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2 Submissive Whores

Have you ever seen 2 submissive whores duke it out in the ring? I am not talking about the ring filled with jello where they are wrestling around. I am talking about the ring where we really fight it out and finish with a good lesbian fucking. We get to beat up on each other getting all rowdy and wild. The pain acts like foreplay, as we get all hot and sweety. With every blow I hit her with I know she will take it out on my cunt. She is a fister and will punch me from the inside out. Giving every last hit back to me. SCum slut phone sex he will bruise me from the inside and make me squirt all at the same time.

Love My Job As A Whore

BDSM chatI went down to the local ma and pa shop to give pa a little release. I go down once a week always dressing like a cheap whore. I give him a little show as he commands my moves. He will tell me to pinch my nipples and twist until the hurt. Or he will tell me to smack my ass and I can’t stop unto I make the ripe red marks. When I see he is a rock hard attention. That is when I crawl over to him and offer one of my 3 whore tight holes. He likes my ass he will pick that one first the most. His wife doesn’t do that. Hehe! All good for me the more dick I get to drain the merrier!


Submissive phone sexMaster has these women superhero fetishes. I get all dressed up and act all tough fighting with him. Only for him to break me a superhero and turn me into his whore. I am his whore no matter what. But when he breaks my superhero spirit this whore loves it. He has this wicked sadist side that only comes out at certain times and this is one of those times. The bruises he will leave will last for weeks. And the degrading things he makes me do turns my cunt into mush. Like cleaning the bathroom floor with my tongue and hair only. Or the way he puts his boot on my face as he fucks my ass into it is a raw gaping mess.


Submissive sex chat Ever hear of the term “Subspace?” It means you are completely in the mindset of wanting to please your Master and loving every moment of it. Even the stuff you hate doing, when you are in “subspace” you want to do it. You crave to do it. You think of nothing but Master from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them. And your dreams are nothing but of Masters fuck stick and his happiness. That is how I feel with my Master. When he touches my body I almost go numb. And my flesh reacts immediately to his touch. My cunt moistens and all my holes open for him. My pain from Masters whippings makes him hard as a rock and me a wet sloppy mess.

Love Master’s Moods

Sexy phone sexMaster came home in a really bad mood today. I could tell by the way he was being extra aggressive. As soon as he came in the door he pulled his belt off and grabbed me by the neck pushing me into the wall yanking down my panties smushing my face into the wall and started whipping my ass hard ass hell. I love when master causes me pain with pleasure but this was stinging real bad. Master grabbed me by the hair pushing me to my knees. Shoving his huge cock deep into my mouth. He was face fucking me so freaking hard. He was gagging me so much I had this slimy drool coming out the sides of my mouth. He starts my face even harder I know he is getting ready to cum cause how fast he is slamming my mouth. I don’t know what pissed master off but I hope they do it again.

Swamp Balls

BDSM chat Give me your balls when they are all nasty sweaty and stinky from you working all day. I am going to take them balls and plop them right on my face. Rubbing your balls all over my face, like a greedy whore I stick out my tongue to lick your balls. I can’t get enough of that smell coming off your swamp balls. I smear your pre-cum all over dirty skanky face. I couldn’t wait anymore I take your swampy smelling fuckstick and shove it in my mouth. The smell gagging me, and you chocking me. The more you fucked my mouth the more my cunt leaked. I shoved 3 fingers in deep I couldn’t help myself. I wanted us both to cum at the same time.

Finger Blasting

Submissive phone sexMaster was upset with me, He caught me finger blasting myself in his office on his chair. And he made me stop. I am not exactly sure why he made me stop fucking myself this particular time. He has never stopped me before. But this time he did. He dragged me out of the office by my hair which I secretly love. and bent me over the couch. Spreading my ass cheeks wide. He put his cock head at my ass fuck hole. Teasing my ass, rubbing his pre-cum right on my hole. He slid his cock down to my cunt, rubbing his head on my cunt lips. Then back up to my ass with my juices. Poking his cock head in, my ass spreading for his throbbing cock. I moaned as pushed his cock all the way in. These are my favorite punishments.


Submissive slut I have been a little brat with Master lately. I am just testing my limits with him. I need a good ass whipping and he has been relaxing on my discipline. So as his kitten when I need a good beat down I have to be a little bratty bitch. He has been texting me and I have not been answering right away. And when he has been calling I let it go to voicemail. Then when I do pick up, or respond to a text I am a little bitch. And it worked I got my way. Master came over and whipped my back, ass, tits, and thighs with the strap. I have 8 welts, and a dozen or so red marks all over my body. Now I am feeling good. Thank you Master.

Master Cruel When Drunk

BDSM chatMaster came home drunk as a skunk last night. I was excited Master is very cruel to me when he is fucked up. I went for the old annoying technique, knowing this would give me a few hard whacks with the belt. I whined and squirmed from the sting of the lashes. But my cunt was a slip and side. And I wanted more lashes. I quickly started crawling away from him knowing this would get me more of what I wanted. He got so pissed off at me because I should know better. Crawling away from Master is a big no-no when I am getting hit for his pleasure or his discipline. He whipped me so many times and so hard with the belt I had open welts on my back, thighs, tits, and stomach. Lol and a whole bunch of squirting orgasms to go with them

Submissive Bitch

Submissive WhoreYou love to come over and fuck this stupid little worthless whore. You are always degrading me. I like the way you put me on my knees and just lay your balls on my face. Making me smell those swamp balls. The way you bitch slap me with your balls still resting on my face. Making shove those balls into my mouth. I can feel your boot kick my legs wide open. I yelp as I feel your boot shoved up against my nasty cunt. You tell me to fuck your boot and I obey. Rubbing my cunt against your boot. My moans get louder on your balls still shoved in my mouth. You bitch slap me again laughing yelling humiliating names. You shove your cock in my mouth. And I grind harder on your boot. My clit fucking swelling as I explode all over your boot. Gasping for air as you choke me with you cock.

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