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Fury Friends

BDSM phone sex Master gave me a special treat today I got to fuck a furry friend! A nice German one. And he knew how to fuck this slave slut. He jumped on my back clawing at me and jamming that furry friend dick in and out of me. Fucking me like a bitch in heat. It helped I had my period. Blood was getting everywhere as he was fucking me harder and harder. Then all of a sudden I could feel what was about to happen. He was gonna knot me and I braced myself for it. Awe it fucking hurt bad but I could not stop squirting on this furry friend dick. I started howling as I squirted. Feeling his claws break the skin on my back. Master stuck his dick in my mouth to shut me up. Making me gag and drool all over his dick.

Fucking Another Slave whore

Slave trainingI love when I get to domme over another whore. I love making them scream from my pleasure and pain I allow them to have. Hearing them scream in the pain but delight as they cum all over my hand. I get wet just thinking of these times.. Feeling the gushiness just drench my hand. Then I love to take my mouth and lick up all that pussy cum juices. After a slave as squirted she has never tasted better. Trust me! I love to try to see if I can make them squirt again just with my tongue and fingers. And sometimes a fist. The more I can get a slave to squirt the better she tastes. I love being slave to man and domme to woman.

Master Does Me Good

BDSM chat Master can be cruel and sadistic. But he sure can be giving with those orgasms. He makes me squirt over and over. One on top of another. My legs were cramping my arms were burning. My body could not stop twitching. The orgasms were starting to hurt as my body cramped more with each one. He would take breaks from giving me such pleasure. To whip me a bit here and there. But the pain just made my squirting more intense. I know Master cares and loves me. Otherwise he would not give me so much of his time. He would not give me so much of his pain and pleasure for me to enjoy. I am one lucky slave to have such a wonderful Master.

Slut Cunt On Phone

BDSM phone sexI love when men call me and just dominate the shit out of me. Calling me names and humiliating me like the skanky whore stupid female bitch I am. Make me cry and feel like shit. That only makes my cunt that much more sloppier. I love when a man tells me how much better he is than me. Just because he has a cock. Telling how much smarter, stronger, and greater than I could ever be. Because I was born female. Cum turn me into your bitch. Make me plead and beg for your beatings and cock. So come on Sir if you got the knack for putting me a filthy whore in my place. And keeping me on the floor where I belong. I am sloppy wet waiting for you.

The Masked Man

 pohBDSM phone sex I enjoy playing with the masked man. I have never seen his face. And that is ok. I do not need to see his face. I have seen and felt his cock. And that is the best part of him. Of any man. Correct? I may not know what color his eyes are but I know how freaking good his cock taste in my mouth. I may not know what he looks like but I know he can fuck me real good with that cock. Whenever I get to go see the masked man I know It will be a good time. No matter how he fucks or torments me. When another slave is involved the masked man only gets more excited. Which makes more fun for me.

Paying The Bills

BDSM chatTo day I got to pay the bills for Master. He wanted to remodel his dungeon. And it is beautiful completely upgrade. The price my body to do anything as he wished for twenty-four hours. I enjoyed every moment. Knowing the dungeon is mainly for me. I wanted to pay the price back and then some. He kept me on the sex bench. Tied by my wrist he just kept coming back when he wanted to nut again. I got a few whippings with the belt. In between getting his cock shoved in one of my holes. When he would fuck me right after whipping me. His flesh would burn my wounds. Making me squirt even harder. He did not feed me or take me down from the bench the entire time. Doing this for Master made everything worth wild.

Born To Be A Slave

Bondage submissionI was born to be a slave. More importantly I was born to be Master’s slave property. I crave his wonderful cock. Thrive on any attention he sees fit to give me. I long to be his furniture or his toilet. His tearing of my flesh with his whippings. My staying in position and taking these whippings are one of many signs of my love for him. I open my eyes every morning with his pleasure in mind. When he is angry I wish for him to take such out on me. When his whippings are for his pleasure. I beg and plead for him to tear my flesh wide open. I love Master no one is more important than him. No one is my life but him. I will obey him to the end for he owns me.

