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Submissive slut Life is so Hard

Submissive slutIt’s not easy being me. Always have to be pretty, ready to be fucked. Be the perfect toy, a lover, a wife, everything you need me to be as you need it. Of course, I don’t have to work. I always get fucked. You take care of my every want and desire. It’s just oh so hard to kneel at your knees. Give you those sweet eyes as I lick your cock from base to head. Let you fuck my throat and cum all over my tongue and face. Or like, entertaining your guests when they come over. Letting 4 or 5 men fuck me all at once is hard work you know? I put sooo much work into looking this good just for you and to have those men fuck me until my panties are ruined and my make up is all smeared and running. Don’t even get me started on the hair. So long to curl and primp just to have it ruined. Sigh, the hard life of a slave this is. Not to mention the orgasms, over and over and over again all day. I’m surprised I can walk! What is that Master? I’m being a brat again? Oh no… Time for my spankings. Well… If you insist Sir. I even wore those panties that you like against your hand.

Submissive Whore to Ecstasy

Submissive WhoreMaster loves my nipples so much. Making them hard little bullets with your tongue and fingers. You love to torture me with this pleasure. Pulling, pinching, twisting. Making me moan and melt in your fingers. It’s why you are my master and I’m your property. You know how much I love it and how much I crave for you go push me harder towards my limits. When those loving pinches and twists and bites turn cruel. Hard, painful bites, making me cry and scream for you even as my pussy drips with want for your fingers and cock. “Please master!” you make me beg. I want you to touch me anywhere, everywhere, so bad and all you do is tease my tits. Force me to cum through that pain and pleasure just on my tits. My body quivered with the pleasure my knees threatening to give out and then you give me exactly what I want. Your big thick cock sliding up my soaking pussy, forcing me to cum again, and again. Why do you torture me so. I can’t even beg for your cum the pleasure overwhelming. Feeling your cock throb in my pussy giving that cum I tried to beg for with my moans. Pushing me over into ecstasy.

Cock worshiping my Master

Cock worshipingI felt that surge of pleasure running through me at your words. The way your hard yet silky smooth cock head felt against my nose as you teased me into using my mouth on you. My eyes looking up at you as I run my tongue over my lips. “Yes Master. I… this girl wants to be a good kitten for her Master.” I said as I tilted my head to lift my lips to your cock head giving you a little lick on the underside of your shaft. Not yet touching the head as I move, letting myself shift from my kneeling position to on all fours as I licks up the shaft. Treating it very much as if I was a kitten and licking it clean with long slow licks and little appreciative moans escaping from my throat. I was being mean to my Master, my tongue in teasing and careful worship of your cock but never once touching the head. I didn’t let you feel that wet warmth of my cheeks around you that silky smooth tongue wrapping around and massaging your shaft as I sucked you. I nuzzled against the spit slickened base of your shaft before running my nose tip along the length getting back to the head just as you had originally poked against my nose. My tongue finally licking and give a long slow drag of warm wet flesh to the base of the head before I kissed the tip. Giving it a hard and teasing suck before I open my mouth, leaning forward on my hands and knees to take in your length. my tongue rubbing against the base of the shaft as I sucked, rocking back and forth slowly each time letting you go just that much deeper with the next rock forward. Taking you inch by inch until that head touched the back of my throat. I stopped, eyes looking up to watch my Master as I rocked back rather than pushing down past that point and into my throat. my cheeks sucking in hard as the power of my lips tugs at your cock. My tongue never leaving the base. My sucking doesn’t go easier as I gets to the head. Purposely letting that suction be so intense around the most sensitive of places. I loved watching my Master as I torture you with my body and wanted to learn just how to drive you crazy. Even as you took your hands, tangling your fingers in my hair and thrusting hard and deep into my throat. Using me like the slave I am for your own pleasure.

