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A Special Treat for Master

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I wanted to give my Master something special for Christmas, so when he came by at the scheduled time this week I had a friend there with me. She tied me up in a swing which had me suspended from the ceiling. When he came in and saw me hanging there, right at cock level, he came over and unzipped. Without a word, he shoved his cock in my mouth and really fucked my face hard. Suddenly, he stopped and swung me around forcing my face into my friend’s pussy. He wanted to fuck me while I licked her pussy and made her scream. He pulled my hair and told me to make her cum. I finger fucked her and licked her like my fucking life depended on it. Soon, she was squirming and moaning and he was really plunging into my ass hard. He stopped again and ordered her on all fours where he began to fuck her from behind while all I could do was hang there and watch. I had been so close to cumming! He kept looking at me and telling me to beg him to fuck me. I pleaded, and was finally given what I wanted.

Tied and Waiting Part Two

submissive whore

My Master likes to have me waiting for him and ready to play. So, this time he ordered me to be tied bent over a fuck table, wearing his favorite high heels and nothing else. One of his other slaves tied me, then toyed with me awhile using several toys and edging me not allowing me to cum. By the time Master arrived, my pussy was throbbing and dripping wet. I was, as usual, ready to do whatever he said. This time he was into more pain and teasing than before. He took a wooden spoon to my ass, thighs then on my back. Master then put ice cubes against my nipples, then twisted and pulled them. He then made me beg for him to fuck me. I pleaded for his cock, and he gave me just a little at a time. When he finally decided to fuck me hard, he choked and slapped me during, making me cum all over his cock.

Sexy Phone Sex Dorthy Style

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Today I wanted to blog a little differently than usual and talk about what life as a PSO is like. It’s so great being able to have sexy phone sex everyday, I get to live out fantasies, share erotic stories, be a therapist, engage in erotic hypnosis, talk really fucking dirty, get really hot and engage in mutual masturbation with callers that is sometimes so exciting, I make myself cum several times during one call.

What makes a call sexy? For me, it’s that voice on the other end of the line telling me their deepest and darkest fantasies, listening to you groan and moan as you get off with me. Roleplaying with you and acting out something so fun and intense, I get to cum over and over. Hearing you cum hard sends chills through me, straight to my pussy! I instantly have to start fingering myself, enjoying the moment and getting very wet and rising to a strong orgasm. For you, it will be my sultry and smooth voice, dirty talk and obvious moans of unbridled pleasure.

Being able to have sexy phone sex everyday is a dream come true, as someone who loves sex and loves to talk about it, I masturbate several times a day anyway so, I might as well be doing it with you on the phone, right? I promise you that you will be coming back for more in no time. It’s so much fun and you wont be able to get enough of sexy phone sex with me. Won’t you enjoy having a girl that you can say anything to whom will not judge you , and whom is willing to do whatever it takes to get you off? That’s me, baby and I look forward to talking to you, and cumming with you real soon.

How Can I Please You?

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Being a submissive bondage phone sex whore is such fun. I spend my days eager to please you, willing to talk about any subject and hot and horny waiting for you. Just like when I am with my master, your orgasm, your pleasure, is my ultimate goal. I’ll do anything to send you over that edge and make you cum so fucking hard, you won’t soon forget it and you’ll be cumming back for more. At just 2.00 per minute, that’s one hell of a cheap price for spending time with a girl like me. One who is willing, ready and able to phone fuck you and do just as you say. Following your instruction gets me off, so tell me what you want me to do. Mmm, I can’t wait to get off with you on the phone, I’m already here playing with my perfectly wet, tight pussy and on the edge of a strong orgasm. Call me tonight and let’s get off together.

My initiation into the local BDSM community

submissive whore

I like to be manhandled, dominated and made to please by following orders. That’s why I joined the local BDSM community via a website. At the first play party, I was initiated. I was made to dress in bondage gear and stand on display for all of the partygoers. When anyone walked by, I had to obey any order that they gave me, whether it was to finger fuck myself or pull on my nipple clamps very hard. After about an hour, I was strapped to a table with large leather straps and buckles. My legs were spread wide open, my pussy on display for everyone to see. I was gagged, but not blindfolded. People started lining up, and when it was their turn, they had the choice of whether they wanted to fuck me for two minutes, whip me, or use their tongues on me any way that they liked. Each person only had two minutes, though. This whole scene made everyone very horny, and there was a fuckfest going on before too long. I looked around the room, and people were taking cock while tied down, on their knees, or thrown over a table. My pussy was throbbing, both from pain and pleasure. Once everyone had their taste of me, a man was brought into the room, led by two gorgeous women, and I saw immediately that he had a HUGE COCK. The biggest I had ever seen. The two women were made to suck him off while everyone watched to prepare him to fuck me good. After they slobbed his knob for awhile, he approached and slid his cock in so fucking far it took my breath away. It felt like my pussy was going to split open, like I was being torn, but the pleasure that came with that pain, oh my god…

