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Submissive WhoreI am ready for when Master gets home. I have been here playing with myself just waiting for the moment for Master to walk thru that door. I already have a huge puddle on the floor I have been finger blasting myself for hours. I hear his steps and his keys in the front door. I gasp and keep my position I will be the first thing he sees when he walks thru the door. He opens the door and sees my cunt with three of my fingers inside of my cunt hole. He walks towards me and I slide my fingers into his mouth as he slides his dick into my cunt. He grabs my hair and slaps me in the face I instantly squirt all over his cock.


Submissive sex chatMaster puts me into a subspace which is a very calm place peaceful state of mind to be in. I love the feel of Master’s hands on my body. In those moments it is clear he owns me and my body. I lay there as he ties me up tightly so I can not even move a little bit. I feel his fingers tracing my cunt lips before he shoves three of them in my cunt hole. I gasp as he shoves a fourth finger in then his thumb. I feel his hand making a fist inside my cunt. He leaves his fist idle for a moment and then pushes deep into cunt with it punching my uterus as he starts to pound hard and deep inside me.

Submissive needs Release

BDSM phone sex Sometimes as a submissive I need to release. Every once in a while I need to be the domme and take out my frustrations on another little whore. If I am a good whore Master will grant me this wish a couple times a year. Today I get my wish he brought me home a little newbie slut just bought off the slave block. She was a scared timid thing and that was a huge turn on for me. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her body across the cold hard floor. I pulled her up by her hair and tied her to the wall where there where hooks already set up. She was sniffling and whining like a little bitch so I gave her a bitch slap across the face. Shut the fuck up I yelled inches from her face. She quiets down quickly and puts her head down. I am going to have some real fun with this fresh fish.

Witchy Whore

Submissive Whore Master says I am going to be a good witch whore this Halloween. Not a wicked witch but a submissive witch whore. And this Halloween I was going to the sex shop to offer up my holes at a special Halloween discount. I was placed on a chair in the back by the fifty cents peep shows with a sign that read ten dollars gets you ten minutes. When those horny men made their way towards the peep shows and saw me sitting there they were pleased and so was I. Money was being dropped into the bucket and dicks were being shoved in my holes. I was being grabbed and groped and my witchy outfit was being ripped off of me. There was tons of cum landing on me and every time I looked up a saw a brand new bunch of horny guys with their money and dicks in their hands waiting. By the time Master pulled me from out of there I was a cum filled and covered bitch.

Training A Whore

Cum slut phone sexMaster loves when I become a domme on another bitch. It turns him on so fucking much. He likes to watch as I make her my bitch. There was this one whore who wanted to be a submissive but had a fucking mouth on her and refused to listen. So her master gave her to my master to teach her some fucking discipline before he took her skanky ass back. Master put the task in my hand and for days I beat that bitch and fucked her with dildoes and object. Tearing her flesh up inside and out. Master had is way and fun with her too. But I was the one who got to have the most fun with her. She is a stubborn bitch but she is breaking.

Brutal Fucking

Submissive Whore Master came home today ranting and bitching about something that pissed him off at work today. He was getting more and more aggravated as he stormed around the house. That is when he turned to me I was in the cage where he had left me this morning. He opened the cage door and told me to get my fuck holes washed up and ready. I knew by the tone in his voice and the expression on his face I was in for a brutal fucking. When Master is pissed off he takes it out on my three fuck holes. Especially my ass. I did exactly what he said as fast as I could making master wait will only make my fucking more brutal.


Submissive Whore Master says I have a sexy fucking body and overall a great slave for him. But he says I have a very bratty attitude. And he is right I want things too and the only way to top my Master is to be a brat. When he says to me first position which means on my knees hands behind my back folded. Back arched and titties out with my head up. When I am in one of my bratty moods I will do the first position but maybe I won’t put my hands folded behind my back. Or I will lower my head or not arch my back. A slight difference of what he expects the first position to be. I know I will be receiving a whipping for my disrespect and lack of obedience. But his whippings turn me on and I am so in the mood for a red burning ass. Master knows the punishments I can’t handle and the ones I hate. I think he likes my brattiness and that is why I get away with for so long before he puts his foot down.

Naughty Submissive

Submissive WhoreI have been such a naughty submissive to my Master. I have been testing my limits and being such a little brat. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I get so frustrated at times and I lash out by not complying with his rules. Master will only let me take it so far before he gives me a spanking I will not forget for a while. This morning he told me that when he returned home from work I was to be dressed sexy with high heels on. With makeup and my hair in a nice tight bun with collar and leash on. And he said it better be done. I know that tone I heard in his voice it is the tone of he is close to snapping and whipping me hard if I don’t behave. It is still pretty early and I haven’t decided what I am going to do yet. Part of me is craving to be put into my place and part of me does not want the pain that comes with his discipline.

Dumb Bitch To Fuck

Cum slut phone sexEvery once in a while Master brings me home a little treat. Today he brought me home a cute dumb slut to have my way with. She was pretty fucked up master had to walk her thru the door. I know master slipped some of his powders into her drink when she was not looking. I can tell by her glazed eyes, slurred speech, and her inability to walk thru the door on her own. Master tied her up to a post he has in the basement and he took a knife to her clothes cutting them off of her. She was smiling and drooling and she had not a fucking clue what was about to happen to her slutty ass. Master says she was flirting with all the guys being a real ho bag getting free drinks from everyone. But she wasn’t giving anything up for her free drinks. She was being a total tease and master hates bitches that tease. And that is why he brought her back to the house she needs to be taught a lesson in being a good slut.

Ella Master and I

BDSM phone sex today I figured that I would surprise my master by having my sister come over for him to abuse her too. Master likes my sister a lot and loves having her over. She is a whore too but a whore without a master. Master knew that when he got home today Ella and I would be waiting anxiously for him. Ella and I polished all chains up and made sure all his toys were ready for his use. Master pulls in the garage and Ella and I scramble to the door on our knees and get into first position. Which is on our knees, back arched, hands behind our backs. Master walks in and sees us in perfect position and he was pleased. He gave each of our nipples and nice little twist and pinch. He told us to strip off his clothes and we did rather quickly. His cock already throbbing hard springing out of his boxers as we pulled them down. Ella and I both were being greedy whores and we both attacked his cock with our mouth. The rest of the night was a nothing but tortured pleasure and squirting cunts. Let’s chat to finish the story.

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