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Dumb Bitch To Fuck

Cum slut phone sexEvery once in a while Master brings me home a little treat. Today he brought me home a cute dumb slut to have my way with. She was pretty fucked up master had to walk her thru the door. I know master slipped some of his powders into her drink when she was not looking. I can tell by her glazed eyes, slurred speech, and her inability to walk thru the door on her own. Master tied her up to a post he has in the basement and he took a knife to her clothes cutting them off of her. She was smiling and drooling and she had not a fucking clue what was about to happen to her slutty ass. Master says she was flirting with all the guys being a real ho bag getting free drinks from everyone. But she wasn’t giving anything up for her free drinks. She was being a total tease and master hates bitches that tease. And that is why he brought her back to the house she needs to be taught a lesson in being a good slut.

Ella Master and I

BDSM phone sex today I figured that I would surprise my master by having my sister come over for him to abuse her too. Master likes my sister a lot and loves having her over. She is a whore too but a whore without a master. Master knew that when he got home today Ella and I would be waiting anxiously for him. Ella and I polished all chains up and made sure all his toys were ready for his use. Master pulls in the garage and Ella and I scramble to the door on our knees and get into first position. Which is on our knees, back arched, hands behind our backs. Master walks in and sees us in perfect position and he was pleased. He gave each of our nipples and nice little twist and pinch. He told us to strip off his clothes and we did rather quickly. His cock already throbbing hard springing out of his boxers as we pulled them down. Ella and I both were being greedy whores and we both attacked his cock with our mouth. The rest of the night was a nothing but tortured pleasure and squirting cunts. Let’s chat to finish the story.

Finger Blasting

Cum slut phone sex Master caught me finger blasting myself again without permission. I know I should not do it when I do not have Master’s permission but I just couldn’t help myself. I was thinking of Master’s thick cock and my cunt was just dripping with my thick creamy juices. I was imagining his cock sliding so smoothy in and out of my cunt. Slamming right into my G-spot and making me howl like the submissive bitch whore I am for Master. I was imagining him spanking my ass and fucking my asshole into it was completely raw and bleeding. I was imagining it so well I could almost feel him doing these kinky things to my nasty body. I never heard Master coming through the door and when he was standing over me watching me and I looked up. I knew I was in trouble.

Wicked Games

Submissive Whore Master and I were playing one of our wicked little game we love to play. I was the naughty slutty stewardess who seduces him and makes him be a naughty boy and fuck around on his wife. We pretend he is married and as the stewardess, I come over and lure him away from his wife with some lame excuse to meet me in the back. He follows me to the back where I push him into the bathroom and I lock the door behind us. I tease him with my tongue along his sweet tasting shaft and then say no when he tries to go further until he is so fucking rock hard he can’t stand it and he takes me right there banging me hard right there in the bathroom with his wife still sitting in the seat waiting for him to return.

Cock Teaser

Bondage chat My Master Kidnapped a stupid young barely 21 drunk whore last night. He said she was acting like such a slut teasing all the guys at the bar. But when it was time to put out the bitch wouldn’t. so now Master says its time for some torture play on her cock teasing little ass. Lol, master says its time to teach a bitch a lesson. Master gave me permission to be a little sadistic domme over and get her nice a warmed up for his cock. Surely I am happy as a pig in shit to do such a thing for Master. And when he went a step further and gave me full permission to do whatever I want to do to her I could feel my cunt start to drip down my thigh. Right off the bat I stripped the little bitch down and started licking and biting at her nipples and sloppy cunt. This drunk ass bitch gave me some fight at first but as drunk as she was I few good punches to her cunt and tits turned her into a whining cooperative little slut. Watching her cry on the floor begging for me to not hurt her only made me want to hurt her more. I kicked opened her legs forcing my fingers deep in her into I could make a fist. Without mercy, I started fisting this bitch I wanted to put my arm in there elbow deep and I fucking tried with all my might. But before I could my arm in elbow deep the bitch started to bleed as I ripped her insides opened. She was screaming which only made me fist fuck her harder. I looked up and noticed how hard Master’s cock was as he stroked it in his hands. It was time for Master’s fun. I dragged her over to the post and tied her up tightly stepping away to let Master have his fun.


Submissive sex chatWhat is a whore like me to do? Master comes in and tells me to slip off my thigh high see-through lacy robe. He commands me to lay my naked body down on the carpet and spread my legs spreading my cunt lip with my fingers. His hand touches my flesh sending waves of shivers throughout my entire submissive body. I close my eyes and fall into a sub-space trance. His hands rubbing on my cunt. I growl and moan as he slides his fist in my cunt. I can feel him pushing tearing my flesh until his fist is deep inside me. I scream feeling his fist twist and turn. My cunt gushing everywhere I cannot stop squirting all over the fucking place.

Your Submissive Whore

Cum slut phone sex I love being a submissive whore for all men. Yes, I do have my master who I love dearly. And I will always be his special little whore. But I do love taking orders from all men. Being on my knees in front of you as you take what you want from my worthless body. Grab me by the hair and drag me around the room. Throw me here and there. Take a hold of my tits and use them as reins as you pound your dick in and out of my slutty holes. Use me like your personal fuck toy. And no matter where you spew your cum. I will make sure to get a taste. If you cum inside one of my holes I will take my fingers and scoop out a bit for taste. If you cum on the floor I will lick just a little bit up and roll my nasty body in the rest of your cum.

Rented Out

Cum slut phone sexMaster rented me out to a couple last night. They were new clients I have never served them before. As soon as I walked into there house They ripped off my clothes and tied a rope around my tits, ankles, and hips. There was a big hook attached to the ceiling and I was raised up in the air. I was suspended as if I was laying on my stomach. They shoved a dry rag deep in my mouth and blindfolded me. I could hear them walking around me and snickering. As I was wondering what they were going to do to me I felt a blunt object hit me in my ribs. I screamed loudly but it was muffled by the rag. And then again I felt the blunt object hit me in my ribs on the other side. Again I screamed and this time tears came out of my eyes. They beat me for what seemed for hours. By the time they dropped me from the ceiling my body was like jello.

2 Submissive Whores

Have you ever seen 2 submissive whores duke it out in the ring? I am not talking about the ring filled with jello where they are wrestling around. I am talking about the ring where we really fight it out and finish with a good lesbian fucking. We get to beat up on each other getting all rowdy and wild. The pain acts like foreplay, as we get all hot and sweety. With every blow I hit her with I know she will take it out on my cunt. She is a fister and will punch me from the inside out. Giving every last hit back to me. SCum slut phone sex he will bruise me from the inside and make me squirt all at the same time.

Love My Job As A Whore

BDSM chatI went down to the local ma and pa shop to give pa a little release. I go down once a week always dressing like a cheap whore. I give him a little show as he commands my moves. He will tell me to pinch my nipples and twist until the hurt. Or he will tell me to smack my ass and I can’t stop unto I make the ripe red marks. When I see he is a rock hard attention. That is when I crawl over to him and offer one of my 3 whore tight holes. He likes my ass he will pick that one first the most. His wife doesn’t do that. Hehe! All good for me the more dick I get to drain the merrier!

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