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The other day I had an encounter with a Black domme female and she decided I should try playing the villainess and have the tables turned. Starting out as a racist cunt with a group of black slave girls that plan a revolt on me is the gist of it. I will ultimately be turned into the little white girl submissive slave I am and become humiliated by the these black girl slaves. I would be overpowered and put into a bondage phone sex kind of scene where I get tied up and my ass spanked by all these black girls while getting called all sorts of things by these former slaves that are now controlling me. “I’m the worthless little white cunt that loves black pussy” I am forced to say as the head black bitch sits her black cunt on my face and forces me to pleasure her. I make that beautiful ebony cunt cum in my dirty little subby mouth. All the other former slaves that revolted against me as their Master, stuck their black asses in my blonde white bitch face and farted as Goddess Divina shoved my face in each one forcing me to rim all of them.

Bondage phone sex

Submissive slut

Bare Bottom Spankings Whore Celeste

Bare bottom spankings

  Are you a real man than can handle a hot piece of ass submissive like me? I need a good strong Master to punish and give me bare bottom spankings with a nice firm hand. You need to understand that I am a switch that gets excited playing the sub slut roles and getting all sorts of fucking punishments, and I can only pretend to resist when in reality my place is at the hand of my Master. I need to be gagged with Masters big cock and if he so desires, I am his property to use and share. If I were to get gangbanged by whoever my Master brings around then I know it’s my place to service all of his friends and will always do the best I can to please my Master and earn the reward of Masters cock in my sopping wet pussy.


Submissive Sex Whore Celeste

Submissive sex

   I’m sitting here waiting for my new Master to show up and make me his submissive sex whore. I live to serve a big strong master than can keep me happy and in my place, and I am only happy when I am in servitude to a strong Master. Being bound and gagged makes my cunt wet and taking Masters big hard cock in my tight ass after he gives me my well deserved spankings is my ultimate reward. I am rewarded when Master is happy with me, and am only happy when I know I have been a good slave for my big strong masculine master. Please let me use my whore mouth to drain your balls, even if I gag on that big cock I will keep sucking until Master wants me to stop.

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