Rape phone sex fantasies the Fuck Pig

Rape phone sex fantasiesI had become the office fuck pig. I’m not sure how I agreed to it other than through blackmail and my boss using my submissive nature against me. He had kidnapped me and taken out all his rape fantasies out on me while telling me my cunt belonged to the office now. That I was to make sure everyone was satisfied and came or he’d tell my Master… Who he doesn’t know is my Master. That I went and fucked him willingly. I didn’t know what to do. I knew Master would give him permission and tell me to be the office fuck pig if my boss had asked but I felt like I would get in trouble for not telling him. So, I just didn’t say anything and it’s how I found myself bent over my Boss’ desk this morning. Him lifting up my skirt and pumping my pussy with his cock as if it’d been  years since he’d last gotten to enjoy it. Reminding me of my place. “Fucking pig, it’s all your good for isn’t it? Being a fucking cum dump?” he was getting off hard on the abuse and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was enjoying it too. Maybe I’m just a bad slave? Maybe I like it when I’m forced to do something like this against my will. I am a bad slut, enjoying being the office fuck pig already. My mind was so full of thoughts and confusion that I missed when he pumped my pussy with it’s first load of cum for the day and smacked my ass hard enough for it to mark. “Go fuck off.” he said gruffly wanting me out of his site now that he was done with me. I pulled down my skirt as I walked away, closing the door behind me I saw Brian. He grinned at me as if he knew exactly what I had done. Which he probably did as he came up to me and without a word pushed me up against the glass pane that connected the lobby to the bosses office. I could see our boss grin at me pressed up against the glass even as Brian lifted my skirt and I could feel his cock press against my ass. “You always act like you’re to good for us lowly surfs. Fucking entitled slut.” he growled, angry at me as he shoved his cock into my ass making me cry out with the pain of the muscles stretching. He showed no mercy though, pumping hard and deep with each thrust groaning as if my ass was the best hole he’d ever fucked. “You fucking cum dump. I’m going to use you every fucking day. Make sure your ass is ready for me.” he growled. His hand going around my throat, squeezing as he fucked me harder and faster. Leaving me gasping for breath until he exploded in my ass filling me with cum.

Submissive slut Just Like a Bunny

Submissive slutI’m a bunny! Well, I got a bunny tail that goes up my butt! It’s so cute and fluffy and when Master puts it in and I wear the matching ears it makes me feel so pretty and cute. I can’t help but watch myself in the mirror and wiggle my butt when I see it and I just want to walk around naked so everyone can enjoy how I look! So imagine how happy I am that Master just told me I’m going to be the fertility bunny at our next party! It’s my job to go around and fuck everyone’s cock and get my cunny all filled with cum so we can have a good Easter! For the party we went to this old fashioned Garden and everyone looked so nice. I was super excited to see all the other pretty bunnies in their ears and tails. All already being used by the Masters. I must have looked super excited because Master swatted me on the butt right on my tail and told me to go play as he made his way towards a table with his friends where one had a beautiful black bunny with a gray tail and ears sucking his cock and the other had a sweet little Asian bunny with pink ears and tail riding his cock. Her eyes glazed with pleasure and her thighs already shiny with pussy juice and cum. I was fascinated watching her orgasm on this huge cock that was stretching her tight little open. I felt hands grip my hips and a cock press against my ass sending a shiver through me before he rested his chin on my shoulder. “Watcha lookin at?” he whispered in my ear followed by a low “oooh” in my ear before he pushed me forward walking to the fucking couple. “Let’s get a closer look shall we?” and before I knew it I was on my knees my nose filed with the smells of sex, sweat, and cum and there was a cock pressing at my soaking pussy and my face was being pressed against the man’s balls where I did the best thing a slut bunny like me could do. Lick, suck, and pleasure the two in front of me while being used for someone else’s enjoyment without getting lost in my own.

Submissive slut the First Mate

Submissive slutI love role play and being Master’s sweet little sailor. That white and blue uniform is so cute and makes me feel so sexy. Master is of course the Captain of our ship and it’s my duty as first mate to ensure that Captain is taken care of in every way. Even if that means spending the night in his quarters. Riding Master’s cock, wearing nothing but my sailor’s cap as Master gives me his full mast. Letting me ride his waves and gifts me with his own seamen to help us along our perilous journey on the high seas. We have to make sure that Master can focus so even as he sits at the couch, legs spread, cock hard, controller in his hand as he plays his pirate games this first mate knows her place. On her knees with Master’s cock in her mouth. Licking, worshiping, and showing just how much she loves to be at his feet. My fingers wrapping around his shaft, sucking up and down his hard length, wearing my uniform again. Slow and steady to not ruin his focus until he’s ready to cum, even if that takes hours I’m a good first mate and will lick, suck, tease until Master is ready to gift me with his amazing cum and let me taste it and feel it on my skin. I love my Captain Master and want to make sure he’s the best he can be even if it means I am always on my knees.