Putting On A Show

Submissive phone sexMy sister slave and I put on a show for Master. Master wanted me to be a good little submissive whore for her. And to obey her like she was Master. I made sure to obey. I did not want to get the wrath of Master by ruining his show. She was very rough with me as commanded. Tearing into my cunt with her fist at first. Then using a huge dildo to fuck my ass. Master put me on my knees to eat at her cunt. Master then took his boot rubbing it against my soaked sloppy whore cunt. I was grinding on that boot so fucking hard. Moaning on this delicious cunt I was suckling on. Slamming two fingers in her. Feeling Master take his boot away. I whimper softly. He grabs my hair without warning and slams my cheek into the floor. Telling my sister slave to put the strap on and fuck my ass until I bleed. He then stood on my head yelling “you better not move you fucking worthless piece of shit.” My cheek was throbbing. I felt the strap on dildo ram deep in my ass. Tearing in without lube. I cried out in agony as it was a hard fast fuck. I could hear Master laughing and screaming “harder, harder, harder.” As much as the pain in my ass was shooting thru my body. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter. Every vibe of pain I felt I equally if not more felt pleasure. Knowing Master was getting enjoyment from my pain. Made my cunt ache even more for him. I wanted to obey every command and take every bit of pain. From my sister slave and Master. For I knew my reward would be that I would be allowed to be his cock worshiping whore. And I always want that more than anything.

Helping Master

i was in my cage, naked, with only a collar awaiting Masters return. my cage is always kept in Masters bedroom. i could hear His van pull into the garage and turn off. i got very excited i was craving doing some cock worshiping. It had been all day since Master even let me look at that cock. And my worthless whore body was just aching for Masters cock. i heard the car doors open and then i could hear muffle screams. i knew that Master brought home a fuck toy to play with. Ah i love when Master does this makes my cunt raging wet. Hearing the struggle as Master forces her into the house. i could not help myself i started grinding my cunt on the bottom of the cage. Making a mess. The bedroom door flies open. The fuck toy thrown onto the bed. Crying, gagged with one of Masters dirty socks. He cuts her clothes off with a knife. i could see the terror in her eyes. Her body shivering. Master came over and unlocking my cage i crawled out and jumped onto the bed. Master was ready to play his cock already massive. I stripped Master out of His clothes. He hog tied her tightly with some rope. One of His favorite hardcore bondage positions to do to a worthless bitch. He took his knife marking her tits. The blood dripping down her flesh. Master leaving the knife on the bed where she could see it. The fear and pain expression all blended into on her face. Taking his cock jamming inside her ass. Master told me to get the chloroform. Which i did promptly. Helping Master apply to her face . suffocating her. When she wakes up she will be bruised, cut open, naked, with only a collar, in a cage. Just like me!Submissive phone sex

Special Slave Training For 2

BDSM phone sex Master said that margo and i needed special Slave training from The Masked Man. margo is a sister slave to me. We were blindfolded and put into a back of a van. Our wrists tied tight behind us. We were not permitted to talk to each other in what seemed like a three hour drive. When the van stopped we could hear two Men talking. “He is gonna enjoy these two Submissive slut.” One said to the other. They picked us up and carried us into a room. Flopped us down on a bed. Taking off our blindfolds. And standing before us was The Masked Man. No slave knows his true name or even what he looks like. He is a sadistic son of a bitch. And when you are sent to him, that means Master got something good in return. Anything from a new tight cunny to own. To free services somewhere. And the list goes on. We were told we were the Masked Man’s property for the next two days. Which means we will be tortured. Not allowed to eat, except for what comes out of him. Beaten, broken down, and used like the slave whores we are. margo and i will enjoy the next two days. Being beaten and tortured cause of punishment is not the same as being beaten and tortured for a Man’s pleasure. That excitement he poses in his beatings is what gets my cunt drenching wet. For two days he fucked the shit out of every hole. We drank his piss from dog bowls, Ate his shit and cum for dinner breakfast and lunch. Took five beatings a day for his pure pleasure. He gaped our holes keeping them spread wide open with glass jars. We cried, we screamed, we orgasm over and over. In just the delight of his pleasure.

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