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Sadistic Side

Extreme fetish phone sexI love when Master gets sadistic on me. Whipping and torturing my body in various ways. It happens about 2 to 3 times a month. Something will get under his skin, which mixes with his pleasure of my tears and screams. And he just works on my body. If he is not causing me pain he is fucking me hard. I must admit it fucking hurts and I hate the fucking pain. But my body, my cunt loves the fucking pain and my squirts are fucking amazing when Master goes sadistic on me. Do you know how it is to feel the pain and want it to stop. But in the same breath feel your body tremble and your cunt soak the ground below you. It is amazing feeling. And that is why I am so grateful for Master’s evil side.

Black And Blue

Sexy phone sex

Today I got to watch Master black and blue another slave today. I am not sure if she did something wrong or if it was for pure pleasure of Master. But either way she got it and she got it good. She was screaming and her body was jerking all around. Master would stop from whipping her long enough to take the other end of the whip and shove it up her ass. Then into her mouth so she could taste her own ass. Then back to whipping her. He did not stop until her body was black and blue, She could hardly move when he kicked her and told her to crawl back to her cage. I got to kneel in the corner and watch all this. While playing with my vibrating dildo.

I Love Master

BDSM chatDid I ever tell you how much I love my Master? Well I do! He keeps me in line. I get daily discipline, sometimes even twice a day. I get his cock in all 3 of my holes several times a day. I get to feel his cum, and he puts his cum in a new spot on or in my body each time. Any time I start to act bratty or try to get above myself. Master puts me back in my place without hesitation. He demands total respect all the time! I love his cruel spot on discipline. And his complete control over my body and mind. This is what I have always wanted ever since I was a wee one. To be a slave to a true Master and I have one.


Erotic BDSM storiesMaster has this weird but wild fetish. He likes me to dress up as a superhero woman and then to break that superhero woman. Since I love when Master whips and fucks me. I love playing out this fetish with him. He likes me to resist and to fight back just so he can overpower me and whip harder then when I am just plain ole sex slave. And boy do I resist. The harder I resist, the harder he whips me, the harder he fucks, means the harder I get to fucking cum. And not just once but over and over. I love it when Master becomes a sadistic son of a bitch. It only works in my favor.

Fury Friends

BDSM phone sex Master gave me a special treat today I got to fuck a furry friend! A nice German one. And he knew how to fuck this slave slut. He jumped on my back clawing at me and jamming that furry friend dick in and out of me. Fucking me like a bitch in heat. It helped I had my period. Blood was getting everywhere as he was fucking me harder and harder. Then all of a sudden I could feel what was about to happen. He was gonna knot me and I braced myself for it. Awe it fucking hurt bad but I could not stop squirting on this furry friend dick. I started howling as I squirted. Feeling his claws break the skin on my back. Master stuck his dick in my mouth to shut me up. Making me gag and drool all over his dick.

Fucking Another Slave whore

Slave trainingI love when I get to domme over another whore. I love making them scream from my pleasure and pain I allow them to have. Hearing them scream in the pain but delight as they cum all over my hand. I get wet just thinking of these times.. Feeling the gushiness just drench my hand. Then I love to take my mouth and lick up all that pussy cum juices. After a slave as squirted she has never tasted better. Trust me! I love to try to see if I can make them squirt again just with my tongue and fingers. And sometimes a fist. The more I can get a slave to squirt the better she tastes. I love being slave to man and domme to woman.

Master Does Me Good

BDSM chat Master can be cruel and sadistic. But he sure can be giving with those orgasms. He makes me squirt over and over. One on top of another. My legs were cramping my arms were burning. My body could not stop twitching. The orgasms were starting to hurt as my body cramped more with each one. He would take breaks from giving me such pleasure. To whip me a bit here and there. But the pain just made my squirting more intense. I know Master cares and loves me. Otherwise he would not give me so much of his time. He would not give me so much of his pain and pleasure for me to enjoy. I am one lucky slave to have such a wonderful Master.

Slut Cunt On Phone

BDSM phone sexI love when men call me and just dominate the shit out of me. Calling me names and humiliating me like the skanky whore stupid female bitch I am. Make me cry and feel like shit. That only makes my cunt that much more sloppier. I love when a man tells me how much better he is than me. Just because he has a cock. Telling how much smarter, stronger, and greater than I could ever be. Because I was born female. Cum turn me into your bitch. Make me plead and beg for your beatings and cock. So come on Sir if you got the knack for putting me a filthy whore in my place. And keeping me on the floor where I belong. I am sloppy wet waiting for you.

The Masked Man

 pohBDSM phone sex I enjoy playing with the masked man. I have never seen his face. And that is ok. I do not need to see his face. I have seen and felt his cock. And that is the best part of him. Of any man. Correct? I may not know what color his eyes are but I know how freaking good his cock taste in my mouth. I may not know what he looks like but I know he can fuck me real good with that cock. Whenever I get to go see the masked man I know It will be a good time. No matter how he fucks or torments me. When another slave is involved the masked man only gets more excited. Which makes more fun for me.

Paying The Bills

BDSM chatTo day I got to pay the bills for Master. He wanted to remodel his dungeon. And it is beautiful completely upgrade. The price my body to do anything as he wished for twenty-four hours. I enjoyed every moment. Knowing the dungeon is mainly for me. I wanted to pay the price back and then some. He kept me on the sex bench. Tied by my wrist he just kept coming back when he wanted to nut again. I got a few whippings with the belt. In between getting his cock shoved in one of my holes. When he would fuck me right after whipping me. His flesh would burn my wounds. Making me squirt even harder. He did not feed me or take me down from the bench the entire time. Doing this for Master made everything worth wild.

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