and carried me to the bed, cut my clothing off and began to fuck me.  I took them in my cunt, my asshole and my mouth as Jonathan directed them.  The three of them fucked me hard, spanking me on my pussy and my tits as they fucked me.  They all came inside and over my body, spilling their juice on my tits, inside my cunt and in my mouth.  When they finished with me and I was all used up, Jonathan had them sit down while he fucked all my holes that were full of the other’s cum.  Jonathan called me a dirty cum slut while he used me.  I love pleasing my new master.

My first Master

Female Bondage

I have a good friend who first got me into BDSM.  He is my boss at work.  He had a bet with me that if I did not close a deal I would be his sex slave for the weekend.  He was married and so was I and I really did not care.  The deal did not close.  We stayed in a hotel room for the entire weekend.  I became his sex slave.  He was my first master.  I have always enjoyed the feeling of domination.  It lets all the stresses of my busy demanding life melt away.  He did things to me that weekend I had never done in my hum drum marriage.  He anal fucked me for the first time in my life while I was tied to the bed post.  He fucked my ass over and over.  He fucked my pussy and then my mouth coming in both.  He whipped me and spanked me as he fucked me and it was sweet heaven.  I would love for you to dominate me too.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I often go to BDSM chat rooms looking for a little fun.  The last time I was in the BDSM chat room, I spoke to a guy that wanted to live out a rape fantasy and I have had a rape fantasy for years and was thrilled to meet someone like-minded.  I emailed him and got the details and told him I was up for anything.  He told me that it would happen in the next week but not when or where.  That was part of the excitement, not knowing when it was coming.  He could do anything to me, tie me up, beat me, minor cuts, just nothing life threatening.  It had to be as real as possible.  I was excited!  Three days later as I walked home from dinner near my home at dusk, I was attacked from behind and dragged into the bushes.  My assailant tied me up and punched me in the face a few times until I lost consciousness.  When I awoke, I was in a seedy motel room tied to the bed posts.  I got so excited, to finally have my rape fantasy.  He stripped me down to my black pantyhose and bra.  He took some scissors and cut a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose.  I was not getting away anytime soon.  I told him I was so happy to finally meet him after all the preparation we had put in.  He looked at me and nodded his head.  I figured he was staying in character.  He came over to me and said shut up bitch and slapped me hard across the face.  My lip was bleeding.  He pressed his finger firmly against my pussy and seemed surprised at my wetness.  He cock was so hard, it was straining against the pants he wore.  I told him to let me suck his cock and he took it out and put it in my bleeding mouth.  I sucked his long, hard cock, sliding in and out of my mouth, making his cock get even harder.  He took me by the neck and pulled me off his cock and said, “no, I wanna fuck you,”.  He clumsily climbed on top of me, guiding his cock through the pantyhose and into my waiting wet cunt.  He was so excited, he came in minutes.  He told me not to tell anyone how quick he came.  He cut me lose, said thanks and left the room.

Bondage Whore Casey

Bondage Whore

I love bondage.  The reason it excites me and makes my pussy wet is the feeling of losing control.  You’re not in control anymore when you are tied up.  You are at another’s will.  He or she can do to you whatever they want to you.  It is paramount to have trust in that situation.  My favorite experience was when my master chained me to manacles in the ceiling above my head, stripped me and then flogged me for an hour.  My pussy was so wet by the time he was ready to enter me.  An hour of slapping my breasts, my cunt, my ass, my stomach.  It hurts but there is also a lot of pleasure.  My master was very well pleased with himself and my reaction to his spankings.  His cock was very hard and erect by the time he was finished with my punishment.  Then came the pleasure.  An hour of unbridled fucking.  He fucks me according to his will, whether it be my mouth, my cunt or my ass.  I must obey.

Bondage and Submission with Casey

Bondage and Submission

I come to your house at midnight at your request.  I have nothing on but a raincoat and underneath a garter belt, thigh high fish net stockings, 6-inch spiked heels and a fishnet mini dress.  You tell me to enter, you have many things in store for me tonight.  You take me into our special play room and tell me to undress.  You tie each wrist to a manacle in the ceiling set about two feet above my head that allows you to rotate my body. You bring out your studded rubber paddle, turn me so that my ass is facing you and begin spanking my ass five times hard.  You ask me how it feels, and I reply, “It feels wonderful if it pleases you Master.”  You say it does please me.  You bring out the rubber bands and place one over my left breast and release it.  It snaps into place.  You take another and put it on my right breast.  You repeat this again with a much tighter, thicker rubber band around the base of my tit.  My tits are compressed like a balloon being squeezed, standing at attention.  Next you place a sex machine you have devised between my legs, forcing me to open my legs wide.  You place the head of the dildo at the entrance to my cunt and turn the machine on.  It fucks me robotically with force, speed and pressure, bringing me to almost immediate orgasm.  I am moaning in pain and pleasure as you manipulate my body.  You ask again how it feels, and I reply, “It feels wonderful if it pleases you Master.”  You smile.

I Serve You

submissive phone sex

I want you to know that I live to serve you.  I love pleasing my Master, no matter how much pain and humiliation you want to inflict.  It leaves me so satisfied to know that I have pleased you.  I am your slut, your cunt, your whore, your angel, whatever you need.  I want you to use my body to your own satisfaction.  It is my life’s pleasure to please you and only you.  Dominate me, spank me, fuck me.  I especially love when you tie me up and bind me, when you put nipple clamps on me.  Share me with your friends.  Make me your cum slut.  Bloody my lip if that’s what makes my master happy.  I will always be yours.

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