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Whore Has Learned Her Lesson

Submissive WhoreI was being such a little brat for Master. I was testing my limits left and right with him. Master was punishing me but I was just in one of those bratty submissive moods. Well after three days Master had reached his limits of my brattiness. Spankings weren’t working on me so Master found something that did. He bound me up and put me on my knees. As I kneel there on my knees I see Master going to what I call his closet of tortures props. He was rummaging around when he pulled out the cattle prod and the bullwhip with the metal spikes on it. I was shitting my pants when I saw what he was holding. I must of really pissed Master off! I knew I was pissing him off I just did not know I was pissing him off this much. Master tortured me for hours. Striking my flesh and splitting it open. Zapping me in between strikes from the bullwhip. He was laughing and taunting me telling me what a stupid whore I am. Just a dump piece of fuck meat he kept yelling. I was hurting bad my tears and snot were mixed together with my blood. It felt like every inch of my flesh was ripped open and on fire. I tried to scream out I have learned my lesson but Master just ignored me and kept on punishing me.

Ass Fucking Surprise

Submissive WhoreMaster did the most wonderful thing today. He took off early from work and surprised me at home. I was doing my daily chores and usually, I am ready at the door on my knees naked waiting for Master to walk thru the door. But today I did not even hear him walk in. I was doing dishes and I was naked because my Master keeps me naked as much as possible. Like I said I didn’t hear him come up behind me and yank on my hair. He yanked hard and brought me to my knees. My hands were soapy wet and I splashed water everywhere and on Master. He was not pleased with that! and I got a bitch slap to the face and a belt to my ass. He then pulled me up by my hair and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his muscular body and felt his thick cock invade my ass. “Oh yes, Master!” Escaped my lips as I moaned out loudly. We worked his cock all the way in giving me nothing but one orgasm after another.

Submissive Whore

Cum slut phone sexyou snap your fingers and I can’t control myself. My cunts drench down my thigh as I crawl over to you. The look on your face drives me wild. I know I am for a good fucking time. I kneel right in front of you and you bitch slap me hard. My body trembles and I almost squirt in my fucking panties. I beg for more and this pleases you. You bitch slap me three more times before pushing me to the ground. Grabbing my hair you force my head up off the ground and slamming it back down. I scream out that shit fucking hurt but my cunt squirt making me a fucking mess. You see this and tear off my panties seeing all the fucking wetness you call me a dirty fucking piece of fuck meat and begin to fuck me with your fist.

On My Knees

Submissive WhoreCrawling on my knees towards you. Your huge fucking snake taunting me. I lick my lips and start to pant like a dog. I kneel before you propped on my knees I grab your big dick and slide you into my mouth. You are standing above me watching me take your dick. You push me on your dick by the back of my head with your hand. I gag and drool down my milky breasts and hard nipples. I feel my pussy get soaked and I start to finger blast myself. You are fucking my mouth so fucking fast and deep I gurgle trying to swallow your dick head. My pussy gushing on my thighs. You push your dick balls deep in and cum down my throat. I moan on your dick as I swallowed every last drop.

Bleeding Bitch

Submissive Whore I am ragging it again and Master thinks that is nasty. He won’t even touch me when I am bleeding. He does not even want me crawling around the house. He throws me in a cage and keeps me there until I stop bleeding. But does not ignore me I get whipped for every day that I am bleeding. I don’t know if he knows it or not but I love the whippings I get when I am ragging it . I am super horny and super sensitive when my time of the month comes. When Master’s whip makes contact with my flesh sending a sensation trickling thru my body making me tremble. I know he hears my moans and whimpers mixed together and inside my head, I am begging for more whippings. Damn, he makes my cunt drip no matter what he does to me.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI am always excited when Master tells me I am going to be a whore to new people. I never know what I am in for and I love it. The not knowing how sadistic they are or what crazy kinks they have is what drives me insane with lust. I sometimes get some hints by what outfit Master tells me to wear. But I never really know what is going to be waiting for me on the other side of that door. Could they be a cold hard sadist and want to tear my white milky flesh apart. Or do they want me to be their toilet slave? Is it a dominating couple or a group of guys? Will there be a camera there? How about furry friends or wee ones to fuck? My mind races thinking of all these thoughts and the excitement of the unknown that awaits me.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore“Do you know why you’re here?” He glared down at me, I could feel my face and tits already bruising. “You’re here for the most submissive sex of your pathetic whore life” and with that, he kicked me and spit on my blood, dirt, and tear covered face. “Cry all you want to bitch, it turns me on.” He produces a huge cock then, letting me feel the weight of it by slapping it on my face, my cheeks, and then my tongue. I don’t dare pull away. The last time I tried to fight him back I got my fair skin destroyed, the pain will linger for weeks as a reminder that I should always do as I am told. “Now tell me you’re a fucking worthless piece of shit as I fuck your unworthy mouth and throat!” he doesn’t give me time to respond as he plunges his throbbing dick down my throat, squeezing his cock thru my neck and making a pleading whimper escape me. He fucks my mouth as hard as he would my pussy, making me try to talk around his cock, degrading and humiliating myself. My drool and spit are everywhere and I’ve even managed to puke on myself but he doesn’t care he just is here to use me.

My First Bondage Whore Experience

Submissive WhoreMy birthday just passed and it has me thinking about one of my first experiences being a bondage whore. I woke up to six men in my room, they were on me immediately. They tied my hands to my bed and my ankles too. They used my mouth and pussy as I begged them to stop, but it didn’t seem to help whatsoever. They were loving hurting my young holes, I was red from their slapping and my struggling. It doesn’t take long before one is making me ride his cock, the other stuffed into my ass and another is forcing his way into my mouth. I’ve got 3 other cocks slapping me in my face, I feel so pathetic. I am crying and they stuff a gag in my mouth, tie my tits and the rope around my whole body, using the neck part as a leash to drag me around to do what they want. They’re spitting on me, degrading me and hitting me around. I don’t have any fight left in me. They take my long hair and tie it to my feet, I look like a pig ready to be roasted over the fire, but to them, I look like a perfect place to leave their load. They lean my head off the edge of the bed, taking turns choking me and covering me with their cum. They left me tied up like a teen present covered in their warm load. It was a birthday I will never forget.

On My Knees

Submissive Whore I have been waiting patiently for my Master to get home. I know he wants his daily after work blow job from his kitten. He loves demanding it as soon as he opens the door. I am always waiting on my knees at the same time everyday craving to drain Master of his tension from the long hard day at work. I suck on his anaconda like a sweet tasting vanilla lollipop. If Master feels I didn’t do a proper job he bends me over his knee and spanks my ass. He won’t stop into his hand hurts bad enough. Master uses my mouth as a cum disposable bucket. He pulled out and wiped his cock in my hair and I jumped up to put dinner on the table for Master.

Degrade Me

Submissive Whore Master turns me on so freaking much. In every freaking way. Just the other day I overheard him talking about me with his buddy over the phone. I was supposed to be cleaning Master’s bedroom getting it clean and ready for him. But instead, I was eavesdropping on his phone conversation. He was degrading me telling his friend I was dumb as a box of rocks but a good fuck toy. My pussy drenched with his words and flowed down my thigh. I love when he degrades me in front of others. I love the way he makes me feel like a worthless animal. And I love it when he brings me out into public and degrades me in front of complete strangers. Master disrespect of me is the biggest turn on of them all.

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