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Submissive slut I have been a little brat with Master lately. I am just testing my limits with him. I need a good ass whipping and he has been relaxing on my discipline. So as his kitten when I need a good beat down I have to be a little bratty bitch. He has been texting me and I have not been answering right away. And when he has been calling I let it go to voicemail. Then when I do pick up, or respond to a text I am a little bitch. And it worked I got my way. Master came over and whipped my back, ass, tits, and thighs with the strap. I have 8 welts, and a dozen or so red marks all over my body. Now I am feeling good. Thank you Master.

Master Cruel When Drunk

BDSM chatMaster came home drunk as a skunk last night. I was excited Master is very cruel to me when he is fucked up. I went for the old annoying technique, knowing this would give me a few hard whacks with the belt. I whined and squirmed from the sting of the lashes. But my cunt was a slip and side. And I wanted more lashes. I quickly started crawling away from him knowing this would get me more of what I wanted. He got so pissed off at me because I should know better. Crawling away from Master is a big no-no when I am getting hit for his pleasure or his discipline. He whipped me so many times and so hard with the belt I had open welts on my back, thighs, tits, and stomach. Lol and a whole bunch of squirting orgasms to go with them

Submissive Bitch

Submissive WhoreYou love to come over and fuck this stupid little worthless whore. You are always degrading me. I like the way you put me on my knees and just lay your balls on my face. Making me smell those swamp balls. The way you bitch slap me with your balls still resting on my face. Making shove those balls into my mouth. I can feel your boot kick my legs wide open. I yelp as I feel your boot shoved up against my nasty cunt. You tell me to fuck your boot and I obey. Rubbing my cunt against your boot. My moans get louder on your balls still shoved in my mouth. You bitch slap me again laughing yelling humiliating names. You shove your cock in my mouth. And I grind harder on your boot. My clit fucking swelling as I explode all over your boot. Gasping for air as you choke me with you cock.

Can I Fuck You Please

Cum slut phone sex Can I be submissive whore you for you? Can I bring a another little slut over for us both to play with you? Fighting over you fuck stick. Swapping your fuck stick between our mouth holes. Drooling and slobbering all over you. I move down to your balls suckling, while she is suckling on your fuck stick. Then I will hand you the whip and we will lay down and spread our legs wide for you so you can whip at our sloppy wet cunts. Hearing our moans and watching our juices fly around from the whip slapping at our cunts. Mm I can’t stop myself I get on top of her 69 her. Pushing my cunt into her face and shoving her cunt into my face.

Master Sadistic Side

Cum slut phone sex Master dragged me out of the cage today with his hand on my throat. He asked me if I was going to be a good whore for him today. I squealed out yes Master. He had his other hand on my tits, Pinching and pulling at my nipples. I whined a bit moving my tits quickly out of his way, and this pissed him off. “Oh you want to whine bitch, I will give you something to whine about.” He pushed me back on the cold cement floor. I saw him grabbing his louie. Which is his nickname for his bat. He yelled at me to spread my legs wide. I thought he was going to hit my cunt with the bat but instead he swung it on my inner thighs. My whole body squirmed as I let out a scream that echoed in the room. I could hear him laughing. That sadistic laugh he has that I hear right before I get fucked so hard and brutally. Master knows thats how I really like it, The more pain the more I squirt.

Dominant Masters

Extreme fetish phone sexWhat I love most is the dominant Masters who call to take control of my whore body and make me their little sweet fuck toy. I love those special callers who get on the phone and tell me exactly how it is going to be. Using every inch of my worthless body until they have no more use for it, and then tossing me aside. When that phone rings, my cunt drips. When I hear your dominate voice on the other end of the line. My cunt gushes. When you begin to control me, my cunt squirts like Niagra falls. The way you degrade my body I yearn for the pain that brings you to the point of great pleasure. I will obey all your demands without any thought.


BDSM chat Master was not around all day today and I got really bored locked in my little cage. Lucky for me Master has allowed me a few toys in my cage. I have a dildo, anal beads, and a ball gag. I was really craving his cock and sad he was not around. I could feel my cunt just dripping on my thighs. I grabbed the anal beads and shoved them one by one in my ass. Moaning as I feel the pressure. I got all 4 beads in then took the dildo and pushed it in behind the bead. The feeling was incredible as I started to fuck my ass a bit faster. My thighs trembling, my cunt tightening and squirting all over the cage. I couldn’t stop stop fucking myself my body wanted more and more. Master when he did get home knew exactly what had happened. That I had been a horny little cunt and could not wait .


Bondage phone sex I love being in bondage. Do you like a whore in bondage? I love the way the restraints feel against my skin. Especially if I am getting whipped or fucked. My body jerking against the restraints is amazing. Master likes to tilt my body up, hold me by my hips and fuck my cunt when I am in this position. Giggles or just climb on top spread my ass cheeks and start pounding away. Which would you do to me? Maybe you got another wicked little thought in that head of yours. I had one caller tell me he was going hog tie me and then hang me from the beam in his living room. Then beat me like a pinata. I had 3 fingers in my cunt our entire call. He had me sloppy wet.

BDSM Phone Sex

Submissive Whore I love phone sex masters. Mm have me dress up in your favorite little outfit with my choker and leash on. Great you at the door handing you the leash and kissing your feet. Lead me over to the chair where you take out your already nice hard cock for my wanting mouth. Placing my lips over the sweet head of yours and moaning softly. OY! Tasting your precum as I slide my mouth down your shaft. I can feel you yank on the choker a bit tightening my air way. Making my cunt ooze out a bit of my own cum. Your cock fitting so nicely in my warm mouth. I go into subspace, your cock inching its way down my throat. Making me gag and drool. “Oh Master thank you!” I mumble out on your cock. I can feel you push your cock further into my mouth. Pulling harder on the choker. Restricting my air way even more. Making my cunt gush onto my thighs. I hear you call me a good submissive whore. Pulling your cock out of my mouth and pulling me up by the leash over your knee. Pulling down my panties, rubbing your hand on my bare ass. I gasp softly knowing what is coming next. I can feel your hand raise above me. Ahh feeling the sting as you bring your hand down. Spanking my ass 10 times. I thrash a bit feeling the burn and the heat rise off my ass. Ohh I moan louder as you shove 3 fingers in my cunt. My muscles clench around your fingers. The choker getting tighter as my cunt squirts all over your fingers. Will you do all this to me? Will you allow me to serve you, to please you? Will you give me the pleasure of draining your amazing cock?

Another Slut To Domme

Submissive slut I love when Master brings home another slut to fuck and whip on. I always get to watch. I often times I get to help. And on special occasions I get to Domme a bitch. Domming another slut just like me is a real power trip. And a major fucking turn on! I like to whip them and put a huge thick 12 inch strap on and fuck the shit out of every hole they have. Making them gasp and beg for more of brutal fucking. Seeing on their faces they are loving every fucking bit of it. If I am fucking them Master is beating them. And vise versa. I love eating Master’s cum out of their ass and cunt when Master is all done using them. I am a greedy bitch. That is my Master’s cum and I will get all of it.

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