Whatever Master Says, I’ll Do…

submissive whore

Master had a new playtime activity he wanted to try and as usual, I am always up for pleasing him. Per his instruction, I handcuffed myself to a table and awaited his arrival. When he came in, I knew he was pleased as he smiled and said, “Good Whore.”  He informed me that we would be trying something new that night and had me spread my legs wide. With only my thigh highs on and high heels, I left my legs as far apart as I could stand. He began to tease my pussy with his tongue, getting me very wet. A finger fucking followed, and finally, he looked up and told me that he was going to force his fist inside of my pussy. I was intimidated. That sounded painful and uncomfortable. But, once he was in and his fist was fucking me, I got so into it and felt overwhelmed with pleasure as my pussy had never felt so tight and so full. I was gushing in no time and made my Master so happy.

Submissive Phone Sex with Dorthy

submissive phone sex

I love it when my Masters call me and tell me all about what they want to do to me, making me call them Daddy and beg for their cum. Playing out a fantasy is fun, I really am a submissive whore and like pleasing my men. I am a little cum dumpster for you and will do anything, anything, to get you off. I get so hot doing it too, even talking about it. With your permission I will play with my pussy as we tell each other stories. We will cum together, though I know you will leave me wanting more. I always do. This whore can never get enough of her Master’s cock or cum, and I’ll beg you to give it to me. Won’t you call me now, Daddy? Please?! I need your cum and I’m waiting to get off with you. Help me to get off and I’ll make sure to drain your balls like a good little whore for you.

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Master Makes Me Take It

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Master came up with a sexy new game, in which he ties me up and suspends me from the ceiling bent over, leaving my ass in the air at the perfect height for him to stand up and give me his cock right into my tight ass. At first, the pain is almost unbearable but then the intense pleasure overwhelms me and I beg for more. Master loves it when I beg, and I can’t get enough of pleasing him. When he is done raping my ass, he leaves me tied there and invites another man in to take a turn slamming my tight ass. I feel so full and pleasing my Master really gets me off. My pussy is dripping wet, and I cum over and over while suspended there, taking all that they will give me, begging for more and craving to touch my pussy but unable to because of the restraints. Though I was able to cum several times, at the end of the session I was craving more, and Master always leaves me feeling that way.

Submissive Whore Saturday

submissive whore

I’ve been wanting my Master so much lately, so I decided to really pull out all the stops to please him. I called my girlfriend over, a hot busty blonde, and we dressed in latex, thigh highs and heels. When my Master was due to arrive, I tied our feet together and sat with her, making out and getting each other very wet in anticipation of his arrival. When he came in, we were there waiting for him and I could tell that he was pleased. He tied our arms together, then stuck his stiff cock in our faces. We both went after it, trying to be the one to take it all the way in. The competition was good, his cock was very hard, harder than usual. He stepped back and stroked his man meat while untying us just enough to order us to eat each other’s pussies. She and I were so wet, and it didn’t take long for us to make each other cum. This pleased Master, and he fucked us both leaving us satisfied, yet wanting more.

Odontophilia, anyone?

submissive whore

My Master loves my teeth. If I’ve been a good girl and used his favorite red lipstick, he ties me up and has me to lick my lips over and over while his cock grows to a size only true, uninhibited lust can bring. I make sure to bite my lip often showing him my pearly whites and he rewards me with placing my favorite vibrator right against my clit. He brings me right to the point of orgasm, and then stops. He’s a big tease, but so am I. I make sure to bite my lip continuously and flash him big smiles, encouraging him to reward me. Eventually, he demands that I open up and he rubs the head of his cock against my hyper white teeth. I can feel his cock throbbing, and when I flick my tongue out, he shoots a huge load of jizz into my mouth and onto my face. More rewards for this submissive whore!

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