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Submissive sex

Submissive sex“I promise this won’t hurt at all.” He sounded like he was lying through his teeth, and I laughed nervously saying “of course not.” He continued, “This is how I want it to go, you’re a stupid slut walking alone at night, clueless to the fact that you’re being followed. You’re dressed like a fucking whore and I come up behind you so quickly, dragging you into the dark.” His breath was getting quicker as he went on with his deepest and darkest desires. “I just need a dumb whore like you for some Submissive sex.” He slammed my face into the concrete, kicking me over and over. He drags me over to the toilet and shoved my head under, making me drown before pulling me up at the last minute. I am crying as he shoves his cock into my ass, then he pushes my head back under the water. I pass out this time and when I wake up he’s got me in the bedroom a gag in my mouth, and my hands bound. He’s got himself mounted on me, fucking me hard as he can. He’s degrading me, as he pulls out a short rope and wrapped it around my neck. I start to choke, I am screaming through my gag and he’s telling me that it’s time to die, bitch, telling me to shut the fuck up. That’s the last thing I remember.

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex “Say it louder bitch” I gagged some more on his cock as I said it again “I’m nothing but a BDSM phone sex whore.” I whimpered some more as he went in hard, grabbing my face and fucking my mouth and throat as I dry heave on his huge cock. “That’s right you fucking whore” he spits on me and slaps me across my face, making my eyes water more and more. “You’re only here on this earth to be used, you’re only here to master discipline, submit to dominance with nothing but unquestioned submission. Like it or not you fucking stupid damn whore. You must submit to all sadomasochism, forced to submit to psychological tendency based on purely sadism and masochism.” He was really going into to making sure I understood my purpose in life perfectly well, and it was crystal clear to me as he bent me over, shoving his cock into my ass raw, and his hand in my mouth to gag me at the same time. “Scream bitch, I wanna fucking hear you scream” And as usual, I did as I was told.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI wake up confused, my whole body is aching and hurting relentlessly. I realize that I am tied upbound on the bed in a position ideal for fucking all of my holes. I feel my head pounding and can now feel my holes are full of cum. I feel the bruises on my face, my whole body has blood on it and I start to panic thrusting my body against the ropes and chains holding me into place. That’s when I hear the footsteps approaching, and I know I should be scared. What’s going on? How did I get here? Did they drug me? A few men walk up to me, their cocks are already hard and the one who is in charge says “Good you’re awake it’s time to see how much we can get you to beg and scream you fucking whore” I start to open my mouth to protest but instead he pushes his cock all the way down my throat. He grabs my throat, choking me with his hands and cock at the same time. I am trying everything to move and wiggle around but it’s useless. He does this till I start to blackout before he stops, and I start gasping for breath. The others start their torture, pulling my nipples hard, slapping me, and forcing a cock in every hole. I feel like a sex slave, and I guess I am because who knows if I will ever get out of this. Once they all fuck me raw, they line up and one by one cum all over my face. When they finished with me, they tied me up like a pig about to be roasted. I was humiliated and stuck there like that till the next time they needed to use me.

Slave training

Another day of Slave training and I must admit the man my Master left me with truly hates women. I don’t know if he has Mommy issues, or maybe an ex-wife but he wants me to know I am nothing. I am here for a man’s pleasure, ISlave training am not here to talk, think or do anything but give up my holes. I am never to tell a man no or refuse him. I am to be daily degraded to make sure I forever remember my place in life is to worship the ground men walk on. I am not allowed to wear clothes, have a phone or anything of that sort. I must keep a collar on at all times, and whatever else he may want me to wear that day. He spends an hour a day beating my ass punching me and kicking me, slapping me, and pulling my hair. He usually makes me choke on his cock while he does this while calling me a stupid cunt and whore. I have been training for 3 days now and I already wish I was dead but my master says I have to be the perfect slave so here I am!

Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI have always been a Submissive slut, I don’t know how to be anything but that! Well of course, always as in once I finally left my overly strict parent’s home. I realized what I was really made for and I’ve never looked back. I don’t even talk to my parents, not that my master would allow it. I don’t have any freedom or say so in my life anymore and that’s how I love it. I no longer have to think about things, I simply do as I am told. I follow orders with no thought, I have been trained to obey for years. learning to love the pain and punishment too. I’ve become addicted to bondage, addicted to having my ass beat too. I love to be put in my place, and nothing turns me on more than having to beg for my master’s mercy. I will forever be a submissive bitch, a total fuckdoll and the ultimate stupid slut to tie up and fuck raw. I live a very hardcore lifestyle, and I always will.