Bondage Whore is the Table

Bondage whoreForniphilia is a form of bondage and sexual objectification in which a person’s body is incorporated into a chair, table, cabinet or other piece of furniture. I kept reminding myself of this as my arms were strapped into a V and my legs together making me a table. My head was even covered with a mask and some strappy things wrapped around me to make me more sexy. There was a cold tray on my back, heavy with drinks and snacks. I was a good table as I listened to my Master woo his date, the purrs and happy noises she was making lets me know he’s doing well. I can smell his musk and hear wet slurping noises. His breath catching confirms that Master is getting his cock sucked. She gags for a moment coming up for breath, panting and I know he took her head and held her down. Put all his cock in her throat at once before pulling her off of his cock. I felt the tray lifted off of my back. Surprised as I felt a warm body lean over me. Putting their weight on me. Her soft pillowy breasts pressing into my back. I heard the sound of a belt being pulled out of belt loops before I heard a sharp hard crack across an ass. The girl resting on me moaned and a shiver ran through her. Knowing I was being her support, her table, make my pussy so wet and helped me to forget the soreness of my muscles from the awkward and hard position to keep. So as he kept spanking her with the belt, her nails gripping and digging into my side. The surprised cries. The gasps as leather impact skin. I just couldn’t help but get wetter and wetter. I could feel my own pussy juices trickling down my thighs as the belt thumped onto the ground. Then the conjoined moans of two people experiencing each other. My Master was fucking this woman while she used me for support. Each thrust I could feel her moan against my back, feel those shivers of pleasure and the pin prick of her nails. He thrust harder making her rock back and forth over me as the room filled with the sound and smell of their fucking and it was so amazing. When she came on me, quivering with the orgasm. Master grunting as he came into her. I felt my own pussy contract, cumming without it ever being touched. Just because I got to be their table for their fucking.

Rape phone sex fantasies

Rape phone sex fantasiesMy boss had been eying me for months now. I’ve been a good girl and putting him off as my Master has not given me permission to play with him. So I was rather surprised when I was working on some filing in his office when I felt a sharp pain across the back of my head making everything go black. I have no idea how long I’d been out but I woke up to a splitting headache. My mouth dry and in pain. Hands behind my back, knees tied together, and my ankles tied together. I tried to cry out but the gag in my mouth wouldn’t let me make much noise and I looking around realized I was in a house but I didn’t didn’t really get a chance to look before I saw bare ankles and hairy legs in front of my line of sight and then I heard my boss’ voice. Good you’re awake. I’ve been waiting for you so you could enjoy me too. Then I felt his hands gril my hips and move me into a doggy position. I squirmed trying to get away but it was no use. His hands pushed my skirt up and ripped away my panties and stockings. He didn’t wait though, shoving his hard cock into my mostly dry pussy making me scream behind the gag as he began to fuck me. “Fuck fuck fuck it’s so tight” he groaned to himself before filling me with cum after a sad minute or two. He patted my ass sighing happily. “See what you’ve been missing Casey. Now just let me recover and we can do it again. After all, I can’t let you go can I?”

Getting to know Hypoxyphilia

Submissive WhoreHypoxyphilia (more commonly known as ‘autoerotic asphyxiation’) is a rare and potentially life threatening sexual paraphilia where a person seeks to reduce supply of oxygen to the brain during a heightened state of sexual arousal. The definition was floating through my head as I wheezed for breath. My head so light and floaty as that belt around my neck just off my air just enough. It was amazing when mixed with the cock fucking me hard from behind. My master’s growls of pleasure flitting my ears as he held the belt like a leash. Just keeping me on the edge of consciousness so there was nothing but this floating, beautiful, abyss of pleasure all around me and running through me. I love it when my Master chokes me as he uses my pussy… Especially when we cum together, my pussy so tight around his cock as he twitches inside of me filling me with his amazing cum.

Sexy phone chat not Always Rough

Sexy phone chatEveryone always assumes that being in a D/s relationship that it’s always about you. That I never get to have my way, that I don’t to be a person. That being a slave means I don’t get to be an individual. While I think that’s true for some girls but for me. I love being the tool that you use for your own pleasure and mental well being. I would much rather be at your feet and be there for you than alone or in an emotionally abusive relationship. I know exactly what I am to you, why I am, and what my place is and that brings me comfort. Even if it’s a soft night like tonight. You just need the warmth of a human body, the love and loyalty that only a slave can give. It’s why rather than being tied and commanded, I ride your cock. Let you watch my breast bounce and jiggle with the movement. Slow, careful, unhurried rocks of my hips. Giving you just what you need and letting you relax and let go. I love you Master. I love it when you’re cruel to me and I love it when you’re just you. It’s why my favorite feeling in the world is your cock twitching in my cunt, pumping me full of your cum, and you stopping me when I try to move. Wanting to keep us locked together for just a little longer.

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