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Chains And Whips

Submissive Whore My cunt gets so wet when Master brings out the chains and whips. I know Master has something wicked on his mind. He chained me up and put the ball gag in my mouth. Master led me around like a dog making me bark and howl. My cunt drenching my thighs feeling it dripping down. I get so fucking horny when he degrades me like an animal. He led me into my cage and locked me in. He opened the side door and ordered my ass up to the opening. He dug his nails into my fleshy ass spreading my cheeks open. My plump ass hole open and staring at him. He pushed just his cock head into my hole just teasing me a bit. I started to whimper and beg for his whole cock in my ass. Master gave me what I wanted slamming my ass so hard he made me bleed.

Putting On A Show

Submissive WhoreMaster has me putting on a show for his business. There is a big deal on the table and Master is sure I will persuade them to go with my Master’s business. Master had them over the house for dinner, drinks, and a show. My submissive whore show was an interactive one, I danced around them putting my boobs in their faces. Bending over with my legs spread my cunt lips open for all the men to see. I strip down to nothing and get on my knees. I crawl around the room like a wild bitch dog in heat. The men take out their cock and can see them whacking themselves and the make a circle around me. I can’t see Master but I can hear him say “She has no limits men take her and use her for your pleasure.”

A Drunk Fuck Toy

Slave training I just dig it when Master brings home a drunk high slut for me to play with. I love being a submissive whore to my master but I absolutely adore dominating a dumb cunt bitch. I get such a high off of fucking her making her cry and beg for mercy as I rip the shit out of her body. Master watches me as I play taking video and pictures. It makes him rock hard watching my sadistic dominating side come out of me. My favorite part is when master joins in with us and helps me torture the fresh meat laid out in front of us. I get into a trance watching master’s dick disappear in her fuck holes. My cunt muffling her screams. Master and I used her all night long turning her into our fuck toy.


BDSM phone sexMaster was minutes away from being home and I had to get the laundry done. If I do not have the daily bitch chores done before Master gets home I will receive a severe whipping for my disobedience. I will admit to you that I crave a whipping and misbehave just to receive one. I think Master knows this but he is still happy to give me my whipping. I could hear Masters pull in the garage and his car shut off. I was still not done and kept on what I was doing. He walked in the house and caught me in the living room still ironing his shirts. I could see the anger in his eyes and I came out with my excuse of sorry Master I lost track of time. He grabbed me by the hair and put me over his knee taking his belt and whipping me with it into I could feel the welts. My cunt was leaking all over his legs and I know he could feel it.


reBondage phone sex Master often hogties me and suspends me from the ceiling. Lowering me just enough to stick his cock in any one of my three wet fuckable holes. He twirls me around slapping at my body as I am suspended in the air. I feel like a piece of meat ready for slaughter hanging there. My pussy gushes past my thighs and makes a puddle on the floor. Master sees my pussy acting like a faucet and he shoves his dick pounding in and out as hard as he can. I am squirting with every stroke of his dick but I am still craving more. Dick in my pussy is just not enough and I begin to beg for his dick in my tight asshole.

Drunk Young Little Slut

Bondage chat Master brought home a drunk young little slut tonight. He said she was being a tease all fucking night getting free drinks and not giving up the pussy. Master bought her a drink with a special powder mixed in it. And now she is lying on the floor a slobbering passed out mess. I got that bitch fucking naked and spread her legs really wide letting master get a good view of that young cunt. He took his bullwhip and gave her one good whip across her wet cunt her body jerked but she was still passed out. Her cunt started to swell and it looked so fucking good that I shoved my face right in between those cunt lips. Master says she is ours to keep and to torture and she will be our little whore.


Submissive WhoreI am ready for when Master gets home. I have been here playing with myself just waiting for the moment for Master to walk thru that door. I already have a huge puddle on the floor I have been finger blasting myself for hours. I hear his steps and his keys in the front door. I gasp and keep my position I will be the first thing he sees when he walks thru the door. He opens the door and sees my cunt with three of my fingers inside of my cunt hole. He walks towards me and I slide my fingers into his mouth as he slides his dick into my cunt. He grabs my hair and slaps me in the face I instantly squirt all over his cock.


Submissive sex chatMaster puts me into a subspace which is a very calm place peaceful state of mind to be in. I love the feel of Master’s hands on my body. In those moments it is clear he owns me and my body. I lay there as he ties me up tightly so I can not even move a little bit. I feel his fingers tracing my cunt lips before he shoves three of them in my cunt hole. I gasp as he shoves a fourth finger in then his thumb. I feel his hand making a fist inside my cunt. He leaves his fist idle for a moment and then pushes deep into cunt with it punching my uterus as he starts to pound hard and deep inside me.

Submissive needs Release

BDSM phone sex Sometimes as a submissive I need to release. Every once in a while I need to be the domme and take out my frustrations on another little whore. If I am a good whore Master will grant me this wish a couple times a year. Today I get my wish he brought me home a little newbie slut just bought off the slave block. She was a scared timid thing and that was a huge turn on for me. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her body across the cold hard floor. I pulled her up by her hair and tied her to the wall where there where hooks already set up. She was sniffling and whining like a little bitch so I gave her a bitch slap across the face. Shut the fuck up I yelled inches from her face. She quiets down quickly and puts her head down. I am going to have some real fun with this fresh fish.

Witchy Whore

Submissive Whore Master says I am going to be a good witch whore this Halloween. Not a wicked witch but a submissive witch whore. And this Halloween I was going to the sex shop to offer up my holes at a special Halloween discount. I was placed on a chair in the back by the fifty cents peep shows with a sign that read ten dollars gets you ten minutes. When those horny men made their way towards the peep shows and saw me sitting there they were pleased and so was I. Money was being dropped into the bucket and dicks were being shoved in my holes. I was being grabbed and groped and my witchy outfit was being ripped off of me. There was tons of cum landing on me and every time I looked up a saw a brand new bunch of horny guys with their money and dicks in their hands waiting. By the time Master pulled me from out of there I was a cum filled and covered bitch.

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