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping“Get on your fucking knees bitch” my master slaps me upside my head and grabs me by my hair dragging me to where he wants me. “Listen here you stupid cunt tonight you’ll be doing some Cock worshiping and you better make me proud or I promise you’ll be black and blue for weeks bitch.” I nod my head, so he knows I understand what I have been told. He ties my wrists together and shoves a huge butt plug in my ass. He attaches my nipple clamps, and pussy clamps to top it all off. I am already whimpering from the pain. I get to work, starting with talking about his cock. ”Master, I love your cock it’s so big, juicy and in control.” I lick up and down his shaft as I continue. “Oh master, this cock is a dominate man cock, this is a real man’s cock. This cock can do anything it wants.” I start licking and sucking on his balls. “And these balls oh they’re heavy, full of so much cum my master’s cock needs to be drained. I promise I won’t waste a drop of your icky sticky breeding batter.” He drags me up towards the head of his cock, he’s ready to fuck my mouth. “That’s right you fucking whore, now let’s see if you can take cock like a good Submissive slut!” He spits on me and grabs my head hard slamming his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I don’t even have the ability to use my hands to push off of him, my hands are bound and I am helplessly getting my mouth fucked. He holds my nose and I start to panic, I can’t breathe and the smile on his face is beyond sadistic. Is this it? I think the end is near, but instead, he shoves his cock deeper, squeezing my throat as he blows his huge load, forcing me to swallow every drop as I told him I would. He slaps me across my face and pushes me to the side, I am no longer of any use now that he’s used me. This is my job, this is my life, this is why I am here.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI was walking to my car it was pretty late at night and I had been drinking. I was all dolled up in a mini dress and heels. I looked sexy and fuckable. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings because as soon as I unlocked my car and opened the door there was a man right there in my face with a shiny black gun. I gasped and he told me “Do as your told or I’ll kill you, get in the car you fucking whore.” I did as I was told and he rode passenger while I drove. He was silent the whole time. Only to tell me where to turn. I didn’t know where we were at all. I was terrified and knew he was probably going to kill me. He stopped us in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing around. No lights just trees and fields and I knew this was it. He forced me out of the car. I started begging him at this point but he slams the butt of his gun into my face. Shutting me up and knocking me out. I wake up naked in the field blood on my face and feel it bruising and swollen. He must have drug me out here after he knocked me out. Before I can form another thought he’s there. Forcing the gun all the way into my mouth. He tells me he had been watching me all night and knew I was a Submissive Whore. He told me he knew he could have me. Force me. take me and do whatever he wanted with me. He told me all of this while he brutally fucked me. He kept his gun in my mouth till he finished, or so I thought. He flipped me over and I tried to crawl away. Crying and screaming but he dragged me back towards him. He forces his cock into my tight asshole. Slamming it in harder and deeper as I scream in agony. He’s degrading me and hurting me as much as he can physically as I am trying to getaway. That was a big mistake! I get another blow to the head knocking me out as he fucks my tight ass.


Submissive Whore“Now Dorthy, why don’t you click those heels together, see if they take you home?” He grins at me, an evil grin that I know too well. I can’t speak, he’s got a ball gag in my mouth. He takes the cane and slaps it against my skin. ”I said click your fucking feet together bitch.” I do as I am told, he wants to hurt me, humiliate me, I am just a submissive slut. My hands are tied above my head, and my feet are only able to touch the ground because of the only thing I am wearing, which is my heels. I struggle to click them together but this isn’t good enough for him. He slaps me in my face, grabbing my chin and asking me if I want to make it home or not. I nod, of course, I do, but he sees this as a challenge from me. I shouldn’t be able to say yes, I should be too weak to even reply. He takes my heels off of me, and begins digging them into my skin. Beating me with my shoes. Fucking my ass with the heel and torturing me in every way he can. He won’t let up and I am begging for mercy, but he has been looking for a submissive piece of shit like me.

Craving Master’s Cum

Submissive Whore I am laying on my bed wearing a corset and Master is due home any moment. I have been craving Master’s cock all day since he left this morning and didn’t bother to give me his big cock in my mouth so I could taste his cum. I am just thinking of all the ways I am going to make him cum when he gets home. But first Master will want to smack me around for a bit because that is what turns him on. My pain always gets him rock hard. Then I hope Master will shove his cock right down my throat because I am so badly craving the taste of his cum. But maybe he will still deny me his cock in my mouth and go right for my pussy or ass. And if he does this I will beg, scheme and wine to get his cock in my mouth if that is what it takes.

Delightful Drunk Slut

Submissive slut Master brought home a delightful little slut for me to fuck tonight. She was young, drunk, and stupid. Master said she was wobbling all over the place and stumbling out of the bar. He said she was easy pickings for snatching up. He brought her home and threw her on the floor. She was barely coherent and not a fucking clue what was about to happen to her. Master gave me a knife for me to cut off her clothes. I cut into her flesh on purpose a few times just to hear the bitch scream. She came at me with a drunken fist and I popped her head right back down on the cement floor. She tried to fight but she was too drunk. I was brutal on her body taking no fucking mercy. I used her whole body to make me cum. Just like Master does to my body.

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